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 A Research Proposal: Te Eects of RestaurantEnvironment on Consumer Behavior
Qiuyu Jin
 Johnson & Wales University - Providence
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R&*4 C*44*
 J*, Q*, "A R&&$ P: ;& E&$4 ' R&44 E*&4  C& B&*" (2015).
 MBA Student Scholarship.
Running head: RESTAURANT ENVIRONMENT ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 1 A Research Proposal: The Effects of Restaurant Environment on Consumer Behavior Qiuyu Jin Johnson & Wales University Hospitality RSCH5500 Martin W. Sivula, Ph. D February 18, 2015
The purpose of this research proposal is to investigate the effects of restaurant environment on consumer behavior. Five journals that are relevant to the relationship between restaurant environment and the behavioral intentions of consumers are delved into this paper. The self-administered questionnaires will be distributed to patrons in ten selected middle and upscale full-service restaurants. Data collection will be constructed through tables and charts that are useful in obtaining a more comprehensive result. Restaurants will be able to use this research proposal to find the appropriate ways to improve consumers’ satisfaction and also to increase profits.
restaurant environment, atmospherics, consumer behavior, effects
Statement of Problem
What appeals to consumers’ preferences are not only food and beverages, an enjoyable dining environment also matters. Increasing attention is being paid not only to pricing and the merchandise itself, but also to the provision of a pleasant and possibly exciting, shopping atmosphere (Baker, 1986; Baker et al., 1992; Dawson et al., 1990; Sherman et al., 1997; Sherman & Smith, 1986; Tai & Fung, 1997). Further, academic interest in how atmospherics influence consumer behavior has grown following the Kotler’s article (1973). There are a large number of studies which focus on the influences of store environment on consumer behavior in the retail world, but only a few studies explore the influences of atmospherics on consumer behavior and satisfaction in the hospitality industry, especially that of the restaurant business. Although some researchers have conducted surveys to investigate the effects of some dimensions of atmospherics, the number of studies that summarize all the influences of dimensions on consumers’ behavior are insufficient. The present study just summarizes those influences, so restaurant owners and managers can find this study meaningful.
 Research questions
What effects does restaurant environment have on consumer behavior? Will different consumers’ behavioral intentions be influenced by different dimensions of atmospherics in restaurants?
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