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    1.    Full employment  : A situation in which all labor resources are being used in the most economically efficient way. Full employment means that all of the employees and available working force is employed and working. A very hard situation to reach almost impossible.  Price stability  : A situation in which prices in an economy don't change much over time. Price stability would mean that a governments economy will not have inflation or deflation ,meaning that the prices of goods and services will not change or change minimally.  Economic growth  :   An increase in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another. Economic growth can be measured in nominal terms, which include inflation, or in real terms, which are adjusted for inflation. For comparing one country's economic growth to another, GDP or GNP per capita should be used as these take into account population differences between countries.  Redistribution of income  :   Redistribution of income and wealth or redistribution of wealth is the transfer of income, wealth or property from some individuals to others caused by a social mechanism such as taxation, monetary policies, welfare, charity, and divorce or tort law. ...  Balance of payments stability  :   The balance of payments (BOP) is the method countries use to monitor all international monetary transactions at a specific period of time. Usually, the BOP is calculated every quarter and every calendar year. All trades conducted by both the private and public sectors are accounted for in the BOP in order to determine how much money is going in and out of a country. If a country has received money, this is known as a credit,  and if a country has paid or given money, the transaction is counted as a debit. Theoretically, the BOP should be zero, meaning that assets (credits) and liabilities (debits) should balance, but in practice this is rarely the case. Thus, the BOP can tell the observer if a country has a deficit or a surplus and from which part of the economy the discrepancies are stemming. 2. Possible conflicts may occur because of these government aims, some of them I would like to discuss in this paragraph. The first is the aim of full employment; many conflicts would and will arise in respect of this aim. The first conflict would be with the government and the employers, in the aim of full employment. The conflict would arise because if the government has no empty or vacant jobs to offer the possibility of having full employment wouldn’t happen unless job employers would accept employees and hi re more employees on vacant projects and jobs which the government has to negotiate with the employers to do. Looking at a different aim, which is the redistribution of income , this aim will start many conflicts between the government and the rich citizens , because the rich people will not give their income to poor people that simply , the government would have to reach a solution to convince and make rich people give their money and income to poor people to reach and achieve the phenomenon of redistribution of income.   Egypt .vs. UK 1  . Inflation inEgypt= 11.04% Inflation in the UK =2.2% 2.   Unemployment of Egypt = 13.40% un employment of UK= 6.6% 3.    Ecomomic growth of Egypt = 2.5% economic groth of uk =0.8% 4.    Balance of payments of Egypt =7.1 billion UK balance of payments= 37.5 Government policies Public sector finance 1-   The point that causes diffrencce between current and capital expenditure by the government, is that current expenditure is short term spending,on the other hand capital expenditure is for long term spending . 2-   Reasons for government expenditure: -   To supply goods and services that the private sector would fail to do, such as public goods, including defense, roads and bridges; merit goods, such as hospitals and schools; and welfare payments and benefits, including unemployment and disability benefit. -   To reduce the negative effects of externalities, such as pollution controls. -   To achieve supply-side improvements in the macro-economy, such as spending on education and training to improve labour productivity. Type of tax  Direct A tax paid directly to the government by a  person. Indirect A tax added into the price of a product. Progressive A tax that takes a larger % from the income of high-income earners than it does from low-income individuals. Regressive A tax that hits lower income earners harder. Proportional the tax is in proportion to the amount subject to taxation. 5 - properties of a positive tax - The price of assortment should be low relative to the yield - The temporal order and quantity to be paid should be sure to the money handler - The suggests that and temporal order of payment should be convenient to the money handler - Taxes ought to be levied in step with ability to pay - A tax should not hinder potency or ought to involve the smallest amount loss of potency - A tax ought to be compatible with foreign tax systems (in the UK's case, with Europe's) - Tax ought to mechanically fits changes within the rate of inflation (particularly necessary in high inflation economies) 6 -  What is meant by a budget surplus and budget deficit? 'Budget Surplus' once disbursal exceeds financial gain, the result's a deficit, that should be supported by borrowing cash and paying interest on the borrowed funds,  very like a personal disbursal quite he will afford and carrying a balance on a mastercard. - Economic growth is  measured in nominal terms, that   embrace  inflation, or in real terms, that   ar  adjusted for inflation. For comparison  one country's economic process   to a different , GDP  or value  per capita ought to  be used as these take into consideration  population variations  between countries. Benefits of economic process  to Egypt:


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