Steward's First Name Steward's Last Name Charter Number Library's Location (Line 1) Library's Location (Line 2) City State/Province/Region In Memory/Honor Of: Our Little Free Library Story Maureen Fiebich 15361 54 Avenue 49 Street Barrhead AB The first Little Free Library in Barrhead located at the Rotary Splash Park. A great way to promote literacy in our community by Communities for Children . The focus is on children's books so if you have books in good condition to donate or wish to read
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  Steward s First NameSteward s Last NameCharter NumberLibrary s Location (Line 1)Library s Location (Line 2)CityState/Province/RegionIn Memory/Honor Of:Our Little Free Library Story MaureenFiebich1536154 Avenue 49 StreetBarrheadABThe first Little Free Library in Barrheadlocated at the Rotary Splash Park. A greatway to promote literacy in our community byCommunities for Children . The focus is onchildren's books so if you have books ingood condition to donate or wish to read oneplease visit this free library near you!Communities For Children plans to expandthe Little Free Libraries to other areas. Agreat way to share books! Thanks to HerbKopp for doing a great job on building thisone. Come join the Communities For Children coalition and be part of great thingsin our community.MaureenFiebich165484921 50 AveBarrheadAB AlisonLaberge974056 Windermere Road SWCalgaryABThis Little Free Library was given to me as abirthday gift from my husband. AngelaWiseman15521243052, Range Road 281SW-24-24-28-W4MCalgaryABArlene Carol Magee A friend of mine in Calgary built a little freelibrary and I decided to start one in our area -even though we are in a rural location. Weare pretty close to Chestermere, Alberta andI am hoping I can generate enough interestin that community to keep our LFL vital. Ihave flyers and so on to distribute - maybewe can even get into the Rocky View Countynewspaper - LOL. This little library is specialbecause my father built it for me. It's awonderful thing to share books and reading.My mother taught me the love of a goodstory and this wee lighthouse on the prairieis dedicated to her memory.DavidPowell97501540 93rd Street SWCalgaryABRon Stevens QCReading is a gift, books are a treasure! We just want to share this treasure with our community!DEANCARTER13502124 Silver Mead Cr. NWCalgaryABCarson Carter, Master Builder We love our neighbourhood and we lovebooks! So much fun!JoeStarkman592628 Sterling Spring CresCalgaryABWe assisted one of the local city Councillorsin constructing 30 LFL for Calgarycommunities. This is one of them.K.Poniecki97443611 Chippendale Drive NWCalgaryABKarenAnderson15352141 Gloucester Cres. S.W.CalgaryABWe decided to build a Little Free Library as away to connect with our community of Glamorgan! We have a range of books for readers from 0 to 99 years of age. Drop by,take a book, leave a book. Have fun!KathiHarrison1263415 Strathdale Close SWCalgaryABFrom the yearly book fair, to frequent trips tothe local library we have always been awareof Kathi's love of reading. For her mostrecent birthday we bought her this littlelibrary so that she could share her love of books, learning, and adventure with others inour neighborhood. We love you more thanyou love books Mom.LanaBarrett17191320 Kerwood Cr. S.W.CalgaryABLynetteTheriault17034143 Hidden Cres. NWCalgaryABEver since I first heard about this concept,I've wanted to create my very own library. Ittook awhile, but with the generous donationof a box from our local newspaper (TheCalgary Herald) and a daughter with muchmore artistic talent than I, it finally came tofruition. I'm so thrilled that it is already well-used and often visited and that word isspreading through the community andbeyond. I hope this becomes a hub of activity for many years to come!NancyClose16267208 Kananaskis Drive SWCalgaryABCheri Macaulay in Calgary, chose a LittleFree Library as of her to make Calgaryeven better! And, it took off in a big way!Two years ago, my perfectionist husbandgifted me one for my birthday, and mydaughter painted it right away! And, then Iwaited... :-) It was finally installed today! Iam beyond excited. Our first book was takenwithin minutes, by these wonderfulneighbour kids up the street in exchange for two of their lovely novels.PamelaNic Gil Ean15469502 7 Avenue North-EastCalgaryABThis Little Free Library was a present to Anne and Rachel during Christmas 2013.They painted it in faux art style tocomplement the century-old neighbourhoodwhere it is located. Almost immediately, itbecame a local feature with many nearbyresidents borrowing and donating books,RachelSyme185315915 Dalcastle Cres NW (on the park side)CalgaryABI LOVE reading and there is nothing I enjoymore than sharing a book with other peopleor getting them exciting about reading(especially kids).  Steward s First NameSteward s Last NameCharter NumberLibrary s Location (Line 1)Library s Location (Line 2)CityState/Province/RegionIn Memory/Honor Of:Our Little Free Library Story CarolynFisher59281531 21 Avenue NWCalgaryABThis Little free library is located at the CapitolHill Park. Built at a workshop hosted byCouncillor Druh Farrell, this little free librarywas designed and painted by communityresident and illustrator Carolyn Fisher. It is asmall addition to the revitalization of thisinner city park and is maintained by theCapitol Hill Community Association.JoeClare93189103-95 AvenueEdmontonAB After the warm community success of our first Little Free Library at the MassageTherapy Supply Outlet, Joe Clare createdanother Francophone library just a blockaway, featuring only French language books.There is a large Francophone population inEdmonton, Alberta, and this library is for them. It is being watched over by the galleryat La Société francophone des artsvisuels de l'Alberta. People in the photo areJoe, Emily, Vera and Carl, who were thebuilders of the library.MaureenFiebich165479 State AveFort AssiniboineABSusanSamson10243#338 Marina Bay PlaceSylvan LakeABaliciaairey186714820 Glamorgan Way SWCalgaryABOur LFL is a mum initiated, family built,neighbour supported venture. After searching out LFLs in our area - basicallygeocaching for literacy this summer. Mumdecided we needed on of our own. Mumbought an old kitchen cupboard & repaintedit. Dad built the roof with recycled old wood& shingles donated from a neighbour. Another neighbour donated his time & skillwith the posthole digging & securement. Weare so excited to have it up! Our library willhouse books for all genres: children,historical fiction (mum's favourite), non fiction(dad's favourite) and whatever our localbibliophiles supply.KimHammond13911145 Harvest Rose Cir. NECalgaryABJodiSmid1710792 Westview Dr. SwCalgaryABKirstenNorris11465264 Lake Rosen Cres. SECalgaryABDonnelleWatson97595828 Lodge Crescent SWCalgaryABSo excited to launch our library, because allbooks are bigger on the inside !LouiseBuchanan1718149 Havenhurst Cr SWCalgaryABOur library was given to us by the charityCalgary Reads and we painted it ourselves.It has the handprints of some of our readerson it, including our family.CraigHolmes147744121 Ursa Cir.AnchorageAK4121 Ursa Circle ~~~ I enjoy reading sciencefiction books, an interest that captivated mewhen I was young. A good book is a greatadventure and can be revisited many times.My Library is a miniature version of theplayhouse I built for my children many yearsago.EileenDemain16375 Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center of  Alaska3841 Piper Street, Suite T4-054AnchorageAKWe bought this Tree Bookcase at anauction benefiting a wonderful local K-8thgrade school. We knew that we wanted tomake a lending library for our patients butwere not sure how to begin. We did aGoogle search and discovered the Little FreeLibrary. It was a perfect fit! We launched our little library, and are proud to be a part of theLittle Free Library world family.JanetMurphy172451847 W. Northern Lights Blvd.AnchorageAKMarleyHamlett154864500 Caravelle Ct.AnchorageAKMarley is an avid reader and this library wasmade from reclaimed materials for her 9thbirthday present. She loves to check thelibrary and share her favorites.NicoleRoohi1711910063 Explorer CircleAnchorageAKscottjordan169881527 airport heights driveanchorageAKmargi cliffordMy Little Free Library was built entirely fromrecycled, scavenged materials fromconstruction jobs and home improvementprojects. I built it so that folks traveling our neighborhood, and most certainly myimmediate neighbors, could all have theopportunity to browse and trade books, or possibly to find that one book they've beenmeaning to read or just to pass along as agift.This Little Free Library was built for mypartner in life, Margi. She can be the mostgregarious person and she firmly believesthat true community is realized throughinteraction with other humans beings. This is just one of the many reasons I love myMargi.I, on the other hand, am known as somewhatof a curmudgeon … you just have to bebrave!  Steward s First NameSteward s Last NameCharter NumberLibrary s Location (Line 1)Library s Location (Line 2)CityState/Province/RegionIn Memory/Honor Of:Our Little Free Library Story vedraBechtol154757622 E. 20thanchorageAKJoeyMy amazing husband and his friend madethis beautiful library for nothers day. I have 6children and have always loved reading tothem. My son Joey passed in 2011 and thisis in memory of our many nights readydinosaurs booksvedraBechtol154757622 E. 20thAnchorageAKMy amazing husband gave this to me for mothers day. Have been wanting one for years!!ingrideverson158842301 Hiland RoadEagle RiverAKHiland Road is somewhat isolated in Alaska,so we wanted to make books available toothers who might not be able to always getto town. Also, we know there are youngchildren living in this area, and we hope theywill find some books they will enjoy reading.BrendaSantora177882820 waldheim drivepo box 83583FairbanksAKliteratureFarthest North Little Free Library?Brenda had known about Little Free Libraryfor years and we finally built one.We had a large old Spruce tree fall this pastwinter in a wind storm and it seemed like anatural use for some of the wood to build our rustic Library cabinet.The books are a mix of children's and adultfiction and non fiction .It is fun discovering new books others haveleft in the Little Free Library.Nia, Teo, Regan, BenShelton-Brooks14310831 Alyeska View Ave.GirdwoodAKThe Amazing Ian L.Our Little Free Library is located in thewelcoming, fun, and creative town of Girdwood, Alaska.This little library is right near the entrance toMoose Meadows. Come visit us and read,read, read!JohnDeCherney119033195 Pioneer AveJuneauAKThis Little Free Library celebrates John'sbirthday. He loves to read and looksforward to sharing books with everyone inthe neighborhood. He also loves dogs, andneighbor dogs will find treats in the Librarytoo. The Library will be seasonal, comingindoors after the first snowfall until the nextspring, since it is situated next to the streetand might get plowed in.JohnDeCherney119033195 Pioneer Ave.JuneauAKJeffWolf1103431285 Wilma AvenueP.O. Box 3595SewardAKReaders everywhereEricaMidkiff9521511 Oxmoor RoadHomewoodALBetsyEstopinal6030Little Green Store Parking Lot 820 Monte Sano BlvdHuntsvilleALHonor of Noel EstopinalFor the Monte Sano Mountain Community toenjoy childrens and adult books! And todiscuss the books at every opportunity.CindyBrown177917608 Quail Drive SWHuntsvilleALMikeSelf15434601 Clinton Ave., E.HuntsvilleALGiven to ProvidenceClassical SchoolProvidance Classical is a new school to our neighborhood, but are in a school built in1938 and on the National Historic Register. Are great stewards of the building, greatneighbors and this LFL is a gift to them for being such great stewards of the buildingand for promoting the love of reading andbooks!NicoleLarriviere1611614 Houston StreetMobileALNicole and James Larriviere are theStewards and live in a charming historic areaof Mobile, Alabama called Dauphin WayHistoric District. There are beautiful Oaklined streets and sidewalks where peopleride their bikes, run, walk, visit withneighbors and share books. Repurposedwindows were used to create a quaintlibrary. The design is coastal cottageinspired and includes the classic southernporch blue ceiling paint inside. A variety of books may be found inside!SharmanEgan158411130 Montauk AvenueMobileALEugene Walter, Mobile'sRenaissance ManSarahMalone92446825 Barnes Rd.TheodoreALThis library was created through thekindness of others and will hopefully serve tomake an impact in the lives of the childrenand adults throughout the neighborhood.DaisyGriffin16522Nature Playground at Louise Kreher ForestEcology Preserve2222 N. College StrAuburnALClimb a Tree and Read a book. This littlefree library is located up in a treehouse in anature playground. It's focus is children'sbooks; From board books on up to youngadult. It's steward, Daisy Griffin, is achildren's book author herself and loves tosee kids out in nature and reading a book.This is the perfect fusion of the two.VickiePrice184322205 Noel Drive SWHuntsvilleALMorton and BrendaArchibald184332117 Rothmore DriveHuntsvilleAL  Steward s First NameSteward s Last NameCharter NumberLibrary s Location (Line 1)Library s Location (Line 2)CityState/Province/RegionIn Memory/Honor Of:Our Little Free Library Story NedraForrest6871708 N Walnut AveFayettevilleARBernice PayneThis library is dedicated to my mother-in-lawBernice who always loved to read. Welearned about this library project severalyears back but it took us quite a while to getit together. It is awesome to see how much ithas been used already!SarahLueke12145512 West Adams StreetFayettevilleARMy Dad built our library. Local artistMaryevelyn Jones painted it to match our house, complete with cats looking out thewindows.CarolRuscin113279 Willow Oak CourtLittle RockARall neighbors who love toreadOver a year ago as I was reading the localpaper in Denver, CO there was an articleable to little free library and how it buildscommunity. As I walked the Park Hillneighborhood in Denver I noticed these littlehouses began to pop up. I moved in May2013 back to Little Rock, AR and i committedmyself to having one of these in my newneighborhood to support the spirit of community and foster reading, even though Iam not the bookworm I would like to be Ilove to share and be community focused.JimPfeifer137935301 Kavanaugh BlvdLittle RockARWe came across the idea of a Little FreeLibrary a couple of years ago and our daughters reignited the fire to build one toshare with our neighborhood. We built thelibrary this summer, recently placed in it our yard and plan to add on additional goodiesover time as the girls want to dress it upmore. It is a general library with books for young kids, teens and adults and we willwork to cycle the books so that there isalways something fresh and renewed.Greene Co. Community Fund -GCCF157562709 W. KingshighwayP.O. Box 252ParagouldAROur Little Free Library is collaborative effortbetween Swirlz of Paragould and the GreeneCounty Community Fund. Our library isunique because it's indoors at Swirlz of Paragould. Residents can visit Swirlz andenjoy yogurt while utilizing the Little FreeLibrary. The library has a wide variety of books available to residents of all ages. It isour goal to promote positive, communityinvolvement to the residents of our community. We invite you to visit our libraryand get involved!Pay it ForwardParagould165813501 Stonegate Dr. Shopping centerParagouldARThis library was made and donated by FirstClass Cuts.PIFPIF Paragould15339Reynolds Park by playground area3307 Reynolds Park RoadParagouldARPIFPIF Paragould16579Pecan Grove612 Canal St.ParagouldARNWasson152586121 Pleasant PlaceRogersARThe Pleasant LibraryLauraEgan-Burt1437012 Station StMenangleAustralia, New South WalesGranny MegWe live in a tiny village and just love the ideaof a little free library.RebeccaMahoney849235Charles StBaulkham HillsSydneyAustralia, New South Wales All teachers and parents,including my own, who openup the world to children byteaching and encouragingreading!Our Little Free Library attracts readers of allages, backgrounds and nationalities. Peopletell us they plan their walks to pass by andreturn or borrow a book. We especially likevisits from the person who always tidies thebooks - you are very welcome, whoever youare! It unfailingly engenders a positiveresponse from people. AndreStuyt1370346 Gibson Street,BowdenAustralia, South AustraliaGibson Street Book Exchange / gɪbsən stritbʊk ɪkstʃendʒ / n. 1. a converted receptacle,located in Bowden, South Australia, stockedwith pre-loved books donated and shared bythe local community. 2. A waypoint alongGibson Street where bibliophiles meet toshare and discuss the love and loath of recycled texts: meet you at the Gibson StreetBook Exchange. 3. a unique site on a socialnetwork platform that allows subscribers topost finds, upload donations and critiquepublications 4. An ever changing assemblage of pre-readwords to be shared between consumers of eclectic fiction and non-fiction. 5. A suburbanstorehouse of memories and acquiredknowledge 6. A serendipitous find thatcauses finders to ponder “where did thiscome from?” 7. A literature repository,rumoured to have been pinched from aundisclosed beverage conglomerate andrepurposed for community benefit. Deliciousand refreshing.
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