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  D  I    G I   T  A L   M E T  E R  S  34 EM6459 ã Displays Volts, Amps, Frequency / PFsimultaneously ã Monitors generator speed ã Monitors generator loading efficiency EM6434 ã Analyzes motor performance ã Monitors loading characteristics of motors ã Monitors motors efficiency EM6433 ã Monitors load currents, active power &energy consumption ã Displays Amps & Power simultaneously EM6436 ã Monitors active power & energy consump- tion, system voltage, load current and PF ã Displays Amps, Power, PF simultaneously EM6400  All of the above plus:  ã Optimizes demand utilization ã Analyzes power quality ã Helps energy balancing  ORDERING INFO Sensing: True RMS, 1 sec update timeMeasurement:4 quadrant Power & 2 quadrant Energy (4 quadrant optional)Input voltage: 4 Voltage inputs 110 or 415 V L-L nominal Range:80 to 600V L-L Input current: 3 current inputs,field configurable 1A or 5ARange: 20mA – 6A Overload: 10A cont., 50A for 3 sec Burden: 0.2VA max per Volts/Amps input Frequency: 45-65HzAux supply: 44-300 V AC/DC, 3VA max Resolution: RMS 4 digit, INTEG 8 digit Communication: 2-wire RS-485, Modbus RTUDemand:Integration period 5-30 minutes in 5 minute increments Environment: -10°C to +60°C operating, 5-95% RH non condensing Dimensions:96x96mm bezel, 80mm behind panel  SPECIFICATIONS EM6400       ConzervPower and Energy MetersNEW ã Simultaneous Sampling of Volts & Amps ã Programmable CT & PT ratios ã Built-in Phase Analyzer ã RS-485 Modbus Serial Port ã‘ One Touch’ Operation and Setup ã Measure 4 Quadrant Power & 2 Quadrant Energy ã Demand Monitoring (Optional) ã Auto-Scrolling 3 Line, 4 Digit LED Display ã Color-Coded Analog Load Bar (%A FS) ã Wide Range Auxiliary Supply Demand Parameters Option (EM6400) ã Monitors Demand – Present, Rising & Maximum, Time remaining  ã VA & W demand is selectable throughsetup table ã Demand may be Sliding window (auto) or Fixed window (User), selectable through setup mode ã The time of occurrence for the MaximumDemand is based on “On hrs” of the system ã Maximum Demand can be cleared independently or along with the integrators through the CLR function in the setup mode Measurement Accuracy (% Reading)CL1.0 CL0.5Volts L-N, L-L per phase & Avg 1.00.5 Amps per phase & Avg1.00.5Amps phase angle per phase2° 1° Frequency 0.10.1Real Power per phase & total 1.00.5Reactive Power per phase & total 2.01.0Apparent Power per phase & total1.00.5Active Energy Import/Export 1.00.5Reactive Energy 2.01.0Apparent Energy1.00.5RPM 1.00.5  These meters can be setup using the front panelor a free GUIbased software utility. Param   eter    s CZ/EM6459-xxProgrammable Multi-function Meter: V, A, F, PF CZ/EM6434-xxProgrammable Multi-function Power & Energy Meter CZ/EM6436-xxProgrammable Multi-function Meter: V, A, F, PF, Power & EnergyCZ/EM6400-xxProgrammable Multi-function Meter CZ/EM6400-xxPlusProgrammable Multi-function Meter with Demand, THD & Bi-directional  xx specify either 1.0 or 0.5 Accuracy Class   ® V1, V2, V3, V12, V23, V31     A1, A2, A3      Freq    % Load - Amps    % Unbal - Amps    Power Factor 1, 2, 3      RPM    Phase Angle 1, 2, 3    W1, W2, W3      VA1, VA2, VA3    VAR1, VAR2, VAR3     THD% on V1, V2, V3  O  THD% on A1, A2, A3  O Demand Wor VA  O Rising demand, Max   O Demand Time remaining   O Hour of Max demand  O INT: Wh      INT: VAh, VARh, -VARh    INT:Run hours    INT: Interruptions, On hours   INT W I/E: Wh  O INT W I/E: VAh, VARh, -VARh O INT W I/E: Run hours  O OLD: Wh      OLD: VAh, VARh, -VARh    OLD: Run hours     O = optional    6   4    5   9   6   4   3   3   6   4   3   4   6   4   3   6   6   4   0   0   34a   Conzerv Power and Energy Monitors NEW EM3360   Voltage L-L per phase & average          Voltage L-N per phase & average          Voltage Neutral to earth          Current per phase & average          Neutral current          Phase Angle          %THD V1,V2,V3, I1,I2,I3          Line Frequency, Generator RPM          kW, kVA, kVAR per phase & total          PF per phase and 3 phase          kWh, kVAh, KVARh, Ah; avg: PF, Hz, V          Run hours & number of interruptions          Demand: instantaneous & maximum       Settable upper/lower limits & interval    3 Demand limit alarm outputs    High/Lo data store          High/Lo max. demand profile store       19 level Demand Target profile       Real-time clock w. On/Off & run times          Relay outputs for load control    User settable demand targets     3   3  6   0   3  4   8   0   3  4  6   0    Feat    ure   EM3360 ã Offers comprehensive power and energy monitoring at feeders and individual loads ã Retrieves previous energy reading to cross check utility meter readings or electricity bills ã Analyzes loading patterns ã Visualizes unbalances in system ã Checks for wrong connection, reversed phase sequence, deteriorating power factor compensation on one of the phases, etc.EM34   80 All benefits of EM3360 plus: ã Offers Demand Monitoring  ã Ensures automatic synchronization of demand with utility meter ã Displays Max demand along with date and time of occurrence ã Helps to set realistic demand targetEM3460 All benefits of EM3480 plus: ã Predictive feature enables prior indication of crossing demand ã Facilitates tripping of non essential loads ã Analyzes electrical faults & planning of load schedules ã Optimizes demand utilization ã Improves system efficiency   ã Record and Analyze Power & Energy Data of Energy Intensive Loads ã Auto Scrolling Display of up to 16 User Selectable Parameters ã Separately Monitor Import/Export of Energy (optional) ã Store Previous Period Integrated Data ã Built-in Phase Analyzer ã Data Maintained During Power Failure ã 6 Digit Readout for Energy Parameters, 4 Digit Readout for Instantaneous Parameters Sensing: 3 Phase, 3 Wire/4 Wire (field configurable) Measurement: True RMS Voltage Input: 110 to 415 VAC nominalRange: 80 – 500V Current Input: 5 or 1 Amp nominal(factory set) Maximum: 120% of nominal Burden: 0.2 VA Max.Frequency: 50 Hz ± 5%, 60 Hz ± 5%Auxiliary Supply: Factory Set, Single Phase,240V (190-270V) or 110V (85-130V), 5VA max. Power Factor: 0.5 PF Lag – Unity – 0.8 PF LeadAccuracy: For V, A, PF, all Power & Energy parameters Class 1.0: ± (0.2% of Full Scale + 0.8% of reading + 1 digit)Class 0.5: ± (0.1% of Full Scale + 0.4% of reading + 1 digit)Accuracy of Hz: ± 0.2% of reading Accuracy of Ø: ± 1° (20% to 120% of FullScale)Display: 7 digit, 0.56 LED, auto scaling (kilo/Mega)  Temperature: 0° - 60°C operating Dimensions: Bezel 192 x 144mm,110m behind panel Panel Cutout: 186 x 138mm (+ 1.0 mm) Example: CZ/DM3360 – 1.0 –5A– 110 –R– TOU – 485 –IE Model Accuracy Input VAC Auto Reset (x=off) (RS-485) ExportCZ/EM3360 Power & Energy Monitor CZ/EM3480 Trivector MonitorCZ/EM3460 Smart Demand Controller ORDERING INFO SPECIFICATIONS User Prog    rammable From Front Panel: ã EHT, HT or LT, Delta 2E or Star 3E measurement; PT & CT Ratios; kVA or kW Demand ã VA measurement – 3D or Arithmetic ã Demand Period (1 to 30 minutes) ã Manual Synchronization (fixed window, to suit most popular EB meters) or slid-ing window. ã Auto Synchronization: User programmable password for all Setup, Demand Synchronization and Clear Functions.From Software: ã TOU calendar ã Monthly auto reset date x=noneIE=on x=off R=on x=off 1A 5A specify date & tim e EnergyEnergy+MaxDM Energy+MaxDM+ DM Ctrl Aux. Supply Enable Enable TOU Comm Port Import/These meters can be setup using the front panel or a free GUI based software utility.  34b CAT NO. DESCRIPTION NM/KW4240 120/208/240V 3Ø, 3 or 4 Wire, KWh/Demand Meter NM/KW4480 277/480V 3Ø, 3 or 4 Wire, KWh/Demand Meter NM/K4240PM 120/208/240V 3Ø, 3 or 4 Wire, KWh Meter NM/K4480PM 277/480V 3Ø, 3 or 4 Wire, KWh Meter  Three Phase Energy & Demand Meters ã Six Digit kWh LCD Display ã L1, L2 & L3 Power Readings ã Three Digit V, A & kW Readout ã kWh Pulse Relay ã RS-485 Modbus RTU Output ã Use with CTs Rated to 10,000A Displays kWhrs and kW Demand along with Volts, Amps and real time kW per phase. 400A solid core CTs included. Split core and larger sizes available. Single phase models also available. ORDERING INFORMATION National Meter KW Hour Meters KW4000 ▲ Accuracy: ANSI C12.16 Burden: Isolated CT circuit, burden 0.06VA Operating Temperature: -10°F to 120°F, <95% RH non-condensing Relay Output: SPST Form A, 240VAC@10A resistive RS-485: 4 wire Dimensions: 7.5 W x 8 H x 3.5 D Enclosure: Surface mount, ABS plastic, NEMA 1 Connections: Screw terminals Dimensions: 5.6 W x 8.1 H x 3.5 D Standards: UL61010B-1, CUL   SPECIFICATIONS ã 3Ø Revenue Class Meter ã 9 Digit LED Display ã Field Programmable ã Memory Backup Without Batteries ã Direct Energy Display – No Multipliers K4000PM ▲ Max Display: 999,999,999 kWh Accuracy: ±0.5% ±2d Burden: Isolated CT circuit, burden 0.75VA Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C Relay Output: Energy/alarm pulse, 1/sec max rateContacts: 440VAC, 10A, 2500VA resistive Indicator: Front panel LED Enclosure: UL VO rated plastic, NEMA 1 Dimensions: 3.78 W x 3.78 H x 3.3 D Standards: CAT III 300V, Class II double insulated  SPECIFICATIONS
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