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Purpose Provide students a basic level of understanding in us- ing Microsoft Excel 2007in order for them to succeed in their courses. ã Define and plan a worksheet ã Describe the components of an Excel worksheet ã Move within the worksheet ã Create and save a worksheet ã Enter data into cells ã Define and enter formulas Description Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze and share information to make better informed de-
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  Purpose Provide students a basic level of understanding in us-ing Microsoft Excel 2007in order for them to succeed in their courses. ã Define and plan a worksheetã Describe the components of an Excel worksheetã Move within the worksheetã Create and save a worksheetã Enter data into cellsã Define and enter formulas Description Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze and share information to make better informed de-cisions. You will: Learn how to work with the new Office Ribbon interface; Understand Excel 2007 file compatibility issues; and be introduced to some of the notable new features of the Excel 2007. A spreadsheet is an electronic document that stores various types of data. There are vertical columns and horizontal rows. A cell is where the column and row intersect. A cell can contain data and can be used in calculations of data within the spreadsheet. An Excel spreadsheet can contain workbooks and worksheets. The workbook is the holder for related worksheets. Mini-SessionTraining Packet Microsoft Excel ã Format a worksheetã Spell check a worksheetã Print a worksheetã Create a chartã Print chart Objectives  Microsoft Excel 2007Mini-session Training Table of Contents Planning Your Spreadsheet Design Layout and Design Page 3What’s New in Microsoft Page 4Office Excel 2007 The Microsoft Office Button Page 4The Ribbon Page 4The Quick Access Toolbar Page 5Launching Excel 2007 Page 5Creating a New Spreadsheet Page 6Exercise – Enter Text & Data into Cells Page 6 Auto Fill Page 7Saving a Spreadsheet Page 7Exercise – Entering Formulas Page 8Changing Font Type and Font Size Page 8Formatting Cells Page 9Merging Cells Page 10Creating a Chart Page 10Spell Check Page 11Printing an Excel Spreadsheet Page 12Printing Formulas Page 13Additional Printing Options Page 13Closing and Exiting Excel 2007 Page 14Mini-Session Evaluation Page 15  Planning and designing your worksheet will save time when creating, organizing, and formatting your data. Determining who will use your data and how they will view it will guide you in establishing the formats, formulas, functions, and visual ef-fects needed in your design. For example, if you are using the worksheet to calculate your course grade, you need to develop the formulas that the worksheet will use to compute grades. Is a simple averaging of the course test scores, extra credit work, team projects and presentations be measured? Will any data need to be grouped to show correlations? Will the worksheet transform a numerical grade to a letter grade? Will you need charts to illustrate comparisons between your courses? Planning Your Document Design Pg. 3 of 15 A. What is the purpose of the worksheet?B. Are multiple worksheets needed?C. Who will use the worksheet(s)?D. What data is necessary?E. How will the information be organized and formatted?F. What calculations are needed?G. What information is needed in order to perform those calculations?H. Will charts be used to illustrate trends or comparisons?I. Are the processes recurring (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually)? Layout and Design.  Getting started with Excel 2007 you will notice that there are many similar features to previous versions. You will also notice that there are many new features that you’ll be able to utilize. There are three features that you should remember as you work within Excel 2007: the Microsoft Office Button, the Quick Access Toolbar, and the Rib-bon. The function of these features will be more fully explored below. What’s new in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Pg. 4 of 15 The Microsoft Office Button performs many of the functions that were located in the File menu of older versions of Excel. This button allows you to create a new workbook, Open an exist-ing workbook, save and save as, print, send, or close. The Microsoft Office Button The ribbon is the panel at the top portion of the document. It has seven tabs: Home, Insert, Page Layouts, Formulas, Data, Review, and View. Each tab is divided into groups. The groups are logical collections of features designed to perform func-tion that you will utilize in developing or edit-ing your Excel spreadsheets. Commonly utilized features are displayed on the Ribbon. To view additional features within each group, click the arrow at the bottom right corner of each group. The Ribbon Microsoft Office Button  A. Create a new document B. Open an existing document C. Save and Save as option D. Print E. Close Document Ribbon A. Home: Clipboard, Fonts, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells, Editing B. Insert: Tables Illustrations, Charts, links, Text C. Page Layouts: Themes, Page Setup, Scale to Fit, Sheet Options, Arrange D. Formulas: Function library, Defined Names, Formula Auditing, Calculation E. Data: Get External Data, Connections, Sort & Filter, Data Tools, Outline F. Review: Proofing, Comments, Changes G. View: Workbook Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Window 
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