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Artikell Jurnal Cetak Bergman, Van C., Mittelman S.D. 2001. Central role of adipocytes in metabolic syndrome. J Inestig Med. ! #11 $ 12%. Artikell Jurnal Cetak &legal, Cole '.J., Belli(i M.C., Diet( ).*. 2000. +stablis,ing a standard de-notion for c,ild oer.eig,t and obesity .orld.ide# International s/rey. BMJ. 020#12!0$12!0. Bab dalam buku *ad1/, V., 2000. Bahan Bacaan Mata Kuliah Dietetik Masyarakat. Ma2assar. J/r/san 3i(
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  Artikell Jurnal Cetak   Bergman, Van C., Mittelman S.D. 2001. Central role of adipocytes in metabolic syndrome. J Inestig Med. ! #11 $12%. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   &legal, Cole '.J., Belli(i M.C., Diet( ).*. 2000. +stablising astandard de-notion for cild oereigt and obesityorldide# International s/rey. BMJ. 20#12!0$12!. Bab dalam buku *ad/, V., 200. Bahan Bacaan Mata Kuliah Dietetik Masyarakat  .Maassar. J/r/san 3i(i &4M 5nas. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   *ammer, 6ogger 7., McCombs, Daryl. 1 8. )eigt cycling andbody composition in obese omen. )omen in Sport and 9ctiity Jo/rnal. :#1$10. Bab Dalam Buku Ino/e, S. ;immet <. Caterson I. 2000. The Asia Pasifc Perspective:Redefning Obesity and Its Treatent! *ealt Comm/nication.9/stralia. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   Mar=/e(ine 3., &, >lieira CM, <ereira 9C, 4rieger J+, Mill J3, 2008Metabolic Syndrome Determinants in 9n 5rban <op/lation from Bra(il#Social Class and 3ender$Speci-c Interaction. Int #ardi$l  12 #2? @2%? Artikell Jurnal Cetak   7i/bo, Soar +., 7aor 9., 2001. Aec circ/mference as s simplescreening meas/re for identifying oereigt and obese <atients. 'e Aort 9ssociation for 'e St/dy of >besity. !:0#!::. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  9b/l/t 3, 4sal +, Bilici S, 9car 'e A, ildiran *, et al. 2010EMetabolic syndrome MSE in elderly# 9 cross sectional s/rey. 9rc3erontol 3eriatr. ?#2%$2%%. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  Cen $M, Se/ )** 2010E Metabolic syndrome in te elderlyand its clinical implications. Jo/rnal of Clinical 3erontology and3eriatrics. 1# 2 $0. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  <Fre( CM, 3/(mGn M, >rti( 9<, +strella M, Valle , et al. 2008E<realence of te metabolic syndrome in San J/an, </erto 6ico.+tn Dis 18# !!$!!1. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  >gbera 9> 2010E <realence and gender distrib/tion of te metabolic syndrome. Diabetol Metab Syndr 2# 1$?. Costa 6S, Aog/eira 7'. &amily s/pport in te control of ypertension. 6e 7atino$am +nfermagem 2008 setembroo/t/broH 1%?E#8:1$%  *e , Jiang B, )ang J, &eng 4, Cang , et al. 200%E <realence of te metabolic syndrome and its relation to cardioasc/lar disease inan elderly Cinese pop/lation. Jo/rnal of te 9merican College of Cardiology !:#1?88$1? !. 1. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   )idaya 9, et al, 200!. >besitas dan Sindrom Metaboli ! %$ruDiagn$sticu . !#1$1% 2. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   4an et al. 200?. 'e metabolic syndrome# time for criticalappraisal. Joint statement from te 9D9 and +3I6. Diabetes Care.28#228 $20!. 3. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   3r/ndy S.M. 200%. Metabolic syndrome# connecting and reconceilingcardioas/ler and diabetes orld. J 9m Coll Cardiol. !:#10 $1110.2? 4. Makalah Dalam Konferensi Maid, 9bd/lH <enyait Jant/ng 4oroner# <ato-siologi, pencegaandan pengobatan terini.<eng//an 3/r/ Besar, 6apat 'erb/a.5S5.200: 5. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  +rin 6B 200 E <realence of metabolic syndrome among ad/lts 20years of age and oer, by se, age, race and etnicity, and bodymass inde# 5nited States, 200$200%. Aatl *ealt Stat 6eport 1#1$:. 6. Artikel Jurnal nline <rasetyaati, 9.+. 2012. Ked$kteran Keluarga dan &a'asannya! diases darittp#KKf.//KB545L4+D>4'+69AL4+759639 L.pdf :. Artikel !ebsite Den an #en aran  &irda/s, S.5.201!. (ak Asasi Manusia dala (uku Kesehatan diInd$nesia . diases darittp#KKeprints./*aL9sasiLMan/siaLdalamL*//mL4eseatan.pdf  $. Artikel Jurnal nline <rasetyaati, 9.+. 2012. Ked$kteran Keluarga dan &a'asannya! diases darittp#KKf.//KB545L4+D>4'+69AL4+759639 L.pdf  %. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  9dam M.&. 200?. Metabolic syndrome and its components inMen. Indonesian Jo/rnal of Internal Medicine. :#%%$% . 1&. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  9driana, * dan 9dam, J., 200%. Sindroma Metaboli#<engertian,+pidemiologi, dan Criteria Diagnosis. In)$rasi lab$rat$riu pr$dia Ao.!K200%. 11. Artikell Jurnal Cetak  Bray, 3+., 6yan, D*. 200%. >ereigt and 'e Metabolic Sindrome#from Benc to Bedside. Springer Science.  12. Artikell Jurnal Cetak    'oroprairo 9. 200%. Ae approac in te treatment of  '2DM and metabolic syndrome. 'e Indonesian Jo/rnal of InternalMedicine. 8#1%0$1%%. 13.   Makalah Dalam Konferensi *ildr/m B, Mylet/n 9, *ole ', Midtell 4, Dal 99 200:E 9ge$speci-c prealence of te metabolic syndrome de-ned by teInternational Diabetes &ederation and te Aational Colesterol+d/cation <rogram# te Aoregian *5A' 2 st/dy. BMC </blic *ealt:# 220$22 . 14.   Artikel Jurnal Cetak  6eaen 3M Banting lect/re 1 88E. 6ole of ins/lin resistance in/man disease. Diabetes.:# 1? ?$1%0:. 15. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   4aplan A.M. 200%. <rimary *ypertension# <atogenesis,Mecanism. >f *ypertension it >besity in# 4aplans Clinical*ypertension nint edition. <iladelpia, 5S9# 7ippincott ). 16. Bab Dalam Buku Scol(e. 200:. 'reatment of obesity related ypertension# teypertension obesity sib/tramine *>SE st/dy. Circ/lation.1??#1 1$1 8. 1'. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  Bramlage <, <ittro D, )ittcen *$5, 4irc ), Boeler S, 7enert *,*oeNer M, 5nger ', Sarma 9M. (ipertensi in $ver'eight and $bese priary care patients is highly prevalent and p$$rly c$ntr$lled .  A (ypertens . 200!H1:# 0! @ 10. 1$. Artikel Jurnal Cetak  6eyes M and Moran 6M. 2001. &amily S/pport of 'reatmentComplaince in +ssential 9rterial *ypertension. Sal/d </blica MeH!!E#%$ . 1%. Artikell Jurnal Cetak *edley 9.9., >gden C.7., Jonson C. 7., Carlon M.D. 200!.<realence of oereigt and obesity among 5S cildren,adolescences, and ad/lts. J9M9. 2 1#28!:$28?0. 2&. Artikell Jurnal Cetak  )*>$IS* *ypertension 3/ideline Committee. 3/idelines of temanagement of ypertension. J *ypertension. 200H2111E# 1 8$ 2. 21. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   Ainomiya J.4. 200!. 9ssociation of te metabolic syndrome itstory of myocardial infarction and stroe in te tird nationalealt and n/trition eamination s/rey. Circ/lation. 10 #!2$!%.2% 22. Artikell Jurnal Cetak  *e , Jiang B, )ang J, &eng 4, Cang , et al. 200%E <realence of te metabolic syndrome and its relation to cardioasc/lar disease inan elderly Cinese pop/lation. Jo/rnal of te 9merican College of Cardiology !:#1?88$1? !. 23. Artikell Jurnal Cetak     *adaeg &, ;abetian 9, 'oidi M, 3asemi 9, Seioleslami &, etal.200 E <realence of Metabolic Syndrome by te 9d/lt 'reatment<anel III, International Diabetes &ederation, and )orld *ealt>rgani(ation De-nitions and teir association it coronary eartdisease in an elderly Iranian pop/lation. 9nn 9cad Med 8# 1!2@1! . 24. Artikell Jurnal Cetak   Dari/s, 9r/na, <rineas. 2008. Metabolic syndrome and mortality inolder ad/lts. 9merican medical association. 1%8 E# % $ :8. 25. Bab Dalam Buku Aotoatmodo, Soeido. 200:. Prinsip*Prinsip Dasar Ilu KesehatanMasyarakat  . 6inea Cipta # Jaarta.
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