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The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers Lesson 5

The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers Lesson 5 by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine April 1918 Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light. Course VI Serial #26. Box 1525, Los Angeles,
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The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers Lesson 5 by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine April 1918 Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light. Course VI Serial #26. Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. April 1918 The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers. By C.C. Zain Lesson 5 The Student should ever bear in mind the fact that all is the outcome of One Principle emanating from the Spiritual Sun of the universe, the rays from this spiritual center of life being brought to a focus at various points in space form the spiritual center of smaller universes, of which ours is one. From this secondary center the divine rays emanate as Life, Light and Love, being refracted as they flow outward by the sub-centers about the spiritual sun into the seven active and three latent principles of nature, or planetary rays. These ten emanations of the sephiroth are further modified as they pass outward thru the medium of the twelve signs. This being the origin of manifested existence it follows that everything in the universe partakes of the nature of theses 22 qualities in some measure, but vibrates more distinctly to one of them. Names are no exception to this rule, and possess a vibratory power that affects entities associated with them. The nature of the effect depends upon the astrological vibration of the name and the harmony or discord existing between it and the astro vibrations of the entity. Therefore, it is necessary to know the astrological quality of both to determine in what manner a name will be fortunate or otherwise. The astro-vibratory quality of a person is found from their chart of birth; and that of a name from the astro-correspondence of its letters and its numerical super-root and super-power. To form an astrological chart of any name, substitute for each letter of the name the Major Arcanum ruling the letter. Add together the numbers corresponding to the letters of the name. Then find the super-root and super-power of this sum. The Sun is the Father of all life, the Moon is the Mother of its manifestation, and the Earth the universal matrix. Therefore, as the most powerful factor in the chart of a name, its father, place the Arcanum representing the super-root at its head. As those factors filling in the earthly details, next place those Arcana representing each letter of the name in its order. Lastly, as indicating the mother, or direction in which the forces will manifest, place the super-power at its foot. As some letters may occur more than once, it will be necessary to make a chart and place the Arcana on their proper stations as read. If this chart is the name of a person it may be read by the Arcana as a chart of life. The first card, or super-root, will indicate the natural endowments, and the following cards will show the successive events and influences in life, the last card, or super-power indicating the success or failure at life's close. In such a reading the full name is required. The Surname indicates the fortune of the family as a whole, and the Given names show the individuality of its members, but can not be wholly separated from the family, for each is a branch of one tree and must partake partially of the fate of the trunk. Not only are names of people susceptible of being read by substitution of the Major Arcana for their super-root, letters and super-power, but much light may be shed upon any name in the same manner. Thus as a short example let us take Iron. I-R- O-N = = 60 = 6, the super-root. 60 minus 6 = divided by 9 = 6. 6 plus 1 = 7, the super-power. Therefore the Tarot chart of the word Iron is VI-X-XX- XVI-XIV-VII, and the astro-chart - Venus, Uranus, Moon, Mars, Taurus, Sagittarius. Its primary quality VI is pliability and attractiveness, as for the magnet, and yielding under pressure, shown by the super-root 6. The ultimate manifestation of its endowments is the super-power VII, triumph over trials. It is therefore both pliable and strong. The incidental qualities are shown by changeableness (X) as rapid expansion and contraction due to temperature, resurrection (XX) ability to vibrate and detonate, violence (XVI) as an electric transmitter or as a tool, transmutation (XIV) as it is readily converted into steel. Iron as a whole is not ruled by Venus, but by Mars. However, Mars rules all irons and steels, and the name iron designates it as a different quality than steel, cast iron, wrought iron, etc., giving information as to its specific character. Steel ruled by Mars, has a name indicating greater strength and less pliability, thus - XI-XXI-XXII-V-V-XII-VII. The super-root and super-power are Force and Victory, the other letters expressing characteristic qualities. Any name may thus be read as a Tarot chart, or an astrological chart; and if the intuitions of the reader be keen, much information about the thing for which the name stands will be obtained. To illustrate briefly reading the significance of a word by its super-root and power we will indicate the Tarot meaning of the words used at different times to express Deity, showing the effect upon the morals of the devotees. The Jews called their stern and unyielding God Jehovah, spelled in Hebrew : Jod-He-Vau-He = being more than 22 must be involved. Its super-root is 8 and its power 3, meaning unbending Justice in Action, the Jewish moral code. Christian nations spell their Deity G-O-D = = 23, which being larger than any Arcanum must be involved; its root and power, which are in this case also superroot and super-power, being 5 and 3, expresses beneficent Law in Action. The Deity of the Egyptian initiates is Ra = 20+1= 21, which does not involve as it is already Arcanum XXI. Ra is the Spiritual Sun of our universe, the highest spiritual and intellectual entity, hence is well expressed by The Adept, or perfect man, which his worshipers strive to become. She is astrologically the Sun, and the religion involved in His worship is expressed by the two Arcana composing the word, 20 and 1, or Will and Intelligence Resurrecting the soul beyond the tomb. Jesus: = 63, involved to root 9 and power 7, meaning the Prudence of Victory, which is the real religion of his followers in spite of their meek pretensions. On the other hand Christ involves to 9 with a power of 9, showing that Prudence advises the attainment of Wisdom. These are the real Christians and not the worshipers of mammon. The Christian mystics worship the Christ within, called Christos, = 118, involving to 10 with a root of 13, indicating Change of Fortune due to Transformation. Now let us ask what is the import of the Hindu deific word used frequently as a mantram, and rendered into English A-U-M, = 20. The root 20 reveals the object is to awaken the soul to its latent possibilities; the method being shown by the letters: The Will(1) brought against Temptation(6) to produce Transformation(13). Where the numerical value of a name is different in the language from which it is taken, the English spelling gives only the meaning to English speaking people, and the native spelling the original meaning. Buddha = 25, and involves to 7 and 3, or Victory of mind in Action, which is essentially the life and teachings of that reformer. Brahma = 45, which involves to 9 with the power of 5, meaning Wisdom operating thru Law, which is the gist of real Brahmanism. Shiva, the destroyer, is 35 involving to 8 and 4; or Equilibrium Realized, which destruction is. Both Devil and Hell = 37, which involves to Arcanum X and IV, indicating sudden changes of Fortune Realized, which is supposed to be the function of this place and its lord. Babylon, mentioned in Revelations as the great prostitute is numerically 57, involving to 12 with the power of 6, meaning Sacrifice to Temptation, in the manner there written. We are led to believe from this that the downfall of the earthly Babylon was due to licentiousness and yielding to evil. The early Magi erected a tower to Bel = = 19. Happiness and Prosperity being devoted to Science, Religion and Sacrifice. But later generations forsook the worship of Bel for Baal = = 16, Violence being the primary motive for studying science and cultivating the Will and for Sacrifice. Instead of seeking heaven thru natural growth they attempted to storm it thru austerity, and downfall resulted. In determining what effect a name will have when attached to any given person, it is necessary to know that person's birth-chart. Find the super-root and super-power of the name, then substitute the astrological correspondence of the super-root, the letters of the name, and the super-power. Compare this astrological chart of the name with the birth-chart to determine what departments of the life the name will stimulate into activity, and if the activity will be beneficial or otherwise. Thus: Mary, has the super-root 8 and the super power 5; the Tarot chart is, VIII-XIII-I-XX-X-V, being read as a Just and well Balanced life, showing early Removals, a strong Intellect and Will; with an Awakening to new possibilities after middle life, followed by sudden change of Fortune, which results in devoting late life to Religion. The chart of the name, considered astrologically is: Capricorn, Aries, Mercury, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter. The strongest astrological influence is the root Capricorn, therefore, whatever house Capricorn occupies in the birth-chart will be stimulated by the name Mary. If Capricorn is fortunate in the birth-chart the name will be benefic, and bring about the good things signified by it, but if Capricorn is evil in the birth-chart, the name will act inharmoniously and strengthen that evil. Now let us suppose the person given the name Mary has Capricorn on the cusp of the house of marriage and its lord, or Saturn, evilly aspected; Jupiter at the same time being well aspected in the house of business. In this case the name, Mary, stimulates the house of marriage and assists in bringing about an unfortunate marriage. Consequently she is thrown on her own resources, and Jupiter the power of the name comes to the rescue and assists her in making an independent living, for Mary stimulates the evil of Capricorn and the good of Jupiter latent in her chart. But in this case the evil is greater than the good for the Root is stronger than the Power of a name. The other astrological influences represented by the actual letters of the name also stimulate the departments of the horoscope they rule at birth; but their power to effect anything is less than either root or power. So if Mary had Aries on the house of friends the letter M in Mary would stimulate it, but whether for good or evil would depend upon the aspects received by its ruler. And the house occupied by Mercury would be stimulated, as would that occupied by the Moon, and by Uranus, by the letters A-R-Y, the effect depending upon their strength at birth. By making an astrological chart of a name as indicated, the precise influence a name will have over an individual may be determined by comparing it with the chart of birth. The Conqueror Arcanum VII. Letter: Egyptian, Zain; Hebrew, Zayin; English, Z Number: 7 Astrologically: the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. Color: the lighter shades of purple. Tone: high A. Occult science: Masonry Human function: the sense of smell Natural remedy: such herbs as mallow, wood betony, feather-few, and agrimony. Mineral: the talismanic gem Carbuncle, and such stones as are mixed with red and green including turquoise. Z-7, expresses in the Spiritual world, the septenary dominion of spirit over matter. In the Intellectual world, the sacerdocy and the Empire. In the Physical World, submission of the elements and forces of matter to the intelligence and forces of man. Remember then, son of earth, that the empire of the world belongs to them that possess the sovereignty of spirit, that is to say, the light which makes clear the mysteries of life. If the Conqueror appears in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, it signifies that in breaking thru obstacles thou wilt crush thy enemies. and all thy wishes will be realized if thou attack the future with audacity, armed in the consciousness of thy right. Arcanum VII is figured by a war-chariot of square form, surmounted by a starry canopy sustained by four columns. Upon this chariot advances a Conqueror armed with a Cuirass and carrying both Sword and Scepter. He wears a crown from which rises three pentagrams, or golden stars with five points. The square car symbolizes the material world vanquished by the work of the will. The four columns supporting the canopy represent the four quadrants of heaven surrounding the conqueror, and the four elemental kingdoms that have submitted to the master of scepter and sword. Upon the square front of the chariot is pictured a sphere sustained by two outspread wings; symbol of the immortal flight of the soul thru the infinitude of space and time. The sacred serpent at the conqueror's brow signifies the possession of intellectual light which makes clear all the Arcana of fortune. The three golden stars rising from the crown symbolize the dominion of man in all three worlds, physical, astral and spiritual. A T-square and two try-squares are traced upon the cuirass. The T-square, or Tau symbolizes virile force, and the two trysquares indicate the rectitude of judgement that enables the conqueror to direct this force either to right or left, into mental or physical power as occasion demands. The cuirass signifies resistance; the high held sword is the emblem of physical victory; and the scepter that of mental conquest. The scepter is surmounted by a square, emblem of matter, a circle, and a triangle. The circle indicates the realm of spirit, and the trine signifies mind; all denoting the perpetual dominion of intelligence over all realms and forces of nature. Two sphinx, one white and the other black are harnessed to the car. A sphinx as composed of the four fixed zodiacal emblems indicates the passage of time. The white sphinx signifies fortunate periods, and the black one periods of adversity; both of which serve the soul victorious over the ordeal in its pilgrimage of eternal progression. In Divination Arcanum VII may be briefly read as Victory. (1) Numerically, seven as composed of the numbers three and four expresses action and completion. It is the number of perfect form on the physical plane. It is thus the octave, which is the complete and perfect gamut. So in all things in which perfection of form exists will be found the number 7 expressed as three and four. The three are active principles. The four are reactions, secondary, or forms. These exist on every plane as the Seven Principles of Nature. In human life 7, as composed of 3 and 4 expresses the concrete 4 dominated by action, or 3; the realization of physical perfection thru active effort. As composed of 5 and 2 it indicates man in full possession of the law of polarity, realizing the potency of sex force. As composed of twice 3 plus 1, it signifies body, soul and spirit united to body, soul and spirit, guided by intelligence and under control of will, thus representing the perfect nuptial union. It is dominion of Intelligence over all actions, hence complete Victory over all Temptations. (2) Astrologically, Sagittarius is pictured as the starry Centaur, with bow full drawn, indicating its combative qualities and its locomotion. Sagittarius is a dual sign, adapting itself to both scepter and sword. It is natural ruler of philosophy and travel; its chief mental characteristics being obedience to ruling authority, discipline, prompt decision, self-control and the power to command others. These are the qualities expressed by Arcanum VII, as well as the conservative attributes indicated by the Cuirass, and it thus corresponds in every detail with the sign Sagittarius. (3) It has been explained that Jupiter corresponds to the Electromagnetic form. In addition to Vitalization and Polarity, this form is capable of being nourished by the more ethereal particles of matter known as aromas. Hence it is that incense becomes a valuable aid to religious and magical ceremonies. The odors that are beneficial or injurious to the electro-magnetic form are distinguished by the sense of smell ruled by the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, corresponding to that form. The sense of smell, therefore, corresponds to Arcanum VII. (4) Alchemically, Arcanum VII is the quintessence resulting from the union of the two forces of the Grand Alchemical Agent. This quintessence is of equal parts Acid and Alkali perfectly blended and held in a state of stability by the addition of water at regular intervals, and a carefully maintained temperature. Too much water results in weakening it below the standard strength required for transmutation. And too much heat results in effervescence and waste, decreasing the quantity below that necessary for the Great Work. To keep acids and alkalies in proper proportion and at proper strength requires care and constant supervision; but the victory is well worth the effort. (5) In the Bible we find reference to Arcanum VII in the person of Joseph who was sold captive into Egypt, representing the soul born into the world fettered by the senses and desires. But Joseph overcome all obstacles and rose to possess great power, as symbolized by the sword as well as being a great interpreter of the divine will, as symbolized by the scepter. Joseph was tempted by Pharoh's wife, Arcanum VI, but he Triumphed over that temptation, even tho it brought affliction. Pharoh's dream of the 7 fat kine, and 7 lean kine, the 7 good ears and seven bad ears, related to periods of good and evil, such as the white and black sphinx signify in Arcanum VII. The result of his triumph thru periods of good and evil and not succumbing to temptation is stated thus, Gen. 41:41. And Pharoh said unto Joseph, See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt. And Pharoh took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph's hand, and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen, and put a gold chain about his neck; and made him to ride in the second Chariot which he had; and they cried before him; Bow the knee; and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt. So shall those who triumph over temptation be made rulers over the physical plane, or Egypt. (6) The Royal Arch degree of Masonry is based upon Arcanum VII. The chariot, like the tabernacle, is an oblong square, and instead of being divided into four veils, the canopy is supported by four columns. The captivity in Babylon is denoted by the square-formed chariot; and the release from bondage by the scepter; the return journey to Jerusalem being denoted by the sphinxes hitched to the wheeled car. It also symbolizes the vault into which the candidate is lowered; and where he finds the Ark of the Covenant containing the four emblems that are the suit of the Tarot cards. The scepter represents the rod of Aaron, the sword is symbol of the tablets of the law, the gomer is represented by the cuirass, and the sacred serpent indicates the manna, or intellectual food. The three jewels, or trying squares, of the three ancient Masters are to be seen on the Cuirass, and the wonderful scroll which is a key to the ineffable character of the degree is to be seen as the starry canopy overhead. The long lost Master Mason's Word which is recovered in the Royal Arch is fully exemplified by the four symbols alluded to, and written in three languages as indicated by the golden stars. All of which plainly stated is harmonious union of positive and negative forces, such as the Masonic trowel suggests, on all three planes of existence. (7) In Magic Arcanum VII represents the power of Projection, sending the astral form to a distance; and the power of Attraction, which is the faculty of compelling the astral of another to appear and obey whatever commands may be given. It is also of the same symbolical importance as the Seal of Solomon, or
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