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The Berry Tree How It Works

1. The Berry Tree Earn $1336 per Month <ul><li>No Selling No Calling </li></ul><ul><li>No Inventory…
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  • 1. The Berry Tree Earn $1336 per Month <ul><li>No Selling No Calling </li></ul><ul><li>No Inventory </li></ul><ul><li>No Effort </li></ul><ul><li>NO KIDDING  ! </li></ul><ul><li>Find out how! </li></ul><ul><li>www. huffdaddy .com/BerryTree.html </li></ul>
  • 2. The Berry Tree Make $1336 per month without sponsoring anyone or having to sell anything. You can earn on everyone in the company . Even on people that joined before you! This patent-pending plan is totally unique, no one has anything like this. The more we grow, the more you can make. Currently in pre-launch, so get in early!
  • 3. The Berry Tree is: Easy! Your only requirement is your membership. We promote and automatically grow your business for you.
  • 4. The Berry Tree is: Inexpensive! Your membership is less than the cost of a sandwich at McDonald's each day.
  • 5. The Berry Tree is: Hot! Still in Pre-Launch, You can be in on the ground floor.
  • 6. The Berry Tree is: Secure! Part of a seven-year old never-fail company.
  • 7. The Berry Tree is: Lucrative! For everyone from newbies to gurus, from couch potatoes to extreme business builders.
  • 8. The Berry Tree is: Supportive! Complete support system including live 2x weekly (or more) internet conference calls, radio broadcasts, members' section, forum and more.
  • 9. The Berry Tree is: Unlimited in potential! Many bonuses in our patent-pending compensation plan for anyone who decides to actively promote the program.
  • 10. The advertising included in your membership grows your business for you This advertising is used to bring in new members that are distributed evenly throughout The Berry Tree. Because your membership includes advertising to grow your business, your success does not depend on you selling on your own.
  • 11. Refer others or advertise to grow your business If you want to make even more money, faster, we can show you how to easily sponsor others. You’ll get into profit faster and you can even earn on EVERYONE in the company. Even those who joined before you!
  • 12. Would you be willing to spend $50 a month if it meant an eventual monthly income of $1336?
  • 13. How long would it take? A common question is &quot;How long after I join The Berry Tree before I will be making $1336 a month&quot;? The answer is that it depends on a few factors…
  • 14. The Berry Tree is designed to make sure that people will see some kind of progress within their first couple of months after joining. This is based on people who are brought in from the company’s advertising. While these payments at first could be small, they will steadily grow as other members who have joined have the same growth happen under them. If your sponsor is working on growing a bigger business, faster than what the company’s advertising provides, or someone on one of your branches decides to do that, your business will grow faster, resulting in more profits at a faster rate for you. So how long would it take to grow that to $1336 a month or more? It would depend on who is placed on your branches, how fast, and if any of them decided to do more than the company’s advertising to help their businesses grow faster and make more money. Let’s look at an example….
  • 15. Let's say it took your business 2 years to reach making $1336 a month, how would that compare to other ways you can spend $50 a month or more, to try to produce the same level of income? <ul><li>Example A - Put $50 a month into a savings account with 5% annual interest: It would take you almost 67 YEARS to accrue a monthly income of $1336! </li></ul><ul><li>Example B - Put $500 a month in that same 5% interest savings account and it would still take over 26 YEARS to produce a monthly income of $1336! </li></ul><ul><li>Example C - Put $500 a month into an investment account paying 15% per year (if you can find one!) and it would take almost 9 YEARS to produce an income of $1336! </li></ul><ul><li>Example D - Put $50 a month into The Berry Tree and IF it took 2 years to fill your branches, which it probably won't since you'd be joining so early (it is only one month old!), but even if it took a full 2 years, it will only have cost you $1200 ($50/24 months) and you'd be receiving a monthly check of $1336 for life! AND it would actually cost less than that as along the way your profits would start covering the monthly payment. </li></ul>
  • 16. As you can clearly see from the examples… Even if it did take your business up to 2 years to reach $1336 in monthly income, The Berry Tree is faster and less expensive than many other alternatives to reach the same income results. Of course, in The Berry Tree, between your first couple of months after joining, to sometime within your first year, your business would end up paying for itself , which means it would stop costing you anything to participate, as your profits would cover your monthly cost. None of these other alternatives provide for that - with savings or investing you would have to continue making the payments month-after-month yourself to reach your income goals. Your Berry Tree business can quickly become self-funding, which means no further out-of-pocket expenses for you!
  • 17. The Berry Tree Earn $1336 per Month No Selling No Calling No Inventory No Effort NO KIDDING  ! Join Now!
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