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Ted Talk IELTS

Ted Talk IELTS
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  Jump to a Band 7 or it's free:   IELTS Topic Vocabulary  !E LT!  #it$ Ted Tal% presentation!ealt$ Listen to this great talk on food production and consumption, write down what you learn, try to summarise what he says. What would be the essay question regarding this topic? Try mine: &er t$e last ()) years food diets $ae c$an*ed considerably. Some ar*ue #e $ae sacrificed $ealt$ oer conenience+ ot$ers say #e are $ae t$e ric$est diets eer. ,$at do you t$in%- ie reasons and e/amples to support your ans#er. Specific ocabulary terms:S! , #!$%, #&$&'L('ST (!!)*!+& #!!-%'$-/0S-%&SS#*-#&% %0&TS%0T$-&%TS10% (!!)!2&$3#!%S0+4T-!%!$'%-# (!!)('$+ +')& S'L+!%#ollocations: family dinner, global warming, energy production, health crisis, food pyramid, organic food, disease reduction. Title : +ark /ittman: What5s wrong with what we eat www.-    Jump to a Band 7 or it's free:   Sport Title: #hristopher +c)ougall: 're we born to run? /rief description:#hristopher tells a fascinating story, about health, running and compassion. lobal sporting eents hae captured human interest for centuries, these eents hae been typical male orientated. $ecently this has changed and women are participating in greater numbers year on year.Should women be allowed to compete in sporting eents? 're there any drawbacks to women participating in sport? Specific ocabulary terms:marathon eolution in6urywilderness !l   ympic eentsweatsprinters natural adantage global answermaterialistic #ollocations: 0nder dog, medical science, finishing times, 4hysical actiity, hunting packs,  Jump to a Band 7 or it's free:   IELTS Topic Vocabulary  L&B LIS TI&0  #it$ Ted Tal% presentationlobali s ation Title: #hrystia (reeland: The rise of the new global super3richLink: http:77www.ted.com7talks7chrystia8freeland8the8rise8of8the8new8global 8super8rich.html/rief description:-ncome inequality is drien by technology and globalisation argues #hrystia (reeland. This talk is an absolute must for -&LTS students because it coers a range e9am topics in 6ust ; minutes. *ere is a possible question: 1ndoubtedly *lobalisation $as #inners and losers+ #$o do you t$in% t$ese are- ,$at do you t$in% are t$e causes- ie reasons and e/amples to support your ar*ument.  S4&#-(-# 2!#'/0L'$ T&$+S<S0$-%= -%#!+& -%&>0'L-T 4$-2'T-'T-!%S04&$ $-#* &#!%!+ 4L0T!#$'T #'4-T'L-S+(!$/&S $-#* L-STT&#*%!L! T'@&S0%&+4L! +&%T#ollocations: income distribution 7 re3distribution, global plutocracy, industrial reolution, medium class, multinational companies, crony capitalism,  Jump to a Band 7 or it's free:   Lan*ua*e and 2ulture Title: 1ay Walker: The world5s &nglish maniaLink: http:77www.ted.com7talks76ay8walker8on8the8world8s8english8mania.html /rief description: 1ay Walker talks about mania, especially &nglish mania, and why #hina will become the worlds biggest &nglish speaking country. Scary. lobal languages are many benefits and drawbacks. Specific ocabulary termsmanianatie language intellectual propertyglobal conersation &n   glish speaking climate change testlanguage of science high school studentscommon language
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