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Spiritual Enlightenment Thoughts by Param Shradhey Shri Jaydayalji Goyandka-Sethji in english

Spiritual Enlightenment Thoughts by Param Shradhey Shri Jaydayalji Goyandka-Sethji { ram, krishna, krsna, hari, visnu, vishnu, vasudev, narayan, religion, religious, spirituality, spirit, spiritual, prayer, enlightenment, karma, lecture, main, yoga, discourse, dharma, sant, Bhagvad, satsang, sri, narayana, bhakti, moksha, geeta, aap, gyan, satya, yog, sidh, satsanga, bhagwaan, shrimad, mukti, gitaji, tatva, hain, pravachan, swamiji, praarthanaa, prarthana, hona, dharm, bhagvaan, samta, kaise, bhaktiyog, apne, stithi, samtaa, rahe, swatah, dharama, tatav, tatv, tatava, gayan, gayana, moksh, mokasha, mukuti, muktii, muktee, swami ram sukhdas ji, shriswamiramsukhdasjimaharaj, swamiramsukhdasji,,,, karmayog, gyanyog, prarthna, aadhyatma, adhyatm, ramsukhdas, ramsukhdasji, vasudeva, bhagawad, bhagavad, bhagwaan, bhagvaan }
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  !! Shree Hari !! Param Shradhey Shri Jaydayalji Goyandka - Sethji’s Spiritual Enlightenment Thoughts  Just like a greedy man keeps valuable jewels in his vault, we should alsolisten to satsang attentively and store the precious and invaluable wordsthat we hear in the vault of our heart. You eat drink and enjoy yourself. Do not stop anything that you are doing. The only condition is that there should be constant remembrance of God -then let's see how you do not attain Him. To be eligible to receive God's Grace and Kindness, just accept His Graceand Kindness. Non acceptance is the only cause of ineligibility.We should always remember God - there should be no mistake in this.Ingrain it in your brains that everything is only God. Remembrance of Godat the time of death will give you salvation (Gita 8:5). If you rememberanything else at the time of death then salvation is not in your hands. Sodecide firmly that whatever comes to your mind is Only God.  Do not invite your next life. Decide firmly that you will attain God in thislife itself and will not be reborn. Accepting that you will be reborn isinviting your next life.We have got the human life by God’s Grace. Even after such Grace, if wefail to realize God, then it is very shameful for us, our misfortune. The work for which we have been born – to complete that is the only truework. We have been born to attain God, and that is what we should dofirst. We do not even need to look elsewhere. We should not even waste asingle second in any other work. You can never trust death. You never know when it will come. That is whyyou should practice and complete your work as soon as possible. The bestpractice is the chanting of God’s name and concentration on His form. You should chant and concentrate on the name and form you like best. The chanting of God’s name and concentration on His form isneeded/required in all paths of spiritual practice – be it the path of action,the path of devotion or the path of knowledge.If on one side an elephant is coming and on the other side there is badcompany, it is better dying under the feet of the elephant than going withthe bad company. You will only die once under the feet of the elephantbut will have to take birth and die numerous times due to the badcompany. Your nature gets affected by the company you keep. Hencestay away from bad company.  If you ask how does one constantly remember God? Well for this you mustunderstand that there is nothing equal to (as good as) constantlyremembering God and if your life passes away the moment you are notremembering God, then it will be a great loss.By praying to God, He can give you His strength, in a moment He canmake the impossible possible. You should repeatedly remember His Formand keep becoming delighted.God says – You establish your mind in me and you shall overcome thegravest of problems.People will constantly make obstacles for you, but we should not let theobstacles block us, we should keep moving ahead very fast.As soon as you call He comes and if you see Him you are in bliss. See Himwith your mind. As soon as you touch Him, your body will experiencewaves of bliss just as waves of water come in the ocean. And He is alsotouching you. You are seeing Him again and again and He is also seeingyou. In this state have a conversation with Him. This is something we all can do. We just need to have faith on the wordsof saints and we shall experience what they have. The book mentioned inthis clipping is available in Hindi and English published by Gita Press. Itsname is 'Dhyanavastha Mein Prabhu Se Vartalap (#299)' or Dialogue withthe Lord During Meditation (#694)'.  'I need to Love God' – this will make you attain God. You should removeyour love from everything else and only love God. The one who leavesGod and loves anything else, is foolish.By remembering God at all times, you also remember Him at the time of death. The one who passes away while remembering God, he attainsGod's Supreme Abode - hence we should constantly remember God.In whose company you develop good qualities, good behaviour andhabits, you should be with them. For us they are great souls.We do not get any time to try for the salvation/upliftment of our soul/Self.A lot of our time goes to waste. Think and see, for what work has thishuman life been given to us? ------From Spiritual Discourses by Param Shradhey Shri Jaydayalji Goyandka(Sethji)
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