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Soal b.inggris Pmb Stis 07-08

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  Ʃ Soal Bahasa Inggris PMB STIS 2007/2008 Section 1 : Structure and Written E!ression  1. If I ..... a student at STIS, I would finish my study on time.A. am acceptedB. were acceptedC. was acceptedD. would accepted 2. Ita has kept her mother ..... outside for hours.A. waitB. to waitC. waitinD. waited !. ou#d $etter ..... a %o$ now if you don#t want to miss the opportunity.A. etB. to etC. ettinD. ot &. '(hat did you do last niht)*A. The $oy asked the irl what she was doin the  pre+ious niht. B. The $oy asked the irl what she did the  pre+ious niht.C. The $oy asked the irl what she has done the  pre+ious niht.D. The $oy asked the irl what she had done the  pre+ious niht. . The doctor has known the irl ..... from $reast cancer.A. suffer B. to suffer C. sufferinD. suffered -. Did you meet the irl ..... was chosen in Indonesia idols.A. whoB. whomC. whatD. which . If you want to ..... in runnin your $ussiness, you must ha+e full support of our employees.A. successB. succeed C. succeessfulD. succeessfully /. 0+ery$ody knows that he has shown reat loyalty to the company. Therefore, he ..... a $i sum of money at the net anni+ersary of the company.A. rewardsB. is rewardinC. will $e rewardedD. will reward . 3udi 4 '(hy did you 5uit the %o$, 6ack)*6ack 4 'I ..... if the pay had $een $etter.*A. would stayB. would ha+e stayedC. had stayedD. would had stayed17. ..... de$ate and discussion, opposin ideas are  presented in an attempt to , persuade people.A. $othB. altouh $othC. that $othD. in $oth11. 6ohn neter, ..... , speciali8ed in opinion polis an  $ussiness sur+eys.A. whose statiscianB. a statiscian whoC. a statiscianD. as a statiscian he12. 9+er the centuries, +arious theories ha+e $een ad+anced ..... A. the oriin of alpha$etic writin is eplained. B. of eplainin the oriin of alpha$etic writin.C. the eplanation of the oriin of alpha$etic writin.D. to eplain the oriin of alpha$etic writin.1!. The irl desires ..... as lon as she is that her room. A. not $e distur$edB. not to $e distur$edC. $e not distur$edD. to $e not distur$ed1&. The man is +ery $usy and lets his mo$ile  phone ..... +ery often.A. rinB. to rinC. rininD. run1. :et week is ..... that we can take a trip out of 6akarta.A. such $eautiful holidayB. such a holiday $euatiful C. $eautiful such holidayD. such a $eautiful holiday1-. I am sure that she is not the irl in chare of sales departement. But now, she .....A. acts as if she were the sales manaer B. is actin as if she was the sales manaer C. would act as if she was the sales manaer D. acts if she is the sales manaer  SE #$%& TI'((I I$M) ST%TISTI *STIS+htt!://,t-t1,t1c1-n.ord!  Ʃ Soal Bahasa Inggris PMB STIS 2007/2008 1. ..... a common $elief, friht or ecitement causes the flesh of youn ames fowl to turn a different color.A. It is accordin toB. (hile accordin toC. That it is accordin toD. Accordin to1/. A planetarium is a special kind of education facility ..... the teachin of astonomy.A. to de+oteB. de+oted toC. which de+otesD. to de+ote to1. ..... that modern corn may $e a hy$rid of teosinte and other wild species that no loner eist.A. :ow is thouhtB. The thouhtC. It is thouhtD. Thinkin27. ;u$lic Transportation in most of the nation is epandin ..... the use of su$ways and $usses is declinin in some metropolitan areas.A. :e+erthelessB. DespiteC. Conse5uentlyD. Althouh21. Some $ees make the characteristic monoto < nous noise known as $u88in .....A. $ut their wins are +i$rated rapidly.B. the +i$ration of their wins is rapid.C. $y +i$ratin their wins rapidly.D. and their wins rapidly +i$ratin.22. ;encils are a+aila$le .....A. in many derees of hardnessB. are many derees of hardnessC. hardness in many dereesD. many derees ha+e hardness2!. Sonic $ooms cannot hurt people, ..... they may damae $uildins and $reaks windows.A. asB. $utC. or D. what2&. ..... are shaped like teardrops in untrue.A. That there are raindropsB. That raindropsC. 3aindrops thatD. 3aindrops2. The %a+elin used in competition must $e $etween 2-7 and 27 centimeters .....A. in lenthB. whose lenthC. it is lonD. lenthily Section 2 : ocaular3 2-. I am afraid that this $order raid is prelude to more serius attacks. A. endB. introductionC. resultD. influence2. This area is $een preser+ed in all its pristine wildness. A. modernB. sophiscatiedC. primiti+eD. old2/. The Titanic  lies $uried its a5ueous tom$.A. wateryB. loriousC. su$terraneanD. unknown2. =is eplanation was lucid and to the point.A. shortB. $elie+a$leC. clear D. understanda$le!7. >a+a, purnice, and other ineous rocks are founds in reat a$undance around ?ount ?erapi near ?aelan.A. coralB. +olcanicC. hardD. hue!1. (e can o+erlook the foi$les of our friends, no one is perfect.A. strenthB. dum$C. weaknessD. $ra+ery!2. The country $oy awked at the skyscrapes and neon lihts of the $i city.A. scaredB. stared foolishlyC. admiredD. clim$ed!!. =is that was koncked askew $y the wind.A. awryB. out of shapeC. off D. on the round SE #$%& TI'((I I$M) ST%TISTI *STIS+htt!://,t-t1,t1c1-n.ord!  Ʃ Soal Bahasa Inggris PMB STIS 2007/2008 !&. Scientist measure the microscopic distances  $etween atoms in microns.A. +isi$leB. tinyC. smallD. short!. Because of the ra+itational pull of the sun, the earth and the other planets maintain an or$it around the sun.A. sourceB. forceC. pushD. attracti+eness!-. The meat must $e chopped $efore it can $e used in that recipe.A. stewedB. cutC. $ouhtD. cooked!. ?endel#s formula eplains the appearance of hy$rids and pure species in $reedin.A. oriinB. naturalC. monrelD. descent!/. To educate a child perfectly re5uires profounder thouht, reater wisdom, than to o+ern a state. A. loner B. lessC. simpler D. deeper !. The head $est lea+es to the heart what the heart alone di+ines. A. descri$esB. analy8esC. uessesD. de+elops&7. Boredom shortens life, and $erea+es the days of the liht.A. ro$sB. empowersC. takesD. deli+ers&1. To $e a fa+ourite of an inorant multitude, a man must descend to their le+el.A. crowdB. youthC. studentD. world&2. ;erse+erance led to his success.A. precautionB. testimonyC. rectitudeD. persistence&!. A comple sentence must contain a su$ordinate clause.A. dependentB. nominati+eC. mainD. ad+er$ial&&. our chances of $ein elected mayor are rather remote.A. controlB. unlikelyC. automaticD. ood&. ?ost of the wounded passeners were 5uickly remo+ed from the aircraft.A. deceadedB. unconsciousC. in%uredD. distressed Section 4 : %nal3tical 5eading  &-. If the lenth of rectanle is increased $y 27@, and the wide of the same rectanle is decreased  $y 27@, then the area of the rectanle .....A. decreases $y 27@B. decreases $y &@C. is uncanedD. increased $y &@&. In a sur+ey of a town, it was found that -@ of the people polled watched the news on tele+ision, &7@ read a newspaper, and 2@ read a newspaper and watched the news on tele+ision. (hat percent of the people sur+eyed neither watched the news on tele+ision nor read a newspaper) A. @B. 17@C. 1@D. 27@&/. A screwdri+er and a hammer curently ha+e the same price. If the price of a screwdri+er rises $y @ and the price of a hammer oes up $y !@,  $y what percent will the cost of ! screwdri+ers and ! hammers rise)A. !@B. &@C. @D. -@&. There are 227 5uestions on a ! hours eamination. Amon these 5uestions are 7 SE #$%& TI'((I I$M) ST%TISTI *STIS+htt!://,t-t1,t1c1-n.ord!  Ʃ Soal Bahasa Inggris PMB STIS 2007/2008 mathematics pro$lems. It is suested that twice as much time $e allowed for each mathematics  pro$lem as for each of the other 5uestions. =ow many minutes should $e spent on the mathematics pro$lem.A. -7B. 2C. 177D. 1277. A sport %acket marked &/ is offered at a discount of 2@ durin a storewide. At this reduced price the dealer makes a profit of 27@ on the cost. The cost to the dealer is .....A. !7B. !2C. !-D. &7 Section - : 5eading 6o!rehension Question 51 – 52 refer to the following passage The rattles with which a rattlesnake warns of its  presence are formed $y loosely interlookin hollow rins of hard skins, which make a $u88in sound when its tail is shaken.1. A rattlesnake#s rattles are made of ..... A. skinB. $one C. woodD. muscle2. =ow often does a rattlesnake shed its skin)A. 9nce e+ery four yearsB. p to four times e+ery years.C. 9nce e+ery four monthsD. our time more often than other snakes!. The ?editerranean climate is discri$ed as .....A. humidB. etremely coldC. rainyD. enerally moderate&. The ?editerranean area is .....A. ood for raisin all +arieties of animals.B. poor for raisin animals.C. suita$le for some animals, $ut not for sheep and oats.D. well suited to $reedin animals.. Accordin to these sentences animal feedin rounds in the ?editerranean are ..... A. se+erely limited in si8e.B. +ery steep and rocky.C. lare, $ut not +ery ood for ra8in.D. lare, $ut +ery swampy. Question 56-57 refer o the following passage An o$ser+er sittin on the $each can make at least an intellient uess wheter the surf spillin out onto the sand $efore him has $een produced  $y a ale close offshore or $y a distant storm.-. Surf must $e .....A. distant stormB. wa+e action near the shore C. wa+e action far out in the oceanD. small rocks and seashells. A ale is pro$a$ly .....A. a +ery stron windB. a $ree8eC. a tidal wa+eD. an island Question 58-60 refer to the following passage The normal daytime retreats of $ats are the rooms of ca+es, $ut indi+iduals commonly li+e in dry, dark rooms of $uildins. ?ales are usually solitary, $ut females, espceally when they are youn, ather in colonies. The $ats do not hide in cre+ices $ut, when not hi$ernatin, han from the open roof of ca+es or  $uildins where they can see, and escape from, any intruder. In the dormant condition, which the $ats assume when the air temperature is low, the $ody temperature drops and they clin with thum$s and toes to some +ertical walls, with their ears closely coiled to conser+e $ody heat/. oun female $ats .....A. hide in cre+ices.B. like to li+e in roups.C. prefer the dry, dark rooms of $uildins.D. hi$ernate until maturity.. (hen the weather turns cold .....A. the $ats mo+e to the rooms of $uildinsB. the $ats ather in coloniesC. the $ats coil their earsD. the $ats hide in cre+eces-7. Bats often han from the open roof of ca+es and  $uildins .....A. to keep warmB. to see and escape from intrudersC. to hi$ernateD. to lower their $ody temperatuer  SE #$%& TI'((I I$M) ST%TISTI *STIS+htt!://,t-t1,t1c1-n.ord!

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