Sherlock Holme's A Scandal in Belgravia Film Review and scene(s) analysis

Sherlock Holme's A Scandal in Belgravia Film Review and scene(s) analysis
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  Cloutier Dydzak 1Sophie Cloutier Dydzak Dr Jonathan Newman ENG 212 Film Review Sherlock  : ! S"andal in #el$ravia %2&12'Sherlo"k (olme) i) widely renowned a) the $reate)t dete"tive o* all time)+ ,he "hara"ter "reated -y Sir !rthur Conan Doyle i) a hero with )uperpower): he ha) -oth the mind o* .Ein)teinand a /hilo)opher0 1 + ,he ##C )erie) Sherlock   provide) it) audien"e multiple epi)ode) o* theadventure) o* it) prota$oni)t Sherlo"k (olme) and hi) "ompanion John at)on+ ,hrou$hout ea"hone o* the)e *ilm) our mind) are en$a$ed with ea"h ima$e a) we try to under)tand the "lue thati) $iven to u)+ Durin$ the )erie) epi)ode .! S"andal in #el$ravia0 ea"h "lue i) pro3e"ted indi**erent way)+ 4n .! S"andal in #el$ravia0 %2&12' Sherlo"k %#enedi"t Cum-er-at"h' *a"e) one o* hi)tou$he)t "hallen$e)+ (e *inally meet) hi) intelle"tual e5ual 4rene !dler %6ara /ulver' and weeven wonder i* a relation)hip -etween the two mi$ht re)ult+ /layin$ the game  *or Sherlo"k i)more than )olvin$ the "rime it7) a wonder*ul thrillin$ po)itive thin$ that he e8perien"e) a) parto* an emotional re)pon)e to hi) relation)hip9*riend)hip with hi) partner John at)on %artinFreeman'+ Sherlo"k rea"t) to mental )imulation in the )ame way ordinary people rea"t to phy)i"al )timulation and -e"ome) ea)ily *ru)trated when hi) ur$e) are not 5ui"kly )ati)*ied+ ,hemore di**i"ult the game  i) the more )ati)*yin$ it i) *or him+ ;et i* the game  i) "ompletely devoido* emotion) and pur)ued only *or )timulation it "an -e"ome )omethin$ very dan$erou) and 1 Sherlock   < ! S"andal in #el$ravia = ##C 2&12    Cloutier Dydzak 2de)tru"tive a) )een in Sea)on 1 when he *a"e) oriarty %!ndrew S"ott'+ 4rene !dler repre)ent) an in"redi-le "hallen$e to him a) )he play) an inten)ely)timulatin$ $ame mi8ed with love and lu)t a$ain)t him+ She )ee) throu$h hi) di)$ui)e whi"h noone -ut oriarty i) "apa-le o* doin$+ She al)o dedu"e) a num-er o* per)onal detail) *rom hi)*orm o* di)$ui)e whi"h de)ta-ilize) him even more+ !nd the $i*t that )he o**er) him puzzle) himeven more whi"h make) her even more attra"tive to him+ (er $ame with Sherlo"k i) di**erentthan oriarty7) a) it i) de)i$ned to "on*ound lu)t with love+ >n their *ir)t meetin$ )he tell) him that )he under)tand) him and that )he i) intere)ted inhim per)onally+ She dedu"t) )everal *a"t) a-out Sherlo"k when )he *ir)t meet) him and then )tart)5ue)tionin$ him a-out the "a)e o* the dead hiker that he wa) previou)ly workin$ on+ ,heir later "onver)ation doe)n7t at all relate to what they were talkin$ a-out -ut it demon)trate) how the*ilm "an reveal the element) ne"e))ary to )olve the "rime+ Durin$ that )"ene we move *rom thelivin$ room to the outdoor lo"ation were the -ody i) *ound+ #oth Sherlo"k and 4rene are )till)ittin$ on the "ou"h a) i* they haven7t at all moved and the hiker 3u)t -e*ore hi) death)urreali)ti"ally permit) the two prota$oni)t) to move around and point out what they7vedi)"overed+ ,hi) )"ene i) "ut in two di**erent ver)ion)+ 4n the *ir)t one Sherlo"k e8plain) hi) point o* view on the "rime+ ,he )e"ond ver)ion )how) how 4rene )aw it throu$h her own intelle"t+ #oth)"ene) "onne"ted to the )ame death are very intere)tin$ly pre)ented a) ea"h "lue and detail are"lo)ely looked at+ 4n Sherlo"k7) ver)ion he de)"ri-e) what happen) without tellin$ the end+ ,hi)mi))in$ part i) *illed in -y 4rene $ivin$ her point o* view on what ha) happened+ 4t demon)trate)how the)e two mind) think alike and how they )olve thin$) the )ame way+ hat i) intere)tin$  Cloutier Dydzak ?a-out Sherlo"k7) and 4rene7) )"ene) i) that the element o* the a"tual death i) *rozen in time permittin$ the prota$oni)t to e8plain how it happen) and why it happen)+ ,ake the e8plo)ion o* the motor o* the "ar+ 4n Sherlo"k7) ver)ion we "ould only hear it -ut not )ee it+ 4n 4rene7)ver)ion we do not only hear it -ut we )ee it a) it i) *rozen in time $ivin$ her )e"onde8planation why the hiker turned around+ !nother e8ample that "ould -e u)ed in that )"ene i)when the hiker turn) away *rom the )ound 3u)t in time to re"eive the -oomeran$+ Everythin$ i))lowed down permittin$ the audien"e to )tay "au$ht up in the a"tion and to under)tand what ha)happened+ ,he )hot o* the -oomeran$ in the pond let) the audien"e relate to the a""ident that ha) 3u)t happened+ Durin$ thi) )"ene the element) ne"e))ary to )olve the "rime are pre)ented *rozenin time or in )low motion+ ,he prota$oni)t) )pend time on the)e element) indi"atin$ that the)eo-3e"t) and detail) are very important to )olvin$ the "rime+ 4t permit) the audien"e to en$a$ewith their *avorite dete"tive and to )olve the "rime with them under)tandin$ a) well how hi)mind work)+ 4 truly adore thi) *ilm not only *or it) way o* demon)tratin$ and revealin$ it) detail)to the audien"e -ut al)o *or the "onne"tion that it make) -etween di**erent )"ene)+ 4t "onne"t)the)e two )"ene) -y u)in$ a uni5ue )tyle while "leverly pre)entin$ the "lue) to u): all i) )till in pla"e where only the prota$oni)t) "an move+ 4t demon)trate) how the)e two intelle"tual mind)that )eem totally di**erent per)onality wi)e are a"tually )imilar+ 4ma$e),ime &&:2@+A1 %Still ima$e o* the driver a) Sherlo"k i) the only one who "an move'%B )e"ond)'  Cloutier Dydzak A&&:2@:A@ %Still ima$e o* the man in the red "oat a) Sherlo"k i) the only one who "an move+ (ee8plain) what thi) man i) doin$ and what mi$ht happen ne8t'+ %? )e"ond)' &&:2@:& %Sherlo"k i) e8plainin$ to 4rene the  po))i-ility o* what "ould have happened durin$ thi) "rime )"ene+ (e never $ive) a dire"t an)wer o* what "ould have happened )in"e he want) her to *i$ure it out'%1 )e"ond)'  Cloutier Dydzak &&:2:& %Sherlo"k i) a)kin$ to 4rene how the man "ould have died+ (e7) tellin$ her that )he i) )mart enou$h to know the an)wer to hi) 5ue)tion'%1A )e"ond)'End: &&:2:1 Se"ond ver)ion: &&:?A:%? )e"ond)'&&:?A: %Still ima$e: 4rene i) the only one movin$' %2 )e"ond)'&&:?:&&%Still ima$e: 4rene and Sherlo"k are the only one movin$' % )e"ond)' 
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