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  Fagley Primary SchoolandChildren’s Centre WITH ME IN MINDbecause I matter now and in the future SELF EVALUATIN D!UMENT ctober #$%   &We rea''( care and want our chi'dren to be successfu' in a'' as)ects of'ife* in order to be confident* inde)endent* co''aborati+e and resi'ient'earners in the e+er chan,in, societ( of toda(-. WITH ME IN MIND at schoo'* at home and in the communit(  School Context Fa,'e( /rimar( Schoo' is an a+era,e si0ed )rimar( schoo' with %1 chi'dren on ro'e. Most chi'dren 'i+e in an area around the schoo'* main'( made u) of White 2ritish fami'ies 3%4.567 and /a8istani fami'ies* 39%.967 with an increasin, number of EU mi,rants and tra+e''er fami'ies* man( of whom ha+e had no )re+ious schoo'in,. In an area that is e:treme'( de)ri+ed 3IMD ; 6 of fami'ies 'i+in, in the first #<16 of the Inde: of Mu'ti)'e De)ri+ation7 of income* 91. 6 'one )arents of which %5.46 are out of wor8. This has an im)act on ro'e mode's for 'earners as few )eo)'e within the communit( of Fa,'e( ,o on to further education* and man( ha+e few or no =ua'ifications. Nurser( base'ine assessments indicate that attainment on entr( is +er( 'ow. Due to strate,ic )'annin, in the !hi'dren-s !entre the attainment on entr( is hi,her for the chi'dren who are not 'ow or hi,h abi'it(. Most chi'dren ha+e e:treme'( 'imited s8i''s and )rior e:)erience in 8e( areas such as s)ea8in, and 'istenin,* +isitin, )'aces of interest and )h(sica' de+e'o)ment. Attainment on entr( is ,athered throu,h home +isits* obser+ations and base'ine assessments. % 6 of chi'dren ta8e u) Free Schoo' Mea's with 1#6 of chi'dren e'i,ib'e for /u)i' /remium. The number of )u)i's on the SEN >e,ister is %4 )u)i's 3 $67 and remains s'i,ht'( abo+e the Nationa' A+era,e 3$?.@67.As a schoo' we )ro+ide as man( firsthand e:)eriences and outdoor 'earnin, o))ortunities as )ossib'e for the chi'dren as )art of the curricu'um. Three Forest Schoo' /ractitioners* who are members of our staff team* )ro+ide a ran,e of e:citin, o))ortunities for 'earnin, both in the schoo' ,rounds and inour 'oca' wood'and. A team of accredited staff ha+e 'ed a )ro,ramme* ELLAN* to su))ort a dee)er and broader de+e'o)ment of +ocabu'ar( and 'an,ua,e. A bes)o8e Food Techno'o,( >oom benefits and e=ui)s chi'dren with differin, needs with 'ife'on, 'earnin, s8i''s. !hi'dren ha+e e+er( ad+anta,e to success in S)ort in both 'essons and after schoo' c'ubs. Term'( concerts entertain )arents with hi,h'( s8i''ed musica' )erformances where readin,* writin, and mathematics )ro,ress is rewarded in an scarst('e ceremon( inc'udin, entertainment* en,a,ement and enBo(ment. A'' of which are a'on,side our intention to su))ort a'' chi'dren to do their abso'ute best.  QUALITY OF LEAE!S IP I# A# $A#A%E$E#T OF T E SC OOLThe &'ality o( leadershi) in and management o( the school is good *eca'se+ ã A'' 'eaders and mana,ers are hi,h'( ambitious for the )u)i's and 'ead b( e:am)'e. The( base their actions on a dee) and accurate understandin, of the schoo'-s )erformance and of staff and )u)i's- s8i''s and attributes. ã e( 'eaders and mana,ers* inc'udin, those res)onsib'e for ,o+ernance* consistent'( communicate hi,h e:)ectations and ambition. ã Teachin, is ,ood andCor im)ro+in, stron,'( as a resu't of accurate monitorin,* effecti+e )erformance mana,ement and )rofessiona' de+e'o)ment* which are c'ose'( matched to the needs ofthe schoo' and staff. ã Se'f e+a'uation is thorou,h and accurate* and the schoo'-s actions are carefu''( )'anned* concerted and effecti+e. ã We'' thou,ht out )o'icies ensure that )u)i's ma8e at 'east ,ood )ro,ress in 'iterac( ã o+ernors s(stematica''( cha''en,e senior 'eaders. As a resu't* the =ua'it( of teachin, and )u)i's- achie+ement has im)ro+ed* or )re+ious ,ood )erformance in these areas has been conso'idated. ã The schoo'-s curricu'um )romotes and sustains a thirst for 8now'ed,e and understandin, and a 'o+e of 'earnin,. It co+ers a wide ran,e of subBects and )ro+ides o))ortunities for academic* technica' and s)ortin, e:ce''ence. It has a +er( )ositi+e im)act on a'' )u)i's- beha+iour and safet(* and contributes +er( we'' to )u)i's- academic achie+ement* their )h(sica' we''<bein, and their s)iritua'* mora' and socia' and cu'tura' de+e'o)ment. ã The schoo'-s actions ha+e secured im)ro+ement in achie+ement for disad+anta,ed )u)i's* which is risin,* inc'udin, in En,'ish and Mathematics. ã The cu'ture of the schoo' is characterised b( hi,h e:)ectations and as)irations for a'' )u)i's. ã The schoo' has hi,h'( successfu' strate,ies for en,a,in, with )arents to the benefit of )u)i's* inc'udin, those who find wor8in, with the schoo' difficu't ã Senior 'eaders in schoo' wor8 to )romote im)ro+ement across the wider s(stem* inc'udin,* where a))'icab'e* with ear'( (ears )ro+iders to raise the )ro)ortion of chi'dren who are we'' )re)ared to start schoo'. ã The schoo' is ade)t at identif(in, an( chi'd at ris8 of harm and en,a,in, with )artners to res)ond a))ro)riate'(. Staff mode' )rofessiona' standards in a'' of their wor8 and demonstrate hi,h 'e+e's of res)ect and courtes( for )u)i's and others. ã o+ernors ensure the efficient mana,ement of financia' resources. This 'eads to the effecti+e de)'o(ment of staff and resources. ã Leaders wor8 effecti+e'( with ear'( (ears )ro+iders and other schoo's to ensure chi'dren-s smooth transition into schoo' ã Leaders ha+e ensured that ear'( (ears is effecti+e. The &'ality o( leadershi) and management o( the school is not o'tstanding *eca'se+ ã o+ernors* or those with a simi'ar res)onsibi'it( need to strin,ent'( ho'd senior 'eaders to account for a'' as)ects of the schoo'-s )erformance. ã E:ce''ent )o'icies under)in )ractice that ensures that )u)i's ha+e hi,h 'e+e's of 'iterac(* or )u)i's are ma8in, e:ce''ent )ro,ress in 'iterac(. ã Leaders focus re'ent'ess'( on im)ro+in, teachin, and 'earnin, and )ro+ide focused )rofessiona' de+e'o)ment for a'' staff* es)ecia''( those that are new'( =ua'ified and at an ear'( sta,e of their careers. This is under)inned b( searchin, )erformance mana,ement that encoura,es* cha''en,es and su))orts teachers- im)ro+ement. As a resu't* the o+era'' =ua'it( of teachin, is at 'east consistent'( ,ood and im)ro+in,. ã The schoo'-s actions ha+e secured im)ro+ement in achie+ement for disad+anta,ed )u)i's* which is risin, ra)id'(* inc'udin, in En,'ish and Mathematics. ã Throu,h hi,h'( effecti+e* ri,orous )'annin, and contro's* ,o+ernors ensure financia' stabi'it(* inc'udin, the effecti+e and efficient mana,ement of financia' resources such as the )u)i' )remium fundin,. This 'eads to the e:ce''ent de)'o(ment of staff and resources to the benefit of a'' ,rou)s of )u)i's. ã Leaders ha+e ensured that ear'( (ears is hi,h'( effecti+e  Leadershi) and $anagement The Leadershi) Team ha+e estab'ished hi,h e:)ectations for outcomes for a'' )u)i's and aredetermined to ensure that a'' )u)i's achie+e we''* re'atin, to their startin, )oints. A shared +isionstatement focuses on 'earnin, ma8in, acce'erated )ro,ress and cha''en,in, underachie+ement for)u)i's. Leaders ,i+e direction to the wor8 of the schoo' and ha+e a strate,ic +ision for future)riorities to secure sustained schoo' im)ro+ement. Se'f<e+a'uation is ri,orous* s(stematic and at theheart of what we do. There is a stron, sense of &can do- throu,hout the schoo'. It is with confidencetherefore that the schoo' be'ie+es it has a stron, ca)acit( to ma8e further im)ro+ements as identifiedon the schoo' im)ro+ement )'an. The Leadershi) Team use >AISE on'ine and LA data to su))ort ma8in, Bud,ements about the)erformance of chi'dren and to dia,nose stren,ths and wea8nesses. The schoo' )ro+ided the authorit(with a 9 as its )erformance )riorit( 3$ re=uires most su))ort* % the 'east7 the LA Bud,ed the schoo' tobe a %* =uote from LA 'etter with res)ect to ã Maintainin, ,ood 'e+e's of achie+ement in cha''en,in, circumstances ã The e:tent to which 'eadershi) and the schoo' su))ort and 'ead ,ood )ractice across the East $)artnershi)Leadershi) is strate,ic and focussed on e+a'uatin, the im)act of actions on )u)i' achie+ement. urSchoo' Im)ro+ement /'an identifies c'ear actions to address areas for im)ro+ement* timesca'es toensure actions are achie+ed and im)act measured a,ainst )u)i' achie+ement.The Leadershi) Team use attainment and )ro,ress data effecti+e'( to identif( and cha''en,e a''underachie+ement. We ha+e wor8ed hard to )resent data to the rest of the staff and o+ernors in auser<friend'( wa( and as a resu't* a'' staff and o+ernors in the schoo' 8now 8e( ,rou)s of chi'dren andindi+idua's who are to be tar,eted in order to c'ose the attainment ,a). Leadershi) ca)acit( is stron,throu,hout the team* inc'udin, subBect 'eaders. The Headteacher and the De)ut( 'ead on )u)i')ro,ress meetin,s* as we'' as carr(in, out re,u'ar monitorin, and e+a'uation to measure im)act ofchan,es* identif( areas for de+e'o)ment and )ro+ide c'ear ,uidance for staff.Where wea8nesses in teachin, are identified* schoo' 'eaders mode' ,ood )ractice and coach other)rofessiona's to raise the teachin, and 'earnin, in their c'assrooms to at 'east ,ood. There is a ,ood'in8 made between the schoo'-s ana'(sis of data and the e:)ectations of indi+idua' staff in securin,,ood )ro,ress. Teachers and the Leadershi) Team set cha''en,in,* indi+idua' tar,ets for a'' chi'dren ine( Sta,e Two based on )rior e( Sta,e attainment which is used to identif( underachie+ement at theear'iest )ossib'e sta,e and 8ee) e:)ectations hi,h. The same strate,( is a))'ied for a'' chi'dren in e(Sta,e ne based on end of Ear'( Gears Data 3both LD and subBect s)ecific7 and Ear'( Gears LDbased on entr( base'ine data to nurser(. /u)i' /ro,ress tar,ets within /erformance Mana,ement ha+eraised e:)ectations and acce'erated )u)i' )ro,ress. Teacher assessment is accurate and robust. !'ose 'in8s with )artnershi) schoo's enab'es theLeadershi) Team to de+e'o) staff-s )eda,o,( and accountabi'it( of their own c'assroom )ractice toim)act on chi'dren-s achie+ement. It not on'( )ro+ides a more effecti+e too' for monitorin, b( 'eaders*but teachers are ab'e to use the outcomes of assessment to inform their )'annin, so that )ro+isionmeets the 'earnin, needs of )u)i's more )recise'(. A'' 'eaders are c'ear of their ro'e in raisin,standards. Senior and subBect 'eaders )'a( an acti+e )art in a'' forms of monitorin, and e+a'uation and)u)i' )ro,ress meetin,s this ensures a c'ear o+er+iew of )ro,ress and attainment within their subBecton who'e schoo'. Effecti+e 'eadershi) in EGFS ensures that e+er( as)ect of the )ro+ision is of hi,h =ua'it(. The Ear'(Gears 'eader is res)onsib'e for teachin, and 'earnin, of chi'dren from the a,e of # to 1 (ears* 8ee)in,with the same strate,ic +ision throu,h the !hi'dren-s !entre and Ear'( Gears in the schoo'.Assessments* su))orted b( re,u'ar re+iews of e+idence* are ,athered throu,h obser+ations of chi'drenin acti+ities. Staff use these to )'an ne:t ste)s in 'earnin, that meet indi+idua' needs. Theidentification of chi'dren with additiona' needs is +er( effecti+e. Su))ort for these chi'dren and
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