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  MOHIT JAIN Summary   Over 7 years of widespread experience in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales, Business Development andAdministration  !xperience in conducting !vent Management B#$ activities  Proficient at developing and implementing training programs to en%ance t%e efficiency and motivationlevels of t%e employees  &onducting presentations Seminars  'esponsi(le for implementation of t%e )Brand Promotion) activities to pus% up t%e (rand awareness andincrease in market s%are  'esponsi(le for meeting t%e (ottom line and top line (udget num(ers wit% controls on expenses  Market Mapping and identifying t%e target segment  Proficiency in general *# Skills suc% as MS+Office -ord, !xcel, Power+Point.  /sage of social media like 0A&!BOO1, $*21!D *2, 3ou tu(e etc. effectively to promote t%e (rand value  A keen communicator wit% excellent interpersonal skills 4 t%e a(ility to grasp new concepts 4 utili5e t%emin a productive manner  &onducting Marketing 'esearc%  !xperience in &%annel Management, Direct Sales, *nstitutional Sales and &orporate Sales  #eam Management and leader s%ip experience  !xperience in 'elations%ip Management Employment Recital Employment Recital  FED UNI (ICFAI University Group), New Deli July ! to #resent $r%n& M%n%'er Cop%ny #roile  *t is t%e Program information centre for t%e admission related 6ueries and sales and marketing department of *&0A* /niversity roup representing its 0ull #ime Programs like MBA, PPM, B#ec%, BBA, BBA+$aw, and P%D *ole + *esponsiility  Managing 89 !xecutives, Sr !xecutives, 9 Asst Managers and 8 &ounsellor  Managing Sales and Marketing part overall Profita(ility. of t%e (ranc% to make t%e make t%e (ranc% as t%e #roit Centre-  Managing overall (ranc% functioning incl Admin, vendor management etc.  Managing all t%e admission related 6ueries in t%e (ranc%  Manage Plan *nitiate t%e (usiness promotional activities and (rand promotional activities, conducting B#$ Activities in entire Del%i 2&' to gain maximum Sales  !ffective utilisation of Social media like 0A&!BOO1 to increase t%e (rand visi(ility and en6uiries  Support and Manage t%e A#$ activities launc% (y :;  &onducting t%e selection (riefings, ot%er !vents like #eac%ers Meet, mock tests, 6ui55es 6uests, canopy installation etc  &onducting Presentations, seminars, career counselling sessions etc  Developing t%e presentations effectively using power point  &onducting t%e market researc% using t%e internet tools 1 . M%r/etin'0$usiness Developent0 1tr%te'i& #l%nnin'0Event M%n%'eent0C%nnel M%n%'eent.. M%r/etin'0$usiness Developent0 1tr%te'i& #l%nnin'0Event M%n%'eent0C%nnel M%n%'eent. Permanent Address : 3/64, ChowkThana, Tajganj, Agra.Phone No. 7351944666 !mail id< mo%=ain8>7>?gmailcom   &ompose and manage t%e marketing (udget of t%e Branc% Att%inents2  One of t%e top @ (ranc%es in PA2 *ndia in year 988  One of t%e top  Branc%es in terms of admissions in MBA last year Herit%'e Group o Institutions %s M%r/etin' M%n%'er, A'r%J%n! 3 to Jun! Cop%ny #roile  #%ey are t%e leading institute in :otel Management and #ravel Management :*:#., premier coac%ing in for**#+C!! :eritage **#+C!!. and coac%ing for *AS and P&S examinations *ole + *esponsiility  Based at Agra  Managing Sales part overall Profita(ility. and overall (ranc% functioning incl Admin, vendor management etc.  Managing t%e (usiness promotional activities and (rand promotional activities in entire /P to gain maximum Sales  Managing t%e team of Asst manager and senior Business Development officers !xecutives, counsellors, &*!, admin in c%arge and #elesales !xecutives 4ot%/ M%in5r% 6ie Insur%n&e Co- 6t5-, A'r% J%n!378De&!39M%n%'er8C%nnel M%r/etin' *ole + *esponsiility  :andling t%ree ma=or (ranc%es of /ttar Prades% Agra 8 and 1anpur8 49.  Plan initiate and manage marketing activities and Sales Promotional Activities to generate leads for Advisor'ecruitment Purpose and (usiness generation &onducting t%e !vents like Presentation at arious :omogenous Places Organi5ations, &olleges, *nstitutes., participating in trade fairs, road s%ows, conducting &areer &ounselling sessions in !mployment exc%ange, illages, &olleges, *nstitutes, Coggers Park Activity, Post Office Activity  endor Management and maintaining t%e M*S for t%e entire (ranc%  &oordinate and implement :O related activities ex E (ranc% launc%, product launc%, downloading sc%emes locally, etc Participation in 1onventions like 1onnect Area $evel., 1onclave 'egional $evel. and 1ontact 2ational $evel. + Advisors 'ecognition Program. Att%inents2  Strategies devised to increase (usiness< $aunc%ed 2ew Sc%emes for Sales Managers and $ife Advisors for(etter productivity  Bot% t%e (ranc%es of 1anpur -%om * take &are of. are always among top @ (ranc% of PA2 *ndia and Agra(ranc% among #OP F (ranc% of PA2 *ndia   #op performer in PA2 *ndia in financial year 9F+9> Hut&ison Ess%r 1out 6iite5, A'r% O&t!3:8De&!3;1%les E<e&utive (Corpor%te #ost8p%i5) *ole + *esponsiility  Managing Direct, *nstitutional &orporate sales Small and Medium !nterprises SM! $A&A. Att%inents2  Ac%ieved targets consistently  Provide  2ew Accounts as t%e corporate customers 1&ol%sti&s  B&A from *ntegrated Academy of Management and #ec%nology Dr B ' Am(edkar /niversity, Agra. in 98  8G9 from St Co%nHs *nter&ollege, Agra in 8>>7 2   8t% from :olman *nstitute, Agra in 8>>@ 3


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