Put the Verb in Brackets Into the PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS Tense

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    Put the verb in brackets into the PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS tense! Dear Mum, I _______________________________ (JUST WRITE) to tell you how much I  _______________________________ (APPRECIATE) the money you have sent me, and to tell you how I  __________________________ (GET) on in my first term at university. In fact, I  _______________________________ (REALLY ENJOY) myself. I ____________________________ (STUDY) quite hard as well, but at the moment I _______________________________ (SPEND) a lot of time making new friends. I _______________________________ (STILL STAY) with my friend Jill and I  ______________________________ (LOOK) for some place to live on my own. Only a small number of first year students __________________________ (LIVE) in college here and I ___________________________ (SEEM) to be spending a lot of time travelling. I _______________________________ (ATTEND) lectures every morning, and most afternoons I  _______________________ (STUDY) in the library. In fact, I _______________________________ (WRITE) this letter right now instead of an essay on Shakespeare. I th ink I’ll buy some new clothes with the money you’ve sent me. Everything ___________________________ (COST) a lot here, and I _______________________________ (SAVE) to buy a coat for the winter months. It  ___________________ (GET) really cold here in the evenings. I now _______________________________ (KNOW) some other students and we  ____________________________ (HAVE) quite a good time. I _______________________________ (ALSO LEARN) to drive. University students _________________ (GET) a refund if they take their tests here. I  _______________________________ (LOOK) forward to coming home next month. See you soon. Dear Editor! I _____________________ ( WRITE ) this letter because it _____________________ ( SEEM ) to me that far too many changes _____________________ ( TAKE ) place in my country these days, and, as a result, we  _____________________ ( LOSE ) our identity. I _____________________ ( LIVE ) in a small town but even this town _____________________ ( CHANGE ) before my eyes. For example, town authorities _____________________ ( BUILD ) a burger place where my favourite restaurant used to be. Our culture _____________________ ( BELONG ) to everybody, and I  _____________________ ( NOT UNDERSTAND ) why the town leaders _____________________ ( NOT DO ) nothing to preserve it. They simply _____________________ ( NOT CARE ).  In fact, I _____________________ ( THINK ) of starting an action group. I _____________________ ( APPEAR ) on a TV show on Friday evening to make people aware of how importance this issue is. It’s ti me for us to start doing something before it _____________________ ( GET ) too late.  
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