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PSYCHIATRY SECTION NEWSLETTER February 2016 As we approach APA this year (May 14-18, Atlanta, Georgia) I hope that you will pray early and often that God will mightily work in the hearts and minds of those
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PSYCHIATRY SECTION NEWSLETTER February 2016 As we approach APA this year (May 14-18, Atlanta, Georgia) I hope that you will pray early and often that God will mightily work in the hearts and minds of those attending and that His presence will be obvious throughout the entire conference. I also hope you will consider attending and take advantage of the opportunity to gather for prayer and fellowship, and to sharpen clinical as well as social skills. The CMDA Psychiatry Section Brochure states that our Statement of Purpose is: To stimulate Christians in the practice of psychiatry to investigate and discuss the relation between their faith and professional practice and to incorporate such examined beliefs into their daily practice. To promote in the Christian community an understanding and use of valid psychological principles, consistent with Christian beliefs. To contribute to the national and local ministry of CMDA through participation, prayer and sharing of our activities. To join in the ministry of international Christian missions. To present a positive witness of God our Father, and Jesus Christ our Savior, to colleagues, patients and society. Use the CMDA meetings this year to rekindle existing relationships, develop new ones, stretch yourself professionally and challenge yourself in the exercise of your faith in your practice. The CMDA meetings this year are shaping up to be superb. Breakfast meetings include presentations by Dr. Frauke Schaefer and Dr. Barney Davis and an integration discussion by Dr. Brian Briscoe. Our evening banquet this year is sure to be a tremendous evening featuring a keynote presentation by Professor Eric Johnson. Professor Johnson is the Lawrence and Charlotte Hoover Professor of Pastoral Care at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He edited Psychology and Christianity: Five Views, co-edited Evidence-Based Practices for Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy and wrote Foundations for Soul Care: A Christian Psychology Proposal, as well as over 50 journal articles on the relation of Christianity and psychology. He also served for 13 years as the director of the Society for Christian Psychology. Details are provided later in the newsletter This year, the CMDA Psychiatry Section is participating in an event called Mental Health and the Church Forum Atlanta. The forum, on Saturday May 14 th from 1:00 5:00 PM, is intended to be informational in nature, discussion oriented and equipping focused. We hope by bringing together local clergy and believing practitioners from our section, that we will be able to begin peeling back the onion of mental illness, its presence in the church, its effects and risks, and the need to have open dialogue and understanding within the broader church. We plan on discussing some of the most common mental illness conditions and highlight resources (local and web-based) available to clergy, lay leaders, and the congregation. It is not intended to be the end-all, but is intended to be the beginning of a journey. Read more about this opportunity later in this newsletter. Many blessings, Marshall Williams Administrative Assistant, CMDA Psychiatry Section Christian Medical & Dental Associations Fax: Website: In This Issue Board members for Perspective from Dr. Brian Briscoe: Educating the Conservative Evangelical Church about Mental Illness New Members / Residents Dr. Irving Wiesner Publication, Tools from Psychiatry for the Journey of Faith, (availability) CMDA Life & Executive Coaching, Center for Burnout Care Member Networking Opportunities Global Worker Networking CMDA Psychiatry Section Website Annual Meetings at APA 2016 Additional Items of Interest at APA Mental Health and the Church Forum - Atlanta Dues Board Members Dr. Sam Thielman, Chair Dr. Brian Briscoe, Vice Chair Dr. Mena Mirhom, Resident Liaison Dr. John Yarbrough, Outgoing Chair Dr. Dawit (Dave) Amare, Secretary Treasurer Perspective from Dr. Briscoe: Educating the Conservative Evangelical Church about Mental Illness Educating the Conservative Evangelical Church about Mental Illness by Brian Briscoe, MD Christians suffering from mental illness often hesitate to seek psychiatric care. The reasons for this are varied and numerous, but oftentimes the cause lies within our Christian communities which, at times, seem to stigmatize mental illness or suggest that psychiatric symptoms are the result of personal sin. In my experience, even Christian leaders pastors, seminary administrators and professors, Page 2 of 12 church elders, etc. express these views, and their views then percolate down into the cultures they influence. As many of us are acutely aware, Christian cultures that stigmatize and/or dismiss the existence of mental illness can do great harm to persons with psychiatric illness. As healthcare professionals and fellow believers in Christ, we are in a unique position to protect vulnerable persons with mental illness and help our local and national Christian groups develop a more mature understanding of mental health. How can those of us who are imbedded within such cultures accomplish improve the situation? It starts with building trusting relationships with pastors in our local communities. It is especially important to convey our belief in Christ and commitment to the faith, both in word and deed, BEFORE attempting to present our opinion on mental illness. Earn respect and trust FIRST, by demonstrating Christ-like behavior and serving in non-medical ways at church (teaching Sunday school, serving in the children s ministries, non-medical missions, etc.). In some churches that are highly suspicious of psychiatry/psychology, it may take years to build trust, but once trust and meaningful relationships are established with church leaders, a psychiatrist can begin to engage in conversations that mature the church s view and understanding of mental illness. When conversing with pastors or other Christian leaders who are uninformed, misinformed or even dangerously misinformed, always seek to maintain a humble posture. And be patient. It may take a long time to dislodge pre-existing beliefs about the underlying causes of mental illness. But your patience and servanthood can pay big dividends for persons and families struggling with mental illness. If you find yourself within a Christian culture in which pastoral leadership is more open to psychiatry, consider offering to provide educational talks on mental health/illness to leadership and/or the congregation at large. Consider reaching out to your local seminary to see if there is a way you can plug in to help educate the students about mental illness. If you are blessed with connections and networks that might lend you access, reach out to national leaders within the church. Ask how you can assist them or the agencies they serve with regard to matters concerning mental health. Educating non-psychiatric physicians who share Christian beliefs can also be a fruitful endeavor. Non-psychiatric MDs are often highly respected church members and consequently carry influence within their own congregations. Our physician colleagues opinions and voices can go a long way in maturing Christian perspectives on mental illness. Consider getting involved in your local CMDA chapter as a council member or simply an active participant in CMDA activities in such a way that will offer the opportunity to dialog with your non-psychiatric colleagues about mental health issues. Consider giving a lecture or participating in a panel discussion to practicing Christian physicians or Christian medical students in your local CMDA chapter. If you are an especially gifted and experienced speaker, consider reaching out to CMDA s national office ( and offer to give a talk to non-psychiatric physicians at the CMDA National Convention. Page 3 of 12 As physicians, we have a duty to protect the mentally ill. And, I would argue, we have a duty as Christians to ensure our Christian culture understands and cares appropriately for those who are afflicted. Regardless of what avenue you choose to educate the church about mental illness, the work you do is worth the effort. New Members / Residents We are extremely excited to welcome two new members and residents to our Section. A very brief synopsis of their training and current activities is provided below. Please welcome these doctors and encourage them in their practice and participation with us in the CMDA Psychiatry Section. Dr. Frauke Schaefer. Trained in family medicine in Germany until 1989; Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (Liverpool, UK); medical director of Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal from ; then two years in psychotherapy training at Klinik Hohe Mark (Christian, Germany) to better support Christian cross-cultural workers in their mental health needs; married Charlie Schaefer (Psychologist) in 2000 and moved to North Carolina; residency in psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina ; research about trauma and resilience among cross-cultural missionaries, and about spiritual factors and the consequences of trauma; co-editor and co-author of Trauma & Resilience Handbook. Since 2006, working in private practice with increasing numbers of global workers and their adolescent children; providing clinical care, missionary candidacy and crisis assessments, as well as consultations; providing telemedicine services in North Carolina and Michigan, and international consultations as appropriate; traveling frequently for teaching and consulting. Additionally, joined Barnabas International in 2014, which is a mission organization focused on providing counseling and pastoral care to missionaries. Coinitiated a communication network for medical providers involved in providing mental healthcare of global workers Dr. Jarry Richardson. Jarrett Wood Richardson, III, MD. I was born on April 5, 1947 at Baptist Hospital in Ogbomosho, Nigeria. My mother, Margaret Sampson Richardson, was the first woman physician appointed and sent to Africa by the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board in the 1940s. My father, Rev. JW Richardson, Jr., and my mother served in Nigeria from 1945 to I spent the first 16 years of life mostly in Nigeria, but came to the U.S. to finish the last two years of high school. Upon graduation, I attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama where I met my wife of 43 years, Linda Williamson (then a student at Baylor University). After Samford, I attended The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, graduating in I completed an Osler Medical Internship and Assistant Resident training before transferring to the Mayo Clinic in 1974 where I became board certified in internal medicine and psychiatry. My wife, two children and I traveled to Ogbomosho, Nigeria where I spent six months working as the teaching internist alongside my mother, a pediatrician, and Dr. Gilliland, the obstetrician who had delivered me many years before. I joined the staff of Mayo Clinic in January 1979 where I still serve as a consultant in psychiatry, sleep disorders, psychosomatics, geriatric psychiatry and hospice and palliative medicine. Prior to Page 4 of 12 my current position, I served on the Institutional Ethics Committee, vice-chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology (during Jeff Rome s tenure as chair), Chair of the Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine Program and most recently Program Director for the Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry. Because opportunities for service do not end, I was called up for one more stint in division leadership of the Outpatient Consultation Division while we develop new leaders. Currently I am privileged to spend eight hours a week in one-on-one supervision of residents doing psychotherapy. I round out my week by spending a couple of more hours each week with a growth group seminar for first year psychiatry residents. As the oldest member of the adult psychiatry group, I mostly get to do what I want to do. My richest experience outside of Mayo Clinic was to serve as immediate past chair of the Commission for Continuing Medical and Dental Education for CMDA, helping organize continuing medical and dental education for healthcare missionaries in Kenya and Thailand on alternating years. Now I am Teaching Director for a Community Bible Study evening class in Rochester, Minnesota with about 150 people from more than 30 churches studying together. My wife has been a mother and homemaker who homeschooled all three children, and she is now heavily involved in serving the marginalized people in Rochester. Bryan Cairns, M.D. F.A.P.A. New member last newsletter. Undergrad and med school Ohio State University (OSU), dual-residency in Psychiatry & Family Medicine at University of Cincinnati, double boarded ABPN & ABFM. Multiple short-term mission trips to South America and Africa. Practicing at OSU in Columbus OH and planning to move to Mbingo Hospital in Cameroon 2016 with his physician wife. Currently pursuing an online Masters of Divinity degree. Interests include teaching and medical missions. Mary Cairns, M.D. F.A.P.A. New member last newsletter. Undergrad University of Oregon, med school Medical College of Wisconsin, dual-residency in Psychiatry & Family Medicine at University of Cincinnati, double boarded ABPN & ABFM. Multiple short-term mission trips to South America and Africa (Cameroon, Rwanda). Practicing at OSU in Columbus OH and planning to move to Mbingo Hospital in Cameroon 2016 with her physician husband. Newly introduced and learning the art of member care. Interests include teaching, particularly enhancing mental health care education among primary care providers and residencies. Avid C.S.Lewis fan. Dr Irving Wiesner Publication: Tools from psychiatry for the Journey of Faith TOOLS FROM PSYCHIATRY FOR THE JOURNEY OF FAITH, by IRVING S. WIESNER, M.D. is now in print. To obtain a copy, contact Dr. Wiesner directly at CMDA Life & Executive Coaching, Center for Burnout Care CMDA s Life & Executive Coaching ministry is a personalized fee-for-service resource for Christian healthcare professionals. CMDA coaches are trained to help others achieve their personal and professional goals, and to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. One of the common challenges facing CMDA coaching clients is the prevalence of physician burnout. Page 5 of 12 Dr. Steve Sartori and the coaching staff of CMDA s coaching ministry have been discussing how they might help address physician burnout more effectively. Coaches are not trained to serve those suffering from the most severe stages of burnout, whereas psychiatrists or other mental health professionals are. Therefore a coordinated continuum of care utilizing both CMDA mental health professionals and CMDA coaches might better serve some CMDA clients. They have issued a call and challenge to the Psychiatrists within our section to collaborate with the Coaching ministry in creating a more comprehensive approach to this growing epidemic among physicians an idea conceptualized as The CMDA Center for Burnout Care. If you are interested in partnering with Dr. Sartori and the CMDA Life and Executive Coaching ministry in the development of this idea, please let Marshall know at or contact Dr. Steve Sartori directly at Member Networking Opportunities This is a section in the newsletter for members to share networking opportunities and information which may be of interest the rest of the section. Neither the board nor CMDA endorses any of the information here. Members wishing to post information and to receive further details on an item in this section should contact us at We will contact you regarding your request. The Mount Sinai Hospital of Chicago is seeking a Chairman of Psychiatry. The position is effective around July, Contact Marshall at for more information. The University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Rockford Campus is seeking a permanent Chair of the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Robert Slack retired from the position and is actively involved in the search effort. As an aside, the new Chair of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Bardella, is also a CMDA member. Please call Dr. Slack at for further discussion if you are interested. Global Worker Networking Network of Medical Providers in Mental Health Care of Global Workers There are a number of Christian psychiatrists and colleagues of other specialties with interest in mental healthcare support of Global Workers, often known as Member Care. If you have interest and/or experience in this or in global health psychiatry in this context, please visit our website and consider joining our network. Our group's goal is to facilitate networking among psychiatrists for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to the following: clinical and research-based resources information about availability of suitable providers in various locations for potential referrals availability of specific medications in certain countries forum for discussion of specific issues in a confidential manner coordination of consultation and support for medical providers and psychiatrists in member care Page 6 of 12 information and recruitment of interested colleagues including those in their early career into the fascinating work of mental healthcare of global workers facilitation of conversations through a variety of means, be it blog, forum, , webinar, conference call, etc. Please visit our website or contact Mary Cairns or Frauke Schaefer for more information. Psychiatry Section Website CMDA Psychiatry Section Web-Site The Psychiatry Section Website ( is LIVE and ready for you to visit and use. We have populated it with information on our section, our APA activities, articles and books which we recommend and many other items which we hope you will find helpful in your practice. Doctors desiring a mentor and doctors desiring to be a mentor can sign up on the web-site. We also have a blog where we hope to generate discussion on topics of interest to the broad community. The article on resilience which was featured in the last newsletter was the subject of our first blog. Dr. Briscoe s entry on Educating the Conservative Evangelical Church about Mental Illness is our second blog. We welcome and desire your comments and thoughts. Each of you have tremendous depths of knowledge and insights and we would like to tap into the thoughts and experiences each of you have. Please visit the blog and contribute. Let us know what you think and ways we can make it better. Check our website often for updated Information. Annual Meetings at APA 2016 APA Annual Conference Information: Georgia World Congress Center and Atlanta Marriot Hotel, Atlanta, GA CMDA Psychiatry Meetings / Activities: CMDA Meetings and Location: Holiday Inn Downtown, Centennial Park, 101 Andrew J. Young / International Blvd May 14, Saturday, 1:00PM 5:00 PM: Educational / Discussion Forum, Mental Health and the Church May 15, Sunday, 5:00 7:00 PM: Evening Social & Dinner, Venue TBD Page 7 of 12 May 16, Monday, 7:00 8:30 AM: Dr. Frauke Schaefer, Breakfast Seminar, Supporting Global Christian Workers - The Needs, Challenges, and Ways to Get Involved May 17, Tuesday, 7:00 8:30 AM: Dr. Barney Davis, Breakfast Seminar, Confessions of an Itinerant Member Care Psychiatrist May 17, Tuesday, 6:00 9:00 PM: Dinner Banquet, Dr. Eric Johnson, Psychology and Christianity: Five Views. Summary: We will explore the five major approaches that Christians currently take towards the fields of psychology and counseling, and then we ll discuss together how they might relate to field of psychiatry. May 18, Wednesday, 7:00 10:30 AM: Dr. Brian Briscoe, Breakfast and Integration Seminar, Clinical Case Study Presentations and Discussion (This will be an interactive discussion amongst all who attend regarding cases that have involved collaborating with the church or church leaders - and all the challenges and opportunities that such
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