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PR E - S UR G E R Y I N STR UC TI O NS : B R E A ST R E D UC TI ON Patient Name Surgical Facility Date Surgery Date Arrival Time Congratulations, your surgery day is approaching! A great surgical experience
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PR E - S UR G E R Y I N STR UC TI O NS : B R E A ST R E D UC TI ON Patient Name Surgical Facility Date Surgery Date Arrival Time Congratulations, your surgery day is approaching! A great surgical experience requires a close collaboration between you and Dr. Connall and his team. Education, preparation, and planning are essential elements in this partnership and are critical to achieving nice results and a safe, pleasant post-operative experience. To help you prepare for surgery please follow this checklist. If you have any questions about this checklist or are unable to comply with any of these instructions, please or call our office as soon as possible. We have tried to be comprehensive with this checklist, but if other issues arise, please let us know. T H R E E W E E K S O R M O R E B E F O R E S U R G E R Y There may be several weeks between your decision to have surgery and your actual surgical date. During this time there are several important considerations: Practice proper fitness. You do not need to engage in an aggressive or new fitness routine; however practicing good fitness habits is an important factor in your overall health and wellbeing. Upper body stretches and low-weight strength training now, can help to enhance your posture and your strength in the weeks following surgery. Good nutrition. Eat well during the weeks prior to surgery. Crash dieting, over-eating or high alcohol intake can greatly affect your overall health and well-being. A healthy, balanced diet is essential. Stop smoking. Smoking can greatly impair your ability to heal. Your must be non-smoking at least 8 weeks prior to surgery. Nicotine patches or nicotine based products are permitted up to 3 days before surgery. Lead a healthy lifestyle. In the weeks prior to surgery, maintain the best of health and hygiene. A lingering cold, virus, or other illness can result in your surgery being rescheduled. Make certain to address any illness immediately, and advise our office of any serious illness or change in your health. Time off and restrictions. You will need about 5-7 days after surgery to care for yourself and to recover from surgery. Therefore, schedule at least 5-7 days off from work and/or make arrangements to have assistance with any children and essential household tasks you have. You will be taking narcotics and muscle relaxants at least 3-5 days after surgery, so you will need to pamper yourself during this time. Remember, you can t drive or be responsible for others while you are taking these medications. After 5-7 days you will feel pretty well, and may be able to return to work and home activities. However, you must avoid activities that increase your blood pressure and/or heart rate for at least 3 weeks after surgery. And, you should not lift things greater than 25 pounds for the first 6 weeks after surgery. Prepare and plan. Schedule any time off of work, and any support you will need at home in the days following surgery, including housework, childcare, shopping, and driving. Make certain a responsible adult is confirmed to drive you to and from surgery, and that an adult is confirmed to stay with you around the clock for 24 hours (at least) following surgery. Support person. Your support person must be a responsible adult. This is important for your health and safety after surgery. Teenagers (under 18 years of age) such as children, relatives, or friends are not acceptable support persons. A close support person is encouraged. Such a person can be very helpful during your pre and post-operative visits and on the day of surgery at the surgery center. A husband, boyfriend, or other close friend can provide nice companionship and emotional support during this exciting time. (Their presence for pre and post-op office visits, however, is not a requirement). Pre-operative testing. Mammograms are required for women 30 years of age and older. Please be sure to schedule all of the pre-operative tests and other appointments you have been given, at least several days before your pre-operative visit. Refer to the Pre-surgical lab and testing orders form for guidance. Make certain our office receives all test results at least three days before your pre-operative visit. Please have all test results faxed to us at Most women that have no significant medical problems or medications do not need blood work or other tests before breast surgery. Relax and enjoy life. Stress and anxiety over life s daily events, and even your planned surgery can affect you. While some anxiety is common, any serious stress, or distress over the thought of surgery is something you must discuss with our office. We are here to support you and answer all of your questions. We want your decision to be one of confidence. T W O T O T H R E E W E E K S B E F O R E S U R G E R Y This is an important planning and preparation time. Follow all of the good health habits you have begun in addition to the following: Prepare and plan. Put your schedule together for the day before, day of and first few days following surgery. Share this with all of your key support people. Please make arrangements prior to surgery to accommodate your scheduled post-op visits. Your first post-operative visit with us will be in our office about 4-7 days after your surgery. You will not be able to drive while taking narcotics and muscle relaxants Shop for your post surgery bra: We will provide you with your first post-operative bra, which you will be wearing immediately after surgery. So, please do not bring a special bra with you the day of surgery. However, most women prefer to select their own style and fit of bra once home, so expect to purchase something. Camisoles and tank tops with built in bras work well, because they do not have under wires. You may wish to purchase more than one bra, for laundering. Don t make this an expensive item, since you will likely only be wearing this bra for 4-6 weeks. STOP taking the following medications/supplements two weeks before and after your surgery. Taking any of the following can increase your risk of bleeding and other complications: Aspirin and medications containing aspirin Garlic Supplements Ibuprofen and Naproxen sodium anti-inflammatory agents Vitamin E St. John s Wort Estrogen supplements, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy Alternative Contraception. The cessation of birth control pills prior to surgery leaves you at risk for pregnancy. Please use alternative forms of contraception during this time to prevent pregnancy. Pre-operative telephone conference. Our staff will call you before your pre-operative visit to review your medical history, current health status, your goals, and any other vital information (such as your allergies and medications) that pertains to your surgery. Please have plenty of time for this very important phone call and prepare any questions that you may have for us, as well. Fitness. Don t over-do it. Avoid exercises that could cause injury to your shoulders, back, pectoral muscles, arms, or upper body. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Practice good hand-washing and avoid large crowds, or individuals who are ill. Do not risk catching a virus or cold: no kissing on the mouth, sharing beverages, or other high-risk opportunities for contacting viral or other illnesses. No Smoking. Also, stay away from second hand smoke. Your healing and health depend heavily on this. Your pre-operative visit is scheduled for: O N E W E E K B E F O R E S U R G E R Y Confirm your day of surgery plans. This includes your transportation and after-care. A responsible adult must be with you for at least the first 24 hours after surgery. Fill your prescriptions and review the instructions. Before surgery, fill all of the medications that have been prescribed at the pharmacy of your choice. Do not wait until after surgery to fill these medications. You will need some of them (especially the antibiotic) the night before and the day of surgery. Continue to practice healthy habits, nutrition and fitness. Due to the chance of unusual bacteria colonizing your skin, saunas, hot tubs, steam baths, and mud wraps must be avoided. Pregnancy testing. Women of childbearing age, that have not had a successful bilateral tubal ligation or hysterectomy, must have a current negative pregnancy test before surgery. If a woman is certain she is not pregnant, she can sign a pregnancy test waiver form and a pregnancy test will not be required. Relax. Call our office if you have any unusual anxiety or concerns. Get plenty of rest. If you have trouble sleeping you may call our office to discuss if a prescription sleep aid would be appropriate. Wash with Surgical Soap. We will provide you with surgical soap to cleanse with the night before, and the morning of, surgery. O N E D A Y B E F O R E S U R G E RY Pack your bag for the day of surgery. This should include: All paperwork Warm, clean cotton socks Your identification Saltines or other crackers in case of nausea during your ride home Prescription medications Glasses and case (no contact lenses) Temporary Living Center. If you are staying at the TLC at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital, be sure to bring toiletries and personal comfort items with you, just as you would to a hotel. You will need all of your medications also. Expect a pre-anesthesia call from the surgery center to review your medical history and the anesthesia plan. Confirm your route to and from surgery, with the responsible adult who will drive you. Also confirm plans with your support person and make certain he or she has and understands all of your post-operative instructions. Shower as directed. Use the surgical to wash the surgical area. Shampoo your hair. Do not eat or drink anything after Midnight. Anything more than a small amount of water as needed for brushing teeth or swallowing medication may result in the need to cancel surgery. This includes candy, gum, and mints. Relax. Get plenty of rest and avoid unnecessary stress. Sleep. Restlessness the night before surgery is expected. If Dr. Connall prescribed a sleeping medication, take it as needed. We want you to be rested and ready to go for surgery. T H E D A Y O F S U R G E R Y Shower as directed. Use the surgical soap to wash the surgical area. Shampoo your hair. Do not use any scented skin creams or moisturizers. Do not use any deodorant, hair spray, perfume, or cosmetics. NOTHING by mouth. Anything more than a small amount of water as needed for brushing teeth or swallowing medication may result in the need to cancel surgery. This includes candy, gum, and mints. Dress appropriately. Do not wear cosmetics, jewelry of any kind, contact lenses, hair clips, body piercing: (If there is something you cannot remove, let the admitting nurse know right away.) Wear comfortable, clean, loose-fitting clothing. Wear only a top that zips or buttons up the front. Do not wear pullovers, turtlenecks, or any tight-fitting top or bottom. You may bring a robe. Wear slip on shoes. Wear clean cotton socks, as the operating room can feel cool. About surgery waiting time: Please tell your loved ones that Dr. Connall will visit them in the surgical waiting area or call them by phone after your surgery is complete. Be sure to tell your nurse the name and phone number of whom you would like called, if they are not waiting at the surgery center. Please tell your family and friends that surgery will likely finish later than they may expect, because of the pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery period. In addition, sometimes Dr. Connall will take longer to complete your surgery than estimated. Times vary because every patient s surgical needs are unique and Dr. Connall is very particular about your surgical results. When family and/or friends understand this, they worry less while they are waiting to be notified after completion of surgery. It s good to be excited and also a bit nervous. This is your big day! Now that you are ready, the most important things you can bring to the surgery center are enthusiasm and a strong positive mental attitude. We have a great team ready to take care of you! I have read all 5 pages of the document Pre-Surgery Instructions: Breast Reduction and understand all of the instructions. I understand that following these instructions is solely my responsibility. I understand that it is also my responsibility to ask Dr. Connall and his staff any questions I have related to these instructions, and about my procedure, health and healing. Patient Signature Date Patient Printed Name Witness and Date
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