P cycle with SFI(1)

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  1 | Page  2.   p- C  YCLE   AND   FAULTS   2.1. p-Cycles an Overview Survivability   is    becoming   an   increasingly   important   goal   in   network    design.   An   important   aspect   of    network    design   today   is   designing   networks   with   lowest   cost   which    provide   highest   capacity   efficiency   and   lowest   downtime.   Traditionally   there   are   two    basic   architectures   for    designing   networks.   One   is   the   mesh   topology   and   other     being   the   ring   topology.   Each   of    them   has   its   own   advantages   and   disadvantages.   However    recently   a   Hybrid   of     both   these   topologies   having   advantages   of     both   ring   and   mesh   topology   called    p -   Cycles   has   gained   ground.   Survivability   is   a   very   important   design   goal   in   the   design   of    networks   today.   With   advances   in   optical   network    design   it   is   now    possible   to    pack    more   and   more    bandwidth   of    the   order    of    terabits/s   in   optical   networks.   Amount   of    traffic   carried    by   a   single   fiber    at   any   instant   is   very   high   and   this   traffic   is   expected   to   grow   in   the   near    future.   A   disconnection   of    only   few   milliseconds   can   cause   a   severe   loss   of    data   of    the   order    of    Gigabytes.   Thus   it    becomes   very   important   to    protect   these   networks   against   failures.    Network    Failures   arise   from    basically   two   conditions,   node   failures   and   link    failures.    Node   failures   are   easily    protected   against    by   using   node   redundancy,   however    fibers   are   an   expensive   investment   and   it   is   desirable   to   minimize   the   total   cost   of    design.   Thus   minimizing   the   spare   is   another    important   design   goal   taken   into   consideration   when   designing   survivable   optical   networks.   However    often   minimizing   spare   capacity   leads   to,   an   increase   in   the   restoration   time   of    the   networks.   The    p-Cycle    protection   scheme   is   a   technique   to    protect   a   mesh   network    from   a   failure   of    a   link,   with   the    benefits   of    ring   like   recovery   speed   and   mesh-like   capacity   efficiency,   similar    to   that   of    a   shared    backup    path    protection   (SBPP).    p -Cycle    protection   was   discovered   in   late   1990s,   with   research   and   development   done   mostly    by   Wayne   D.   Grover,   and   D.   Stamatelakis   [8].   In   Transport   communication   networks   two   methods   were   developed   and   introduced   for    restoration   and   recovery,   one   was   a   ring-based    protection   and   the   other    was   mesh   restoration   [2].   The   ring    based    protection   offered   a   quick    recovery   time   at   the   expense   of    higher    capacity   redundancy,   while   the   mesh   restoration   offered    better    capacity-efficiency   at   the   expense   of    slower    recovery   times.   In   1998   the    p-Cycle    became   a    promising   technique   for    recovery   in   mesh   networks    because   of    the   combined    benefits   of    ring   network    recovery   speed   and   mesh   like   capacity   efficiency   [2].  2 | Page  Due   to   the   nature   of    the   rings   assuming    bi-directional   line   switched   ring   (BLSR),   only   2   end   nodes   are   involved   in   a   case   of    a   link    failure   to   switch   traffic   to   a    pre-planned   cycle   (path)   and   recover,   as   it   is   demonstrated   in   Figure   2.   Fig   1:    p-Cycle   in   a   mesh   network    creating   ring   like   structure   [8]   Fig:   2   Failure   on   a    p-cycle   showing   the   2   nodes   involved   in   recovery   [8]  


Jul 25, 2017


Jul 25, 2017
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