April Vancouver Convention Centre OPERATING GUIDELINES FOR Fan Expo Vancouver Alcorn Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, ON M4V3A9 tel TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION
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April Vancouver Convention Centre OPERATING GUIDELINES FOR Fan Expo Vancouver Alcorn Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, ON M4V3A9 tel TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 - IMPORTANT CONTACT INFO 3 SECTION 2 - IMPORTANT DEADLINES 4 SECTION 3 - EXHIBIT HALL HOURS (including Move-in/out, Set Up, Registration, Restock) 5 SECTION 4 - EXHIBITOR BADGES & ACCESS Exhibitor Badges Exhibitor Badge Pick-up Exhibitor Access 6 SECTION 5 - PAYMENT FOR SPACE General Advance Payment: 7 SECTION 6 - SHIPPING & DELIVERIES 7 SECTION 7 - EXHIBITOR ELIGABILITY & RESPONSIBILITIES Staff Hours: Breakdown: Character of exhibits: Verbal Agreements: Space/Placement Guarantee: 7 SECTION 8 - DISPLAY REGULATIONS Neighboring Exhibits Booth terminology and configurations Cleaning of Exhibit Hall: Booth Floor Plan: Flooring: Maintenance: Lights: Draping: Display safety: Covered booths: Motorized Display Vehicles: 11 SECTION 9 - BANNERS & BOOTH SIGNAGE 12 SECTION 10 - HEIGHT & LINE OF SIGHT VARIANCE 12 SECTION 11 - ELECTRICAL COMPLIANCE Code: Noise: 12 SECTION 12 - LIABILITY 12 SECTION 13 - SOUND Interference: Devices: 13 SECTION 14 - EXHIBITOR OFFSITE EVENTS 13 SECTION 15 - IN-BOOTH EVENTS Aisle Interference: Prizes: Signing Events: Giveaways and Flyer Distribution: Stickers: Security: 13 SECTION 16 - VANCOUVER HOUSE RULES 14 SECTION 17 - CARDBOARD BOXES & EXCESS TRASH 15 SECTION 18 - LICENSING/ANTI-BOOTLEG 15 SECTION 19 - FORCE MAJEURE 15 SECTION 20 MOVE IN/MOVE OUT GUIDELINES 16-18 SECTION 1 - IMPORTANT CONTACT INFO SHOW WEBSITE SHOW LOCATION Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, Hall C 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC, V6C OC SHOW MANAGEMENT Show Director - Event Coordinator - Head of Operations VP of Sponsorship Exhibitor Coordinator Andrew Moyes James Armstrong Khatu Le Steve Menzie Gurmeet Sethi FAN EXPO HQ 10 Alcorn Ave., Suite 100 Toronto, ON, Canada, M4V 3A9 Tel: Fax: PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA SERVICES Shelley Mantei Fan Expo HQ Director of Communications Tel: MARKETING & SPONSORSHIP Steve Menzie Fan Expo HQ Vice President of Sales & Sponsorship Tel: AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES Freeman Audio Visual Canada 395 West 8 th Ave Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Y 1N7 Contact: John Harder Tel: FREIGHT Comicage Entertainment 9675 Papineau Ave., Suite 25 Montreal, Quebec H2B 3C8 Contact: Georges Hallak Tel: (514) CUSTOMS BROKERAGE SERVICES Mendelssohn Commerce 3405 American Drive, Unit 7 Mississauga, ON L4V 1T6 Contact: Rob Parr, Manager of Events Tel: OFFICIAL SHOW DECORATOR Levy Show Service Inc Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC V7A 4Z1 Contact: Daisy Aldaba Tel: ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING Vancouver Convention Centre 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3 Contact: Sabine Granoux Tel: LOAD IN / MOVE OUT Khatu Le Fan Expo HQ Head of Operations Tel: FIRST AID West Building Level 1, near Ballroom A entrance Emergency Tel: Ext from a facility phone SECTION 2 - IMPORTANT DEADLINES January 26, 2015: February 27, 2015: March 2, 2015: March 2, 2015: LEVY Exhibitor service kits online In-booth signing schedule deadline Final Booth Dimensions Deadline Booths 20 x20 or greater, floor plans, line of sight variances & towers submitted Full payment and contract due LEVY Warehouse opens to accept freight Banner Hanging Order Form Deadline Move in schedule ed out LEVY Advance Price Deadline Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form due Vancouver Convention Centre Exhibitor Discount Rate Deadline Health & Safety form due Extra passes order form deadline LEVY warehouse closes to freight Early exhibit installation begins (by appointment) Exhibit installation begins March 2, 2015: March 3, 2015: March 9, 2015: March 13, 2015: March 20, 2015: March 20,2015: March 25, 2015: March 27, 2015: March 27, 2015: March 31, 2015: April 2, 2015: April 2, 2015: April 3, 2015: Exhibit installation complete by 12:00 April 3, 2015: Preview begins 12:00, doors open to the public 14:00 April 3, 2015: Onsite price break for exhibitor applications for 2016 April 5, 2015: Show closes April 5, 2015: Exhibits and all material removed by 23:59 April 5, 2015: 2016 application and payment due for discounted rate SECTION 3 - EXHIBIT HALL HOURS (including Move-in/out, Set Up, Registration, Restock) IMPORTANT: We have once again assigned everyone a scheduled move-in time, which must be adhered to. All exhibitors will receive their schedule by March 13, EXHIBIT HALL/SHOW HOURS Friday April 3 12:00 14:00 PREVIEW (for Advance Deluxe pass holders only) 14:00 20:00 Show Hours Saturday April 4 10:00 19:00 Show Hours Sunday April 5 10:00 17:00 Show Hours MOVE-IN / REGISTRATION / RESTOCK Thursday April 2 12:00 16:00 By Appointment Only 16:00 22:00 Retailer Exhibitor Registration and Set-up Friday April 3 07:00 11:00 Artist Alley / Small Press and Retailer Exhibitor Registration and Set-up Saturday April 4 08:30 09:30 Exhibitor Re-stock Sunday April 5 08:30 09:30 Exhibitor Re-stock PLEASE NOTE: Exhibit space must be paid in full before exhibitors will be allowed to move-in. If you have any questions regarding your account balance, please contact Gurmeet Sethi, MOVE-OUT Sunday April 5 17:01 23:59 Breakdown and Move-out Please note that extra charges apply for any move-out after midnight. PLEASE NOTE: Upon removal of each booth, Facility Management and Show Management will inspect each space for any damages incurred by the exhibitor and to check that all materials including tape residue left on the floor, are properly removed. Any charges to make good the exhibit space will be passed on to the exhibitor. *Schedules subject to change ADDITIONAL MOVE-IN INFORMATION Exhibitors, Retailers and Artist Alley vendors are required to move in on Thursday, April 2, Move-in time begins at 12 pm (12:00) for special appointments and 4 pm (16:00) for exhibitors. All exhibitors will be ed their schedule move-in time on March 13, Please be sure to allot enough time for your set up. Please us the loading dock maps and directions in this kit to find your best route. Once you reach the loading docks, you will receive an info sheet from the dock staff who will then assign your spot/dock number. Please proceed to the Exhibitor Registration desk (located just inside of the loading dock/show floor entrance) to pick up all badges for your booth. Dollies will be available to rent through our Official Show Decorator, LEVY, at their set up near the Exhibitor Registration desk. Please note that between the hours of 07:00 and 11:00 on Friday, April 3, 2015, you will be allowed access to the show floor for Final St Up. You will not have dock access between 11:00 and 12:00, and will only be allowed in by foot. Children: All exhibitor staff must be age 16 or older. Children will NOT be allowed on the exhibit floor during move-in and move out hours. SECTION 4 - EXHIBITOR BADGES & ACCESS 4.1 Exhibitor Badges (Allotment, Additional Badges, Where to Get Them) All exhibitors and their booth personnel must wear their badges during set-up and teardown. Exhibitor badges will be available at Exhibitor Registration at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Hall C loading docks during move-in. Vancouver Convention Centre and Fan Expo Vancouver Security will NOT allow anyone on the show floor who does not have an exhibitor badge or official set-up credentials. Exhibitor badges are for the use of booth personnel who will be staffing your booth during the convention. Two (2) Exhibitor badges come with each 10 ft. x 10 ft. booth Two (2) Exhibitor badges come with each Artist Alley table Four (4) Exhibitor badges come with each Premium Artist Alley Endcap Note: Exhibitors are responsible for their booth staff. Exhibitor badges are nontransferable. The exhibitor is responsible for all actions of his or her booth staff or anyone wearing their company exhibitor badge. Exhibitor booth personnel found in violation of policies will be removed, having their badge confiscated. Exhibitor staff misconduct can lead to the removal of the exhibitor from the exhibit floor without refund. Exhibitors removed in this way will NOT be allowed to return to future shows with Fan Expo HQ. 4.2 Exhibitor Badge Pick-up Retail exhibitors who have paid in full for their space can pick up their badges starting Thursday, April 2, 2015 in Hall C beside the loading dock doors. Artist Alley exhibitors can pick up their badges starting Friday, April 3 at 07:00 in front of Hall C doors. Exhibitor registration will be opened until Friday at 11: Exhibitor Access Entering the Hall (Daily) Fan Expo Vancouver exhibitors may enter the hall through the front doors of the Vancouver Convention Centre West Building or via the West Truck Route off of Waterfront Road during scheduled move-in times or restocking times. The Exhibit Hall entrance will be staffed by security guards, so please be prepared to show your exhibitor badge. Exiting the Hall (Daily) The hall closes at 20:00 Friday, 19:00 Saturday and 17:00 on Sunday. Please make your final transactions before that time. We will begin clearing attendees from the Exhibit Hall via a security sweep at the advertised closing time for that night. Note: No exhibitor will be allowed to remain in the hall after hours. SECTION 5 - PAYMENT FOR SPACE 5. 1 General: All monies paid shall be retained by Informa Canada Inc. and are nonrefundable and nontransferable in the event that The exhibitor fails to fulfill or violates their contract. If the exhibitor fails to submit booth payments by the specified times Informa Canada Inc. is handed the right to take possession of said space and sell it to another party. There will be no refunds for cancellations. 5.2 Advance Payment: Exhibitors are required to pay in advance for all space requested. Acceptance of payment with the exhibitor application should not be construed to mean payment has been made in full, any discrepancies in balance will be billed. SECTION 6 - SHIPPING & DELIVERIES Direct shipments must be made during the exhibitor s designated move-in day and time. Every Crate or carton must be marked with appropriate shipping labels. Please ensure that a representative from your company is present when your shipment arrives. Also ensure that personnel working on your booth have your company name and booth number. This will ensure that the material handling on move-in days runs smoothly and efficiently and minimizes security hold ups. If an exhibitor s representative is not present, Fan Expo Vancouver reserves the right to order equipment and/or materials moved from the receiving dock to the exhibitor s booth area, or to order the removal of the truck from the receiving dock area. Charges for this service will be invoiced to the exhibitor. SECTION 7 - EXHIBITOR ELIGABILITY & RESPONSIBILITIES Direct Shipping Exhibit site address: Vancouver Convention Centre Fan Expo Vancouver Exhibiting Company Name, Booth Number Attn: Dock Office 1055 Canada Place West Building, Hall C Vancouver, BC V6C0C3 Canada Piece of Only companies with products and/or services relating to comic, sci-fi, horror, anime, or gaming culture are eligible to exhibit. No adult materials or illegal weaponry may be displayed or sold without prior written permission through Show Management. *Subletting: The subletting of exhibit space without the prior written permission of Show Management is prohibited. 7.1 Staff Hours: An authorized representative or dealer of the exhibitor must staff each exhibit during all open, public convention hours. This includes all set-up and teardown hours in which the exhibitor has a display in place. Exhibitors are asked to make sure the booth is staffed during these times, as this is when booth theft tends to occur. 7.2 Breakdown: Exhibitors may not break down their display before the Expo closes on the last day of the show without permission from Show Management. If there is an emergency and you need an early breakdown, please contact LEVY Show Services Contact: Daisy Aldaba Tel: Character of exhibits: Character of exhibits is subject to approval from Fan Expo Vancouver, and all decisions regarding the display of materials shall rest solely with Show Management. 7.4 Verbal Agreements: All agreements concerning exhibit space must be in writing. No verbal agreements including those involving space confirmation, placement, and payment will be honored. 7.5 Space/Placement Guarantee: Filling out an application for exhibit space does not guarantee requested or specific space or placement. Placement of your booth and/or table is at Show Management s sole and absolute discretion although we will do our best to accommodate SECTION 8 - DISPLAY REGULATIONS requests 8.1 Neighboring Exhibits: No exhibit may block or interfere with a neighboring exhibit. All Corporate Booths 20 ft. x 20 ft. or larger must submit a brief floor plan no later than March 2, Booth terminology and configurations are based on a 10 ft. x 10 ft. exhibitor space. Please note that all retail spaces are based on an 8 ft. x 8 ft. space and minor adjustments are to be considered. If you need help with adjusting the details, please feel free to contact Khatu Le at LINEAR BOOTH Linear Booths, also called in-line booths, are generally arranged in a straight line and have neighboring exhibitors on their immediate right and left, leaving only one side exposed to the aisle. Regardless of the number of Linear Booths utilized, display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors. The maximum height of 8 ft. is allowed only in the back half of the booth space, with a 4 ft. height restriction on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle. NOTE: When three or more Linear Booths are used in combination as a single exhibit space, the 4 ft. height limitation is applied only to that portion of exhibit space which is within 10 ft. of an adjoining booth. PERIMETER BOOTH A Perimeter Booth is a Linear Booth that backs to an outside wall of the exhibit facility rather than to another exhibit. All guidelines for Linear Booths apply to Perimeter Booths except that the typical maximum back wall height is 12 ft. END CAP BOOTH An End-cap Booth is exposed to aisles on three sides and comprised of two booths. The maximum back wall height of 8 ft. is allowed only in the rear half of the booth space and within 5 ft. of the two side aisles, with a 4 ft. height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle. SECTION 8 - DISPLAY REGULATIONS PENINSULA BOOTH A Peninsula Booth is exposed to aisles on three sides, and comprised of a minimum of four booths. There are two types of Peninsula Booths: (a) one which backs to Linear Booths, and (b) one which backs to another Peninsula Booth and is referred to as a Split Island Booth. When a Peninsula Booth backs up to two Linear Booths, the back wall is restricted to 4ft high within 5ft of each aisle, permitting adequate line of sight for the adjoining Linear Booths. Double-sided signs, logos and graphics shall be set back 10ft from adjacent booths. SPLIT ISLAND BOOTH A Split Island Booth is a Peninsula Booth, which shares a common back wall with another Peninsula Booth. The entire cubic content of this booth may be used, up to the maximum allowable height, without any back wall Line-of-Sight restrictions. The entire cubic content of the space may be used up to the maximum allowable height. Double-sided signs, logos and graphics shall be set back 10ft from adjacent booths. ISLAND BOOTH An Island Booth is any size booth exposed to aisles on all four sides. The entire cubic content of the space may be used up to the maximum allowable height. SECTION 8 - DISPLAY REGULATIONS TOWERS A tower is a free standing exhibit component separate from the main exhibit fixture. The height restriction is the same as that which applies to the appropriate exhibit space configuration being used. Towers in excess of 8 ft. must have drawings available no later than March 2, 2015 (along with floor plan) for approval from Show Management. Fire and safety regulations in many facilities strictly govern the use of towers. A building permit or safety lines may be required. ARTIST ALLEY Artist Alley spaces include a 6 ft. by 30 inch skirted table. The entire Artist Alley space provided is 5.5 ft. x 6 ft. including the table. Artist Alley exhibit spaces must be set up so that the long edge of the skirted table remains parallel to the aisles and 4 feet from the front of the table to the back of the space. Exhibit fixtures, components, and identification signs will be permitted to a maximum height of 8ft. Artist Alley spaces may not be set up like booth space. No sidewalls are allowed. No overhead arches or display space for merchandise will be permitted. No portion of the table may protrude into any aisle during show hours. Please Note: Premium Artist Alley spaces are 11 ft. wide x 6 ft. deep, including a skirted table and a 3 ft. pipe and drape across the rear of the space. 8.3 Cleaning of Exhibit Hall: Aisles of the Exhibit Hall will be cleaned each night. The exhibitor is responsible for placing all trash in the appropriate containers. 8.4 Booth Floor Plan: Floor plans for spaces larger than 20 ft. x 20 ft. (400 sq. ft.) must be submitted prior to March 2, Plans received after this deadline may be disallowed by the Fire Marshal with no recourse. Floor Plans must note any vehicles (functioning cars, motorbikes, etc.), lighting structures, canopies or covered portions of the booth. Booths will require Show Management s final approval. Some booth elements and designs may not be approved even though they meet Fire Marshal codes and regulations. 8.5 Flooring: Painting, nailing or drilling of floor is not permitted. If two-sided tape is used, it must be completely removed by the exhibitor during move-out. Exhibitors must not use masking tape, clear packaging tape or duct tape to adhere the covering to the show floor. The recommended tape is Scapa Tape which is a high-adhesion double-sided cloth tape commonly used at trade shows; it leaves almost no residue upon removal. NOTE: Upon removal of each booth, Facility Management and Show Management will inspect each space for any damages incurred by the exhibitor and to check that all materials, including tape residue left on the floor, are properly removed. Any charges to make good the exhibit space will be passed on to the exhibitor. 8.6 Maintenance: The exhibitor shall maintain their display in a clean and orderly manner and shall take such action as may be necessary to prevent injury or damage to any person or exhibits in the Exhibit Hall. The Vancouver Convention Centre is an exclusive provider of all cleaning services. Exhibitors and external companies (including display houses) are prohibited from performing any janitorial services within the building or their booth. Please refer to the VCC exhibitor forms for rates. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE SECTION 8 - DISPLAY REGULATIONS 8.7 Lights: No strobe or flashing lights are permitted as part of any exhibit display. Flash photography is permitted. 8.8 Draping: Drape must hang at proper length and may not be pulled up to sell or display merchandise. No drape on an aisle table may be removed during the show. It is suggested that all aisle tables are draped. 8.9 Display safety: All materials, displays, and products must be safe, stable, and resistant to collapse and fire. Show Management reserves the right and sole discretion to decide whether an exhibitor meets this definition Covered booths: No exhibit space at Fan Expo Vancouver may incorporate a tent, partial or full roof or overhead covering of any kind without prior written approval. Partially covered booths must submit a Height and Line of Sight Variance request, please see Section 10. All partially covered booths are subject to additional rules and regulations Motorized Display Vehicles: All vehicles must abide by the move-in and move-out schedules and procedures established by Show Management. - Any vehicle that drips oil or other staining solutions may no
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