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  Difficult”. The Fact is that every- one can learn to speak in any language, some can do it in a short time while others take more time. The learning time depends on the style of the learner; the overall environment. Most Important, how the student uses the currency of knowledge. The 3rd big Myth is Learning a language become difficult after a certain age some say 40 years. In my view motivation and ability to learn is more important than the age. We have all heard that: “You remain young till the time you have a desire to learn a new thing!”. The Fact also is that you have bigger exposure to vocabu-lary if you have lived all these years. Learn English for Success: Whatever be your background or Age…. Connect the dots!   “SPOKEN English does not require knowledge of English Grammar” is the biggest myth or false claim that I have heard in India  –  during my past many years of training people on ‘How to Speak’. Doing any activity re- quires that you should know the rules! For example when to use which tense etc. The FACT is to learn to speak in English as a second language you must have good knowledge of BASIC Gram-mar i.e. Parts of Speech or differ-ent types of words; how to make a Sentence and some under-standing of the Tenses in English. Those who speak without know-ing grammar just say a few sen-tences that they have crammed and then get ‘blanked - out’. In written English the knowledge of grammar required is much more. How much Grammar you still remember from your school days does not have much effect of the ’time/effort it takes to start speaking. “Learning important elements of English Grammar can be done in 30- 40 days”   Another Myth is “some people can never learn to speak in a foreign language and English is “English is Easy” the reason why it is spoken by a large number of people across the world and every year millions of people learn it. English quickly became the language of international business as it was easy to under-stand. The words of English have find their place in all the major languages. Hindi has a large num-ber of English words and India has the largest population of Speakers of English as a second language. Anyone who lives in India automatically knows a large number of words associated with Railways, Mobile phones, Metro and the city people even if they don’t speak complete sentences in English but still they use thou-sands of English words everyday. English Language has a grammar that is easy to follow. A>B>C of English we follow at Tricks training institute:  A ctive  Vocabu-lary, B asic   Grammar, and C orrect   Pronunciation... Connect the dots! Ignore False Claims; Stay  with the Facts - your REAL Currency of Knowledge! Spoken English: 3 BIG Myths TOP POSTS ON THE BLOG Grammar I know enough grammar,.. Do I need your class to Speak English? Milestone 1: Parts of Speech OR different types of words  Pronunciation Clear Pronunciation Q & A: Why, What, How and What ifs ?   Posted on October 18, 2013  English is OCT. TO DEC. 2014 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 TOP STORIES INSIDE How much time to Practice do I get? Don’t stop your growth due to English.  What is the need of Assessment?  What Helps more Translation or NO Translation?  What to look for in a DEMO session?  What facilities are MOST important? English4Success Posted on October 6, 2013 Posted on October 5, 2013    Tricks4english.  PAGE 2 “Your English speech won’t be fluent when you  prepare the speech in your head    using Hindi or you first language. Moreover  –    you don’t have know ‘word  -by- word’ Translations” Good Manners: like Sugar will make you a Sweet Personality. What works: Translation or NOT Facilities to help you LEARN What are good Manners There is no clear definition of good manners at the work-place. Some offices are totally informal, that means you treat everyone equally and address them with the ’first’ name. At other old tradition companies everyone is called ’sir’ or ’madam’. Understand the office culture as you get in, look at how people dress-up and do they say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” when they receive a phone call in the meeting. Observe the following: Do they take permission from the boss before they step-out of the office for a short-break? Is there a strict reporting time or people have flexible working hours? How and where do people have lunch, tea/coffee etc.? Where do they meet with the visitors and how do they introduce each other. How do people enter and book the meeting rooms? Who will answer your ques-tions regarding office rules? Follow the office culture as you have noticed in you first week of observation. The best policy is NOT to offend others - understand that like you everyone comes from a differ-ent background. With decent manners you can make a place for yourself in the office in a very short time. Good Manners are like sugar in a cup of tea, they make your personality sweeter. After your work/performance your manners are going to leave a lasting impression. ples and learn from them. For Self-practice we have interac-tive software in the Rabin-dranath Tagore Language L@b where each student is given a terminal with head-phone and MIC. Students can record their voice and listen to it or com-pare it with the exert speaker. The trainer may also listen to “Tell me - I might forget; Show me  –   I may remember; Let me do it  –    I will LEARN” - We Listen, See and Speak more to Learn better at T.r.i.c.k.s. The Classrooms of the our learning center have data-projector and good quality speaker systems so that you can listen and see more exam-the recorded audio and give feedback as required. Class- room’s seating is with 3 -4 round tables, 3-4 people each: translation are total waste of time and money. Buy easy to read books in with lot of pictures, a comics or story book that you understand is a good start. Both the languages are different with grammar rules that are not the same, SO don’t waste your time in doing ‘word -to- word’ translation. Learn using methods that are NOT based on translations, if you want to speak fluently, with comfort without putting much stress on your brain as you work in English environments for longer durations. I invited a professional Translator who works with Govt. of India to speak on this subject and his view is the that “to speak in English as a second language, you don’t need to learn to translate” He understands the first language and trans-creates, as the languages have very different expressions. There are many mean-ings of the same word and it comes from the context that missing at times. Google has spent years and millions of dollars with many doc-torate degree holders writing the program to translate Hindi > English and there is still a long way to go. It does not work to think in Hindi in complete sentences (or speak with yourself) and then translating the same ‘word -by- word’ into English. You have to start making sentences right from the basic thoughts (or words) in English itself so that you can speak it. Words or expressions are the building blocks and its essen-tial to have an Active Vocabulary. Why delay the process and waste your time in writing translation sheets. The Spoken English guides or grammar books that are based on Sm@rt Classrooms & Language L@b both equipped  with AUDIO/ VIDEO ENGLISH4SUCCESS  How Much Practice Time do I get? PAGE 3 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 We follow a Policy to have not more than 12 students in batch and with three tables in a class its 4 students per table. So in a 90 min. class, each student can get more than 10 minutes to speak. The Trainer makes clear the con-cepts, sets-up the situation for class activ-ity or role-play and allows the Students to speak more and more. This generally hap-pens after 25-30 days when the students speak more and trainer is there to cor-rect the mistakes... Connect the dots!  300-600 for an assessment and can take up to 1 hr. The ASSESSMENT at T.r.i.c.k.s is FREE and takes about 20 min. you answer 20 objective type questions in 10 min, read out something for around 2-3 min. and answer some simple questions. Students starting with BASIC pro-gram called WordPlay may not take any assessment. They should just understand English Words. Most students when they come are scared of the test and they are also confused as to why should there be any test at private run institute. The Assessment is to understand the Level of each student to that he can be placed in the right batch with students who are a similar level of English skills. While some institutes charge Rs. in the way of your dreams. Learn the Skills to speak in English and if required join our Interview skills program: GET SELECTED the chances are you will find a suitable  job within 15-days of your acquiring the English communication skills. Most companies take job interviews in English and they take 2-3 rounds: Technical round, Com-munication round GD /PI and finally salary discussion with HR or the Sr Manager in the company. Rejection can happen at any of the three stages. Maintain smile plus a winning attitude to get a good job offer with comfortable Spoken English. Everyone needs to find work and to get a job, one needs good commu-nication skills in English. Even quali-fied engineers, CAs and other pro-fessionals need the required English skills else they can not find suitable work. Don’t let poor English come Small Group gives Each person MORE Time to SPEAK! Why Assessment?  What is the NEED to take a Level Assessment test? “We learn more from our mistakes and learn them well in real-life situations. We  just need the expert to guide and correct our mistakes”  Liqvid house in Sector 8. Here is the map to Reach-us from the nearest Metro station: Our Tricks4English Blog has crossed 16,000 page views and every month we get over 2,000 unique visitors to our Blog: ‘Speak in English’ with Con- fidence and Ease. There are over 350 comments and 100 plus posts. The website was launched in the month of August 2014, it is developed by Vedit tech-nologies. The website comes with interesting information- It’s taken us 3 months to put together the informa-tion pages that include Testimonials from our students, methodology, the key programs and a page to attract business partners. BIG NEWS: We have shifted to our new office C-46, Sector-2, Noida. It is walking distance from the Sector 15 center and closer the EnglishEdge office i.e Ashish is the founder of T.r.i.c.k.s Learning Center at Noida/NCR-Delhi, India. He started this Learning and Development Company with an objective to help budding professionals 'connect-the-dots' for success in life. He started his own professional career in 1994 as a trainee with USHA (DCM group company). He has been a communica-tion skills trainer for over 13 years.- certified in many global programs. He is creative in usage of technology; a master trainer for English Language programs and career coach. He freely shares his 'tricks' with his students. The Center aims to make 500 people 'Learn and Grow' in the year 2014-15. Conversation is the start point of any Interview; English is the Language of Business. Let's connect the dots! C-46, Sector 2 NOIDA  –  201301 India Phones: (O) 0120-651-5151 (M) 08860050157 E-mail: Established in 2011, T.r.i.c.k.s is an innovative English Learning & Personality Development organization that aims to empower young minds to ‘connect the dots’ in their professional and social circles. Learning English- the Global language of communication and the Business-  will help our students: Succeed in life. T.r.i.c.k.s   stands for: Thoughts, Relationships, Ideas, Conversation, Knowledge, Skills.  We Offer Classroom training for: Spoken Eng-lish, Interview Preparation, Personality Devel-opment and IELTS Test preparation. Lifelong Learning What’s UP!   Let’s Connect the Dots

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Jul 26, 2017
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