Lesson Plan in Music 7 - Music and Its Functions

Semi-detailed lesson plan in Music (Music and Its Functions
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  Santiago Trillana Academy A Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH 7 - Music I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, learners are expected to: a.   Define what music is;  b.   Describe music through its different functions c.   appreciate the functions of music in various ways II. Subject Matter Topic: Music and Its Functions Materials: Laptop, speaker, chalk, eraser Reference: Our World of MAPEH 7 Book Values: discipline, cooperation, valuing III. Procedure Teacher’s Activity   Student’s Activity   A.   Daily Routine    Greetings Good Morning Class…  God bless you too class!    Opening Prayer  __________ kindly lead the prayer.    Checking the Cleanliness of the Classroom Okay class, look around the classroom. Kindly pick up all the trashes you can see and  put it inside your bags or pockets for the mean time and check the alignment of your armchairs as well. Okay thank you class. Be seated.    Checking of Attendance and Assignment Good Morning Sir Doctor, it is nice to see you! God bless you! (The student will come in front and will lead the prayer) (Students will pick up the pieces of trash under their armchair and will check the alignment of their chairs) Thank You Sir!  Class monitors, do we have any absentees today?    Review of the Past Lesson    Motivation I have here 4 sets of puzzle pieces So, class I’ll be dividing you into 2 groups, 1 group for boys and 1 also for girls. Each group should choose 5 representatives to  perform the activity. Is that clear? You may now start choosing who will represent your group. So, here’s the puzzle.  I will give you two minutes to arrange the  puzzle. The first group to finish the puzzle will earn a point that can be used later. Congratulations to our winner. Since the puzzle is completely arranged. Very nice answer! So what do you think is our topic for today? Very good! B.   Presentation of Concepts Can anyone here in the class define music? That’s a nice answer!  In addition, a sound that is organized, systematic, and structured is called music. (Monitors of each group will report for the attendance of the class.) Students will be asked to share to the class their learnings in the subject for the past school year (The class will be divided) (Each group will choose their representative to do the activity) (All the representatives will go in front) (The students Sir, the message on the puzzle somehow Sir, our topic for today is all about first aid. A student will volunteer and define music. (Music are sounds that we hear and is  pleasant to our ears)  Music is not like the random sound we usually hear everyday.  Now, let’s have an activity. This is a listening activity. I will play sounds and you’ll just have to identify whether it is music or noise  by doing the “Finger heart” if you think it is music and by covering your ears with your hands if it is noise. Are you ready? Okay now, let’s have the functions of music.  When we talk of the word function, we talk about…?  Very good! Function is about value and  purpose of things. So, when we say functions of music we are talking about its value and its purpose, whether for celebrations, rites, rituals, and/or special occasions. Did you get it class? That’s right!  Aside from that, we have the 8 major functions of music there on your book. Kindly enumerate those? Each function will be discussed one by one in class shortly. (10 minutes)  Now, your class will be divided into five for this next activity. You will be discussing the functions of music within your group and ask each one of your favorite song and tell its importance in your life. Okay class, be ready for the reporting of your Yes Sir! (Students will participate in the activity) Sir, when we say function it tells about the value or purpose of a certain thing. Yes, Sir. A basic example of that is the Happy Birthday song which we are using during celebration of birthdays. Sir! The 8 major functions of music are as/for Aesthetics, Emotional Appeal, Nationalistic Fervor, Artistic forms and Academic disciplines, Medium Between God and People, Comparison in Work, A Form of Entertainment, and Tool of Marketing (Students will perform the activity)  discussion about the functions music with your group tomorrow. Pre sent what you’ve discussed with your group creatively. C.   Generalization 1. Why is music an organized and a pleasant sound? 2. Why is it important to understand the function of music to one’s life?   D.   Application The groups will be divided into 5 groups and each group will present a short skit to show the function of music in the daily lives of Filipinos.   (The students will then be divided and will  proceed to their respective group and perform the activity) I V. Evaluation  Various songs will be played and then the students will just have to identify its function by choosing from the eight categories. The assessment will be done on a ¼ sheet of paper. V. Assignment Listen to the songs on your playlist, on Youtube, Spotify or in any music platform. Review the discussion on the 8 Major Functions of Music and then give at least 1 example song for each function. Prepared by: Emmanuel T. Doctor MAPEH Teacher
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