Lesson 12 Edited Bandaging Technique

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  BANDAGING TECHNIQUES Godofredo CalsadoNicanor Macaballug MOTIVATION Is there anyone among you who encountered or experienced anincident/accident involving a continuous flow of blood from the inflictedwound? what did you do? Are you not aware that handkerchief or your shirtscould be of help to control the continuous flow of the blood from the wound of the victim? DISCUSSIONSTriangular Bandage  Triangular bandage are usually made of muslin. They can be made bysimply cutting it diagonally the 6 inch s!uare of a piece of cloth thereby making two triangular bandages. The longer side of the triangular bandage iscalled the base with both corners called ends and the corner opposite to thebase is called apex. 141 Open Phase Bandaging  A. HEAD – Steps in applying open phase bandage to the head (Applied when there is wound on top of the head, apply with dressing) STEP –   In applying open phasebandage for the head make a hem byfolding about # inches from the base STEP – ! $ith the hem positioned onthe outside put the middle portionof the bandage%s base on theforehead &ust half a finger abovethe eyebrows at the same timeallowing the apex to fall over thehead and down over at the backof the head. STEP –  'ut the ends of the triangular bandage at the back of the head of about half of an inch above the ears crossing them over the apex and bringit back towards the forehead and tie itin s!uare knot. STEP – #  (irmly hold the compressportion by a hand with the other hand gently pulling down gentlythe apex making the compresssnug) then bring the apex up andtuck it in over and in the bandagewhere it should cross at the backof the head. OB$ECTIVES ã *ecogni+e the uses and applicative procedure of the triangular bandage in open phase and cravat phase. ã ,iscuss practically and apply the step-by-step proceduresthrough the illustrations given the uses and application of thetriangular bandage in two phases.  B. CHES – Steps in applying open phase bandage to the !hest.(Applied when there is wound on either right or left !hest of the i!ti# STEP –   'osition the triangular bandage on the top of the dressing of the chest with the apex &ust below thearmpit. STEP – !  ently pull the apex and theother end of the bandage passingaround the armpit towards the backof the victim and tie it in s!uare knot be sure to leave extra length for extra tying. STEP – xtend the other end of the bandageat the top of the shoulder by tyingadditional handkerchief to it in cravatusing s!uare knot. STEP – # Tie the handkerchief to theextra remaining end of either apex or end corner in s!uare knot. C. A$%S&' – Steps in applying open phase ar# sling bandage(Applied when there is fra!ture on either left or right forear# of the i!ti#) 142  STEP –   'ut the apex of thetriangular bandage below thearmpit with one of the two 0#1 endsat the top of the shoulder. STEP – !  2ring the lower ends of thetriangular bandage 0positioned below1over the arm at the top of the shoulder around the back of the neck over  STEP –  Tie both endsusing the s!uare knotand twists the apex andtuck the corner of thesling at the elbow. D. *DE$ A$%S&' – Steps in #a+ing under Ar# sling bandage using the open phase. (Applied when there is dislo!ation on either left or right elbow of the i!ti#) 143  STEP –   3ame with step 4 5 of thearm sling place the apex corner of the triangular bandage below thearmpit with one of the two 0#1 endsat the top of the shoulder. STEP – !  2ring the lower end of thetriangular bandage over the armpassing through under the armpittowards the back of the neck. STEP – % Tie both ends at the bandageusing the s!uare knot. E. HAD – Steps in #a+ing open phase bandage to the hand. (Applied when there is burned on the hand) STEP –   'lace the wounded hand inthe middle portion of the triangular bandage) be sure that the wrist isaligned at the base of the bandage. STEP – !  over the fingers by placingthe apex on top of the hand and tuckthe excess parts of the bandageunderneath the fingers and form pleatson every side of both ends asillustrated. 144

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