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Laughter Yoga. Objectives. Laughter IS the Best Medicine How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitude with Laughter Yoga 2/24/ PDF

Laughter IS the Best Medicine How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitude with Laughter Yoga Teresa Corrigan R.N.,M.A., B.C.B., N.C. B.C., C.L.Y.T. UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
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Laughter IS the Best Medicine How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitude with Laughter Yoga Teresa Corrigan R.N.,M.A., B.C.B., N.C. B.C., C.L.Y.T. UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Objectives Laughter Yoga What is Laughter Yoga and how did it begin? Benefits of Laughter; is Laughter the Best Medicine? How is Laughter Yoga being used? Could you use it? Experience Laughter Yoga! 1 History of Laughter Yoga Laughter clubs started by Dr. Madam Kataria 1995 in India; Steve Wilson 1998 in USA Dr. Kataria started in a park with 5 people telling jokes Yoga teacher wife emphasized laughter exercises similar to pranayama yoga breathing (extended exhale) Laughter Clubs in over 70 countries! No jokes, no comedy, just laughing! Everyone can do it and teach it! Humor vs. Laughter Humor: funny is subject to: culture language intelligence tastes preferences values mood personal subjective may not laugh often poke fun & laugh at someone or something Laughter: a physical act; universal; innate; develops before language no sense of humor needed to laugh laugh with someone or something not at them only 10% of laughter is in response to jokes highly contagious! Patient Chart Humor 1. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year. 2. The patient has no previous history of suicides. 3. I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy. 4. Patient was seen in consultation by Dr. x, who felt we should sit on the abdomen and I agree. 2 Benefits of Laughter Respiratory: increases respiratory activity & O 2 exchange Cardiovascular: stimulates heart rate & blood pressure followed by relaxation & vasodilatation Helps reduce stress; decreased cortisol, dopac and adrenaline. Profound opportunity to be present in the moment; powerful distraction.ancient form of laughter meditation Most studies have looked at humor not laughter yoga Benefits of Laughter Immune System: IgA significantly increased, also IgM and IgG, increased spontaneous lymphocyte blastogenesis, NK (natural killer) cell activity & complement 3; can have sustained effect! Muscles: relaxes tension; enhanced endorphins often diminishing pain..anti aging! Brain: stimulating both hemispheres at the same time; coordinating all the senses & producing a higher level of brain processing, enhanced creativity, alertness & memory; increased dopamine; may lessen anxiety & may help with depression. Digestive Tract: internal organ and lymph massage results in increased peristalsis, improved digestion; serotonin release. Research by Dr. Michael Miller Michael Miller M.D., Center for Preventive Cardiology at University of Maryland Laughter Group: view 30 mins. qd of self selected humor (sitcoms, funny movies etc.) At 2 mos. Laughter Group: Lower epinephrine and norepinephrine levels Increased HDL Lower levels of inflammatory markers hs CRP, TNF α, IFN y, IL 6 Research by Dr. Michael Miller At 1 yr. Laughter Group HDL 26% Rise (Laughter Group) 3% Rise (Control Group) C Reactive Protein 66% Decrease (Laughter Group) 26% Decrease (Control Group) 3 Research by Dr. Michael Miller Benefit we saw in the endothelium is similar to the benefit we see with aerobic exercise. quote by Dr. Miller. Suggested rx. 15 mins. of laughing/day Would compliance improve if this is what we recommended? Research by Dr. Lee Berk Psychoneuroimmunolgist Loma Linda Univ. Anticipation of mirthful laughter, watching a humorous movie had surprising effects. Beta endorphins increased by 27% Human growth factor (HGH which helps with optimizing immunity) increased by 87% No increase found in the control group who did not anticipate watching a humorous movie Mental Health Benefits Adds joy and zest to life; increases energy Helps eases anxiety and fear Reduces stress Elevates mood Help ease depression Shifts perspectives Enhances resilience Allows presence in the moment of the laughter Social Benefits Social Benefits: Strengthens relationships Attracts others to us Enhances teamwork Helps defuse conflict Promotes group bonding Decreases social isolation Laughter is the shortest distance between two people 4 Connects Us to Our Inner Joy Stop Leaving Your Laugh to Chance Dr. Kataria Allows us to Laugh at Ourselves Freely Happiness is Fleeting but Inner Joy Always There Connects Us to Something Larger than Ourselves The Universal Language of Laughter Global Connection Random Laughter Class Evaluations Therapeutic Laughter Yoga Evaluation Data Participant Evaluations from November Laughter Yoga and Average Comparison Enthusiasm Energy Level Mood Optimism Level of Breathing Muscle Mental Laughing Friendship Awareness Relaxation Relaxation w/o Reason Random Laughter Class Evaluation 7 Overall Stress Level 44% Reduction in Stress! Objective Evaluation Biofeedback Relaxation Response Overall Stress Level 5 Objective Evaluation Post Laughter Breath Training Respiration Monitor (stretch gauge) Capnometer Objective Evaluation Post Laughter Capnometer Graph mm Hg ETCO 2 Diaphragm Thorasic Normal Breathing Extended Exhale How Is Laughter Yoga Being Used? Everywhere & and Internationally! Sr. Centers Schools Prisons Corporations Hospitals Clinics Cancer Centers Wellness Centers Mental Health Centers Performing Arts Stress Management Yoga Centers Weight Loss Programs Aquatics Laughter Yoga In the Hospital Laughter Yoga In Cancer Hospital Chicago U.S.A.flv 6 Laughter Yoga In the Hospital UCSF Osher Center Therapeutic Inpatient Program Outpatient Cancer Center Program Free public classes Resources Teresa Corrigan R.N., M.A., B.C.B., N.C. B.C., C.Y.L.T.; ; Laughter Yoga International World Laughter Tour Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor Jest for the Health of It, Alternative Therapies Nov/Dec. 2010, Vol.16, NO.6 The Therapeutic Value of Laughter in Medicine Laughter Yoga Call Line: ; code #; from 3 a.m. to 10 p.m. Additional Journal references in handout Breathing Why it s called Laughter Yoga Simple Stretches Clapping Laughter Exercises Let s Laugh!!! Every Smile is a New Beginning 7
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