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JUJ Pahang SPM 2014 English K2 Set 2

Sumber : Manfaatkan sebaik2nya Soalan JUJ Pahang English SPM 2014 untuk membantu peningkatan optimum pencapaian calon dalam peperiksaan SPM 2014 Selamat berjaya calon SPM 2014
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  SULIT 1119/2 1 Bahasa Inggeris Kertas 2 1119/2 JUJ 2014 Set B 2 ½ jam PROJEK JAWAB UNTUK JAYA (JUJ) 2014 PRAKTIS BESTARI SET B BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 2 Dua jam lima belas minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan 1. Tulis nombor kad pengenalan dan angka giliran anda pada ruangan yang disediakan. 2.  Kertas soalan ini mengandungi empat bahagian: Bahagian A, Bahagian B, Bahagian C dan Bahagian D. 3.  Jawab semua bahagian dalam kertas soalan ini. 4. Soalan-soalan dalam Bahagian A mempunyai empat  pilihan jawapan. Jawab setiap  soalan dengan menghitamkan ruang yang betul di halaman Kertas Jawapan Objektif. Instructions 1. Write your I.C. number and index number in the space provided 2. This question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. 3.  Answer all  sections in this question paper.   4. Questions in Section A have four options. Answer each question by blackening the correct space on the Objective Answer Sheet  ___________________________________________________________________________ Kertas ini mengandungi  15 halaman bercetak     SULIT 1119/2 2 Section A [15 marks ] [ Time suggested  : 25 minutes ] Cloud seeding on hold with aircraft in search operations. 1.   The phrase on hold   in the above headline means A.   cancelled B.    postponed C.    prevented D.   supported Georgetown  –   An illegal immigrant jumped into a monsoon drain in Jalan Sungai in a bid to escape an Immigration raid. The attempt on Tuesday was futile as an enforcement officer saw the man jumped into the drain to stop him. After a brief struggle, the 27-year-old immigrant was hauled up and detained along with 52 others, including Vietnamese and Indonesian nationals, for various immigration offences. The incident caused traffic congestion as curious motorists slowed down to watch. Source NST 2.   Which of the following statements is true ? A.   The immigrant was killed in his attempt to escape. B.   The immigrant was caught by an enforcement officer. C.   The immigrant was arrested with 27 other people. D.   The immigrant was the cause of an accident. 3.   From the cartoon strip above, what happened to the peas? A.   The children ate them. B.   The children threw them away. C.   The children hid them in their shoes. D.   The children put them under the table.  SULIT 1119/2 3 Foreign students have been warned by the Australian government to avoid lucrative offers to smuggle drugs following the arrests of several Brazilians for allegedly importing cocaine. It was reported that six students who were allegedly used as mules by an international drugs syndicate had been arrested over the last 12 months, in a global operation. Source The Star    4.   From the extract above, we know that A.   foreign students brought in drugs through the Australian government. B.   foreign students became drug mules because of monetary gain. C.   foreign students used an international drugs syndicate. D.   foreign students imported cocaine legally. 5.   The purpose of this poster is to A.    promote tourism B.   encourage reading C.    bring a book everywhere D.   travel and write books FASTFOOD CHAIN CUSTOMERS IN A DAY 6.   From the chart above, which chain is at par A.   McDonald and KFC B.   KFC and Pizza Hut C.   Pizza Hut and A&W D.   A&W and McDonald 30 30 26 14 McDonaldKFCPizza HutA&W  SULIT 1119/2 4 Also called  gaharu  in Malay, agarwood is very special to the orang asli and is now rare in the wild. We were given the wood as protection and medicine after we told our friend the story of us getting bitten by ants while camping in an oil palm plantation. The orang asli say agarwood has special, perhaps magical properties. No dangerous animals would attack a man carrying agarwood. Source The Star 7.   From the extract, we know the benefits of agarwood except  A.   Agarwood can be used as protection against insect bites. B.   Agarwwod can be used as medicine. C.   Agarwood allows a man to be attacked by animals. D.   Agarwood has special magical properties. 8.   What is the life span of the bulb? A.   3 hours B.   3 days C.   3 hours/day D.   1.4 years
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