Jeff Larson, Executive Director of Rum River Health Services, was present to answer questions.

THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION BOARD HELD ON MARCH 15, 2010, AT 7:00 P.M., AT THE CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS ******************************************************************************
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THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION BOARD HELD ON MARCH 15, 2010, AT 7:00 P.M., AT THE CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS ****************************************************************************** The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M., by Dave Thompson. Members present were Lee Steinbrecher, Ken Haskamp, and Jack Edmonds. Staff present were Jay Blake and Mary Lou DeWitt. Bryan Lawrence, Baldwin Township Representative arrived at 7:10 P.M. Absent: Ben Hanson APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING ON FEBRUARY 16, 2010 HASKAMP MOVED, SECOND BY EDMONDS TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING ON FEBRUARY 16, UPON THE VOTE, THERE WERE 5 AYES, 0 NAYS. MOTION CARRIED. PUBLIC HEARING: A. Rezoning from R-3 Zoning to M.O.R. District at 1506 First Street Rum River Health Services and First Love Fellowship are applying for a rezoning of the former First Love Church building at 1506 First Street to allow the relocation of the Spirit River Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program from its current location in the former Princeton Middle School. This site was the former location of an industrial business, roller rink, day care center and most recently, a worship center for First Love Fellowship. The site has been for sale for a number of years. The building has been remodeled and modified each time the use changed. The current zoning is R-3 Multi-Residential and the request is for M.O.R. Medical Office Residential Zoning District. The M.O.R. District was designed to provide a location within the City that you could have mix residential uses with healthcare facilities. This site was designated for Neighborhood Commercial. The City Zoning Ordinance has not been amended to add the new Commercial District and the closest zoning district to the Comprehensive Plan is the M.O.R. District. Jeff Larson, Executive Director of Rum River Health Services, was present to answer questions. Haskamp asked how much traffic would generate each day with this facility. Larson said that at their current location they have approximately clients per day. Then there are three evening meetings that approximately a dozen clients come to. One medical provider will be there. There will be two or three patients a day for the exam room. Rum River Health Services has a van that they use for transportation for the day treatment to pick up and take home the clients. Edmonds questioned if this would be spot zoning. Blake said spot zoning has been tested by the Supreme Court many times and comes down if it is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Since the use is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, this would not be spot zoning. Blake supports this rezoning. Page 2 of 6 Steinbrecher asked if they were to open just the Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program at this time would they have to come back for the clinic. Blake said the application does indicate clinic so they are covered. If they wanted a different use then what is stated in the zoning for M.O.R., then they would need to come in for an Interim Use Permit or Conditional Use Permit. If any remodeling is done to the outside of the building or signage, they will need to come back to the Planning Commission. Steinbrecher asked if the clinic is founded by Planned Parenthood. Larson said no. Charles Snustead, 1407 First Street, was present and expressed his concerned with kids playing in the neighborhood and extra traffic. Blake said the traffic should not be excessive, and believes this site should not be a concern with safety in the area. Snustead asked if it is so easy changing from Residential to Medical Office District, how easy would it be to change the zoning to something else down the road. Blake said this zoning does follow the Comprehensive Plan. Dick Dobson, th Avenue North, was present and spoke to the Planning Commission Board. Dobson believes Rum River Health Services is a great addition to our community and this site would work well with Bell Haven. This is for the people who are falling between the cracks and he supports it. STEINBRECHER MOVED, SECOND BY HASKAMP TO CLOSE THE PUBLIC HEARING. UPON THE VOTE, THERE WERE 4 AYES, 0 NAYS. MOTION CARRIED. STEINBRECHER MOVED, SECOND BY HASKAMP TO RECOMMEND APPROVAL OF THE APPLICATION FOR REZONING FROM R-3 MULTI-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL TO M.O.R. MEDICAL OFFICE RESIDENTIAL AT 1506 FIRST STREET. THIS WILL ALLOW THE RELOCATION OF THE SPIRIT RIVER OUTPATIENT ALCOHOL TREATMENT PROGRAM TO MOVE TO THIS SITE. UPON THE VOTE, THERE WERE 4 AYES, 0 NAYS. MOTION CARRIED. The reviewed the Findings of Fact: 1. Is the rezoning consistent with the Princeton Land Use Plan? Yes, we are looking at making this a buffering area for the surrounding avenue. Planning Commission Page 3 of 6 2. Have there been changes in the character of development in the vicinity? Yes, more commercial and medical type business have grown out of this area in the last few years. 3. Does the rezoning constitute spot zoning of the property? No, we feel that is consistent with activities now taking place at Belle Haven Project. OLD BUSINESS: A. Final Plat for Sterling Pointe This application is requesting approval of the Final Plat for Sterling Pointe Senior Assisted Living Development. The location of this site is the old Smith System/Thunder Alley building. The building has since been demolished and is vacant land. The neighboring uses include Fairview Hospital, a single family residence, a residential rental house, and two light manufacturing/industrial businesses. The Developer s intended use of Lot 1 is elderly residential housing with services. With the approval of this facility, the Developer is hoping to begin construction in May, This would allow the facility to open in early spring of Mike Nielson, WSB City Engineer, wrote a memo dated March 10, 2010, as follows: Sheet 1 of 2 No comments. Sheet 2 of 2 The last Preliminary Plat submittal included Outlots A, B, & C. The Final Plat has broken Outlot B from the Preliminary Plat into Outlots B, C, and D for a total of five (5) Outlots on the Final Plat. Drainage and utility easements will be required along the new alignment of Northland Drive. A 10 foot drainage and utility easement is required adjacent to Northland Drive for Outlots B, C, and D. Outlot A 10 foot drainage and utility easements are required for all sides of Outlot A. In addition there is an existing storm sewer and watermain that run along the east side of Outlot A. The plat does not include easement for these utilities. Sufficient drainage and utility easements must be provided that allow for the maintenance and replacement of these utilities. These easements must be approved by the Princeton Public Utilities Commission. As previously noted in the Preliminary Plat application review, the overflow from the stormwater pond discharges onto Outlot A and does not fully meet the requirements of the City. The Developer s Engineer has provided information that indicates an rainfall will overtop the stormwater pond. The owner (Dunkley) of Outlot A must be aware of this before signing the Final Plat. Page 4 of 6 This is due to the existing elevations of this parcel being lower than all surrounding area. I don t believe that this should be a reason for denying the plat application but feel this is an issue that should be addressed in the Developer s Agreement. Some confirmation that Mr. Dunkley is aware of this issue should be obtained. I would recommend a Notarized statement be obtained and placed in the plat file. Finke said the easements have been added. Nielson had gotten the revised plans for those last week. Thompson who is also the Public Utilities Manager asked Finke if Nielson talked to him regarding the northeast corner of Outlot A and the watermain that is there. The Princeton Public Utilities will wait until Outlot A gets developed and then remove that line and hook up to an eight inch line. Finke said he will notify the landowner of this line and that it needs to be corrected when Outlot A is developed. The fence encroachment and acquisition of the Reynolds property have been met. Thompson said that there are some power lines, no easements, and P.U.C. is not electing to dedicate the prescribed easements. They will start putting new electrical in there for the home owners. When the street realignment is decided, then they will put in new underground lines, but will wait until then. A temporary transformer line would be put in. THOMPSON MOVED, SECOND BY HASKAMP TO APPROVE THE FINAL PLAT OF STERLING POINTE SENIOR ASSISTED LIVING HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AND FORWARD ON TO THE CITY COUNCIL. UPON THE VOTE, THERE WERE 4 AYES, 0 NAYS. MOTION CARRIED. Blake said the City Council did approve the TIF Plan for this Development. The Developer s Agreement is not completed yet. B. R-2 Residential and Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Ordinance Revisions Bonestroo had composed an update for the B-3 General Business District to create an area to serve the commercial and service needs of the general population. The objective is to provide services to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and to accommodate those businesses which require large area for off-street parking or generate substantial traffic originating from outside the community. Page 5 of 6 Blake said that B-2 and B-3 Zoning Districts are basically similar in definition. The B-1 Zoning District would be downtown. B-2 would be Neighborhood Commercial and B-3 General Highway Commercial District. Steinbrecher asked how the areas by the old Coborn s building are broken up. Blake suggested that it would be B-2 Zoning District by the old Liquor Store building and south to the old Coborn s Store building. The B-1 Zoning District would be by People s Bank and north to Hy-Tech Automotive. Haskamp commented that if it is defined well and easy to read, then it would work well. Blake said the signage has already been reviewed as well as the parking lot requirements. The has also addressed Development Standards with the types of materials that will be allowed. The permitted uses and non-permitted uses will need to be addressed. Blake suggested that if the setbacks could be made even though the lot size is not the required 20,000 square feet, the party should be able to build on this site without needing to do a public hearing. Steinbrecher questioned having the educational facilities listed as permitted uses. This would be a high taxed zoned area and would take tax dollars away. Blake agreed. This is also an issue with a church. It is common not to allow churches, schools in those zones. NEW BUSINESS: None COMMUNICATION AND REPORTS: A. Verbal Report Blake said the City Council is going to review the realignment of the road on old Hwy. 18. On the curve there is a house that had been rezoned where they could convert the home into a triplex. The owner never took out any building permits when the conversion was being done. There are many code violations with this renovation. The City met with the owner and because of the expense to correct the violations, the owner has agreed to sell the property to the City if the City gets an appraisal on it. Blake would like to purchase this property with the NSP Funds. He believes it would qualify under being dilapidated and then the City could have it torn down. Thompson said on the appraisal does the upgrades need to be made in consideration of the appraisal. Blake said yes those would be considered in the appraisal. Page 6 of 6 Radio Shack has moved into their new site. Blake said Industrial sites have been inquired about for the City. The interested parties wanted a building that was already up, but there weren t any available for the size they needed. Steinbrecher reminded Blake to check on the date of when the car lot in town needs to have their parking lot paved by. Bryan Lawrence told the that he has completed his term with Baldwin Township and this is the last meeting he will be attending. Someone else will be assigned. He told the Planning Commission he has enjoyed his term of serving with them. B. City Council Minutes for February, 2010 The had no comments. STEINBRECHER MOVED, SECOND BY HASKAMP TO ADJOURN THE MEETING. UPON THE VOTE, THERE WERE 4 AYES, 0 NAYS. MOTION CARRIED. THE MEETING ADJOURNED AT 7:50 P.M. ATTEST: Dave Thompson, Chairperson Mary Lou DeWitt, Comm. Dev. Assistant
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