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Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals Technical Overview. Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals ED BOTT. Note.

spine =.254 Get a head start evaluating Windows 8.1 with early technical insights from award-winning journalist and Windows expert Ed Bott. This guide introduces new features and capabilities, providing
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spine =.254 Get a head start evaluating Windows 8.1 with early technical insights from award-winning journalist and Windows expert Ed Bott. This guide introduces new features and capabilities, providing a practical, high-level overview for IT professionals ready to begin deployment planning now. Preview new features and enhanced capabilities, including: The Windows 8.1 user experience Deployment tools and technologies Security features Internet Explorer 11 Delivering Windows Store apps Recovery options Networking and remote access Virtualization Windows RT 8.1 Managing mobile devices Also see William R. Stanek Author and Series Editor Pocket Consultant This title is also available as a free ebook from Microsoft at: About the Author Ed Bott is an award-winning journalist known to millions of readers through two decades of writing for leading industry publications and more than 25 books on Microsoft Office and Windows, including Windows 7 Inside Out and Microsoft Office Inside Out: 2013 Edition. spine = 1.3 Microsoft Office: 2013 Edition Windows 8.1 Administration Storage, Security, & Networking William R. Stanek Author and Series Editor ISBN: For Intermediate and Advanced Users You re beyond the basics, so dive right into Microsoft Office and really put these productivity tools and services to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. It s all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts tackle Office and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery. Take advantage of Office in the cloud with Office 365 Get insider tweaks and tips to become more productive Sync your , calendar, and contacts on multiple devices Organize and edit complex documents with Microsoft Word Enhance Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with rich media Handle data with the Microsoft Excel Quick Analysis tools Get organized with Microsoft OneNote using expert techniques Save, share, and sync documents and settings with SkyDrive Use Microsoft Access, Publisher, and Lync in smarter ways Pocket Consultant Windows 8.1 Administration Pocket Consultant Essentials & Configuration ISBN: Storage, Security, & Networking ISBN: Inside OUT Conquer Microsoft Office from the inside out! About the Authors Ed Bott has written more than 25 books on Microsoft Office and Windows, including Windows 7 Inside Out and Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out. He s an award-winning journalist for leading industry publications. Carl Siechert specializes in writing and producing product documentation for the personal computer industry. He s coauthored dozens of books, including Windows 7 Inside Out and Microsoft Windows XP Networking and Security Inside Out. Microsoft Office: 2013 Edition Windows 8.1 Administration Essentials & Configuration Note The ultimate, in-depth reference Hundreds of timesaving solutions Supremely organized, packed with expert advice Companion ebook Companion ebook Download using the instruction page in the back of the book. Includes coverage of: Office 365 Home Premium Office 365 Small Business Premium Office 365 ProPlus Office Professional 2013 Office Home and Business 2013 Office Home and Student 2013 Inside OUT Bott Siechert U.S.A. $54.99 Canada $57.99 [Recommended] Microsoft Office Inside OUT Microsoft Office: 2013 Edition Ed Bott Award-winning technology author and journalist Carl Siechert Microsoft Office and Windows expert Microsoft Office Inside Out 2013 Edition ISBN: Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals Technical Overview U.S.A. $9.99 Canada $10.99 [Recommended] Operating Systems/Windows Celebrating 30 years! ED BOTT Visit us today at Hundreds of titles available Books, ebooks, and online resources from industry experts Free U.S. shipping ebooks in multiple formats Read on your computer, tablet, mobile device, or e-reader Print & ebook Best Value Packs ebook Deal of the Week Save up to 60% on featured titles Newsletter and special offers Be the first to hear about new releases, specials, and more Register your book Get additional benefits Hear about it first. Get the latest news from Microsoft Press sent to your inbox. New and upcoming books Special offers Free ebooks How-to articles Sign up today at Wait, there s more... Find more great content and resources in the Microsoft Press Guided Tours app. The Microsoft Press Guided Tours app provides insightful tours by Microsoft Press authors of new and evolving Microsoft technologies. 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Library of Congress Control Number: ISBN: Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. If you need support related to this book, Microsoft Press Book Support at Please tell us what you think of this book at Microsoft and the trademarks listed at Trademarks/EN-US.aspx are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other marks are property of their respective owners. The example companies, organizations, products, domain names, addresses, logos, people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, domain name, address, logo, person, place, or event is intended or should be inferred. This book expresses the author s views and opinions. The information contained in this book is provided without any express, statutory, or implied warranties. Neither the authors, Microsoft Corporation, nor its resellers, or distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by this book. Acquisitions Editor: Anne Hamilton Developmental Editor: Valerie Woolley Project Editors: Valerie Woolley and Carol Dillingham Editorial Production: Christian Holdener, S4Carlisle Publishing Services Technical Reviewer: Randall Galloway Copyeditor: Roger LeBlanc Contents Introduction vii Chapter 1 An overview of Windows What is Windows 8.1?...2 Support for new device types 2 User experience 3 User accounts and synchronization 5 New apps 6 What s new for IT pros?...7 Security enhancements 7 Deployment and migration 10 Manageability 11 Virtualization 11 Under the hood 22 Windows 8.1 installation and upgrade options...13 Chapter 2 The Windows 8.1 user experience 15 Introducing the Windows 8.1 user experience...16 The Windows 8.1 desktop...19 Customizing the Start screen...22 Managing the user experience...24 What do you think of this book? We want to hear from you! Microsoft is interested in hearing your feedback so we can continually improve our books and learning resources for you. To participate in a brief online survey, please visit: iii Chapter 3 Deploying Windows Windows 8.1 editions at a glance Assessing compatibility...29 Choosing a deployment strategy...31 Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit...33 Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 34 Deployment and Imaging 34 Windows Preinstallation Environment 35 User State Migration Tool 35 Volume Activation Management Tool 37 Windows Performance Toolkit 37 Windows Assessment Toolkit 37 Windows Assessment Services 37 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit...38 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager 39 Windows To Go...39 Who should use Windows To Go 40 Preparation and requirements 41 Management and security 42 Windows To Go workspace creation 44 Chapter 4 Security in Windows Assessing the threat landscape...48 New hardware, new security capabilities Securing the boot process...49 Securing the sign-in process...51 Blocking malware...52 Windows Defender 53 Internet Explorer SmartScreen and phishing protection 55 iv Contents Securing data...55 Pervasive device encryption 56 BitLocker Drive Encryption 56 Remote business data removal 57 Chapter 5 Internet Explorer The two faces of Internet Explorer in Windows What s new in Internet Explorer...62 Deploying and managing Internet Explorer Dealing with compatibility issues...67 Chapter 6 Delivering Windows Store apps 69 What is a Windows Store app?...70 How Windows Store apps work...71 Distributing a Windows Store app...74 Publishing an app to the Windows Store 74 Distributing apps within an enterprise 76 Managing Windows Store apps...79 Chapter 7 Recovery options in Windows Using Windows Recovery Environment...85 Customizing Windows Recovery Environment...90 Refresh and reset...91 Refresh Your PC 93 Reset Your PC 93 Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset...94 Chapter 8 Windows 8.1 and networks 97 What s new in Windows 8.1 networking?...97 Mobile broadband support...98 Contents v Changes in the Wi-Fi user experience...98 Connecting to corporate networks VPN client improvements 101 BranchCache 102 DirectAccess 102 IPv6 Internet support Chapter 9 Virtualization in Windows Client Hyper-V Desktop virtualization options Application virtualization User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) Chapter 10 Windows RT What Windows RT 8.1 can and can t do Office 2013 RT Connecting to corporate networks Access to data Chapter 11 Managing mobile devices 121 Mobile device management strategies System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Windows Intune Workplace Join Work Folders Web Application Proxy Device lockdown (Assigned Access) What do you think of this book? We want to hear from you! Microsoft is interested in hearing your feedback so we can continually improve our books and learning resources for you. To participate in a brief online survey, please visit: vi Contents Introduction It s difficult to believe that Windows 8 was introduced only a year ago, and yet today its successor, Windows 8.1, is ready for widespread adoption. By Microsoft s standards, that is warp speed. And it is a tribute to the developers who designed and built Windows 8 and 8.1 that they have been able to sustain that pace and deliver such a polished product. The Windows 8 product line represents a radical departure for Microsoft. A new user experience. A new app platform. New security features and new management tools. If you re an IT pro, you have the daunting job of helping your users adapt to the newness of Windows 8.1 while you try to stay at least one step ahead. Although I ve written in-depth guides to Windows in the past, this book is not one of those. Nor do I pretend to offer much in the way of opinions or review. Only you can decide whether and how and when to incorporate Windows 8.1 into your enterprise, based on your own organizational requirements. My goal in this book is to help you on that upgrade path by presenting the facts and features about Windows 8.1 as clearly as I can. If you ve been living in an environment built around a previous version of Windows, you have a lot to absorb in the transition to Windows 8.1. I ve tried to lay out those facts in as neutral a fashion as possible, starting with an overview of the operating system, explaining the many changes to the user experience, and diving deep into deployment and management tools where it s necessary. By design, this book focuses on things that are new, with a special emphasis on topics of interest to IT pros. So you might find fewer tips and tricks about the new user experience than your users want but more about management, deployment, and security which ultimately is what matters to the long-term well-being of the company you work for. This book is just an introduction, an overview. For more detailed information about the features and capabilities described in this book, I encourage you to become a regular visitor at the Springboard Series on TechNet: Tell em Ed sent you. Acknowledgments I d like to thank the many folks at Microsoft who contributed their in-depth knowledge of Windows technologies to this book: Craig Ashley, Roger Capriotti, Stella Chernyak, Adam Hall, Chris Hallum, Dustin Ingalls, Michael Niehaus, vii and Fred Pullen. I d also like to thank the good folks at Microsoft Press Anne Hamilton, Martin DelRe, Carol Dillingham, and especially Valerie Woolley for their efforts at making this project happen on very short notice. About the author Ed Bott is an award-winning technology journalist and author who has been writing about Microsoft technologies for more than two decades. He is the author of more than 25 books on Microsoft Windows and Office. You can find his most recent writing at The Ed Bott Report at ZDNet: Errata & book support We ve made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this book and its companion content. Any errors that have been reported since this book was published are listed at: If you find an error that is not already listed, you can report it to us through the same page. If you need additional support, Microsoft Press Book Support at Please note that product support for Microsoft software is not offered through the addresses above. We want to hear from you At Microsoft Press, your satisfaction is our top priority, and your feedback our most valuable asset. Please tell us what you think of this book at: The survey is short, and we read every one of your comments and ideas. Thanks in advance for your input! Stay in touch Let s keep the conversation going! We re on Twitter: MicrosoftPress. viii Introduction CHAPTER 1 An overview of Windows 8.1 What is Windows 8.1? 2 What s new for IT pros? 7 Windows 8.1 installation and upgrade options 13 Windows 8.1, a free update to Windows 8 and Windows RT, arrives almost exactly a year after Windows 8 s General Availability date. The final version was released to Microsoft s hardware partners in late August, ensuring that a new wave of hardware devices powered by Windows 8.1 would debut at the same time. Historically, new versions of Windows have come out roughly every three years, with one or more service packs released in the interim to roll up security and reliability updates. So what s behind this sudden acceleration in the update process? Does the rapid-fire schedule and the incremental name change mean that Windows 8.1 is a minor update, equivalent to a service pack? Not at all. Windows 8.1 is, by any objective measure, a major release. It includes the historic changes that were introduced in Windows 8 and adds a very long list of improvements, refinements, and new features, big and small more than enough to fill this book. This faster update cycle isn t a one-time event it s the new normal for Windows, a reflection of the modern, fast pace of change in the technologies that define our lives. There s no guarantee that future versions of Windows will arrive at the same annual pace, but it s certain that the every-three-years cycle of upgrades is history. If you formed your initial opinions about Windows 8 a year ago and haven t been paying much attention lately, this release deserves your attention. Microsoft says it listened to feedback about Windows 8, from a wide range of sources. This update is an attempt to address the most important feedback items and move the platform forward. In this chapter, I provide an overview of Windows 8.1 and its changes, with a special emphasis on features and capabilities of interest to IT pros. 1 What is Windows 8.1? If you have any hands-on experience with Windows 8, you re already familiar with its basic underpinnings. The biggest, most obvious changes in the initial release of Windows 8 were a touch-enabled user experience designed for a new generation of mobile hardware and support for a new class of applications. But the initial release of Windows 8 included many changes under the hood as well, with significant gains in performance, reliability, security, and manageability over previous Windows versions. In enterprise settings, the most important changes in Windows 8.1 involve features that might not be immediately obvious. Significant enhancements in security, for example, are important enough to warrant their own chapter (Chapter 4, Security in Windows 8.1 ). You ll also find improvements in management and virtualization features for client PCs, which are introduced in this overview and covered in more detail in later chapters. To follow along with this book, I encourage you to get the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation, which is available as a free download from the Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center ( The trial is good for 90 days, and it works on most modern hardware and in a virtual machine. It s the best way to get hands-on experience with the Windows 8.1 features and capabilities described in this book. Support for new device types Windows 8.1 has the same device requirements as Windows 8 and will run on most PC hardware that was originally designed for Windows Vista or Windows 7. That makes it possible to evaluate Windows 8.1 on a device that isn t currently in production use. To see Windows 8.1 at its best, however, you really need to see it in action on a variety of devices, including modern hardware with touchscreens and processors and power-management subsystems engineered specifically to work with Windows 8.1. Widespread support for InstantGo, the new name for a feature previously called Connected Standby, for example, is just beginning to appear in the first wave of hardware for Windows 8.1. The core design principles of Windows 8 are a direct response to a defining trend in modern technology: the movement to pervasive computing. Users are no longer tied to a desktop but instead can use multiple devices, choosing each device for its suitability to the task at hand. With proper management controls, these devices can switch easily between personal files, digital media, and enterprise resources. Combined with robust online services, the Windows 8 design allows people to remain productive regardless of where they are. Windows 8 expanded the traditional definition of a Windows PC to include all sorts of mobile devices that are distinctly non-pc. These new device types include tablets that work with touch and stylus input as well as hybrid designs that include detachable keyboards to allow a single device to shift quickly between tablet and notebook form factors. Microsoft s original Surface Pro (Figure 1-1), with its integrated kickstand and click-on keyboard, is an excellent example of the latter category. 2 Chapter 1 An overview of Windows 8.1 FIGURE 1-1 The Microsoft Surface Pro, released in 2013, was part of the first wave of hybrid devices released with Windows 8. In Windows 8.1, the specifications for these devices, especially screen size and resolution, are relaxed, allowing an even wider array of mobile form factors. Previously, devices needed to support a minimum resolution of 1366 by 768 to be certified by Microsoft. In Windows 8.1, the minimum resolution drops to 1024 by 768. The revised specifications also allow new aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:10) that are more conducive to small devices used in portrait mode than the 16:9 ratio (typical in modern laptop and desktop displa
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