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Independent Schools Gymnastics Association

Independent Schools Gymnastics Association Annual General Meeting Minutes at Maltman s Green School 17 April pm (start 13.10) Those present: June Walden (Chairman), Libby Craig (President), Verity
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Independent Schools Gymnastics Association Annual General Meeting Minutes at Maltman s Green School 17 April pm (start 13.10) Those present: June Walden (Chairman), Libby Craig (President), Verity Boulger (Vice Chairman), Linda McNally (St Faiths), Stuart Dunkley (Treasurer), Marion Charafeddine (Royal Masonic), Michelle O Brien (Tormead), Trudy Smith (Stamford Endowed), Emily Burman (Haberdashers Aske s Girls), Suzanne Rimini and Louise Finch (St Mary s Hampstead), Helen Le Page (Guildford High), Claire Pocock, (Minutes Secretary/Website Manager), Cairine Cranfield-Thompson, Kristie Woolley and Georgia Connell (Maltman s Green), Amanda Hawkins and Zsolt Scorba (Port Regis), Sarah Portsmouth (Stormont), Gordon Finch (British Sch. Netherlands), Amy Gillman (St Catherine s), Katie Phillips (Wycombe Abbey), Lindsey Sinclair (Putney High), Michelle Paris (The Grove Independent), Jacqui Deadman (St Mary s Gerrard s Cross). Apologies: Geoff Turner and Vikki Cook (Holmewood House), Emma Horncastle (NLCS), Lisa Nixon (Adcote), Becky White and Andrea Blaxall (Castle House), Sarah Jayne Howard (Shrewsbury High) Nikki Towner (Vinehall), Jo Cox (Kent College), Nicki Cashman (Brooke Priory), Leanne Stephens (Queenswood), Sarah Needham and Ashley Beaver (Bute House), William Earl (The Leys), Kirsty Scuffil (Putney High), Katie Bennett (BSB), Rebecca Crane (LEH), Alison Baines (Priors Field) Welcome June Walden welcomed everyone to the meeting especially those joining us for the first time and also Stuart Dunkley, back after a major operation. He was very much missed at the 5-piece competition held at Kent College this year. All members present introduced themselves to the meeting. It should be remembered that in effect, I.S.G.A. is a group of teachers and that all make up the association. June said she was pleased to see the number of ex-gisga gymnasts who were now present as coaches. It was also noted that two of the gymnasts that currently compete in the I.S.G.A. competitions have been selected as part of the England squad: Lottie Smith (Stamford Endowed School) and Lauren Matthews (Maltman s Green School). Special Business Two years ago we voted to have 3 committees. It has been an extremely busy period for the officers as a number of significant changes have taken place which has meant a great deal of work. It is also the start of a new rules cycle which has meant updating not just one but four sets of rules, plus rebranding the association. Now that the framework has largely been completed, it has been suggested that we should revert to a single committee with the option to appoint smaller working parties to undertake specific tasks whose actions would then have to be ratified by the committee. Proposal: to revert to a single Committee Proposed: June Walden Seconded: Marion Charafeddine All voted in favour The Constitution will be updated accordingly Action: June Walden Page 1 of 7 June Walden thanked everyone for all the work that had been done during the past year. Firstly she mentioned Vikki Cook, who unfortunately was unable to join the meeting as her husband is in hospital, who first got involved in 1991 and has served on the committee since For a number of years she did a brilliant job as the Judges Convenor, but she has decided to stand down this year. We want to thank her for her sterling service by the presentation of a gift. Amy Gillman accepted the gift on her behalf and will pass it on as soon as she can. June then mentioned another person that had been working extremely hard on behalf of the organisation this year and therefore deserves a special mention. Marion Charafeddine has been leader of the Technical committee who have drawn up the various competition rules and is producing them in a new format for the next 4 year cycle. She was presented with a gift as a thank you for the work undertaken in this her first year as Technical Director. Linda McNally then stepped in to add that the driving force behind all that had been going on this year and someone who had therefore also been working very hard on our behalf, was June Walden, our Chairman. A presentation was made to her to express our thanks. June thanked Cairine for all that she had done to set this meeting up for us. She has been our host for the last couple of years but will be leaving at the end of the term. She hoped that Cairine s future employment would enable her to continue to be involved with I.S.G.A. 1. Minutes of the AGM 2015 The Minutes of the previous AGM held on 19 April 2015 were approved and signed by the Chairman Proposed: M.O Brien Seconded: L. Craig All voted in favour 2. Matters Arising Gordon asked whether the video illustrating the correct way to perform the half on half off vault had been made. Trudy said that it had and she was dealing with it. 3. Chairman s Report June Walden stated that the number of affiliated schools had increased this year and she welcomed new schools: Shrewsbury High, St Helen s and St Katherine s, Swanbourne House and Priors Field She wanted to thank all those who had hosted competitions: Trudy Smith at Stamford (2-piece), Tara Oxley and Helen Le Page at Guildford High (Under 9 5-piece), Emily Burman, Haberdashers Elstree (4-piece) and Jayne Oliver-Murphy, Nicky Denton and Jo Cox at Kent College (Premier 5-piece competitions). The 4 Piece is now established in three age groups U9, U11 and U13 and support for the boys is beginning to grow. At the 2-piece competition 8 out of 10 titles went to different schools. In the 4 & 5 piece competitions, 9 out of 12 titles went to different schools. June stated that we owe a huge debt to Linda McNally, our General and Competitions Secretary. Linda is a dedicated teacher with high energy, positivity and enthusiasm. Year after year she puts in an enormous number of hours organising and administrating each of the competitions,(the schools host, but Linda does the paperwork), and is extremely fair when organising the Draw rotation order. Linda was presented with a gift as a small thank you for all her hard work. Page 2 of 7 The competition run to design our new logo was won by Tracy Tigchelaar who has done a very professional job for us not only in changing her winning logo design to incorporate our new name and a male gymnast, but also producing a corporate branding for us to use on vertical and horizontal banners and stationery. We now have an I.S.G.A programme cover and I.S.G.A. certificates which Tracy will update for us on an annual basis. It was agreed that we now need to adhere to this corporate branding for all our competitions and events to ensure that it becomes established. However it is up to host schools if they want to use the logo or not on their competition T shirts. The Technical Committee has had an extremely busy time this year, working on the various sets of rules. Once these have been completed, the Guidelines for Coaches and Judges will also need to be updated. The officers involved have been very careful to ensure that the rules reflect that we are a schools organisation which has many different types of schools involved. Particular thanks must go to Marion Charafeddine the Technical Director. Helen Le Page the Trophies Secretary has now established a very good system to ensure that all trophies are signed for at the end of the Presentations. Our thanks were expressed for her work over the year. More trophies are needed to replace ones that are old or damaged. June asked if individuals, families or schools could consider sponsoring a trophy or cup and if so please speak to Helen. They range between 35 and cups and salvers have already been donated this year for the 4 Piece and 2 Piece competitions. The U15 5 Piece trophies have also been donated. Another person who works in the background, an unsung hero as it were, is Claire Pocock who works at many competitions as the Scorer. She is also the website manager and will be looking after the new one once it is set up. Claire designed the spreadsheet she uses for scoring and is willing to let schools use it for a fee of 50 (which will go to I.S.G.A.). She is also willing to run tutorials for those who want to use the system, at the same time as other workshops at Tormead. Stuart Dunkley our Treasurer and Head Judge was also thanked for his contributions over the year. He is very talented in many ways. We are glad to have him back with us for the first time after major surgery and wish him all the best for the future. He continues to offer his services on an advisory / coaching basis to any schools in the association. Verity Boulger is our Vice Chair and last year worked in a job share position with Vicky Cook as Judges Convenor. Verity has herself continued to judge and was thanked for all she had done this season. Other people who have been working consistently on our behalf are Emily Burman, Trudy Smith and Michelle O Brien. All have hosted competitions, served on two committees and started to take on more responsibility. We appreciate all that they have done and are doing for us. Also Suzanne Rimini who was elected to the Technical committee last year was thanked for her input with the rules. Lastly, but certainly not least, Libby Craig, our President, who has attended a number of the competitions and always tries to ensure she is up to date with what is going on. We all appreciate her continued involvement. Everyone is aware that we have had a defunct website for the last couple of years. Both Claire and June have been trying to come up with a solution to the problem of setting a new one up. This is normally a very expensive process. June has now found a Shropshire firm willing to do it within our budget and this will be set up as soon as is possible. Page 3 of 7 We have people who have offered to hold workshops (Michelle O Brien at Tormead, and (Emily Burman at Haberdashers Aske s, June Walden in the Midlands), to help coaches familiarise themselves with the new senior set floor plus any alterations with the other set floors These will probably take place in the summer term or the beginning of the following term. Michelle has offered training sessions to use the sprung floor. Three people were interested in attending a tutorial to learn how to use Claire Pocock s computer scoring programme. This year the cost of attending a Workshop/tutorial will be 25 for the first person and 15 for subsequent members of a school. This is a very small fee considering courses for other sports. A Twitter account is now being set up for I.S.G.A. by Trudy Smith. This is a tool which will be very useful for Linda as she organises June asked that people delete her O 2 address and only use: June said that she had received requests to include B teams in competitions. She said that our national championships were for A teams only. If B teams were also allowed to enter we would not be able to cope with the numbers involved. She did however set a challenge to all to start up friendly A and B team competitions on a regional basis. As an example, one such competition was set up 19 years ago in the Midlands (MISGA), which continues to flourish today, serving both, elite, and novice, girls and boys gymnastics. In the 1990 s the Mid-Southerns Championships was held at Holme Grange School in Berkshire Vikki Cook runs one for Under 7s and 8s at Holmewood House, Tunbridge Wells each summer. More are obviously needed. Marion was invited to give a short summary of the new rule cycle. She reported that the new senior set floor was the most radical change. The sequence was shown to coaches, gymnasts and audiences at the three presentations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Premier championship at Kent College. Linda gave a running commentary as it was performed. The 5 Piece rules are now complete and will be out in its new format in the very near future. The 4 Piece Girls Challenge Cup and the Boys National 4 piece rules are still to be finalised. The rules will be released to the membership as they become available. The 2 Piece championships set floors and voluntary vaults will follow the rules published in the main 5 Piece and 4 Piece rules. 4. Competition Secretary s Report We have been trying very hard this year to break even financially with all competitions. Before, we relied on host schools to pay any shortfalls, but school heads are not willing now to do this. The entry fees of 60 for a team of five is still very reasonable and we have been lucky to have brilliant hosts this year. Five years in a row of holding the Premier 5-piece competition at Kent College has been a stabilising factor and we are very grateful to them for doing this. We are also pleased that Tormead are hosting the same competition next year. Having had her Hotmail address hacked, Linda is only using her school address now, until the I.S.G.A. website is set up when she will be using her official I.S.G.A. one. Linda mentioned to all schools that it has now been agreed that any school that does not return a trophy when it is needed (in time for the next competition), will be fined as well as charged the cost of its return. The fine will be 50 and schools will be invoiced. Also if a team has to withdraw from a competition once the draw has been published a fine will also be implemented and schools invoiced. 60/50 ie the cost of the entry fee again. She mentioned that this year one school had only been able to bring along a team with only 3 gymnasts in it. Although they had not been able to compete as a team, one of the competitors did Page 4 of 7 very well individually. She mentioned that if a team pulls out at the last minute altogether, then it may be that you have a single gymnast setting the standard in two elements. She stated that if a school was in the first round for apparatus, then they would not be first in the group, and vice versa. She is careful to be fair to everyone. She used to employ the system of moving a team, year on year, to the next rotation. However, in view of the fact that this means sometimes individual gymnasts end up being in the first rotation year after year, she is now using the system of moving a team from round 1 to 3 or 2 to 4 etc. However, this coming year, Royal Masonic will not be in the first round as Marion Charafeddine (their coach) will be leading a judges session clarifying the new rules, immediately before round 1 starts. The 2 piece competition will be later in the Autumn term 2016 which will help to accommodate amongst others, BSB and BSN. IAPS will be on the previous Under 9 date at the end of the month and the Under 9 5-piece competition will be in the Spring term. No one is now permitted to bring their own springboards to competitions. The number of springboards being moved around the packed competition arena is causing a safety issue. So the decision has been made for Health and Safety reasons. June thanked Linda for her continued work on our behalf playing a major role in the successful championships this season. 5 Treasurer s Report 36 schools have affiliated, one more than last year. Last year decisions were made to change the way the affiliation fees were applied, depending on numbers on roll in schools. And also to increase the competition entry fees to try and cover the officials expenses at each of the competitions. This was to encourage schools to host our championships without the worry of judges costs. From the financial report we were very close to our target overall, (only 1.05 loss) However we still have to bring in more money to pay for all the association s running costs and make the 5 Piece competitions pay for themselves. Sponsorship: Stuart mentioned a number of possible ways money could be raised. The main one, which was aired was that of sponsorship. I.S.G.A. are looking for individuals, families, schools, businesses, etc who would be interested in sponsoring either I.S.G.A. as an organisation or some of I.S.G.A. s financial commitments to a particular competition ie officials travel expenses, accommodation, or evening meal allowances. Also many medals are required for the whole season. If we had a large enough sponsorship, bespoke medals could be made with our new name and logo on. Sponsors would be allowed a free advert in a programme and a vertical or horizontal banner to advertise their business would be allowed at a championship. Stuart proposed that our affiliation fees and entry fees remain the same for the next year. This was agreed. The Treasurer s Report was adopted. Proposed: Marion Charafeddine Seconded: Trudy Smith All in favour 6 Appointment of Auditors Stuart mentioned that this year the accounts were audited by Mrs Nicola Goy. She waived her 40 donation and asked for it to be given to Macmillan Trust. Mrs Goy is willing to audit the accounts for Proposed Linda McNally Seconded Stuart Dunkley All in favour Page 5 of 7 7. Election of Committee Members With Vikki Cook stepping down there is now a vacancy for a Judges Convenor on the committee. Verity Boulger who did a job share last year has been prevailed upon to take on the whole commitment on the understanding that a person be found to take over the IAPS championship. Proposed: Michelle O Brien Seconded: Suzanne Rimini All in favour For reference Libby Craig is the IAPS Sports Ambassador and Linda McNally the IAPS Representative. 8 Dates and Venues for the following year s competitions The dates below were confirmed at the meeting. Mrs Christina Foorde the headmistress at Tormead has confirmed she is delighted to host next year s Premier 5 Piece Championships over three days, Friday to Sunday. She is still working on the feasibility of hosting the U9 5 Piece alongside the U15 s on the Friday and will let us know in the near future if this is possible. The Under 15 category will be extended to 12 teams next year. The other competitions hosts are waiting to be confirmed. Nov Jan Piece Championships for Girls and Boys St Mary s Gerrard s Cross, Bucks TBC Boys 4 Piece National Championships Girls 4 Piece Challenge Cup Haberdashers Aske s Boys School, Elstree, Herts. TBC Mar Premier 5 Piece Championships Tomead School, Guildford, Surrey Confirmed If the U9 5 Piece championships cannot go ahead with the other age groups Guildford High are very happy to host it during the Spring term. Tormead have also offered to host it on a different weekend. IAPS National Gymnastics Championships Nov 26 or Wycombe Abbey? High Wycombe, Bucks or Guildford High? TBC ISA National Gym Championships Usually the first weekend in February would be Sunday 5 February Date and Venue TBC Charters Ancaster took part for the first time this year and Copthill, Stamford are hoping to participate next year. Tormead School have undergone a number of changes since their major rebuilding programme. There is only limited parking so parents will need to park off site / Spectrum car park. Areas designated for schools to share as a base will be for staff and gymnasts only, not parents or siblings. Girls are expected to change in the changing rooms and not the bases where male coaches are permitted. Tormead will be providing a sprung floor. June emphasis that host schools are not required to provide this luxury, but Tormead have their own. School please note that the group sequence area has a length of 12m but only a width of 10m from wall to wall. Page 6 of 7 Schools were asked to think ahead re offering to host competitions in the season and let the secretary and chairman know. 9 Date of next AGM Sunday 19 March 2017 at Maltman s Green School, Gerrard s Cross venue TBC 10 AOB Gordon Finch (Brit Sch of the Netherlands), had sent in items, two of which were also requested by Helen le Page (Guildford High). Jo Cox (Kent College) sent in two items. All were brought to the morning Executive Committee meeting for consideration and also to the membership at the AGM in the afternoon. Due to the nature of our championships some were not practical to implement, ie at the
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