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IELTS – Writing Subjects 1. In many countries where capital punishment has been abolished there has been a corresponding rise in violent crime rates. For this reason, many governments are considering its reintroduction as a form of deterrent. Should Capital Punishment be re-introduced !iscuss. . #elevision is a very powerful medium of in$uence over large populations. #here are many positive aspects to television. For e%ample, it is an educational tool. &owever
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  IELTS – Writing Subjects 1.In many countries where capital punishment has beenabolished there has been a corresponding rise in violent crimerates. For this reason, many governments are considering itsreintroduction as a form of deterrent. Should CapitalPunishment be re-introduced !iscuss. . #elevision is a very powerful medium of in$uence over largepopulations. #here are many positive aspects to television. Fore%ample, it is an educational tool. &owever many people feelthat it is doing irreparable harm. Present argumentation tohighlight your opinion on this matter. '.(utdoor recreation such as mountain climbing, camping andhi)ing bring us closer to nature and are ideal activities toencourage family bonding. !iscuss.*. #he younger generation is up-to-date with new techni+ues andadvances in Science. #hey are often better able to ma)eimportant decisions than their parents are. !iscuss. .(ver the past twenty to thirty years there has been anoticeable trend away from many forms of discipline within thefamily.  recent survey highlighted the fact that most peoplefeel that parents are too permissive with their children.!iscuss. .s a result of countries becoming more and moreindustriali/ed, pollution has become a serious problem.!iscuss some ways that this children. !iscuss. 0.(verpopulation if unchec)ed will bring about the destruction of this planet. !iscuss ways of controlling this problem. .2any are of the opinion that the Internet is inundating ourchildren with dangerous information. #here is however nodoubt that the Internet represents great advances incommunication and the dissemination of information. !iscussthe pros and cons of the Internet. 3.Salaries paid to employees are an accurate re$ection of theirvalue to society. !iscuss. In approaching this tas), consider inparticular salaries paid to nurses, doctors, sports-persons,movie stars, teachers and farmers. 14.lthough there is no longer an immediate threat of nuclearwar, peace seems as elusive as ever. In order to address thisproblem, the 5nited 6ations should be given a stronger role inglobal a7airs in order to bring about world peace. 11.8ood health is a basic human right, however in a growingnumber of countries today, access to health care depends onsocio-economic status. #his is discriminatory and should notbe the basis for access to good health care. !iscuss. 1 .Spending money on scienti9c research should only beapproved when there are economic bene9ts resulting from theresearch. !iscuss. 1'.:omen have been disadvantaged in the wor)place fordecades and so they should now receive special assistance inthe form of education and incentives, etc. !iscuss. 1*.;8oing on stri)e; is commonly used as a catalyst to resolveindustrial disputes. 2any conservative governments arestrongly opposed to this mechanism for bringing aboutchange. !iscuss the pros and cons of this action in resolvingdisputes. 1.Since :orld :ar II there has been an increase in cooperationbetween many <astern and :estern countries. #his has led toa desire amongst students to underta)e study in foreigncountries. :rite a brief account of the advantages anddisadvantages of studying abroad. 1.Since reading is important for a good education we shouldencourage our children to read e%tensively. &owever as thereis an abundance of undesirable reading matter, there shouldbe heavy censorship to restrict access to it. !iscuss. 10.Since private enterprise bene9ts from a country;s resources=both natural and human> it should be made accountable formaintenance of environmental and social infrastructures.  1.Pollution is a very serious problem today. :hat level of pollution should we tolerate !iscuss e%amples of the di7erenttypes of pollution. 13.:hat are the e7ects of global warming Suggest somerecommendations to minimi/e these e7ects. 4.Smo)ing has long been )nown to cause health problems forsmo)ers, however the e7ect of passive smo)ing is becomingan important health issue. !iscuss the dangers of smo)ing tosmo)ers and non-smo)ers. 1.?Passive smo)ing )ills. #he most vulnerable section of thepopulation are both the unborn and the very young children astheir lungs are still developing. For this reason, smo)ing inpublic places should be prohibited. !iscuss. . #he level of serious crime is escalating alarmingly. 8ive somesuggestions to control this trend. '.2ost psychologists today believe that a strong sense of parental discipline is necessary to bring up socially wellad@usted and self-con9dent children. !iscuss. *.lthough many bene9ts may result from space e%ploration,the costs involved are enormous. #here is some debate as towhether this money could be more wisely spent to provide forthe basic needs of man)ind such as food, clean water,contraception etc. For this reason space e%ploration should berestricted. !iscuss. .&ow can we address the problem of the increasing illiteracytrend in many highly developed countries such as the 5nitedStates and the 5nited Aingdom .&ow can the ever-increasing gap between rich and poor benarrowed 0.In countries li)e Bapan stress is becoming a ma@or problem.Suggest some ways to control this trend. .ainforests are a valuable resource and as such we shouldphase out indiscriminate logging. !iscuss. 3.:hat are the pros and cons of co-educational schooling. '4.Single se% education is better than co-educational schooling.!iscuss. '1.Compare the bene9ts of a vegetarian diet over a conventional:estern diet. ' .Forests are the lungs of the earth. #heir destruction willaccelerate e%tinction of animals and ultimately man)ind. Forthis reason, logging in the world;s rainforests should bephased out over the ne%t decade. !iscuss. ''.+uariums and wildlife sanctuaries are seen as sources of education and entertainment for families. #hey are alsoessential to conduct life-saving research. &owever there isopposition to con9ning animals in this way. !iscuss some of the arguments for and against the maintenance of /oos. '*.lthough education in many developing countries is notcompulsory, an e7ort should be made to ensure that allchildren between the age of  and 1 years attend some formof schooling. !iscuss. '. #ourism is seen as a ma@or industry for many countries.&owever it tends to have a deleterious e7ect on theenvironment and should be strictly monitored. !iscuss. '. #ourism is becoming a good source of revenue to manycountries. !iscuss the advantages and disadvantages of e%ploiting this resource. '0.  #echnology is ma)ing it possible to stay at home and wor).!iscuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. '.Dearning would be improved through the e%tensive use of computers in the classroom. #his is would reduce the numberof teachers re+uired which would be an advantage. !iscuss. '3.Society is e%periencing an increase in many problems such ascrime and drug abuse due to urbani/ation. 8ive somesuggestions to control this trend.  *4.!iscuss the possible causes for the worldwide increase incrime and violence. :hat has been the e7ect of these adversetrends on society
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