How we use black annealed wire

It’s probably fair to say that most of us don’t think about wire too much or really understand the differences between the various types. After all, surely all wire is basically the same: just a form of metal that can come in different lengths and diameters. How much can black annealed wire really differ from, say, galvanised wire?
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  • 1. How We Use Black Annealed Wire It’s probably fair to say that most of us don’t think about wire too much or really understand the differences between the various types. After all, surely all wire is basically the same: just a form of metal that can come in different lengths and diameters. How much can black annealed wire really differ from, say, galvanised wire? But in actual fact, there are plenty of different types of wire that all have their completely different uses, which sets each one apart from the rest. If we didn’t have black annealed wire, you might be surprised to learn that we’d be living in a very different modern world than the one we’re in. in fact, it might not seem too modern without it, as everything from our refuge collection to the way we build houses would be impacted. The answer to how we use black annealed wire is actually quite a lengthy one. To answer it, you need to know two different things: one, what it is and how it’s made. And two, the different forms it can come in. These two points ultimately dictate it’s necessity and exactly how it is used.
  • 2. Needless to say, all wire is usually made from some type of metal. The type of metal and the processes it is then put through determine what type of wire it will become and how it is used. Black annealed wire is made from carbon steel. First, it is stretched or drawn until it is the required length and diameter. Once this has been done, it is put through the annealing process. Annealing is basically a heat treatment that has been designed to alter the properties of the metal. Usually this means making it more ductile, which is something that can be lost when the steel is stretched and drawn out. The extreme heat that is used in order to complete this then turns the metal black, which is also how it gets its name. What you’re left with once this has been done is a metal that is very strong and very flexible, making it perfect for a number of functions, but primarily, for holding together large amounts of material. Of course, the exact use of it will come down to the form it comes in. For starters, there are black annealed formers, which probably make the most difference on the majority of our lives as it is this form of black annealed wire that is used in waste disposal and for recycling. Whatever the ultimate end for our waste is, whether it’s for the landfill or to be made into something else, it first of all needs to go through a number of steps, where it is cleaned, separated and moved from one location to another. If this waste had to be moved from
  • 3. place to place without being securely packaged up first, it would be a technical nightmare for those working with it. Imagine having to handle piles and piles of separated waste and materials, which would then need to be moved on to the next place. For starters, a lot of it would probably end up being lost on the way. So in come the black annealed formers. These large coils of wire can be used to bundle all the waste together into bales and hold it all together safely. There’s no risk of anything coming loose and compressed into bales of a uniform shape and size, the waste and recycled materials are also much safer and easier to handle and even store. Then there are rewound coils of black annealed wire, which are also used to package things together in conjunction with a baling press. For this, the exact dimensions of the wire is vitally important, as it all needs to be of a uniform length and diameter in order to be used with the baling press. Therefore, this can be manufactured according to the client’s specific needs. These come on palates, which are light and easy to transport to where they are needed, to give the utmost flexibility to clients. Cut bars are used to galvanise other types of metal. For this process, a wire that is strong and durable enough to withstand the process of galvanisation (where metal is dipped into a molten solution of zinc) is required. The cut bars hold the metal in place while it is dipped into the solution. Obviously, this could potentially be quite a risky
  • 4. procedure, imagine after all, what would happen if the solution was knocked over. Therefore, the cut bars are essential to make sure it all occurs safely and smoothly. Galvanised wire can then be used for a number of other essential purposes and is often used as an alternative to black annealed wire when it comes to waste disposal. Cut and looped black annealed wire also provides a level of precision and care, although to a very different end. This type of wire has been specifically designed for manual use, so if you need to affix the wire to something but need to provide a certain level of skill and care, this form of black annealed wire is the one for you. Packaging up priceless parcels would be one example of where this type of wire would be used. But equally, it is also used for DIY repairs and basic jobs, for example, work in your garden or holding together something that has split or broken, like a fence. Then there are catchweight coils, which are predominantly of use to steel stockholders. This form of black annealed wire is used to secure large amounts of steel together before it is shipped off to wherever it is required. Needless to say, something very strong is needed to do this and safely, to ensure that the steel can be carried properly without any worry of it coming loose en route. So black annealed wire is thus essential. So there you have it: how we use black annealed wire. And once you know that, you can get a better idea of how vital it is to our everyday life and just how much it can differ from other types of wire. It really is an essential to our daily lives. If you wish to see our range of black annealed wire and find out more information please see
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