How to Ask for a Pay Raise

How to Ask for a Pay Raise
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  How to Ask for a Pay Raise srcinated by: Liz, Sara, Dvortygirl, AnonymousThe best approach to asking for a pay rise is to plan; simply leaping over the abyss of an opportunistic moment ill rarely produce a successful outcome ! nerves, discomfort, and lack of preparation ill trip you up #noing hy you$re of more value to the company and having a case prepared in advance ill set in much  better stead and even if the anser is initially no, your enthusiasm and clarity ill be remembered for future opportunities %f you feel like you have been doing an e&cellent 'ob at ork, don$t be afraid to approach your employer for a raise; here are some suggestions on ho to go about doing it Steps 1. There$s alays room for star performers Understand your chances (or starters, once you$ve negotiated a pay deal ith your boss, it$s harder to ask for more )our boss assumes you$re happy ith the amount you$re getting and isn$t going to be favorably disposed to adding more financial burden to the company ithout good reason *n the hole, getting a pay rise in most industries is hard to achieve unless you have leverage And that leverage can consist of such things as getting another 'ob offer or doing above and beyond your 'ob description, consistently, effectively, and regularly o %f you are a +star employee+, a good company ill often be able to find a bit e&tra to keep you satisfied e aare that it is a fairly standard tactic to tell you that the business is already over its annual budget, to try and deter you from asking This means that you need to kno your orth asassessed against ob'ective criteria -see belo., and be persistent o e realistic During a recession period, some companies ill not be able to provide pay rises ithout endangering your entire 'ob /hen assessing any concern raised that they$re already +over budget+ and suffering as a result of the recession, cut0backs, or any other reasons, do some  background research on the realities of this before pressuring too much   o e careful using another 'ob offer as leverage )our boss may call you on it; it$s important to really have such a 'ob offer and to really ant to take that 'ob if you$re rebuffed by your boss in the current 'ob )ou may have to alk that plank1 2. 2ave confidence in your value Don't be afraid Despite saying that it can be hard to get a pay rise, it$s 'ust as important not to fall into the mindset of not asking for a pay rise, ever %n particular, omen are often afraid to ask for a pay rise  because of the impression that it$s important not to appear too demanding or pushy Alloing this type of  pervasive thinking on$t in you a pay rise by pro&y 2ave confidence in your orth -see belo on hoto assess this. and value yourself See this as an opportunity to sho that you care enough to develop a career tra'ectory that favors your orkplace as ell as yourself o  3egotiation is a learned skill %f you are afraid of this aspect, take some time out to learn it and  practice implementing it in a variety of conte&ts before approaching your boss 3. 2as something you$ve done risen above all e&pectations4 Choose the right time Successful re5uests are all about good timing %t doesn$t make sense to ask for a  pay rise hen you$ve not yet demonstrated anything amazing for the firm you$re orking for, no matter ho little or long you$ve been ith it And asking for a pay rise based purely on +time done+ is dangerous because it makes you appear like a timekeeper rather than someone interested in the company$s progression #eep in mind: o Demonstrable increased value /hat have you done ithin a demonstrable time period that has made you more valuable to the firm or organization4 %t$s never good enough to use time as the reason for a pay rise; never say to your boss: +%$ve been here for a year and % deserve a pay rise+ )our boss ill be likely to respond, +And so hat4+ o Success is key, not time done The time is always  right hen your value to the organization is clearly high This means seizing the iron hile it$s hot and asking for a pay rise off the back of e&cellent successes such as holding a highly successful conference, getting fantastic feedback, getting a big client signed on, producing outstanding ork that outsiders have praised, etc o Don$t choose a time hen the company has 'ust posted ma'or losses 4.  Search your orkplace$s policies Know your company's poicies Does your company re5uire annual performance revies to determine your salary4 Do salaries advance according to a fi&ed schedule or rank4 /ho can make the decision -or ask for it to be made.4 6ead the employee handbook -and company intranet, if you have one., or better yet, talk to someone in 2uman 6esources 5. Do some research in the relevant fields only Know what you're worth ! ob ecti#ey %t$s easy to believe you$re orth more, especially if you feel as if you$re giving 778 percent every day but you need to demonstrate this ob'ectively by assessing your orth against others in the same industry (ind out the usual salary range for those ho do hat you do in your region or area #no hat others doing the same as you in your industry are getting /hile this is something you should already have knon since commencing the 'ob and have negotiated a salary level accordingly, if your role and responsibilities have changed since taking the 'ob, look to similar levels in the industry to see hat they$re being paid for similar ork This can help you to build your case but should not   be used as the principal reason for your anting to get a pay rise %t informs  you  about your orth, not your boss and your boss on$t vie this as a real   reason to give you a raise /henlooking for this information, take into account: o )our 'ob description, responsibility, including any management or leadership tasks; o )ears of e&perience and your seniority in the company$s line of ork; o )our education; and o )our location 6.  Prepare a ist of your accompishments This list is part of the process of knoing your on orth, as ell as providing the groundork for making your case and defending your re5uest /hile some people  believe it$s helpful to rite don the accomplishments to present to your boss, others believe your accomplishments should already be evident and you should only need to remind your boss verbally %t depends on hat you kno about your boss$s preferences, your relationship dynamics ith your boss, and your on level of comfort ith reciting your accomplishments verbatim o %f you$re choosing to convince your boss verbally, memorize the list o %f you$re choosing to present a ritten copy to your boss for his or her reference, have somebody  proofread it for you first 7. Take time to prepare your case; think through all the positives $ake your case 9ay particular attention to pro'ects you$ve orked on, and ho you helped solve any  problems that arose This case should clearly and simply demonstrate hy you$re orth more money to your employer, including demonstrating ho business operations and profits have improved since and  because you$ve been a part of the company This is about far more than 'ust doing your 'ob ell, something you$re already e&pected to do; you should be doing around 8 percent more in your role than hen you started it or last had a pay increase Demonstrate that you$ve made an important and remarkable difference and ill continue to do so, focusing on the positive things you$ve done for the company Some 5uestions to consider hen developing your case include: o Did you complete or help to complete a tough pro'ect4 And get positive results from it4 o Did you ork e&tra hours or meet an urgent deadline4 Are you continuing to demonstrate this type of commitment4 o Did you take initiative4 %n hat ays4 o Did you go beyond the call of duty4 %n hat ays4 o Did you save the company time or money4 o Did you improve any systems or processes4

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