Contributor identification Contribution identification Name Jean Hoeffelman Session Alpha2 Company ELIA Block Address !odestraat 2 #uestion n$ In%ited speaker &'( Linkebeek ) Bel*ium Lan*ua*e used on the floor En*lish or french +hone ,'2 2 '-2 2'& Accompanyin* %isuals on file . yes e)mail /ean0hoeffelman1elia0be EMI-EMF update: Recent achievements and work going on in relevant WG’s CIGRE-CIRED WG C4.04 1 : “EMC and EM ! general as ects# 2E3C 4ithin *eneratin* plants5 transmission systems a
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  Contributor identificationContribution identification Name Jean HoeffelmanSessionAlpha2CompanyELIABlockAddress !odestraat 2 #uestion n$In%ited speaker &'( Linkebeek ) Bel*iumLan*ua*e used on the floorEn*lish or french+hone,'2 2 '-2 2'&Accompanyin* %isuals on file .yese)mail/ean0hoeffelman1elia0be EMI-EMF update: Recent achievements and work going on in relevant WG’s CIGRE-CIRED WG C4.04 1  : “EMC and EM ! general as ects#  E3C 4ithin *eneratin* plants5 transmission systems and industrial installationsSome electrical safety concerns 6step and touch %olta*es7 also taken into account EMC (EMI) ã Guides and tutorials ) 8uide 29 : ;8uide on E3C in +o4er plants and substations< 6==>7) 8uide (9 : ;3a*netic field in H? cable systems< 6==&7 6J@ '&0()27) 8uide 2: ;Electric and ma*netic field produced by transmission systems 6=-(7 6'&0(7) 8uide 2(: ;Interference produced by corona effect of electric systems 6=>9 , add ==>7 6'&0(7 ã Better characterisation of some disturbances !e%ie4 of most of the a%ailable measurement data published since ==( and dealin* 4ith 8IS5 AIS5 ast transients5 C3 currents5 transient fields0+ublication at the CI8!E +aris 2((2 session of paper '&)(- entitled:;E3I characteriation of H? substations  updated data and influence on immunity assessment< ã Assessment of immunity (emission) characteristics of substation installations ) Study of eDistin* data to assess some basic standards 6ast transients  Sur*es  Fscillatory  !adiated %ersus conducted 0007 ) A position paper on transient immunity tests has been for4arded to IEC  [ref 77B(Firenze/Secretariat)13]. 6the oscillary 4a%e test &((()9)2 is presently under re%ision7) +roposals for in situ testin* 6input to IEC7 EMF ã TF C4.04.01 : Measurements and modelin  @his @ aims at settin* up reliable E3 measurement methods and procedures in the %icinity of utilities po4er installations0 Alternati%e calculation methods 4ill also be proposed0 ã TF C4.04.0! : Manetic field mitiation techni ues  A re%ie4 of publications has been done and more than -( references are made a%ailable to the @ membersA technical brochure is scheduled by end 2((9 ã TF C4.04.0# : Manetic field indices 6to be set up in Fctober 2(('@his ne4 @ aims at proposin* and definin* a set of Guality indices able to characterie the ma*netic field le%el in *i%en locations5 takin* into account its statistical beha%iour e0*0 field le%el not eDceeded durin* =  of the time0 @he purpose is to make at disposal to decision makers correct assessment methods but not to propose any limit0   ormer 8 '&0(9 JH8Kpdate(9)2(('re%  Relations with IEC / Cenelec ) Link 4ith IEC and more particularly 4ith SC >>B: 6e0*0 Comments on transient immunity tests 7) IEC &((()&) 6NI+EME immunity spec07: 8eneric standards : Immunity for po4er station and substation en%ironments0) IEC (& and CLC (&: E3 associated 4ith human eDposure WG C4.0$  $   : “ EMC with telecomm%nication circ%its& '( s)stems and metallic str%ct%res #  ã Guides and tutorials 8uide = : ;8uide on on the Influence of H? AC +o4er Systems on 3etallic +ipelines< 6== 763ainly influence under fault condition7<3ethods for measurin* the earthin* of transmission to4ers eGuipped 4ith earthin* 4ires< 6foreseen by end 2(('7 ã AC corrosion 8uide for ac corrosion on metallic pipelines due to the influence of ac po4er lines 6In cooperation 4ith CEFCF!7 ã $on constant fault current (safety concern) ã %armonic currents  6interferences on telecom circuits7 ã G&M base station in 'oer 'oletoers  6collaboration 4ith 8 C90(9 and 4ith I@)@7 ã *elation ith other bodies + Input to CENELEC 6pr EN ('  and (' 27 O Basic Standard P and O Limits relatin* to the influence of electric  po4er supply and traction systems on telecommunication systems PInput to and link 4ith I@)@ S8 : !ecommendations Q'' 6Limits for people safety related from couplin* from ac electric po4er7 +roposals for ne4 a safety le%el for lon* fault durations0 Also input to Q ' 6?alues of induced %olta*es to establish responsibilities7 and mainly to the ne4 Q0bsp concernin* radio base stations on H? to4ers0 CC 0* : “+rotection o, distri-%tion networks against lightning#  +reparation of a *uide 6tutorial7 on the protection of 3? and L? net4orks a*ainst li*htnin*6Synthesis presented at CI!EM =>7 ã Link 4ith @ C90(0( 6 Li*htnin* Induced F%er%olta*es 7 and 8 C90(9 ã Input to IEC @C&9: IEC &2(&&: ;8eneral Basic Information !e*ardin* Sur*e F%er%olta*es and Sur*e +rotection in L? AC +o4er Systems< ã uture input to IEC @C -  Standardization (not exhaustive) EC SC 77 B:Electromanetic compati!ilit - #F phenomena ã 3ainly re%ision and updatin* of basic standards8 : &((()9)2: Mamped oscillatory 4a%es ) EDtension up to about ( 3H CIS$R:EMC-Emission a!o%e & '# ã C,&-*G : Interference relatin* to information technolo*y eGuipment  modification to CIS+! 22: includes eGuipment used for data transmission across a po4er supply net4ork  ã C,&-*B  : Includes no4 Interferences related to o%erhead po4er lines and to H? eGuipment 2  ormer 8 '&0(2 JH8Kpdate(9)2(('re% 2  C &&: $ower installations a!o%e * '+ ac and *, '+ dc ã +ro/ect &='&  : ;Common rules<  chapter = Earthin* systems 6MIS sta*e7 C *.: Methods 0or the assessment o0 electric and manetic 0ields associated with human e1posure ã 8 ,': Basic standards5 8 2,9: +roduct std5 8 8eneric std ã 8 : +ro/ect &222&: ;Calculation methods of induced current in human body by electric or ma*netic field in lo4or intermediate freGuency ran*e<  CM? sta*e C 2*: 3ihtnin protection ã ill completely re%ised the structure of the eDistin* standards 6L+S5 risk assessment5 LE3+7 into a ne4 standard 4ith reference IEC &2'( ã Intends to start a N+ on ;Incomin* ser%ices  +o4erlines< CE/E'EC  3andates of European Commission 6European Mirecti%es7 C 4*.:Electromanetic compati!ilit ã 8 ': 'r/$ 0#! : Limits relatin* to the influence of electric po4er supply and traction systems on telecommunication systems0 'r/$ 0#1 : Basic standard for the calculation and measurement methods relatin* to the influence of electric po4er supply and traction systems on telecommunication systems BT(,T$T)2 : Electroma*netic interferences produced by po4er lines on metallic pipelines BT(,T$T)23+ Electroma*netic interference produced on @LC lines by harmonics flo4in* on po4er lines C*.5:#uman e1posure to electromanetic 0ields Accordin* to the Mresden a*reement the main acti%ities of this @C are transferred to IEC eDcept for 4hat concerns limits or 4hen the time schedule proposed by IEC is not acceptable0 C&&5:$ower installations e1ceedin * '+ ac and *, '+ dc ã % 3#2&1   chapter = Earthin* systems 2  S6: $rotection aainst electromanetic en%ironment e00ects ã Guidelines  ) @utorials: 5,*/CT,6/&7 ?ol II  Calculatin* induced %olta*es and currents in practical cases 6==(2(((7?ol ?  Inducin* currents and %olta*es in po4er transmission and distribution systems 6==(2(((7?ol ?I  Man*ers and disturbances 6under re%ision in cooperation 4ith 8 C90(27 ã *eulations : 5*/CMM/$AT,$&78 ## :   Limits for people safety related to couplin* into telecommunications system from a0c0 electric po4er and a0c0 electrified rail4ay installations in fault conditions 6  Admissible limits 7 8 # : ?alues of induced %olta*es on telecommunication installations to establish telecom and a0c0 po4er and rail4ay operators responsabilities' : se of po4er line to4ers for radio base stations 6draft7 JH8Kpdate(9)2(('re% '

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