Halloween Party Invitation

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  Halloween Party Invitation My sister made a cute invitation to a Halloween party. It was cut in the shape of a gravestone by rounding off the top of the paper. It was white with 1/2 inch black edging. At the top it said !. .#.$instead of !.I.$.. It also said Halloween $arty and had black lines like the stone was cracked.%he inside was orange paper with variousHalloween stickers around the invitation.&hange things as needed to rhyme with  your address' etc.A costume party is what(s happening&ause we want to celebrate Halloween)%he time is *+,,' the place --------  aturday' ctober 2*' is the date.  %here will be tricks and treats for all toshare'or you ghosts and goblins and those who dare%o come to this creepy Halloween bash'%o hear scary tunes like the Monster Mash.0e will play some games and also dance,We will pick best costume, so take a chance.Dress real cute or dress real spooky!Dress real cool or dress real kooky! &ome as rankenstein or a mutant ina)3racula or the famed &leopatra4&ome real early and stay real late5ust please come to celebrate.0e will have witches brew and apples a bobbin( o come on all you ghosts and goblins.  3on(t forget the place to beIs the ----- house 6  ---------------.!.I.$. 7ops) I mean !. .#.$.8 Halloween Riddles 9. 0hy don(t witches like to ride their brooms when they(re angry4A. %hey(re afraid of flying off the handle)9. 0ho did rankenstein take to the prom4A. His ghoul friend.9. 0hat do ghosts serve for dessert4A. Ice cream.  9. How do witches keep their hair in place while flying4A. 0ith scare spray.9. 0hy did the monster eat a light bulb4A. :ecause he wanted a light snack.9. 0hat kind of mistakes do spooks make4A. :oo boos.9. 0hy couldn(t 3racula(s wife get to sleep4A. :ecause of his coffin.9+ 0hat was the witches( favorite subect in school4A+ pelling.
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