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FAQ FULL MOON RITUALS FULL MOON FAQ This is the Full Moon Ritual (hereafter referred to as FMR) FAQ sheet. This will let you know what it is and how it works, hopefully, and if it doesn't then please feel free to ask questions on the list. Who can be in FMR? The FMR is not a coven or any kind of formal group; it's a community event, open to all who care to participate. By participate, we mean lead, invoke a quarter, petition (see somewhere later), or just read along and/or lend energy. Most
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  FAQ FULL MOON RITUALS   FULL MOON FAQ This is the Full Moon Ritual (hereafter referred to as FMR) FAQ sheet. Thiswill let you know what it is and how it works, hopefully, and if it doesn't then please feel free to ask questions on the list. Who can be in FMR? The FMR is not a coven or any kind of formal group; it's a community event, open to allwho care to participate. By participate, we mean lead, invoke a quarter, petition (seesomewhere later), or just read along and/or lend energy. Most leaders, but not all, ask that those intending to participate sign in beforehand; the main reason is so we'reexpecting you to speak and don't close before you get your chance. So who gets to be leader? Interesting question. Generally the previous leader will nominate someone immediatelyafter the end of the ritual to lead next month. This may be someone they personally wantto see lead, or they may leave the decision to the Gods (I once put all the invokers' namesin a little bowl I have...). If the person nominated can't lead next month, they willfrequently suggest an alternate; if they don't, it kicks back to the previous leader to trysomeone else. If the outgoing leader REALLY doesn't want to nominate, he or she willask for a volunteer. Who gets to do the other stuff? Usually we ask for volunteers for the quarter, Goddess and God invocations. If there aremore volunteers than needed, it's the leader's choice. This isn't a question of quality; it'susually a matter of balance (males and females, old people and new people, whatever).What's a petition?After the invocations are completed, the leader usually does a transition to the body of theritual, which normally consists of people's personal workings, which are frequently of the asking for something persuasion, hence the word petition , which is used to meananyone's personal contribution. Other than workings for a desired goal, petitions haveincluded expressions of gratitude to the gods and/or the members, performances of poetryor music, whatever people want to do with their space. Petitions aren't scheduled; youcome in any time during the main window, usually 4-5 days. How does it work? The FMR is done during a 5-7 day window. The leader posts an opening note, setting place and mood, usually casting the circle, and welcoming participants. Over the next 24-48 hours the quarters are called, the God and Goddess are invoked, and the leader posts atransition to the petition period. Thereafter people come in at their own time to petitionuntil the pre-announced time of closing, when the leader posts a final hail-and-farewell. Itisn't necessary to leave your computer on all week, or to do a physical working thatexactly mirrors your petition. While it's true that we take a week to do the ritual; it is alsotrue that it lasts one night. It is VERY true that the power raised is genuine, and that  requests are answered often and wonderfully. There are some things that you can do tomake the most of the power of the experience. First, she said with great emphasis, READTHE WHOLE THING. If you're coming in to petition, backdate to start if need be andread your way to where you'll be next to speak . After the ritual has ended, read thewhole thing again and allow yourself to feel it all in one piece. Second, any mundanelegwork associated with your petition has to happen; if you're asking for that job you justapplied for, have you called and asked if they received your application? Also, many of us(not all, not every time) do some version of our FMR petition in real-time. It may not beas elaborate as what you do in cyberspace, which has fewer rules, but some personalworking appears to help. Third, believe it. One time someone asked how many peoplehad gotten what they asked for, and the results were pretty astonishing. So how do I get in on this? Some time around New Moon, the leader for the next FMR posts an announcement of timelines, probably a call for volunteers, maybe a preliminary mention of place, maybe aformat note if something special is planned. As replies to that note, people sign up toinvoke and/or petition, ask questions, etc. Watch for there appearance of FULL MOONROLL CALL, which is where this sort of thing takes place. It's also the place for any sidediscussion that may go on during the ritual, such as nifty invocation, Joe or sorry I waslate for East . No experience is required, but a little background is useful, and it can beacquired by reading a previous FMR or two (copies of past FMRs are archived on thiswebsite, if you'd like to read them). As you read past rituals, the few style points becomeapparent, notably that we reply to the previous reply especially during invocations (keepsthem in the right order) and that we write in third person and do a fair bit of describingwhat we're doing; first person is only usual when we're actually speaking . Example:Cloud stops typing for a moment and scratches her head. She almost wonders what shewas about to say, but remembering what it was, she speaks: Hey! Now I remember! That's it from me, for now. A thousand thank-you to Cloud (one of the srcinal FMR moms) for this information!  A NOTE ON THE DETERMINATION OF MOONS The Moons here a determined by the following list, beginning with the first full moon after Yule. Many different moon names exist, and I've tried to provide a few alternates as well. ã Wolf Moon {chaste, cold, disting, little winter, quiet, wolf} ã Horning Moon {big winter, hunger, ice, storm, wild} ã Storm Moon {crow, plow, sap, seed, wind, worm} ã Seed Moon {growing, hare, planter's} ã Hare Moon {bright, dyad, flower, frog, merry} ã Meade Moon {honey, horse, dyad, lovers', rose, strawberry, strong sun} ã Fallow Moon {blessing, buck, hay, wort} ã Barley Moon {corn, fertile, grain} ã Wine Moon {harvest, singing} ã Blood Moon {falling leaf, harvest, hunting, vintage} ã Snow Moon {beaver, dark, fog, mad, shedding, storm} ã Oak Moon {big winter, cold, long night, wolf} ã Elder Moon {Blue Moon - the thirteenth moon in a solar year, despite the modernnotion that even the ancients called it the second moon in a month for our matrifocalancestors who lived by a Lunar Calendar, it was impossible to have two moons in amonth, as a moon was a month!}  Old Castle Ritual Room Wolf Moon Leader : RedDeer Date : 30 December 2001   The days after Yule had found Red Deer ever more intent on singing a place sometimes hisalone but more often a part of the real world into the Old Castle environs. Now, on thenight of the full moon, he lay again on the central altar amid the circle and spiral of standing stones, only a few miles out in the country from the southern part of heaven. Aglorious full moon shone overhead, with only wisps of clouds. She illuminated the lithonsof rough hewn sandstone - the quarter-stones of which stood some twenty feet tall. WhenDeer first found this circle, it was unlike any he'd experienced before - not actually a circle but a spiral winding in from the north and completing two turns before meeting the circleof quarter-stones, then one more to the central altar slab - but over the past few years he'd become quite at home here. A newly built edifice on an anciently hallowed hillside.As part of the song, Deer called the memory of a prior Yule when he had lain just so uponthat altar for what seemed hours - watching Mama Moon as She had appeared to sailthrough the regathering clouds - before he had become aware of the fog rolling in fromChapel Hill. Entranced, he had held his breath as the fog mounted the hillock in a deosilspiral until wisps of it were floating into the circle itself and seeming to dance among thestanding stones. Tonight Deer sang the fog up the hill and watched as it rose to claim eventhe tallest of the stones. Then, he stood, shed all sense of himself and waited - untilawareness of a distinctly different atmosphere accosted his skin and his nose with smells of ancient oak, selaginella and leaf mold. Opening his eyes, he sees the moon reflected in aglass smooth lake which also reflects the walls and turret of the Old Castle off to thesouth, and realizes that his gateway into this place has brought the stone circle just to theeastern edge of the ancient grove, where so many previous moons have been celebrated.Becoming aware of a faint smell of ozone and then noticing that, while grove and castleappear solidly limned, the lithons about him possess a certain transparent quality, Deer turns to each of the quarters, contemplating the wise words inscribed upon each of thequarter stones, and returns to his song. Had anyone else been afoot, they might havenoticed antlers - outlined in a faint bluish light, upon Deer's forehead as he made his wayfirst three turns out then three back in the spiral. Each stone he pauses to touch, to hug, tokiss... and each stone becomes limned in the same faint blue light as his antlers beforeacquiring more of an air of solidity. Back at the central stone, Deer climbs upon it anddrops to his right knee, both hands clasped upon his left. Still Deer sings - of hills and sky,grove and stones, lake and castle - ending only when the odd light and the faint acrid odor have been completely subsumed in the more usual qualities of this place. Again he waits,knowing that no matter how well sung, this work will not remain without the blessing of his uncle. And waiting, Deer finds time to dwell upon plans for tonight's moon. Lost inmental preparations, he is startled by the clatter of hoof upon stone and looks up just intime to see a great stag - rack held high in the starlit sky - bounding from stone to stone,turning about the outward spiral of this place before disappearing into the wood. BlessedBe, Uncle, and a thousand thank you's, Deer calls out cheerfully as he inwardly kickshimself for having been so inattentive to the comings and goings about him. However, hadthe Uncle desired interaction, he would have initiated it... and Deer was overjoyed withthe seeming air of permanence and age which now seemed to emanate from the stones
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