Francken 1771-1783 Comparison

Comparison of the two editions of the Francken documents.
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   Document 1 64 -s-e Les manuscrits Francken de 1771 et de 1783 Chantier de fouilles maçonniques Il s’agit d’une comparaison, en anglais,des manuscrits Francken de 1771 et 1783.  Edition 2009  Differences between the Francken rituals of 1771 and 1783 The survey was made by taking the 1771 (a) version as a basis, supposing that when copyingthe text, this was the starting point. The 1783 edition is called (b). The rituals comparedcomprise the l5 to 24 degree (incl). thth Some minor differences have been left out, as well as changes in phrases, where subordinateclauses changed position.The numbering of the pages is in accordance with the page number of the 1771 edition. The line of the relative pages is not noted.1 (b) the mention of Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Cap Fran~ais, Cayes de Fonds,Kingston in Jamaica, Albany in the province of New York   is missing in  (a).Morin's title is (a) Thrice Excellent, most Illustrious Brother; (b) most Illustrious Brother Francken's title is (a) Prince of the R S, Dep gr Inspector general; (b) Prince of the R S, lttydlt Senior Dep Gr Inspector general. tyd 72 years of exile (a) 70 years of captivity and 2 years siege; (b) 72 years of captivity.2Y H (b) liberty of passage for free masons; (a) liberty of passage.(a) sabre in a shade; (b) sabre in a sheath4(a) favorable member; (b) favorite member.5(a) trovel (b) trowel.6(a) Sedecias; (b) Zedekias.7(a) Rank of ofticers in the council; (b) Form of a council.(a) The Sovereign represents Cyrus; (b) Cyrus, Darius, &a.(a) 4 grand officers; (b) 5 grand officers.9(a) the greatest king of kings; (b) the king.11 (b) the answers of which are promted him by Mitradates is missing in  (a).(a) Juda & Benjamin; (b) Benjamin & Juda.12 (a) this Lodge; (b) this council.16 (a) aftliction; (b) persecution.(b) he then strikes the footstool of the Throne 7 times with his sword  is missing in  (a).(a) by putting their hands on their hearts is missing in  (b).19 (a) Sovereign; (b) Sovereign of Sovereigns.21 (a) thrice valorous; (b) most Excallent & Thrice valorous.(b) Sovereign of Sovereigns, Lord of Lords is missing in  (a).(a) rebuilding of God's Temple; (b) rebuilding of the Temple of the True God.23 (a) and has received these instructions is rnissing in  (b).(a) bonfires; (b) fires.24 (a) when they watched before them on their entry  is missing in  (b).(a) Darius' letter; (b) Darius' letter patent.(a) The lecture was shifted to page 25 at the end of the ritual.(a) Thrice Excellant Brothar Valorous prince Most Enlightened; (b) Thrice Excellent Bro.& Valorous Prince.25 (a) Illustrious Sovereign; (b) lllustrious Prince & Sovereign.26 (a) in council; (b) in grand council.(a) the valor of the princes; (b) the valor & Justice of the princes.26 (a) first srcin, for if they had not been masons, they would never have been princes ismissing in  (b).27 (a) combats with the Samaritans is missing in  (b).28 (b) kn of the Sun &a. as ahove mentioned, as they are the chiefs of all Masonic orders  is ts missing in  (a).  (a) reporteJ to the chair; (b) reported by the Deputees, that the Brother prince visitor ex pectsto bereceiveJwithallhisHonor s.(a) mallet; (b) Hiram.(a) Master orders the arch, with the olJest Master to conduct him to the door is missing in  (b).(a) without they appear properly decorated; (b) without his order and decorations.(a) where no grand council is estabished by the Gr Insp or his Dep; (b) and if any Lodges drty of R::A:: or perfection &a. established in any province.31 (a) grand wardens; (b) wardens.32 (a) hanging on their breast  is missing in  (b).(a) B D W P H G F ( W is substitute of srcinal H  ); (b) B D H P C F G.34 (a) wicked; (b) wicked bretheren.35 on their breast is a black ribbon; (b) a black ribbon round their necks.38 (a) is missing K of the Eagle, and chaos disentangled. t 41 (a) subject; (b) object.42 (a) of a Rose Cross is missing in  (b).(a) Harodim; (b) Herodim.43 (a) subject; (b)object.(a) an amusing Allegorick moral; (b)conserving allegorc moral.45 (a) until you come to the degree of perfection; (b) until the degree or title of perfect mason.47 (a) Rose opened; (b) Rose expanded.50 (a) reports; (b) repeats.51 (a) in a Room; (b) in the 4 room. th 52 (a) Senior Warden; (b) Junior warden.53 (a) this token is called the good shepherd  is missing in  (b).54 (a) cut in points of diamonds; (b) cut in diamonds.55 (b) NB there is no obligation in this Jegree  is missing in  (a).57 (a) there is only one warden is missing in  (b).(b) said city is elevated is missing in  (a).63 (a) M ad vitam; (b) Grand Master ad vitam. r  64 (a) full power in writing; (b) full power & patent in writing.66 (a) Grand Master Lodge; (b) Lodge of Grand Masters ad vitam.67 (a) by Cyrus; (b) by Cyrus, Darius, &a.(a) and established him  is missing in  (b).(a) ministry; (b) mysteries.  (a) Kilwellin; (b) Kilwinning.(a) 14 degree; (b) gr El& perf Sub Masons. thdt t me 69 (a) begin our work with vigilance: (b) be early and vigilant in our good works.70 (a) Cyrus not alone gone  is missing in  (b).71 (a) grand patriarch; (b) Sublime patriarch.(a) point of Masonry and perfection; (b) point of perfection.73 (a) Scotch Masons is missing in  (b).81 (a) to the right and left is missing in  (b).85 (a) by a general deluge; (b) with a deluge.87 (a) mysteries; (b) mysterious(a) great Phaleg; (b) great architect Phaleg.(a) the knights adepts of the Sun; (b) the princes adepts, knights of the Sun.88 (a) looking on the ground; (b) looking downwards.(a) this chapter of Perfect Prussian knights is open; (b) this chapter is open.89 (a) present king of Prussia; (b) present Frederic 3 of Prussia. d (a) on which was also hiroglyphick character; (b) engraved also by certainhiroglyphics.91 (a) Libanus;(b) Libanon.(b) NB. this is the sign in this degree  is rnissing in  (a).92 (a) Formed on said mountain; (b) formed in the earliest days and times on said mountain.93 (a) as Noah, and his 3 sons; (b) as Noah, Sem Cham & Japhet.(a) king; (b) monarch.95 (a) council; (b) grand council.96(a) Zaphriel; (b) Zaphyel, (a) Zaphacl; (b) Raphael.(a) Lodge; (b) council.97 (a) breast; (b) heart.102 (a) plumband; (b) plum.112(a) the 3 sacred names; (b) the third sacred name.113(a) arch; (b) ark. (a) deserved; (b) desired. (a) furnishing stone from Tyre and cedars from Libanus is missing in  (b).115(a) great architect; (b) grand architect.118(b) deputy by patant  is missing in  (a). (b) when they ars convinced of my Infidelity is missing in  (a).119(a) right, and equity; (b) right, justice and equity.122(a) 4 is missing completely in  (b). thly 123(a) the conception in the Moon; (b) the conception. (a) The Holy Spirit...  is missing in  (b).124(a) secrets in matters (Especially) of Religion; (b) secrets in matters of religion.125(a) which we all ought to acquire; (b) the pure source of Perfection. (a) then says Father Adam; (b) this paragraph is much shorter. (a) into the bowels of the Earth; (b) into the knowledge of the Earth.126(a) Nabuzaradan, genaral of the army is missing in  (b).127(a) 3 governors of Nature; (b) 3 sources of Nature.128(a) on its surface; (b) on the surface of the Earth. (a) brass, lead, tin iron; (b) copper, tin, iron, lead.133(a) admiration and adoration; (b) adoration.134(a) perceive; (b) conceive.135(a) the signification of the 7 planets; (b) the 7 planets.
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