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For the purpose of administering the Order and complying with the. (a) Syria and Lebanon shall not be deemed to be blocked c oun tries;

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Treasury Department FOREIGN FUNDS CONTROL April 10, 1945 PUBLIC CIRCULAR NO. 27 UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 8389, AS AMENDED, EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 9193, SECTIONS 3(a) AND 5(b) OF THE TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT, AS AMENDED BY THE FIRST WAR POWERS ACT, 1941, RELATING TO FOREIGN FUNDS CONTROL.* Status under the Order of Syria and Lebanon and nationals thereof. For the purpose of administering the Order and complying with the provisions thereof: (a) Syria and Lebanon shall not be deemed to be blocked c oun tries; (b) Nationals of Syria and Lebanon shall not be deemed to be nationals of a blocked country solely by reason of the fact that Syria and Lebanon heretofore were regarded as mandates of a blocked country. HERBERT E. GASTON Acting Secretary of the Treasury Appendix B; - Sec. 3(a). 40 Stmt. 412; Sec. 5(b), 40 Stat. 415 «nd 966; Sec Stat, l; 54 Stat. 179; 55 Stat. 838; Ex. Order 8389, April 10, «amended by Ex. Order June Ex. Order July Ex. Order Dec and Ex. Order Dec ; Ex. Order July ; Regulations. April as amended June »nd July Digitized for FRASER 45-20 THE PROCLAIMED LIST OF CERTAIN BLOCKED NATIONALS CUMULATIVE SUPPLEMENT No. 2 APRIL 6, 1945 Containing Additions, Amendments, and Made Since Revision IX of February 28, 1945 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON : 1915 DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLICATION 2313 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER.. GENERAL PART NOTES. I Argentina Bolivia BraziL Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Ecuador Guatemala Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela..' Page 1 PART II Page 2 Morocco 23 Tangier International 4 Zone 23 5 Portugal and Possessions 23 6 Portugal 23 7 Azores Portuguese Guinea Spain and Possessions Spain Canary Islands Sweden Switzerland Turkey THE PROCLAIMED LIST OF CERTAIN BLOCKED NATIONALS Cumulative Supplement No. 2, April 6, 1945 to Revision IX of February 28, 1945 ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of State, acting in conjunction Vith the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Commerce, the Administrator of the Foreign Economic Administration, and the Director, Office of Inter-American Affairs, by Proclamation 2497 of the President of July 17, 1941 (6 F. R, 3555), Cumulative Supplement 2 containing certain additions to, amendments to, and deletions from The Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals, Revision IX of February 28, 1945 (10 F. R. 2648), is hereby promulgated. 1 By direction of the President: DEAN ACHESON H. A. WALLACE Acting Secretary of State Secretary of Commerce HERBERT E. GASTON LEO T. CROWLEY Acting Secretary of the Treasury Administrator, Foreign Economic Administration FRANCIS BIDDLE WALLACE K. HARRISON Attorney General April 6, 1945 Director, Office of Inter-American Affairs ' Filed with the Division of the Federal Register in the National Archives. Requests for printed copics should be addressed to the Federal Reserve bank* or the Department of State. 1 GENERAL NOTES The Proclaimed List is divided into two parts: part I relates to listings in the American republics; part II relates to listings outside the American republics. Revision IX of the Proclaimed List, of which this is a supplement, supersedes all previous lists published prior to February 28, The present series of supplements is cumulative, and each succeeding supplement supersedes all previous supplements to the List. Accordingly, the current Cumulative Supplement and Revision IX together constitute the effective List. In part I titles are listed in their letter-address form, word for word as written in that form, with the following exceptions: If the title includes a full personal name, that is, a given name or initial and surname, the title is listed under the surname. The listing is made under the next word of the title when the initial word or phrase, or abbreviation thereof, is one of the following Spanish forms or similar equivalent forms in any other language: Companfa; Cfa.; Comp. Compani'a An6nima; C.A.; Comp. An6n. Sociedad; Soc. Sociedad An6nima; S.A.; Soc. An6n. In part I personal-name prefixes such as de, la, von, etc., are considered as part of the surname and are the basis for listing. Spanish personal names containing a compound surname are listed, with rare exceptions, under the first part of the surname. For example, the name Jos6 Fulano Sutano or Jos6 Fulano y Sutano would be listed: Fulano Sutano, Jos6 or Fulano y Sutano, Jos6 Users of the list should, as a precaution, check all surnames that are part of a particular name. Addresses appearing after names on the List are not intended to exclude other addresses of the same firms or individuals. A listed name refers to all branches of the business in the country. For the convenience of users, symbols are placed after each name on the List to indicate, by reference to the table below, the dates of the supplements or revisions in which the name first appeared, or was amended or deleted. It has not been found practicable, however, to indicate here the dates of listings made between July 17, 1941, the date of the original list, and Revision I, dated February 7, Accordingly, names appearing prior to Revision I and retained in that revision are followed only by the symbol I . Roman numerals refer 2 GENERAL NOTES 3 to revisions, arabio numerals to supplements. For example, a name followed by the symbols II 1, III, IX-1 signifies that the listing first appeared in Revision II, Supplement 1; was amended in Revision III; and was amended or deleted in Revision IX, Supplement 1. Since in the Cumulative Supplements deletions as well as amendments are carried in each succeeding supplement, the last of two or more symbols may reflect either an amendment or a deletion, depending on the action heading under which the listing currently appears. I IV VII IV VII IV VI IV VI V VI II V-l VI II-l V VIII V VIII II y_ VIII V VI V VI III VI VIII III-l VI VII VI IX VI IX VI IX IV VI IV VI IV VII Additions and Amendments PART I ARGENTINA Anhalt, Guillermo. Buenos Aires. Bludau, Pablo B. Buenos Aires. Bockman, Otto. Buenos Aires. Boeckelmann, Diedrich. Buenos Aires. Brandt, Juan. Buenos Aires. Bromberg, Erwin (Dr.). Buenos Aires. Colamina, S.A., Industrial y Comercial. Reconquista 480, Buenos Aires. Diercks, Richard. Buenos Aires. Die Zeitung . Parand 460, Buenos Aires. Doerfeld, Franz. Buenos Aires. Don Federico S.A. Sociedad Agrfcola Ganadera. Reconquista 480, Buenos. Aires. Don Roberto. Reconquista 460, Buenos Aires. Dopking, Pablo. Buenos Aires. Enzweiler, Maximo (Dr.). Buenos Aires. Flinsch, Kurt. Buenos Aires. Frangenheim, P. R. (Dr.). Buenos Aires. Freude, Ludwig. Buenos Aires. Froehlich, Theodor. L. Al.em 168, Buenos Aires. Gahn, Miguel A. J. F. General Mitre , Rosario. Gechter, Hermann. Buenos Aires. Gobel, E. Maximo. Buenos Aires. Griesshaber, Ing. Rudolf. Buenos Aires. Hanauer, Ernesto. Buenos Aires. Holtschneider, W. Buenos Aires. Illgen, Otto. Buenos Aires. Jessen, Federicp (Dr.). Buenos Aires. Kantart, Federico. Buenos Aires. Kleiner, Max. Buenos Aires. Klockner, Peter. Buenos Aires. Kobelt, Walther. Buenos Aires. IX-2 Koennecke, Leo. Buenos Aires. La Plata Woche . Parand 460, Buenos Aires.. Leutze, Max. Buenos Aires. Librerfas Martin Fierro S.R.L. Corrientes 466, Buencs Aires. Luebsen, Georg. Buenos Aires. Luters, Hans. Buenos Aires. Malbranc, Theodor. Buenos Aires. Mandry, Werner. Buenos Aires. Midzuno y Yokoo. Uspallata 981, Buenos Aires. Pallavicini y Cfa., S.A.C., E. Moreno 970, Buenos Aires, and all branches in Argentina. I; Address amended from, Moreno 970, Buenos Aires. 4 PART II 5 ARGENTINA Continued Additions and Amendments continued Rathgeb, Alfonso. Buenos Aires. Richter, George. Buenos Aires. Rocker, Ricardo. Buenos Aires. Roman-Zeitung . L. Alem 168, Buenos Aires. Rosaner, Rodolfo. Buenos Aires. Rusche, Otto. Buenos Aires. Schachert, Otto C. A. M Buenos Aires. Schaefer, Leo. Buenos Aires. Schmidt-Deussen, Reinhard. Buenos Aires. Schmits, Carlos. Buenos Aires. Sprung, Luis. Buenos Aires. Stoop, Marin Arnoldo (Dr.). Buenos Aires. Von Francken, Francisco. Parand 460, Buenos Aires. Von Wuthenau, Franz F. P. Buenos Aires. Air France. Buenos Aires; and all branches in Argentina. I; Amuchdstegui, Enrique. Dean Funes 102, C6rdoba. V-3; Gran Cine Mitre BartolomS Mitre 1332, Buenos Aires. 11-2; L.S. 2 Radio Buenos Aires Broadcasting. Bolivar; 1356, Buenos Aires. VI-1; L.S. 2 Radio Prieto Broadcasting. Bolivar 1356, Buenos Aires. Ill 4; IV-4; Laboratories Fide . Ecuador 742, Buenos Aires. VII-6; Laboratories Lafage. J. E. Uriburu 61, Buenos Aires. VI-3; Lafage, F. J. E. Uriburu 61, Buenos Aires. VI-3; Lanera Rioplatense S.A. Monasterio 359 y Presidente Urquiza 4935, Lanus, Provincia de Buenos Aires. V-6; Radio Buenos Aires Broadcasting L.S. 2. Bolivar 1356, Buenos Aires. VI-1; Radio Prieto Broadcasting L.S. 2. Bolfvar 1356, Buenos Aires. Ill 4; IV-4; Spreafico, Sociedad An6nima Industrial y Comercial Viuda de Juan. Monasterio 359, Buenos Aires. V-6; Teatro American Palace. C6rdoba 1785, Buenos Aires. II 1; Zarazaga, Jos6 M. 25 de Mayo 158, Buenos Aires. II 5; BOLIVIA Agramont, Edmundo. Casilla 682, La Paz. IV-6; Casa Sahashi. Yanacocha 448, La Paz. I; El F6nix . Potosf 225 (^asilla 167), La Paz. 1-2; III; Hubert y Cia. Yanacocha 226 (Casilla 134), La Paz. II-4; VIII; Koester, Germ&n. Avenida 20 de Octubre 557, La Paz. I; III; Wintruff, Casa El Fenix de F Potosf 225 (Casilla 167), La Paz. I; III; 6 PART II Additions and Amendments BRAZIL A Forma Decorativa Ltda. Rua Brdulio Gomes 25, Sao Paulo; and Avenida Adolfo Pinheiro 5168, Brooklin Paulista, Santo Amaro, Sfio Paulo. V-2; Borghoff e Cfa., Willy. Rua Evaristo da Veiga 130 (Caixa Postal 619), Rio de Janeiro; and Avenida General Olimpio Silveira 63, Sfio Paulo. I; VI-4; Address amended from Rua Evaristo da Veiga 130 (Caixa Postal 619), Rio de Janeiro; and Rua Augusto 67, Sao Paulo. Brasileira de Electricidade Siemens-Schuckert S.A., Cia. Avenida Presidente Vargas 409, Rio de Janeiro, and all branches in Brazil. I; Address amended from Rua General C&mara 78, Rio de Janeiro, and all branches in Brazil. Bremer, Paul J. C. Rua Tiradentes 111, Niteroi, State of Rio de Janeiro; and Rio de Janeiro. I; Address amended from Pra^a 15 de Novembro, 20, Rio de Janeiro. Buuck, Fritz Christian. Rua Pedro II, 61, Trememb6, Sao Paulo. Doi e Cia., N. Rua Paula Souza 208, Sao Paulo. 1-1; III; Address amended from Rua Amador Bueno 132, Santos; Bigud and Registro, Sao Paulo. El Fenix Sudamericano-Companhia Argentina de Seguros Terrcstres e Maritimos. Avenida Almirante Barroso 90, Rio de Janeiro; and Rua Lfbero Badar6 158, Sao Paulo, and all branches in Brazil. IV; IV-6; Amended from El Fenix Sudamerico-Companhia Argentina de Seguros Terrestres e Maritimos. Avenida Almirante Barroso 90, Rio de Janeiro, and all branches in Brazil. 'Financeira Barros-Handley, Ltda., Soc. Rua Alvares Penteado 91, Sfio Paulo. I; Address amended from Largo do Cafd 14, Sao Paulo. Hellner, Heinz. Rua Lfbero Badar6 158, Sao Paulo. V-2; Address amended from Rua Lfbero Badar6 93, Sfio Paulo. Intercontinental Sociedade Exportadora e Importadora. Rio de Janeiro. I; VI-4; Keppler, Alfredo. Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano 79 e Rua Diogo Faria 171, Sao Paulo. II-2; Kopsch, Paul. Rua Marfa Aurelia 7, Trememb 5, Sao Paulo. V-2; Address amended from Avenida Capitfio M6r Aguiar 91, Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo. Maeckelburg, Ricardo Edwin Kurt. Rua Candido Mendes 135, Rio de Janeiro; and Curitiba, Parand. II 2; Amended from Maecklenburg, Kurt. Rua Barfio do Rio Branco 23, Curitiba, Parand. Miyakoshi, Chibata. Rua Pamplona 512, Sao Paulo; and Pirianeto, Parand. Roth, Georg. Avenida Epitacio Pess6a 658, Apartamento 5, Rio de Janeiro. Rudert, Hans. Rio de Janeiro; and Nova Friburgo, State of Rio de Janeiro. I; Sack, Eduardo Rua Bdlgica 107, Sfio Paulo. PART II 7 BRAZIL Continued Additions and Amendments continued Siemens-Schuckert, S.A., Companhia Brasileira de Electricidade. Avenida Presidente Vargas 409, Rio de Janeiro, and all branches in Brazil. I; Address amended from Rua General Cfimara 78, Rio de Janeiro, and all branches in Brazil. Sommer, Eric. Rua Marechal Bittencourt 443, S&o Paulo. Ulrichs, Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Albert. Pacoty; and Fortaleza, CearA. III 4; Air France. Rua da Gloria 32, Rio de Janeiro, and all branches in Brazil. I; II; Casa Electra Rua Larga do Rosdrio 228, Recife. IV-3; Ehlermann e Cia., Ltda. Rua Te6filo Ottoni 134, Rio de Janeiro. II 2; IV-6; Ferreira, Antonio Alves. Avenida Augusto Severo 58, Rio de Janeiro. I; IV-5; Foto Otica Adro. Rua 15 de Novembro 357, Curitiba. III-2; III 3; Gottmann e Cia., Carlos J. Rua Joao Adolpho 2-A (Caixa Postal 2376), Sao Paulo. I; Grapliicor Concentra Hartmann Irmaos S.A. 1 Rua Bonfim 250, Rio de Janeiro. I; VIII-4; Industrias Brasileiras Textis-Qufmicas Ltda. 1 Rua Catharina Braida 71-79, Sao Paulo. III-4; Industrias Chimicas Geronazzo, Ltda. 1 Rua Catharina Braida 9, Sao Paulo, and all branches in Brazil. I; Laborat6rio Veritas, Ltda. Avenida Augusto Severo 58, Rio de Janeiro. I; Laborat6rio Zambeletti, Ltda. 1 Rua Albuquerque Lima 480, Sao Paulo. 1-1; Lins, Renato Machado de Freitas. Rua Larga do Ros&rio 228, Recife. IV-3; Romano, Adolpho. Pra$a Coronel Eneas 38 e Rua 15 de Novembro 357, Curitiba. 11-2; II-5; III-2; Sampaio e Sad. Rua Buenos Aires 140, Rio de Janeiro. Ill 4; Ssheurer, Hans Peter (Dr.). Rua Te6filo Ottoni 17, Rio de Janeiro. II 2; CHILE Additions and Amendments Beddig Ritzau, Hans. Los Castafios 2373, Santiago. Dorbach Bung, Guillermo. Colocolo 740, Santiago. Russ Benzinger, Luis. Julio Prado 1564, Santiago. Verdugo Cornejo, Luis. J. Carrera , Los Placeres, Valparaiso. Windfuhr Schoeler, Arnold. La Trinchera (Bar), Matta 734, Antofagasta. V-l; VI-2; VII-1; VII-4; 1 Nationalized by the Brazilian Government 8 PART I CHILE Continued Agelindus, Sociedad Industrial Wenz y Cfa. Santiago. I 1; VIII; Agencia Sanzoliui. Bandera 575, Segundo Piso, oficina 5, Santiago. Ill 1; Air France. Santiago, and all branches in Chile. I; Albertz, G. y R Lautaro 866, Santiago. III-2; AlmacSn de Pinturas La Paloma . Avenida B. O'Higgins 1162 (Casilla 9566), Santiago. 1-2; III; Aninat, Armando. QuilpuS. II 4; Asmundsen, Juan Nicholas. Covadonga 668, Iquique. I 1; Astiz y Kesten. 21 de Mayo y Brasilera, Punta Arenas. IV-2; Backenberg, Julio Blanco 1303 (Casilla 480), Valparaiso. I; Baehr Hettich, Otto Independencia 599, Valdivia. IV-2; Baehr & Mueller, Ltda. Santo Domingo 1025 (Casilla 1941), Santiago. I; Bahamondes y Cfa., Ltda. Hu rfanos 1180, Santiago. 1-1; Barra, Juan. Casilla 389, Concepci6n. II-5; Barreau, Eduardo. Picarte 382 (Casilla 540), Valdivia. II 1; Barreau y Cfa. Ltda., Eduardo. Picarte 382 (Casilla 540), Valdivia. II 1; Barria, Elfas Calle Guillermo Aguilar, Valdivia. III-3; Baude Agunte, Federico. Avenida Prat 260, Valdivia. IV-5; Bavestrello Solari, Agustfn. Victoria 2304, Valparaiso. IV-2; Benkel y Cfa. Catedral 1151 (Casilla 3421), Santiago. I; Bertolotto, Bernardo. Barros Arana 333, Temuco. Ill 3; Binder Hermanos. Casilla 44, Puerto Varas. II 3; Bizama Merino, Hedilberto. G&lvez 152, Santiago. II 1; Boccardo, Mario. QuilpuS. VI-2; Boccardo, Tulio. Quilpu6. VI-2; Boehm, Sociedad An6nima y Comercial, E. 21 de Mayo y Brasilera, Punta Arenas. IV-2; Bochmwald, Juan. Temuco. V-3; Boehmwald y Cfa., Juan. Temuco. V-3; Bohme Aldunate, Augusto. Hu rfanos 761, oficina 17, Santiago. VII-4; Bolton Davison, Marcos. Souther 478, Chorrillos, Vina del Mar. VII-5; Boric, Tomislov. Talca 1143, Punta Arenas. III-l; Bornoldt, Max. Constituci6n 664, Chilldn. Ill 1; Botica Central Calle Ramfrez, Osorno. Ill 2; Botica Matthei. Calle Ramfrez esquina Bulnes, Osorno. Ill 2; Botillerfa Central . Companfa 1075, Santiago. IV-3; Brant, Victor c/o Staudt y Cfa., Ltda., MorandS 672, Santiago. VI-2; Bravo Hermanos. 21 de Mayo 583, Arica. II 5; Brien G., Otto. Puc6n. II-3; Bruhn, Johannes. Nueva York 17, Santiago. I; Bueckner, Hans. Bustos 2640, Santiago. III-l; Burgemeister, Luis Picarte 321, Valdivia. IV-1; PART I 9 CHILE Continued continued Busch, Adolfo. Carlos Anwandter 820, Valdivia. III-3; CB 134 Radio Cervantes. Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins 924 (Casilla 4650), Santiago. II-5; Cafd Central. Jenaro Letelier 355, La Union. IV-3; Cafd Olimpia . Casilla 123, Puerto Montt. Ill 1; Camiseria Americana . Avenida Argentina 328, Valparaiso. IV-1; Caramello, Geronimo. Antofagasta. II 3; Carpentier Villagran, Adolfo. Urriola 142, oficina 25, Valparaiso. VII 1; Carrasco Carrasco, Juan. Edison 3966, Santiago. IV-3; Carrasco Jorquera, Juan. Hotel Ritz, Concepci6n. I V-6; Carrasco del Canto, Hector. c/o Staudt y Cia., Ltda., Morandd 672, Santiago. VI-2; Casa Columbia . 21 de Mayo 1361, Tocopilla. IV-2; Casa Fiona. Bandera 188, Santiago. VI-3; Casa Gerli. Errdzuriz 824, Punta Arenas. V-l; -Casa Hargo. Esmeralda 970, Valparaiso. I 1; Casamitjana Cirera, Elfas. Guillermo Rawson 308 (Casilla 4200), Valparaiso. II 5; Casaro, Carlos. Valdivia 551, Punta Arenas. I; Casaro, Julio. Cliiloe 839, Punta Arenas. I; Casaro e Hijo. Punta Arenas. I; Cataneo, Domingo. Bories 858, Punta Arenas. III-3; Celed6n, Pedro. Casilla 251, Valparaiso. II-3; Cereceda Cisternas, Tomds. Hudrfanos 1180, Santiago. VII-2; VII-4; Chaparro, Mario c/o Staudt y Cia., Morandd 672, Santiago. VI-2; Chenevey, Roberto. General Salvo 348, Santiago. II 1; Cigarreria Delicias. Calle Bulnes, Temuco. Ill 2; Cigarreria Richter. Camilo Henriquez 524, Valdivia. II 4; Coronata, Italo. Barros Arana 709, Concepcion. Ill 3; Coronata y Cia., Juan. Casilla 72, Iquique. I; Corporaci6n Chilena de Films. Estado 91, Santiago. 1-1; Correa Aguilar, Julio. c/o Staudt y Cia., Ltda., Avenida Brasil 1509, Valparaiso. VII 1; Correa Lagos, Alfonso. Calle 8 Norte 803, Vina del Mar. 1-4; Dep6sito de Cafd Dos Mundos . Manuel Montt 863, Temuco. V-l; Di Nocera, Baltazar. Errdzuriz 664, Punta Arenas. IV-1; Eggers, G. Otto Catedral 2354 , Santiago. I 1; VI-5; El Danubio Azul . Prat 466, Antofagasta. III-2; El Emporio Alemdn. Tomd. IV-4; El Jote Grande. Varas 529 (Casilla 314), Puerto Montt. Ill 1; Electrotdcnia . Monjitas 825 (Casilla 3161), Santiago.. VII-4; Engel, Alberto. Santo Domingo 1025, Santiago. I; Engel y Cia Santo Domingo 1025, Santiago. I; Engelhardt Fischer, Eduardo. Avenida Brasil 653, Santiago. 1-3; Engmann, Federico. Santiago. VI-2; IX; 10 PART I Delet i ons contin ued CHILE Continued Espinosa, Arsenio. Claro Solar 965, Temuco. Ill 4; Fabres, Manuel A. Rosas 1490, Santiago. IV-1; Fdbrica de Talco. Caupolicdn 558, Valdivia; and Corral. IV-2; Facca, Angel. Avenida Salvador 774, Santiago. VI-3; Facca y Cia. Ltda. Avenida Salvador 774, Santiago. VI-3; Farmacia Germania. Ahumada 199, Santiago. 1-2; Farmacia Germania. Pedro Montt 1895, Valparaiso. Ill 2; Farmacia Vogel. La Uni6n. VI-5; Ferreterfa La Herradura . Pitrufquen. IV-6; Ferreterfa La Olleta . Temuco. IV-6; Fiebig, Antonio. Vicuna Mackenna 548 (Casilla 45), Temuco. IV-2; Fiebig Weldt, Oscar. Temuco. IV-6; Fiedler, Conrado (Dr.). Santa Victorina 366 (Casilla 736), Valparaiso. 11-5; Figueroa, Felicia. Calle Bulnes, Temuco. Ill 2; Fischer, Ottmar. Picarte 1129, Valdivia. II-4; Fonck y Cia Avenida Brasil 1753, Valparaiso. HI 1; Foto Syvar . Portal Ferndndez Concha 960, Departamento 230, Santiago; VI-5; Foto Ziegele. Manuel Montt 791, Temuco. III-4; Franz, Albina Niepel S. de. San Francisco s/n (Casilla 145), Puerto Varas. V-6; Franz Thill, Rudolf. San Francisco s/n (Casilla 145), Puerto Varas. II-3; Franz y Cia., Ltda. Calle Del Salvador esquina San Francisco, Puerto Varas. III-l; Frey, Casa Hans. Independencia 500 (Casilla 322), Valdivia. 1-3; Frey, Casa Hans. Manuel Montt 815, Temuco. 1-3; Frindt Weldt, Osvaldo. Prat esquina Balmaceda, Nueva Imperial. IV-1; Frindt y Cfa., Ltda., O. Carahue. IV-1; VI-2; Fritsch, Enrique 2. Puerto Varas. IV-3; Fritz Ewertz, Augusto. Agustinas 988, Santiago. IV-1; Froech Ebner, Mfguel. Bandera 443, Santiago. III-l; Fuhrmann y Jullich. Blanco 1033 (Casilla 1478), Valparaiso. I; Fundici6n L
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