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Ergonomics Report the Gymnasium

A grade 7 student's essay for the teacher's question, how can you make our school more ergonomic?
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  EGONOMICS REPORT: THE GYMNASIUM 1 KENNY CHIANG ERGONOMICS REPORT: THE GYMNASIUM OVERVIEW Dear Dr. James Benson: In the following report, I will discuss about the ergonomics of the gym and its equipment room. Ergonomics is the science of using knowledge of human characteristics to design structures and systems that are comfortable, safe, and efficient. In addition, to describing the problems, I will give out possible solutions. Budgets will be included. Sincerely, Ergonomic Analyst Kenny Chiang PROBLEMS THE GYM To begin with, the gym is way too dusty, causing the gym to have minimum grip. Careless students may slip and fall. In addition, many students suffer from dust allergies. When allergies are triggered, countless problems begin. Also, the lines on the floor are faded which may cause disputes among students in games. For example, the teacher may host a badminton match, where the white lines mark the out of bounds. A student may hit a birdie, and it will land on the faded part of the white line. Right there, a dispute may be begin: was the badminton in or out of bounds? No line was there. Another thing is that teams off a game is in great danger. For example, there are three teams: Red, Blue, and Gree n. Let’s just say Red and Blue were on, where would  Green go? Off side? But what if they were playing a dangerous sport like hockey? The puck could easily head towards the Green team, possibly injuring a player. The gym also has low accessibility. There are four staircases leading to it, but how will people with disabilities use them? You may ask, “They won’t be able to play sports anyway, since they are injured,” but the teachers still need to supervise them. THE EQUIPMENT ROOM First of all, there are equipment placed in hard-to-reach areas  –  making it hard for students to retrieve them. They may have to bend forward to access the piece of equipment, and if they lose their balance, they may fall onto the rigid ground. Equipment is also not placed properly onto shelves by students. This may be caused by the difficulty of putting it back, or simply laziness. Students would be in great danger if it falls on them Similar to the gym, there is a dust problem in the room. Dust may be built up from the shelves or rarely used equipment. The dust spread inside the room causing other pieces of equipment to be just as dusty. Finally, the equipment itself is a big problem. For example, the protective glasses has so many scratches that they are hard to see through. Students may accidently collide with others because of poor visibility. Another problem is the sanitation of the pinnies. They are never   washed and therefore the amount of germs that accumulates can be frightening! More examples of poor/poorly treated equipment will be mentioned later.  EGONOMICS REPORT: THE GYMNASIUM 2 KENNY CHIANG SOLUTIONS THE GYM I will first start with resolving the dust issue, by using an ergonomically correct floor washer. (Diagram 1) The custodian will spend a short time sitting in it and he/she will drive it through the gym to clean up the dust. A solution to the fading lines is installing a series of lasers, (Diagram 2) aimed right above the lines. Switches (not shone) will also be installed to determine which ones would be active. These lasers would sense moving objects like a birdie, and will resolve problems like the one mentioned previously. The deal with the safety of off-teams, there will be a large strong sheet of plastic (Diagram 3) that can revert into the wall to save space when not in use. When it is in use, it will be pulled out and attached to the opposing wall. They will be located at the corners of the gym where the teams stay.  EGONOMICS REPORT: THE GYMNASIUM 3 KENNY CHIANG In addition to stairs to a gym, there could be a special elevator (Diagram 4) for those with disabilities. Instead of pressing buttons, they will say a passage, their floor number, and the repeat the same passage. This will prevent the need for them to stretch over to press the buttons. Now, they can enter the gym much easier without the stairs. After all, they still need to be supervised. THE EQUIPMENT ROOM To straighten out the equipment room, there could be electronic shelves (Diagram 5 and 6) to help with convenience. Each shelf would have five places to place equipment. Student deposit equipment to a shelf, where it will be moved. The equipment will then be to a chamber where all   of the equipment would be stored. To retrieve the equipment, students will enter the rack number where the equipment was deposited. Then the electronic shelf would bring it to the student. Note that for Diagram 5, the board covering the bottom is removed to clarify the diagram. The dust issue can be solved like how th e gym’s dust issue was resolved.    EGONOMICS REPORT: THE GYMNASIUM 4 KENNY CHIANG Finally, the equipment itself:    Instead of lousy, scratch-filled glasses, good scratch-  proofed   glasses will be used. This way, users can actually see through them.    To rid germs off the ergonomically correct pinnies a washer can be used, too ergonomically correct. The pinnies will have straps at the waist so it could fit all sizes of players. The washer’s mode can be selected with a remote control. This way, users do not have to reach over to do so.    Badminton/tennis rackets and baseball bats should have good grip handles so players can hold them firmly and comfortably during use. Players may even perform better!    The length of skipping ropes should be variable. This way, students from kindergarten can use it, and so can Grade 8’s.      Cones should be weighed down so they will not be accidently knocked over. These weights should also be removable so when the cones are to be knocked down, they can. BUDGETS    Floor washer - $3 000 or more, varies depending on rent or bought, used or new.    Laser technology - $ 100 or more, varies depending on the gym’s size, and the amount of lines needed to be covered    Revertible plastic sheet - $200 or more, depending on size.    Elevator with voice recognizer - $80 000 plus, but worth the investment.    Electrical shelves - $200, changes due to size.    Glasses  –  approximately $10 per pair, but it lasts a long time and has a very good quality.    Pinnies  –  ergonomically correct ones should cost no more than $5 per pinnie.    Washer - $500 since it has special technology.    Tennis/badminton racket or baseball bat  –  rackets should cost around $50, and good bats should be around $100.    Skipping ropes - cost around $7    Cones with weights  –  costs $5 or more, depends on size.    Overall cost of changes CONCLUSION As yo u can see, the gymnasium’s condition can greatly be improved with a few changes. These changes may be expensive, but in the long-run, the school can save a lot of injuries. This school has not won any medals or trophies in a few decades! But with a better quality gym, we can easily train students into better athletes with the right coaches. These students can easily win championships in badminton, volleyball, soccer, and just about any other sports you can think of. We need the extra medals and trophies, the school has been looked down upon for way too long! This could help the school’s reputation and rankings. Many parents choose schools according to its rankings so if we boost the ranking, we boost our student population. There is nothing to lose in improving our gym, Dr. James E Benson! Please consider making these changes for the school.
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