Don't Create a Lousy Online or Blended Course

1. Don’t Create a Lousy Online or Blended Course Brian Bridges California Learning Resource Network 2. Lousy Slides & Links…
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  • 1. Don’t Create a Lousy Online or Blended Course Brian Bridges California Learning Resource Network
  • 2. Lousy Slides & Links or
  • 3. What this is not. A tutorial An LMS primer
  • 4. What this is Guidance Quality criteria Specific components needed A few tool recommendations
  • 5. California eLearning Census Between the Tipping Point and Critical Mass
  • 6. 2013 Responses  March 1 – May 1  516 Responses  29% of 1777  144 Direct-Funded Charters  372 Districts  263 K-12/9-12 Districts/charters  253 K-5/K-8 Districts/charters
  • 7. Who is eLearning? 516 districts & charters 46%
  • 8. eLearning by Grade Span 73% 19%
  • 9. eLearning: Charters vs. Districts
  • 10. Who wants to eLearn? 26%
  • 11. Who wants, by grade span K-5/K-8 K-12/9-12
  • 12. Who Wants, by Type 27%
  • 13. Full and Part-time Online Learning Populations 100.9K 23% Increase 19.8K 24.4K 17% Increase
  • 14. Blended and Virtual Medians Medians Increase by 25% 100
  • 15. Blended Model Breakdown 2012
  • 16. Blended Model Breakdown: 2013
  • 17. 2013: K-5/K-8 Blended Model Breakdown
  • 18. 2012: K-12/9-12 Blended Model Breakdown
  • 19. 2013: K-12/9-12 Blended Model Breakdown 28% 37%
  • 20. Course Publisher Distribution 2012
  • 21. Course Publisher Distribution 2013
  • 22. 2013: Self-Built Courses and OER 87%
  • 23. What factors did you consider when selecting courseware? 77% 60% 60% 55% 42% 42% 6%
  • 24. Between the Tipping Point and Critical Mass
  • 25. What is CLRN?  California eLearning Census   eLearning Strategies Symposium     December 6-7, 2013 Hilton, Costa Mesa @elearns
  • 26. Courses Content Standards: 80% iNACOL Course Standards: 80% 15 Power Standards Commercial Courses Only
  • 27. Analysis of the First 371  175courses (47%) certified  40 courses (12%) only missing captions  Most common problem Content standards alignment  93 courses (27%)< 80% content standards Range from 4% met to 78% met
  • 28. What about U.C. AG? I’m so glad you asked.
  • 29. CLRN & U.C. Partnership
  • 30. CLRN Certified FAQs
  • 31. The FAQs
  • 32. So you want to create an online or blended course After all, you’re a master of your curriculum and teaching craft.
  • 33. Remember Year 1? It’s that, times 10. A great f2f course doesn’t make a great online/blended course Take time to plan
  • 34. MOOC Preparation “Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach Eight-week course 300+ hours to prepare Filmed 97 video segments with screen sharing 22 GB of data files
  • 35. MOOC Gone Bad Coursera: Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application. Mass chaos & cancellation
  • 36. Lessons from a MOOC Gone Bad Successful group activities need: Clear and detailed instructions. A thorough description of the purpose of the assignment Access to technical tools that effectively support group collaboration
  • 37. Building a Course Why? Who are your customers? What are their skills and limitations? School & home technology access Virtual or Blended  Which blended model?
  • 38. Keeping Pace Planning
  • 39. Keeping Pace Planning 18 month planning process
  • 40. Strategic Planning Needs analysis Stakeholder involvement Program definition  Identifying models, courses & teachers Buy-in
  • 41. Collect Data Assess your technology infrastructure Determine your students’ and teachers’ technology skills Research the availability of quality, standards-aligned resources Determine teacher professional development needed
  • 42. Course Development Course development PD Research standards-based content Designing infrastructure Budgeting
  • 43. Piloting Piloting select content Community outreach Course quality check Program evaluation
  • 44. Get Thee a Learning Management System (LMS) And make nice with your IT department
  • 45. If you give a teacher an LMS, She’ll want access to begin playing with it. If she begins playing with it, She’ll want to spend time understanding its different components Once she understands the LMS’ features, She’ll want to begin hanging content and classes into it. But first, she’ll need some Web. 2.0 tools.
  • 46. Learning Management Systems 24% 39%
  • 47. Prerequisite Skills: Technology Master your LMS Web 2.0: Collect & be proficient  Discussion groups  Slide sharing  Lecture recording & tutorial creation  Portfolio creation
  • 48. Web 2 oh SlideShare DropBox / DropCanvas / BlendSpace Screenr
  • 49. OCR Page
  • 50. Wils browse
  • 51. Software/web 2
  • 52. SlideShare Presentation sharing site Uploads a variety of formats Add YouTube videos to presentations Provides embed codes
  • 53. SlideShare REview
  • 54. SlideShare Site
  • 55. DropBox Cloud and Cross-Platform File Sharing iPhone/iPad/Android Sharing 2 - 18 GB storage 
  • 56. DropBox Review
  • 57. DropBox Sharing Folders
  • 58. DROPitTOme Remote DropBox Upload Customers don’t need a DropBox account 
  • 59. CLRN Review
  • 60. dropittome 51
  • 61. Dropcanvas: Quickly Share Files Web based Account not required 5GB limit per canvas
  • 62. DropCanvas Site
  • 63. DropCanvas Demo
  • 64. Playlists Assembling resources for a Flipped Classroom
  • 65. Blendspace Share, Flip, Teach (formerly Edcanvas): Upload a variety of resources Share with students Comment
  • 66. Adding Classes
  • 67. Screenr: Web-based Screencast Creator Web-based screen & audio capturing tool Creates flash or QT videos up to 5 minutes A variety of ways to publish  Via Twitter  Embed code  Downloadable QuickTime file  Through Screenr URL  Upload to YouTube
  • 68. Screenr Screens
  • 69. Screenr Publishing
  • 70. Commercial Alternatives iShowU  Mac: $30, not including Ed discount Snagit  $50, but often much cheaper Camtasia  Mac: $99  Win: $299
  • 71. Build or Buy Or both.
  • 72. Content A2. The course content and assignments are aligned with the state’s content standards…  Is the course teaching, providing practice, and assessing each standard?
  • 73. Content Text Video (streaming and/or lectures) Simulations / games Supplemental commercial resources Commercial online/blended courses
  • 74. A Textbook is not a course If it were, you could just throw the kid a book and tell them to read it.
  • 75. Content B3: The course content and assignments are of sufficient rigor, depth and breadth to teach the standards being addressed. *  Develop, Practice, Assess
  • 76. Your course should be better than the worst teacher at your school
  • 77. Engaging B3: The course instruction and activities engage students in active learning.* Reading and watching are not active.
  • 78. B3 Consideration The course provides multiple opportunities for students to be actively engaged in the content that includes meaningful and authentic learning experiences such as collaborative learning groups, student‐led review sessions, games, analysis or reactions to videos, discussions, concept mapping, analyzing case studies, etc
  • 79. It’s about Pedagogy How will you engage students? What authentic projects will you use for practice and assessment? How will students collaborate and participate in discussions?
  • 80. Lower Order Thinking Skills B5. The course provides opportunities for students to engage in higherorder thinking, critical reasoning activities and thinking in increasingly complex ways. *
  • 81. B5 Consideration Assignments, activities, and assessments provide opportunities for student to elevate their thinking beyond knowledge and comprehension into the realm of analyzing situations, synthesizing information, or evaluating an argument. Activities should include open‐ended questions, and encourage students to categorize and classify information.
  • 82. Media Rich B11. Students have access to resources that enrich the course content. D4. Rich media are provided in multiple formats for ease of use and access in order to address diverse student needs.*
  • 83. Rich Media Defined Course makes maximum use of the robust capabilities of the online medium through narration, demonstrations, simulations, animations, streaming content, and video lectures. Rich media is present enough to be noticed.
  • 84. Flipping Tips It doesn’t have to be about you.  There are other great lecture sources, you know. Carefully consider what lesson parts to flip. Find a partner. Address student technology access early. Find a way to engage students  Don’t just talk. Ask questions. Frame discussion items.
  • 85. Clip Sources Khan iTunes University Record your own Streaming video publishers
  • 86. iTunes U Interface
  • 87. iTunes U: Physics This goes on for 38 minutes
  • 88. iTunes U: Five Minute Spanish
  • 89. Commercial Lecture Publishers  
  • 90.
  • 91. Accessible Just what part of “all students should have access” didn’t you get?
  • 92. Accessible D10. Course materials and activities are designed to provide appropriate access to all students. *
  • 93. USDOJ/DOE Dear Colleague Letter & FAQ
  • 94. Providing Closed Captions Utilize YouTube captions (beta) Create captions Provide a transcript
  • 95. Short demo of current YouTube caption machine. You know what they say about good intentions.
  • 96. Universal Subtitles: Encode Videos with Your Subtitles Web-based platform for adding subtitles/translations. Very easy to use
  • 97. US1
  • 98. Universal Subtitles Play subtitled video from U.S. site Copy embed code Download subtitle file (text and timing codes)
  • 99. Prerequisite Skills: Teaching Leading Edge Certification
  • 100. Leading Edge Certification
  • 101. What is LEC? Highly-qualified online educator Based on iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Teaching Focused on how tools are implemented to improve teaching and learning 45-60 hours Course + portfolio = certification
  • 102. LEC Modules Online Learning: History & Concepts Pedagogy Building Community Online Accessibility Assessment and Evaluation Policies and Preparation
  • 103. Professional Development E7. Course instructors… have been provided professional development in the behavioral, social, and when necessary, emotional, aspects of the learning environment. E8. Course instructors…receive instructor professional development, which includes the support and use of a variety of communication modes to stimulate student engagement online.
  • 104. Formative Assessments Should Inform Instruction B4. The course and course instructor provide students with multiple learning paths, based on student needs that engage students in a variety of ways.*
  • 105. Variety is a Good Thing There are more tools than multiple choice tests
  • 106. Assessments C2. The course structure includes adequate and appropriate methods and procedures to assess students’ mastery of content. *
  • 107. C2 Consideration C2. Assessment types are matched to the level of knowledge being tested. Both formative assessments (that inform and support learning) and summative assessments (that demonstrate mastery) are a part of the course structure
  • 108. Variety C3. Ongoing, varied, and frequent assessments are conducted throughout the course to inform instruction. *
  • 109. Student Progress C4. Assessment strategies and tools make the student continuously aware of his/her progress in class and mastery of the content. *
  • 110. e-Learning Strategies Symposium
  • 111. eLearning Strategies Symposium  CLRN/CUE partnership  December 6-7, 2013  Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa  Twitter: elearns
  • 112. Lousy Slides & Links Or
  • 113. Don’t Create a Lousy Online or Blended Course Brian Bridges, CLRN
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