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Current Affairs Quiz September 2013

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    Current Affairs Quiz Questions with Answers for September 2013 http://www.onlinegkguie.!om/test an #uizzes/!urrent affairs/september 2013 #uiz/  1. Which team won the Indian Badminton League title 2013? a$   %&eraba %otshots  b)   Awadhe Warriors c)   Mumbai Masters d)   rrish !elhi mashers 2. Which Indian tate gets #irst go$ernment medical college since 1%&2? a)   'a(asthan  b)   Mioram !$   'erala d)   *u(arat 3. +ow man, -ercent asirants ass /entral eacher ligib   ilit, est 2013? a)   1 -ercent  b)    -ercent c)   & -ercent $   11 (er!ent . Which Indian la,er won the third consecuti$e Indian 4unior 5en itle? a$   'ush 'umar  b)   !eea6 Mishra c)   Asho6 Mehta $   'on(an odhi   . Which Boll,wood actress won the se7iest woman title 2013? a)   -ri,an6a /hora  b)   !eei6a -adu6one !$   'atrina 'aif d)   Anush6a harma 8. Who has been recentl, aointed as new /hie# In#ormation /ommissioner o# India? a$   )eepak Sanhu  b)   . . rishna Murth, c)   B.B. andon d)   at,ananda Mishra 9. Who won the ninth Asia /u hoc6e, tournament title? a)   India  b)   -a6istan !$   South 'orea d)    :ew ;ealand    *. What is the name o# the Indian test cric6eter who slaed li#e ban b, B//I #or ot <i7ing in the Indian -remier League?   a)   Ishant harma b$   Shantakumaran Sreesanth c)   Amit ingh d)   +arbha(an ingh +. Who has been recentl, aointed as new resident o# -a6istan? a)   Mohammad Amir  b)   ohail han !$   ,amnoon %ussain d)   Imran han 10. Who won the =. . 5en 2013 men>s doubles title? a$   Mi6e and Bob Br,an  b$   -eaner (aes an aek Stepanek c)   Ale7ander -e,a and Bruno oares d)   Lieel +uber and =nited tates Bob Br,an 11. Which Indian state records 1121 rae cases in & months highest in 13 ,ears?   a)   /hhattisgarh  b)   Mumbai c)   4har6hand $   )elhi 12. Who has been recentl, aointed as new @ice-resident o# Iran? a$   %asan ouhani  b)   +ina han c)   unus han d)   Is#aaC Ahmed 13. Who won the -*A our -la,er o# the ear Award 2013? a)   -hil Mic6elson b$   iger oos c)   Matt uchar $   +enri6 tenson  1. What is the name o# worldDs smallest dog that recentl, made the *uinness World 'ecords? a)   -uss,  b)   4ac6e, c)   Loss, d)   ,ira!le ,ill&   1. Who has been recentl, named as B4->s -rime Ministerial /andidate #or 201 Lo6 abha elections?   a)   Lal rishna Ad$ani  b)   Murli Manohar 4oshi !$   arenra ,oi d)   ushil umar Modi 14. Who has been recentl, won the orea 5en title 2013? a$   Agnieszka awanska  b)   Anastasia -a$l,uchen6o$a c)   ania Mira d)   @ictoria Aaren6a 15. Who has been recentl, won the India !idactics Association Award 2013? a)   Bharat +ea$, lectricals Limited  b)   !elhi Metro 'ail /ororation !$   67tramarks 6u!ation (ri8ate -imite d)   Bharat anchar :igam Limited 1*. What is the name o# Indian mo$ie that reresent India at the 5scars? a)   Lunchbo7 b$   he 9oo oa c)   eh 4awaani +ai !eewani d)   at,agraha 1+. Who has been recentl, aointed #irst brand ambassador o# Border ecurit, <orce? a)   achin endul6ar  b)   alman han c)   Amitabh Bachchan $   irat 'ohli 20. Which /ount, recentl, nominates #ilm #or 5scarDs consideration a#ter 0 ,ears?  a$   (akistan  b)    :eal c)   4aan d)   Australia 21. What is the name o# World>s oldest man who recentl, dies at the age o# 112?   a)   Mathew Beard  b)   u6ichi /hugan(i !$   Salustiano San!hez d)   <red +ale 22. Which /ount, recentl, li#ts the ban on <aceboo6 and witter a#ter #our ,ears? a$   ;ran  b)   -a6istan c)   A#ghanistan d)   IraC    23. Who became the second surgeon in the world to oerate using the cableless de$ice? a)   Michael +olding b$   )r. <S a=kumar c)    :eil Mcenie d)   4ohn -aul 2. Who build the worldDs smallest car ooms to *uinness World 'ecords? a)   *ar, risten  b)   !a$id Warner c)   Andrew trauss $   Austin Coulson 2. Who has been recentl, aointed as new managing director o# ata teel? a)   'a6esh umar  b)   Mithun 'ana !$    arenran d)   ash harma 24. Who has been recentl, aointed as new chie# (ustice o# the Meghala,a +igh /ourt? a)    :anda6umar ingh b$   (rafulla Chanra (ant c)    -aul d)   Abu aher Mondal 29. Which #ilm recentl, won the national award #or best *u(arati #ilm? a)   al(a :o at6o  b)   ahu6e a(aan ambhre c)   Aagne @age 'udha !hol *u(rati $   he 9oo oa 2*. Which Indian la,er has been recentl, won the sil$er medal in archer, world cu? a$   )eepika 'umari  b)   'eena umari c)   arundee 'ai d)   -ranitha @ardhineni 2+. What is the name o# #ormer Liberian -resident who gets 0 ,ear sentence #or war crimes? a)   William '. olbert  b)   4r. amuel !oe !$   Charles a&lor d)   Moses Blah 30. Which Indian -la,er recentl, won the brone medal in the World 4unior /hess /hamionshi?  
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