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CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial Transcript of Day 4

The Official C.I.A. Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial Transcript of Day 4. Go to for more information
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  --12345678910111213141516171819202122232425 Transcription of Grand Jury Testimony of May 17, 2010Unintelligible phrases are marked with a question mark in brackets [?], followed by dashes representingthe approximate number of words that are unintelligible: [?----] means that approximately four words areunintelligible in the phrase.Participants:Judge _____ ( Mr. Judge _____ )Rev. Dr. James David Manning ( Rev. Manning )Bob Campbell ( Campbell )Bill Hemmer ( Hemmer )Sabbath Lefleur ( S. Lefleur )Al Landry ( Landry )Mr. Counselor _____ ( Mr. Counselor _____ )Joseph Ramos ( Ramos )Precious Miriam Babalola Lafleur ( M. Lafleur ) Mr. Judge _____: Okay. Please be seated. Once again, I repeat my, uh, daily admonition that, uh, we will not tolerateanyone being disruptive. Hopefully, everybody once again remembers their manners that they weretaught hopefully when they were five years old. And, uh, anyone who does not adhere to that standard,uh, will unfortunately have to be removed. But I pray and expect that everyone will act the way we hopefive-year-old children act, which is with manners. Thank you. Rev. Manning: Thank you, Your Honor, for your opening statements. And thank you for your, uh, lending your experience and credibility to this event by presiding over, uh, this all important trial. Thank you verymuch for that. And we're delighted to see you today. We understood that you could not make the marchwith us but, as long as you're on the bench, we are certainly, uh, most blessed by having that take place.And good morning. I suppose it's still not yet noon, so good morning to all of you. And pray all-- all hada good night in New York. The jury had a good night and everybody's ready to go to work again today,we pray.I know that I am. This has been, um, quite a thrilling experience in so many different ways. Uh,especially for myself and for-- I believe for our nation. And while we've not had a lot of press coverage,we expected that, uh, the word is getting around. And I'm sure by the time the verdict is rendered the--America will know what's taken place in this church what is-- which is now a courtroom.I want to thank all of the members of the Atlah World Missionary Church for, uh, their very generoussupport, uh, in making this event take place and all the ways in which they are serving. And, uh, SteveCooper, a very good friend of Conservative Monster, who has been with us throughout this process,giving daily updates, we want to thank him as well.Want to also take this moment to welcome to our church and to New York City, and to this trial,President of American Grand Jury, Mr. Bob Campbell, who's in the [?-] Street District, please stand soeveryone would see who he is. There he is, right there. 1  --12345678910111213141516171819202122232425 Campbell: [?-----]. Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here. Brought about nine members with us, too. We'vegot four or five [?--] in the city and brought seven. So, we're excited to be here and thank you guys for [?---]. Rev. Manning: Thank you. And, uh, President Campbell will be testifying, uh, during these proceedings at some point.Along with President Campbell came Mickey Booth [sp] as well. Would you please stand. Uh, you mayhave seen her at some of the tea parties. I know she was at the convention in Nashville, the firstconvention, going back a few months now. She will also be testifying as well. Now, I need to let you know that I-- one of the reasons I was a little late coming down is that I had two phone calls. One was from Dr. Alan Keyes. And we talked at length. I spoke to Dr. Keyes, uh, last week and he committed to be here, uh, for this-- these proceedings and to lend his support, uh, to the matter of this trial. As you know, he has been very zealous about, uh, alarming America as to who Obama is andwhy he should not be in the Oval Office. And, uh, Dr. Keyes made that commitment to me I believe onWednesday of last week that he would be here because our schedule was open.But he explained to me today that, uh, once he ran it past his attorneys that he wanted to be here to testify,the lawyers got involved in the process, as you very well know, and they began to discuss with him quitecandidly that his appearance at this trial could in some way jeopardize the several cases that he has beforefederal courts now regarding Obama with a number of other people, as you all are aware of Dr. Keyes'cases. And, um, he went on to explain how he desperately wants to support, and does support and willsupport this event, uh, but that his presence here could very well cause the justices presiding over the trialof the cases that are now under appeal and for review, that they could simply state, because of hisinvolvement in this trial, that, uh, he would lose his credibility to some degree and they could summarily just dismiss the case. Now, he also stated that, while that is a real possibility, he acknowledged the fact that he doesn't expectany positive rulings from the court anyway. The courts have demonstrated-- and this is Dr. Keyes, and Iquote, demonstrated over and over again that they are going to do everything within their power to keepthis matter from being heard in any appropriate way. That's what he said to me. So in essence, he'ssaying that, even if he came here and gave his support to this trial, it wouldn't necessarily get him-- uh,well, this would not stop him from-- cause him to get a favorable ruling from the courts. But because hisattorneys feel that, uh, for the matters that other people have concerning the trial, that he should not come.And I accepted that from Dr. Keyes. While I would love to have him here, uh, I believe him to be a patriot and, uh, he expressed how much he respects what we have done, or what I have done over the lastcouple of years, bringing light to this matter about Obama, and that he pledges to do some writing insupport of what we are. So, I very much appreciate Dr. Keyes, but he will not be testifying as he and wesrcinally thought that he would.But I want to ask you as well not to hold it against Dr. Keyes for not coming. I think it was a wisedecision. And the truth of the matter is, is that while his-- his prestige in this court will be certainlygreatly appreciated, we can move forward with the verdicts without his necessarily putting his, uh, twocents worth, if you will, into the matter.And-- well, before that phone call, I'd gotten a call yesterday right after we adjourned, because I hadspoken to, uh, Vice Presidential candidate on the libertarian party, Wayne Allyn Root. Uh, I spoke to him 2  --12345678910111213141516171819202122232425 several times over the last three to four months and I spoke to him last week. And, uh, he stated that hewould testify, however, by Skype, that he would not be able to be here as he resides in Las Vegas. And,um, that--but he wanted to give his support and that he would testify. He called-- and I was supposed tohave had him testify on yesterday at 1:30 Eastern Standard Time. I scheduled him in. But because of thetestimony of Mr. Counselor _____ and our trying to build a framework of what the Harlem community islike in terms of education, students coming through this community and what the whole rhythm and spiritof this community is like, and what a sense of black people and black families have regarding the issue of a black President. And we want to commend Mr. Attorney Counselor _____ for doing a great job onmaking that so clear on yesterday, that I did not put Dr. Root up.So, he called our office yesterday and asked what happened. He was ready to testify. But at that time wehad adjourned the court. But he called back this morning and stated that he's been getting a flurry of callsfrom all over everywhere. And if you Google the name Wayne Allyn Root, there are some one millionhits, if you will, that Wayne Allyn Root is now a Birther. He's going to testify at that trial and he's a kook and all of those kinds of things. And, uh, he is running for I believe the Committee Chairman of theLibertarian Party, if not running for the Presidency of the Libertarian Party. I'm not sure which, but Iknow he's seeking a very positive and powerful position with the Libertarian Party.And he again spoke to me and explained to me that he wants to testify. But again, he believes that goingforward that, in a campaign, that his testimony here, no matter what the outcome, people will use itagainst you politically. And as I did with Dr. Keyes, I allowed Wayne Allyn Root to plead off as well. Now, I need to say that I have expressed to a large number of people that we've talked to about this trial,who are witnesses, who are experiencing or at least looking for the same objective that we are looking for,and that is to bring the truth to the American people and expose Obama for who he is. And there are anumber of people. Dr. Terry Lincoln is one that we have-- his office we've been in contact with. AndI've continued to say that in a matter such as this, we need all of the support that we can get, uh, and all of the high-powered support as well is certainly critical for us. And Wayne Allyn Root and Dr. Alan Keyeswould be extremely high-powered support.But I want to tell you from the very depths of my heart, and I would not say it were it not true, uh, I don'tthink that we necessarily need Dr. Keyes. It would be good to have him here, as I stated earlier. But thecase about Obama in terms of what I believe we have presented as evidence and the testimony of CodyRobert Judy and the testimony of Linda Bentley, the testimony of Mr. Attorney Counselor _____ thus far,I believe have clearly laid out what our case is all about. And we'll do a summation of their-- of their testimony in-- at the time when that is appropriate. So, Dr. Keyes and Wayne Allyn Root would simply be window dressing, if you might.Wayne Allyn Root did permit me, however, he gave me the authorization to read his statement or to enter into evidence what he has previously stated about his knowing or not knowing Obama, and I will do thatat the appropriate time today. What I think is important is that, uh, had I called him on yesterday, he probably would have given his testimony. But the news about this trial is all over the net now and, uh, just a matter of 24 hours has probably dampened his spirit about participating in the process. Now, so that's where we are. Again, to have President Bob Campbell here is tremendously encouragingfor me and I pray for the rest of you as well, if you know who the American Grand Jury is.Uh, just a couple of announcements and then we're going to get on with some presentation or testimony.The first announcement is, is that the march tomorrow around Columbia University will happen at 7 PMtomorrow. Now, let me get that date clearer. It will be May the 18th. And the march will not start at 9 inthe morning as we have previously done, but will start at 7 PM right in front of Columbia University, as 3  --12345678910111213141516171819202122232425 we did today at 9 AM. And so, it will be an evening march tomorrow and that ought to be very, veryexciting. And, uh, that'll help some of the people who've had to return to their jobs, uh, be available for marching tomorrow after completing their day of work. So, that will be tomorrow.Tomorrow morning at 9 AM court will start, or thereabouts, 9:30. As soon as we can get all of you inthrough the security system, we will start the trial proceedings on the 18th of May right here at 9, 9:30tomorrow morning. So, don't go to Columbia. We will not be there. We'll be here. Now, it will be our sincere hope to be able to complete proceedings as early as tomorrow. However, we believe that there is-- there's several layers of evidence that we'd like to present. Our summation, we believe, will be a bit lengthy. Um, and because of that, uh, we're not clear that tomorrow will be the finalstatements and the charge given to the jury. We'll make an effort to have that happen. If not, uh, it willhappen at the time that-- when the evidence is all in and that we're all comfortable. I know that many of you have to return to your homes, uh, and you probably will be leaving on the 20th, which will beThursday. So, we want to try to get jurors in and out as quickly as we possibly can, uh, and we pay thatGod would give us His grace and give us His strength and wisdom to be able to have that happen.Having said that, uh, we have a fairly substantial list of witnesses today. A couple of them will be bySkype. Some of them will be physically present here. Um, and we have some documentaries we want to,uh, allow you to review.The first documentary would-- we want to enter into evidence-- well, first, the first documentary will be adocumentary that was done by Bill Hemmer, or at least a report that was done by Bill Hemmer, WhiteHouse Correspondent for the Fox News program, Fox News Corporation. Mr. Bill Hemmer, uh, uponhearing a statement raised by George Stephanopoulos in an interview early on in the primary, uh, Mr.Stephanopoulos stated that he was a graduate of Columbia University and had graduated in the politicalscience major. Graduated, I believe, in 1982.And, um, as you very well know, and programs, political science programs, law programs, medical programs within universities, that generally those students kind of get together and function as a group inthat particular program if that's your major. So, anyone who's participating, no matter whether you'reupper classman or lower classman, if you're participating in a political science major, or law major, you'regoing to run into students whether a year ahead of you or a year behind you, or you just know students because they are participating and they have similar desires as you.And the other thing I found out about-- I'm saying this now about political science people. They're allvery outgoing people. Anybody who wants to be a politician is extremely outgoing and they usually don'thide themselves. They're always visible, uh, and trying to make themselves so. It's a part of the process.It's a part of their spirit.At any rate, uh, George Stephanopoulos, who was President-- former President Bill Clinton'sCommunications Director, and who later began to work for ABC News, stated in an interview that hegraduated from Columbia University as a political science major and that of the four years he was therehe never saw Obama, never heard his name, never knew anyone who knew him, and was just curious howthat could have possibly happened.Well when that happened, then Fox News, at the time they were still anti-Obama, or at least it appearedthat way if you would go back to the early days of the primary, especially during Super Tuesday. Andthey were looking to undermine Obama's campaign. And, uh, so they sent Bill Hemmer and others up toColumbia University. And to be thorough, as they generally are. Whatever else you may think about Fox News, they are thorough. That they interviewed some 400 students of the class of 1983. And, uh, after  4
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