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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKING 1 History 1 TCP/IP Networks 2 UUCP Networks 13 Linux Networking 14 Maintaining Your System 16 CHAPTER TWO

PREFACE xiii CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKING 1 History 1 TCP/IP Networks 2 UUCP Networks 13 Linux Networking 14 Maintaining Your System 16 CHAPTER TWO ISSUES OF TCP/IP NETWORKING 19 Networking Interfaces
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PREFACE xiii CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKING 1 History 1 TCP/IP Networks 2 UUCP Networks 13 Linux Networking 14 Maintaining Your System 16 CHAPTER TWO ISSUES OF TCP/IP NETWORKING 19 Networking Interfaces 19 IP Addresses 20 Address Resolution 22 IP Routing 23 The Internet Control Message Protocol 29 Resolving Host Names 30 Table of Contents CHAPTER THREE CONFIGURING THE NETWORKING HARDWARE 32 Kernel Configuration 35 A Tour of Linux Network Devices 41 Ethernet Installation 42 The PLIP Driver 45 The PPP and SLIP Drivers 48 Other Network Types 48 CHAPTER FOUR CONFIGURING THE SERIAL HARDWARE 49 Communications Software for Modem Links 49 introduction to Serial Devices 50 Accessing Serial Devices 51 Serial Hardware 54 Using the Configuration Utilities 55 Serial Devices and the login: Prompt 59 CHAPTER FIVE CONFIGURING TCP/IP NETWORKING 63 Mounting the /proc Filesystem 64 Installing the Binaries 64 Setting the Hostname 65 Assigning IP Addresses 65 Creating Subnets 67 Writing hosts and networks Files 67 Interface Configuration for IP 69 All About ifconfig 77 The netstat Command 77 Checking the ARP Tables 83 CHAPTER SIX NAME SERVICE AND RESOLVER CONFIGURATION 86 The Resolver Library 86 How DNS Works 93 Running named 100 CHAPTER SEVEN SERIAL LINE IP 116 General Requirements 116 SLIP Operation 117 Dealing with Private IP Networks 119 Using dip 120 Running in Server Mode 126 CHAPTER EIGHT THE POINT-TO-POINT PROTOCOL 129 PPP on Linux 130 Running pppd 131 Using Options Files 132 Using chat to Automate Dialing 133 IP Configuration Options 136 Link Control Options 139 General Security Considerations 141 Authentication with PPP 142 Debugging Your PPP Setup 145 More Advanced PPP Configurations 146 CHAPTER NINE TCP/IP FIREWALL 151 Methods of Attack 152 What Is a Firewall? 153 What Is IP Filtering? 155 Setting Up Linux for Firewalling 156 Three Ways We Can Do Filtering Original IP Firewall (2.0 Kernels) IP Firewall Chains (2.2 Kernels) 168 Netfilter and IP Tables (2.4 Kernels) 169 TOS Bit Manipulation 188 Testing a Firewall Configuration 190 A Sample Firewall Configuration 192 CHAPTER TEN IP ACCOUNTING 200 Configuring the Kernel for IP Accounting 200 Configuring IP Accounting 201 Using IP Accounting Results 207 Resetting the Counters 209 Flushing the Ruleset 210 Passive Collection of Accounting Data 210 CHAPTER ELEVEN IP MASQUERADE AND NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION 211 Side Effects and Fringe Benefits 213 Configuring the Kernel for IP Masquerade 214 Configuring IP Masquerade 215 Handling Name Server Lockups 218 More About Network Address Translation 218 CHAPTER TWELVE IMPORTANT NETWORK. FEATURES 219 The inetd Super Server 219 The tcpd Access Control Facility 222 The Services and Protocols Files 224 Remote Procedure Call 225 Configuring Remote Login and Execution 227 CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE NETWORK INFORMATION SYSTEM 235 Getting Acquainted with Nis 236 The Client Side of NIS 239 Server 239 Running an NIS Server 240 Server Security 241 Setting UP an NIS Client with GNU libc 242 Choosing the Right Maps 244 Using the passwd and group Maps 246 Using,IS with Shadow Support 249 CHAPTER FOURTEEN THE NETWORK FILE SYSTEM 250 Preparing NFS 251 Mounting an NFS Volume 252 The NFS Daemons 254 The exports File 255 Kernel-Based NFSv2 Server Support 257 Kernel-Based NFSv3 Server Support 258 CHAPTER FIFTEEN IPX AND THE NCP FILESYSTEM 259 Xerox, Novell, and History 259 IPX and Linux 260 Configuring the Kernel for IPX and NCPFS 262 Configuring IPX Interfaces 262 Configuring an IPX Router 265 Mounting a Remote NetWare Volume 269 Exploring Some of the Other IPX Tools 273 Printing to a NetWare Print Queue 274 NetWare Server Emulation 278 CHAPTER SIXTEEN SAGING TAYLOR US 279 UUCP Transfers and Remote Execution 281 UUCP Configuration Files 283 Controlling Access to UUCP Features 298 Setting Up Your System for Dialing In 300 UUCP Low-Level Protocols 304 Troubleshooting 306 Log Files and Debugging 308 CHAPTER SEVENTEEN ELECTRONIC MAIL 310 What is a Mail Message? 311 How Is Mail Delivered? 311 Addresses 315 Table of Contents 318 How Does Mail Routing Work? 320 Configuring elm 322 CHAPTER EIGHTEEN SENDMAIL 326 Introduction to sendmail 326 Installing sendmail 327 Overview of Configuration Files 327 The and Files 328 Interpreting and Writing Rewrite Rules 335 Configuring sendmail Options 339 Some Useful sendmail Configurations 341 Testing Your Configuration 345 Running sendmail 348 Tips and Tricks 352 CHAPTER NINETEEN GETTING MAP AND RUNNING 358 Running Exim 360 Compiling Exim 362 Mail Delivery Modes 362 Miscellaneous config Options 364 Message Routing and Delivery 366 Protecting Against mail spam 368 UUCP Setup 370 CHAPTER TWENTY NETNEWS Usenet History 372 What Is Usenet, Anyway 373 How Does 375 Handle News? 376 CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE C NEWS 378 The sys File 380 The active File 382 Article Batching 383 Expiring News 387 Miscellaneous Files 389 Control Messages 391 CNews in an NES Environment 394 Maintenance- Tools ind Tasks 396 CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO NNTP AND TIIE NN-TPD DAEMON 398 the NNTP Protocol 398 installing the NNtp Server 402 Restricting NNTP Access 406 NNTP,nntp interaction 408 nntp interaction with C News 410 CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE INTERNET NEWS 410 Some IN\ Internals 411 newsreaders and IN\ 413 Installing INN 413 Configuring INN the Basic Setup 414 INN Configuration 420 Running INN 430 Managing INN: the etlinnd Comand 433 CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR NEWSREADER CONFIGURATION 435 tin Configuration 437 trn Configuration 437 fili Configuration 438 APPENDIX A EXAMPLE NETWORK: THE VIRTUAL BREWERY 441 APPENDIX B USEFUL CABLE CONFIGURATIONS 443 APPENDIX C LINUX NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR'S GUIDE, SECOND EDITION COPYRIGHT INFORMATION 445 APPENDIX D SAGE: THE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS GUILD 453 INDEX 455 Fine
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