CASE STUDY GARUDA INDONESIA Marketing Young Professional 51BA – Syni!a e # Metalia Kusuma Wardhani 29114752 Annisa Swavira 29114858 David Rinaldi 2911488 Ri!ki ingga War#$n$ 291149%4 $ASTER O% BUSINESS AD$INISTRATION SC&OO' O% BUSINESS AND $ANAGE$ENT INSTITUT TE(NO'OGI BANDUNG )*1+ CO$PANY PRO%I'E &aruda 'nd$nesia is a (ull)servi*e airline+ ,he *lass *$n(igurati$n is divided int$ e-e*utive ./usiness0 and e*$n$m# *lass+ Aside d$mesti* r$utes whi*h serve 'nd$nesian large *ities1 the
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  CASE STUDY GARUDA INDONESIA Marketing Young Professional 51BA – Syni!a e # Metalia Kusuma Wardhani29114752Annisa Swavira29114858David Rinaldi2911488Ri!ki ingga War#$n$291149%4 $ASTER O% BUSINESS AD$INISTRATIONSC&OO' O% BUSINESS AND $ANAGE$ENTINSTITUT TE(NO'OGI BANDUNG)*1+  CO$PANY PRO%I'E &aruda 'nd$nesia is a (ull)servi*e airline+ ,he *lass *$n(igurati$n is divided int$e-e*utive ./usiness0 and e*$n$m# *lass+ Aside d$mesti* r$utes whi*h serve 'nd$nesian large*ities the airline (lies t$ a num/er $( regi$nal and internati$nal destinati$n in S$uth)ast 3ast Asia the Middle ast and Australia+ ,he airline revi$usl# has a *$mrehensivew$rldwide r$ute netw$rk that in*luded $rth Ameri*an ur$ean and A(ri*an *$untries+6n($rtunatel# e*$n$mi* *risis that swet Asia in 1998 hard hit the nati$n and the airline($r*ing it t$ trim)d$wn its netw$rk+ As $( Setem/er 2%1% the airline has 75 air*ra(ts in its(leet in*luding  $eing 747)4%%s 1% Air/us %s and 2 $eing 77 series+ ,he airline has ut a (irm $rder $( 1% $eing 777)%%s 14 Air/us % 2%%s and 5% $eing 77)8%%& $( whi*h 2 $eing 77)8%%& has /een delivered in 2%1%+ ,he airline has  Strategi* usiness6nit .S60 and 4 su/sidiaries whi*h *$ntri/ute t$ the *$man#s er($rman*e+ ,he S6 isan indeendents /usiness unit within the *$man# whi*h targets $n $timi!ing res$ur*es t$ma-imi!e the *$man#s value+  S6 res$nsi/le dire*tl# t$ the /$ards are: &aruda SentraMedika ; aviati$n medi*al servi*es &aruda <arg$ and <itilink ; l$w *$st *arrier+ eside the S6s there are 4 su/sidiaries: =, Aer$wisata ; >$sitalit# 3 ,$urism servi*es =, A/a*usDistri/uti$n S#stem ; &DS =r$vider =, &aruda Maintenan*e ?a*ilit# and =, Aer$ S#stem'nd$nesia ; ', ngineering+ 'n *$ndu*ting its $erati$ns the *$man# is su$rted /# 781eml$#ees+ =resenting a new standard $( servi*e @ualit# in air travel industr# &aruda'nd$nesia *urrentl# (l#es t$ 4 destinati$ns *$nsists $( 55 *ities in 'nd$nesia and 2% *itiesa/r$ad+ 'n additi$n t$ serve its $wn (light r$utes &aruda 'nd$nesia als$ entered int$ theagreement ( *$de shareB with 14 internati$nal airlines+ &ISTORY 'nd$nesias *$mmer*ial aviati$n hist$r# /egan when 'nd$nesian e$le was instruggle t$ de(end their indeenden*e+ ,he (irst *$mmer*ial (light (r$m <al*utta t$ Rang$$nwas made $n Canuar# 2 1949 using a D<) Dak$ta air*ra(t with the tail num/er $( R')%%1B and the name  'nd$nesian Airwa#sB+ 'n the same #ear $n De*em/er 28 1949 an$ther D<) air*ra(t registered as =K)D=D and ainted with  &aruda 'nd$nesian Airwa#sB l$g$(lew (r$m Cakarta t$ $g#akarta t$ i*k u =resident S$ekarn$+ ,his Was the (irst (light madeunder the name $( &aruda 'nd$nesian Airwa#s+ ,hen in a #ear later in 195% &aruda'nd$nesia $((i*iall# /e*ame a state $wned *$man#+ During that eri$d the *$man#$erated a (leet $( 8 air*ra(ts *$mrising 22 D<) 8 <atalina (l#ing /$ats and 8 <$nvair 24%+ &aruda 'nd$nesias (leet *$ntinued t$ gr$w and eventuall# made its (irst (light t$ me**a  *arr#ing 'nd$nesian haEE ilgrims in 195+ 'n 195 the (irst (light t$ ur$ean *$untriesstarted was made with Amsterdam as the (inal destinati$n+&aruda 'nd$nesia (leet and $erati$ns underwent large s*ale revitali!ati$n andrestru*turing thr$ugh$ut the 198%s+ ,his r$mted the <$man# t$ devel$ *$mrehensivetraining r$grams ($r its air and gr$und *rews and esta/lished a dedi*ated training (a*ilit# inWest Cakarta named the &aruda 'nd$nesia ,raining <enter+ 'n Additi$n the <$man# als$ /uilt an Air*ra(t Maintenan*e <enter at S$ekarn$)>atta 'nternati$nal Air$rt+ ,hen in theearl# 199%s &aruda 'nd$nesia devel$ed a l$ng)term gr$wth strateg# whi*h was alied untilthe #ear 2%%%+ ,he <$man# als$ *$ntinued t$ e-and its (leet la*ing &aruda 'nd$nesiaam$ng the % largest airlines $( the w$rld+ Al$ng with initiatives in /usiness devel$ment in2%%5 a new management team t$$k $((i*e and ($rmulated new lans ($r the (uture $( the*$man#+ ,he new management undert$$k a *$mrehensive re)evaluati$n and $verallrestru*turing with the $/Ee*tive imr$ving $erati$nal e((i*ien*# regained (inan*ial sta/ilit#that inv$lved e(($rts in de/t restru*turing in*reased awareness am$ng eml$#ees *$n*erningthe im$rtan*e $( servi*e t$ *ust$mers and  m$st im$rtantl# revived and revitali!ed the&aruda 'nd$nesia sirit+,he su**ess(ul *$mleti$n $( the *$man#s de/t restru*turing r$gram $ened thewa# ($r &aruda 'nd$nesia t$ g$ u/li* $n 11th ?e/ruar# 2%11+ ,he *$man# $((i*iall# /e*ame a u/li* *$man# a(ter the initial u/li* $((ering $( 578%%% shares+ ,he*$man#s shares were listed $n the 'nd$nesia St$*k -hange $n ?e/ruar# 11 2%11 with*$de &'AA+ ,his was $ne im$rtant milest$ne a(ter the *$man# *$mleted thetrans($rmati$n $n its /usiness thr$ugh hard w$rk and dedi*ati$n $( all arties+ As $( De*em/er 2%1 the share h$lding stru*ture $( &aruda 'nd$nesia as the 'ssue and u/li**$man# is the Reu/li* $( 'nd$nesia .9+14F0 eml$#ees .%+4F0 d$mesti* invest$rs.24+4F0 and internati$nal invest$rs .12F0+Additi$nall# $n Mar*h 5 2%14 &aruda 'nd$nesia $((i*iall# E$ined the Sk# ,eamgl$/al allian*e as art $( its internati$nal netw$rk e-ansi$n r$gram+ # C$ining the Sk#,eam &aruda 'nd$nesia assengers are n$w a/le t$ (l# t$ 1%4 destinati$ns in 178 *$untriesserved /# all Sk# ,eam mem/er airlines with m$re than 157%% (lights er da# and a**ess 54l$unge w$rldwide+ As art $( the *$man#s e(($rt in *$ntinuall# imr$ving its servi*es t$ assengers &aruda 'nd$nesia intr$du*ed the distin*tive *$n*et $( servi*e *alled &aruda'nd$nesia -erien*eB whi*h /rings h$sitalit# *ulture and ever#thing /est (r$m 'nd$nesiathr$ugh (ive senses namel# sight s$und taste s*ent and t$u*h t$ /e imlemented in theservi*e $( re)E$urne# re)(light in)(light $st)(light and $st E$urne#+ &aruda 'nd$nesia isals$ listed as $ne $( 'A,A Gerati$nal sa(et# Audit .'GSA0 $erat$rs al#ing sa(et# andse*urit# standards e@uivalent t$ maE$r internati$nal airline mem/ers $( 'A,A+ &aruda'nd$nesia re*eived 'GSA *erti(i*ati$n in 2%%8  ,ISION A str$ng distinguished airline thr$ugh r$viding @ualit# servi*e t$ serve e$le and g$$dsar$und the w$rld with Gnd$nesian h$sitalit#B $ISSION ,he (lag *arrier $( 'nd$nesia that r$m$tes 'nd$nesia t$ the w$rld su$rting nati$nale*$n$mi* devel$ment /# delivering r$(essi$nal air travel servi*es+B Cor-ora e ,alue <$r$rate value *alled H?l#)>i *$nsisting $( e % (i*ient 3 e((e*tive ' $#alt# <ust$mer <entri*it Y  & $nest# 3 $enness and I ntegrit#+ ã ((i*ient 3 e((e*tive : W$rk in an a**urate e((i*ient and timel# manner t$ r$du*ehigh)@ualit# result+ ã $#alt# : <arr# $ut duties with (ull dedi*ati$n and res$nsi/ilit#+ ã <ust$mer <entri*it# : Serve with sin*erit# and ($*us $n *ust$mer satis(a*ti$n+ ã >$nest# 3 $enness: 6h$ld h$nest# sin*erit# $enness and *auti$n+ ã 'ntegrit# : Maintain dignit# and re(rain (r$m imr$er *$ndu*t that ma# damage<$man# image and r$(essi$n INDUSTRY ISSUES Safe y regula ion Airline 'ndustr# is a regulati$n)intensive industr#+ 't is /e*ause there is a great deal$( regulati$ns t$ $/serve /# ea*h airline *$man#+ ,he regulati$ns are generall# related t$three su/Ee*ts namel# states s$vereignit# (light sa(et# and e*$n$m#+ Regulati$ns ertainingt$ states s$vereignt# mainl# a((e*t the (lights whi*h serve internati$nal r$utes+ Manual $n theRegulati$n $( 'nternati$nal Air ,rans$rt .D$* 92 =art 40 issued /# 'nternati$nal <ivilAviati$n Grgani!ati$n .'<AG0 ; an instituti$n under 6 that ad$ts aviati$n standards andre*$mmended ra*ti*es reventi$n $( illegal interventi$n and (a*ilitati$n $( inter)state (light r$*edure ($r internati$nal *ivil aviati$n *$ntains nine (reed$ms t$ /e met /# airline*$manies in *$ndu*ting their $erati$ns .,a/le '0+ ,he nine (reed$ms will eventuall# a((e*tthe $erati$nal *$st and (reed$m $( a *ertain airline in er($rming its (light lan+ ,he($lll$wing regulati$n ertains t$ (light sa(et# whi*h is the rime (a*t$r in air*ra(t $erati$n+esides the sa(et# (a*t$r menti$ned even shall /e *$nsidered and *al*ulated sin*e the design hase+ Standard $( air*ra(t $erati$n ers$nnel and su$rting aaratus have /een stiulatedin *ivil aviati$n sa(et# regulati$n .<ASR0 whi*h is a*tuall# the *ivil (light sa(et# regulati$n

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