CAPE Unit 1 Literatures in English June 2006 P2

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  TEST CO DE 2132 2 FORM T 2 6246 MAY J UNE 2006 C RIBBE N EX MIN TIONS COUNCIL ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION LITERATURES IN ENGLISH UNIT 1 - PAPER 02 hours 16 MAY 2006 a.m. ) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. This pa per consists of THREE sections. 2. There ar e FOUR que stions in Section A, TWO questions in Section Band TWO questions in Section C. 3. Answer THREE questions, ONE from EACH section. 0213 2020 /CAPE 2006 Co pyright © 2004 Car ibbean Examinations Co uncil® A   rights reserved    SECTION A MODULE 1 -DRAMA SHAKESPEARE -COMEDIES AND HISTORIES Answer ONE question from this section. EITHER 1. Discuss the dr ama ti c significance of Don Pedro in Mu ch Ado About Nothing. [Total 40 marks] R 2. In Mu ch Ado About Nothing, humour is height ene d by the co ntr ast between co upl es .  To what exte nt do you agree with this statement? [Total40 marks] R 3. Examine Shakespeare's dr amatic representation of the theme of honour in Henry IV, Part 1 [Total 40 marks] OR 4. Discuss the dramatic signifi ca n ce of war in Henry IV, Part 1. [Total40 marks] SECTION B MODULE 2 - POETRY BRITISH AMERICAN AND POSTCOLONIAL Answer ONE question from this section. EITHER 5. The power of po etry relies primar il y on meanin gf ul word choice.  With reference to at least TH REE poems by ONE British, American, OR Postcolonial po et that you have studied, dis cu ss the extent to which you agree with this statement. [Total 40 marks] OR 6. With reference to at least THREE poems by ONE British, Ame ri ca n, OR Po st co lonial poet that you h ave st udied, discuss the extent to which poetry is used as an effective vehicle for exp loring social or person  l issues. [Total 40 marks] GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 02132020  C APE 2006  -3 - SECTION C MODULE 3 - PROSE FICTION CARIBBEAN AND BRITISH AMERICAN AND POSTCOLONIAL Answer ONE question from this section. EITHER 7. Th e outstanding characte ri s ti c of any work of prose i ction is the auth or s representation of the rela ti onship between moral charact er and narrative solution. To wh at extent is this true in O NE Caribb ea n AND ONE British, Ameri ca n, OR Postcolonial work of fiction you have studied? [Total 40 marks] OR 8. Narrative technique is the primary vehicle of thema ti c d eve lopment in works of fiction.  With reference to O NE Car ibbean AND ONE British, Ame ri ca n, OR Postcolo ni al work of fic ti on that you have studied, discuss the extent to w  i ch you agree with this statement. [Tota140 marks] EN OFTEST 02132020/CAPE 2006
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