CAPE Unit 1 Literatures in English June 2005 P2

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  TE ST CODE 2132 2 ORM TP 2 5241 MAY/JUNE 2005 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS CO UN CIL ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION 021 32 020/CAPE 2005 LITERATURES IN ENGLISH U NIT 1 PAP ER 02 hour s 5 minute s 17 MAY 2005 p.m. INSTR UC TIO NS TO CANDIDAT ES Thi s pa per consists of T HRE E sections. You mu st an swer ON E qu es tion from EAC H section. Copyright© 2004 Caribb ea n Examinations Co u cil All r ghts reserved.   2 SECTION A MODULE DRAMA BRITI SH AND AMERI CAN AND S HAKESPEARE  COMEDIES AND HISTORIES Answer ONE question from this section. EITHER 1 A play's comp lete me anin g do es not emerge in the early part of a text or in the f ir st momen ts of a perform ance, but quit e often the see ds of the me ss a ge can be found there.  OR ln ONE Shakespear ea n comedy or his tory AND ON E Br itish or Amer ican play studied, di sc u ss the m ea ns by whi ch the pl ayw ri ght u ses ea rl y scen es to ale rt the audience to signi fi cant i ss u es [Total 6 marks] 2. In dr ama, the ge nr e is a vehicle for explor in g the rela tion ship between indiv idual desir es and societ y's cons tr a int s.  With re fer ence to ONE Shakesp ea rean co me dy or history AN D ONE Br itish or American play studied, di scu ss the exte nt to which yo u agree with this statement. [Total 60 marks] GO ON TO THE NEX T P AGE 0213202 0/CAPE 2005  -3 - SECTION B MODULE POETRY BRITISH AND AMERICAN AND POSTCOLONIAL Answer ONE question from this section EITHER 3 Co mpar e and co ntrast the strat eg i es emp l oyed by TWO po ets to exp lore a simil ar th eme . [Total 6 mark s] OR 4 Po etry is th e spontane ou s ove rfl ow of pow erful em ot ion.  With referen ce to THREE p oe ms by a single writer, discu ss the techniques by whic h the p oe t creates emotional impac t [Total 6 marks] SECTION C MODULE 3 PROSE FICTION MODERN AMERICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN Answer ONE question from this section EITHER 5 With referen ce to O NE Ca ribb ean AN D O NE Mod ern Ame rican or Af ri ca n Amer i ca n wo rk of fiction, discu ss the exte nt to which n ar rative t ec hnique is u se d as a m ea ns of ex pl or in g p syc hological expe ri ence. [Total 6 mark s] OR 6. Di sc uss the t ec hniques by which any O NE Ca ribb ea n pr ose fiction writer has given vo i ce and value to the vo i ce less and the disr ega rded. [Total 6 mark s] END OF TEST 2 132020 CA PE 2005
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