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  Paper Reference(s) 6663/01 Edexcel GCE Core Mathematics C1Gold Level G3 Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Materials required for examination tems included !ith question a ers Mathematical Formulae (Green)    Nil Candidates may use any calculator allowed by theregulations of the JointCouncil for Qualications. Calculators must not have thefacility for symbolicalgebra manipulation, dierentiation and integration, orhave retrievablemathematical formulas stored in them. nstructions to Candidates Write the name of the examining body (Edexcel) your centre number candidate number the unit title (!ore Mathematics ! ) the paper reference (###$) your surname initials and signature% nformation for Candidates & boo'let Mathematical Formulae and tatistical *ables+ is pro,ided%Full mar's may be obtained for ans-ers to &.. /uestions%*here are 0 /uestions in this /uestion paper% *he total mar' for this paper is 12% #dvice to Candidates 3ou must ensure that your ans-ers to parts of /uestions are clearly labelled%3ou must sho- sufficient -or'ing to ma'e your methods clear to the Examiner% &ns-ers-ithout -or'ing may gain no credit% $u%%ested %rade &oundaries for this a er: #'#(C)E 61*3+*36,-1.Gold 3 *his publication may only be reproduced in accordance -ith Edexcel .imited copyright policy%45001650 $ Edexcel .imited%  1 Factorise completely  x 7 8  x $ % 32anuar ,013, Express 9 5  x : $  in the form 5  y  stating  y in terms of  x % ,2anuar ,0133 ( a ) ho- that  x 5  : #  x : can be -ritten as(  x  :  p ) 5  : q -here  p  and q  are integers to be found% , ( b ) 'etch the cur,e -ith e/uation  y ;  x 5  : #  x :  sho-ing clearly any intersections -iththe coordinate axes% , ( c ) Find the ,alue of the discriminant of  x 5  : #  x : % ,Ma ,010+  . *he cur,e C has e/uation  y ;  x (2 7  x ) and the line  L has e/uation 5  y ; 2  x : 8%( a ) <se algebra to sho- that C and  L do not intersect% + ( b ) 'etch C and  L on the same diagram sho-ing the coordinates of the points at -hich C  and  L meet the axes% +2anuar ,01, Gold $= > 5 5  *4i%ure 1 Figure sho-s a s'etch of the cur,e -ith e/uation  y ;  x 5   x ? 0%*he cur,e C has e/uation  y ;  x 5   7 2  x ? 0 and the line l has e/uation  y ; 8  x : 5%( a ) 'etch and clearly label the graphs of C and l on a single diagram%@n your diagram sho- clearly the coordinates of the points -here C and l cross thecoordinate axes% * ( b ) Write do-n the e/uations of the asymptotes of the cur,e C  % , ( c ) Find the coordinates of the points of intersection of  y ;  x 5   7 2 and  y ; 8  x : 5% *2anuar ,013 Gold $= > 5 $  6 & company -hich is ma'ing 500 mobile phones each -ee' plans to increase its production%*he number of mobile phones produced is to be increased by 50 each -ee' from 500 in -ee'  to 550 in -ee' 5 to 580 in -ee' $ and so on until it is producing #00 in -ee'  N  %( a ) Find the ,alue of  N  % , *he company then plans to continue to ma'e #00 mobile phones each -ee'%( b ) Find the total number of mobile phones that -ill be made in the first 25 -ee's startingfrom and including -ee' % *Ma 20! 5 *he e/uation  x 5  : kx  : 9 ; k  has no real solutions for  x %( a )ho- that k   satisfies k  5  : 8 k   6 $5 A 0% 3 ( b )Bence find the set of possible ,alues of k  % +2anuar 200 Gold $= > 5 8


Jul 22, 2017
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