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  9/16/2014 Business plan template FREE 1/8   HOT OPPORTUNITY Country Partner Required inthe United States for theEarly Warning Network EWN Click here for details EWN is a multi-channel ALERT system thatprovides users of the system the ability toinstantly and simultaneously broadcastalerts and notifications to individuals,groups, or person/s within a specific areaover multiple communication mediums.The system is geographically aware andGIS enabled and can be used worldwide. FREE Business Plan Template   Introduction   Creating a Business Plan   Facts About an Online Business   Registering A Business   email addresses and Domain Names   Merchant Accounts   Five Steps to making money Online   Advertising on the Internet   Sample Documents   Business Plan guide and Template   All EnquiriesPH 07 5590 4173 enquiries@waspz.comHome | About | Contact us | Links Creating the Business Plan. Creating your business plan is one of those tasks which seems like a chore, but is important to thesuccessful development of your business. As the process is worked through, questions will be asked whichmight not have been thought of, or issues raised, which if not considered could cause real problems in thefuture. Being able to talk about ideas is one thing, writing them down in logical order is often hard, butwhich organising your thoughts something might be missed which could be the difference between thebusiness being successful, or failing.When the plan is developed you will understand more of the opportunities and potential “pot holes” for thebusiness. The following plan is not a fail-safe method for success, if it was we would be out playing golf orsomething - not sitting at a computer, however, it is hoped that by going through these steps yourbusiness will have a better chance of success. Assumptions:Assumptions are that you:ã have access to Part One: the resource kit, which will help answer questions which arise, andã are funding the business yourself and every dollar counts.Method:The approach starts by outlining the Major Topics; then adding the finer points for each of the MajorTopics. It’s important that the topics are treated as well defined “categories” into which specific informationor thoughts are placed so that they can be found again and included in the plan for the business.  Major Topics SectionMajor TopicSummary Executive Summary2-3 pages to summarise the business,objectives, assumptions, approach, factors forsuccess, cost and revenue summaries. The “excitement” section. Table of ContentsTo navigate the document1.0Company   DescriptionOverview, line of business, ownership,governance, objectives, location, image2.0Product On-line products and services to be delivered,pricing models – delivery mechanisms,customer services3.0The Market Search Engines, target market and why,market expansion, current state of the market,future of the market4.0Competitors Who are the competitors now and future i.e.who might be looking at the same approach tothe same market5.0Marketing and sales planReaching the target market and generatingrevenue6.0Risks Vulnerabilities of the business, what wouldmake it not work, what will be outside yourcontrol7.0Operational Plan incl. PersonnelInfrastructure, product selection processes,delivery processes, accounting methods andpractices, auditing, customer management.8.0Financial Plan costs and projectionsEstablishment costs, on-going costs, expansioncosts and revenue projections9.0Exit strategyFuture plans e.g. expand by bringing in apartner, transfer control to a relative, or sellthe business. Appendices 1Supporting DocumentsPrivacy Statement, Returns Policy, Terms andConditions, warranty2Checklists of ActivitiesSuch as checklists to:·Optimise the site for search engines·bring business on-line·begin trading, search engines·monitor site activity·monitor trading activities·track feedback from customers  9/16/2014 Business plan template FREE 2/8   ·define key performance indicators·triggers for productenhancement/diversification·triggers for further development 3MilestonesA plan of what should be happening by whenfor activities, costs and revenues – a chart togo on the wall to be a constant reminder Writing the Internet Business Plan The following document is both a guide and a template. If you are reading the pdf version of this, a worddocument is available at……………….After filling in the form, simply delete the descriptions and suggestionswe have added to create your own internet business plan. Executive Summary The Executive Summary is always written last, should be a page, or two at most, which pulls together theessence of your business, why it will succeed and where it will be in three years time. Having read thisSummary anyone should have a picture in their mind about the business. Table of Contents A Table of Contents is essential for you and others to easily refer to sections of interest within thedocument. Creating a document with a Table of Contents is straightforward. Infomedia will provide asample document of this business plan outline as a Microsoft Word document. Section 1 Company Description Company Description The first part of the Guide describes the various types of business registration. Is your business nameregistered? Have you registered the domain name? After being satisfied you have completed all thenecessary actions. Company Description:Name:Address:Registered Name:ABN:Phone number:Domain name:ISP:Bank:Credit Card Facility:Description of business  Internal Activities and ResponsibilitiesNameActivity and ResponsibilityBackup Person  Which activities do you have others, outside the business, do for you? If others deliver or manufactureproducts for you, do you have written agreements with them? Do your agreements cover you in case salesincrease significantly; are you locked into period payments irrespective of sales or use?  External Activities and ResponsibilitiesName/OrganisationActivity and ResponsibilityAgreement In Place   Major Customers Who are your major customers within the target market, are they reliable as customers?  Major CustomersName/TargetGroupReliabilityBackup Person   Future Business Profile What do you expect the profile of the business to be in 1, 2 and 3 years?  Business Profile: One years time:Two years time:Three years time:   9/16/2014 Business plan template FREE 3/8 Section 2. Products Range of Products and/or services Which ranges of products and/or services does, or will, the Business provide? Range of Products and/or services: Forms of payment What forms of payment are you going to accept fro the products and/or services? Forms of payment:CashChequeCredit Cards (which one, or many)COD Cataloguing of Products Briefly describe the system for cataloguing products with unique product numbers and consistentdescriptions.  Categories of products: Example   Level 1 Level 2 Level 3Wines Red Wines Shiraz  Merlot  White Wines Semillon Savignon Blanc Merchandise Polo Shirts Base ball style hats Wine bottle stands Wood  Stainless Steel  Fibre Glass   Product Coding System: Services, Quotations and Payment If your business provides services, describe:the way in which the services are defined and booked,how quotations are prepared, terms described in a contract or letter of engagement andschedule for payment(s). How services are booked:Quotations, acceptance and engagement:Schedule of payments: Guarantees and Warranties Describe in principle the guarantees, warranties, returns, re-supply (replacements) and other Customersupport services which the business will provide. Guarantees and Warranties:Returns Policy:Replacement:Types of Customer Support: Premises Briefly describe the premises for the business, will it be run from home, an office. Requirements for premises: Section 3. The Market Defining the target market for the business The business must be focused. An analysis of the market is necessary to understanding that there is theopportunity for the business to succeed.Define the market that the business is involved with now, or in the future; how the market is segmentedinto different major activities or services and which of these are the target for the current or plannedbusiness.  Briefly describe the market in terms of its size (local,national, international)   What are your keywords and terms?  9/16/2014 Business plan template FREE 4/8   How many times are your key words/productssearched for?   Using your keywords who are your competitors?   How well are your competitors optimised?   What would be an average value for orders placed inthis market?   Is the area of interest growing quickly or is ti to acommunity of interest which is quite constant?   Estimate the current level of uptake of the internet inthe sector?   Is the internet in common use in the sector?   Are there established major businesses which youwould target?   An indication of the number of new businessesopening up in the sector   Define the target market for business and any special characteristics. Number of Potential Customers What makes your understanding andofferings new or different Will the business use a model which has worked well elsewhere (external model) Compare the market focus of the external model to that for the business Compare market size Compare market value Market readiness for acceptance  Characteristics of the target market Price Sensitivity The costs of the goods and/or services the business delivers will affect the market segment and the targetcustomers within that segment. For example, if the market segment is highly price competitive then thebusiness must operate within that constraint. How price sensitive are the intended products and/or services?:  How are your Products Normally found Describe how the market sector of interest finds out about new products and services in your service area,is it through local newspapers, mail drops, trade magazines, journals, radio or TV advertisements, througha web site most people look at, e-mail notifications, trade shows, club meets, word of mouth, internetsearch engine(s). How do your prospective customers usually find out about new products or services?  How do your prospective customers currently use the internet? How does the sector use the internet, for example, for information, products, pricing, subscriptions, servicelevel agreements, confirming the credibility of the company, part of background check on potential buyersor suppliers. How do your prospective customers currently use the internet?:  What are the usual payment methods? Which forms of financial settlement does the market use, for example, account charging, credit cards,COD, cash? Describe how the accepted forms of “doing business” will fit with the availability of e-commerce on-line options.  What are the usual payment methods?   Where are the Major Costs and Savings Where are the major costs in the sector? Are the costs of sale high relative to the value of the productsand/or services? Will a web presence enable reduction of costs in the market sector? Are other businessesusing such an on-line approach. How accepting is the sector of the internet and in relation to whichbusiness activities? What are the major costs in the supply of the products or services?Where are savings to be made?What are companies like yours doing on the Internet?  Are You a Market Leader or Follower Market leading issues are to be discussed as to whether the business will be pioneering a new approach,improving an accepted approach or leveraging off known “success” stories in the sector but which mightnot be available in your service area or customer base? If you are providing something new to the market – what is it?
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