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AN INFORMATION SERVICE OF THE CHICAGO VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION A LOOK INSIDE Gaining a Media Edge October CE President s Thoughts Inspiring Others CVMA at Work Membership Updates New Members 1 2
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AN INFORMATION SERVICE OF THE CHICAGO VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION A LOOK INSIDE Gaining a Media Edge October CE President s Thoughts Inspiring Others CVMA at Work Membership Updates New Members CVMA Classifieds 6 Relief Veterinarians 7 Animal Welfare Report AVMA Update on NPI # Veterinary Volunteers Needed Public Education Report 9 10 Veterinarians Needed Legislative Updates CVMF Updates University of Illinois Helpline Celebration Halloween Safety Tips tear-out sheet AAHA Mandates Anes14 thesia During Dentals Calendar 15 Bulletin S h a p i n g th e F u t u r e o f V e t e r i n a r y M e d i c i n e Promoting the Human -Animal Bond O C T O B E R ~ Since 1896 ~ / N O V E M B E R /6/13: Gaining a Media Edge - Dr. Jim Humphries Do you want to improve your skills in interviews with the media? Or, are you new to handling media and seek to understand how to best approach interviews on the radio, television, print and/or online publications? Then, this is an awesome opportunity for you to gain an edge and confidence while speaking as a veterinary professional and demonstrating your passion to the public for what you do every day. provide Media Training on Wednesday, November 6th. This event will take place at Brookfield Zoo s Discovery Center from 8am-3:30pm. There is NO COST to attend this event; and it is only open to CVMA veterinarian members. You may register for this event on the CVMA website or by ing to: This event is not eligible for CEUs. dia trainers in America today and is recognized as the most experienced veterinary medical journalist in the country! For over two decades, he has appeared on practically every popular local and national radio and television program in America. For CVMA members who desire interaction with the public, please contact Eric Voogd by for information about activities and how to join the CVMA Public Education Committee. Dr. Humphries is a practicing We look forward to seeing you veterinarian and President and at this upcoming event with Dr. Please save the date as the News Director of the Veteri- Humphries in November! CVMA welcomes Dr. Jim Hum- nary News Network. He has phries, sponsored by CEVA, to been called one of the best me- 10/9/13: Respiratory Medicine - Dr. Brendan McKiernan A careful history and an observant physical exam will provide the scaffold to building a strong foundation upon which rationale diagnostics can be built. lower airway diseases. This seminar will review how clinical physiology manifests in the owner s history and your examination leading to interactive case-based discussions covering diagnostic testing and therapy for both upper and This course offers 6 hours of CE credit. Lecture notes will be To pre-register: McKiernan DVM, provided. Registration Brendan log-on, or DACVIM-SAIM starts at 7:15am and call by Friday, the CE session runs from October 4. We are unable to 8:00am-3:30pm. issue refunds after 10/4/13. For Dr. McKiernan s bio or for more info about this event, visit CVMA online. Pre-registration: $135 for CVMA members; $225 for nonmembers; additional $30 fee for all week-of / day-of registrations. Chicago Veterinary Medical Association is an AAVSB-RACE approved provider of Continuing Education - Provider #559. This program has been submitted (but not yet approved) for 6 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE approval; however, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education. Please call Richard Susralski, CVMA Executive Director, at (630) for further information. P A G E 2 Dr. Alexis Newman, CVMA President 2013 Executive Officers President President Elect Secretary Treasurer Past President 3-Year Directors 2-Year Directors 1-Year Directors Alexis Newman Natalie Marks Ericka Haynes Richard Rossman David Saidel Board of Directors Julie Bunn Anthony Coronado Rosemarie Niznik Mark Howes Jay Whittle James Ammirati Bathala Bhaskar Fred Goldenson ISVMA Representatives Jack Brar Joanne Carlson Sandra Faeh David Saidel CVMA Office Staff Executive Director Richard Susralski Director of Public Education & Media Relations Eric Voogd Executive Assistant Administrative Assistant Legal Council Danielle Rothe Barb Yena Norm Bloch Hope everyone s Fall is starting off well. For me, it never really feels like Fall until the Time Change, and it gets dark at Noon! I recently spent many hours studying for an important exam that I sat for on, ironically, Friday the 13 th. I realized how grateful I was to attend college and veterinary school before we were submerged in technology we did not even have cell phones thank goodness! If this recent exam preparation was any indication, I may not have gotten through school. Whether it s a smart phone, tablet, laptop or just plain old Netflix, it s difficult NOT to be distracted. I m a multi-tasker, but that s too many opportunities, especially when some are more fun than the pathophysiology of opioids. It makes me wonder how different the newer graduates will be. Will they be more disciplined with technology, since they ve have to prioritize to get through school? Or will they be so used to technology that they won t even realize they are not focused on the outside world. I guess we ll see. President s Thoughts I feel fortunate to have what I feel is the best of both worlds. Growing up, we had a phone on the wall, with a cord attached! We had a TV with NO remote control (it was color though!), and in 8 th grade, I took typing on a typewriter. I applied to numerous veterinary schools, prior to a central computerized application. In veterinary school, we had a computer lab which was really for Microsoft Office, and was really difficult to log in to because you had to wait for the blinking light to come on the screen. Senior year was when I began to be aware of what kind of resource the Internet could become, and VIN was in it s infancy. Not at all sure how I got through an Internship without VIN! I am now very dependent on technology (my family would probably use a word a bit stronger than dependent!). If the Cloud disappeared, I m not sure where I d turn. I feel privileged to have lived on both sides of the current technology I think it is appreciated more when you realize what it was like without it. For our younger colleagues, not to sound like an elder, but imagine not having VIN, no telemedicine, imagine not having online CE, no e- mails and certainly no Facebook. However, we were not held responsible for all of the information that was available on the Internet. If it was not in the library, it could be an easy out. The Internet has truly changed the way we are able to practice medicine. Remember when there were no computers at the front desk, much less in the exam rooms? Records were all handwritten, as was invoicing. Certainly there was no TeleCheck. And, it s ironic when some of us do not have the patience to wait for digital radiographs to show up on the screen. Remember when we had to wait for films to be processed and dry?! Technology is amazing! However, recently I have found myself wishing the World Wide Web (when is the last time you said that term?!) would crash just for a day. Just give us a one-day break from any incoming information; and imagine thispossibly when it turns back on, all current data is lost, and we can start over. Just imagine, you wake up with nothing in your inbox! If anyone has figured out how to catch up, and not be further behind at the end of each day, please let me know! In the meantime, enjoy your technology, in moderation! Alexis Newman, DVM The Bulletin, a publication of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association, is published bi-monthly to members free of charge. Information and advice presented in this publication does not necessarily represent the views of the CVMA. Have you recently Moved, Relocated, or Joined a New Practice? Please notify us of your updated contact info, before 10/16/13, in order to receive your 2014 Renewal Mailing! Inspiring Others to Dream P A G E 3 If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States The arrival of autumn brings with it dynamic opportunities for us to grow, as we conclude an incredibly high-paced summer where the CVMA continues to make strategic advances for the profession. This is truly an exciting time, since seeds planted are now bearing fruit for the long term benefits of veterinarians. Several weeks ago at the CVMA CE and General Membership meeting in Oak Brook, I was delighted to be reacquainted with Dr. Lyle Brumley, our family s veterinarian I knew as a young boy while growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. I had not seen him in over 25 years; however, my family never forgot his dedicated demeanor in caring for our cats over the years. Dr. Brumley now joins the leadership team of the CVMA Board where he will find ways to positively influence both the profession and educate the public at a whole new level. Internationally recognized leadership Your CVMA at Work Over the past year, decisive, new areas for Chicago Veterinary Medical Association members to engage the public have come to fruition. These dynamic areas of engagement provide unique opportunities that previously did not exist, which elevate the significance of the veterinary medicine in the public arena. As a practicing veterinarian, you can grow professionally by taking advantage of such opportunities to advance your career. Whether you want to engage the public through media outlets, interact with young people in an academic setting, answer questions from families at public outreach events, work with other stakeholders on public health matters, and/or deliberate on legislative issues to expert and author John C. Maxwell states that the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership and true success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation. Bottom line, the growth and development of individuals is requisite for successfully achieving the vision and mission of any organization or business. In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell emphasizes True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned. It comes only from influence, and that can t be mandated. It must be earned. The only thing a title can buy is a little time either to increase your level of influence with others or to erase it. Ultimately, leadership is about earning trust and accomplishing by example, where competence, connection, and character establish a foundation for a genuine influence to inspire and motivate individuals to pursue their dreams. strengthen the role of veterinary medicine in society, the keys for success are in your hands. As an Association, we are here with resources and tools to help you achieve your professional goals in the course of showcasing the very best there is in veterinary medicine. In the past year, CVMA veterinarians have contributed their knowledge to the public in multiple, monthly media appearances and interviews with WLS AM- 890, WGN AM-720, WBBM-AM 780, WIND-AM 560, WYLL-AM 1160, WCRX-FM 88.1, CBS2, NBC5, ABC7, WGN9, FOX32, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Medill News Services, Dailey Herald, Good Is Magazine, Tails Pet Media Group, Inc. and As a valued member of the CVMA, opportunities exist for you to grow as a professional and make a significant impact in your sphere of influence. Your expertise and passion for veterinary medicine empower you to make meaningful contributions in the community through positions with the CVMA Board and its committees. If you are searching for fulfilling areas to represent the CVMA and grow as a leader in your community, please review Your CVMA at Work and contact me. Your voice and influence in veterinary medicine are crucial in educating the general public. The reward for your dedication and due diligence is significant for both you and your profession. Carpe diem! ~Seize the day! Eric Voogd, Public Education & Media Relations Director Legal News. The upcoming media training with Dr. Jim Humphries/Veterinary News Network on November 6 th, 2013 is designed to give you a cutting edge in communication and interview skills when working with media outlets. In an ever growing public outreach mission, the CVMA has created innovative relationships with philanthropic institutions including: the Museum of Science and Industry, Pritzker Military Library, Chicago Zoological Society, and Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. These relationships allow Association members to educate individuals and families, demonstrate the crucial role of veterinary medicine and importance of (Continued on page 5) P A G E Committee Chairs Animal Welfare Linda Kopija Bylaws Shannon Greeley Communications CVMA Office Yuval Nir Continuing Education Andrew Miz Don Sedlacek Historian Raymond Wise Human Animal Bond Lori Coughlin Judith Rae Swanson Legislative Shannon Greeley Marketing Yuval Nir Member/Fellowship Julie Bunn Christie Comm Nominations David Saidel Public EducationAnthony Coronado Monique Lewison Scholarship Lori Civello Membership/Fellowship Committee Update Dr. Christie Comm, Membership/Fellowship Committee Co-Chair Financial Planning Meeting The Membership Committee is excited to once again offer Basic Financial Planning for Veterinarians with Lisa Shake, CPA, MST. This is a lecture and casual discussion, offering 1 hour of CE. Dinner and drinks will be provided. If you did not receive the invite, here are the details: 7-9pm on Wednesday, 10/30 AVMA offices in Schaumburg Lisa is a Senior Wealth Planner with Fifth Third Private Bank. She will cover a variety of topics, including personal budgeting and saving, basic investing, taxes, dealing with school debt, and planning for retirement. There will be time for addressing your specific concerns and questions about all things financial! New grads are especially encouraged to attend. Please RSVP to the CVMA office to register. Let s Talk - A Growing Success! The Membership Committee is proud to have offered a new series of small group discussion sessions over the past year, called Let s Talk. We are grateful to all of our amazing speakers as well as everyone who participated! This year we held sessions on dealing with pet loss and client grief with Drs. Lori Coughlin and Linda Harper from the WINGS Pet Loss Support Group; coping with burnout and compassion fatigue with Dr. Michele Gaspar; and preventing board complaints and client litigation with Dr. David Carser and representatives from AVMA PLIT. Our goal is to bring members together to discuss topics relevant to daily practice while giving everyone a chance to get to know their fellow Chicagoland veterinarians better. We hope that you have found our Let s Talk sessions to be as useful and enjoyable as we have! Please contact the CVMA office if you have any ideas for future sessions. Future Veterinary Leaders Membership has also been hard at work at strengthening our ties to the veterinary students at the University of Illinois. With the help of Eric Voogd and Dr. Mark Howes, a CVMA board member currently doing a radiology residency at U of I, we ve had a great year working with our wonderful student representative, third year student Kirsten Plomin. Kirsten has suggested a number of ways to help reach students more effectively to achieve our goals of building student membership and increasing awareness of the CVMA. We continue to sponsor the pizza lunch for all students ahead of the College of Veterinary Medicine Open House in October. We will also be providing dinner at a November lecture on Staying Sane in the Sometimes Insane World of Clinical Practice presented to the students by CVMA member Dr. Michele Gaspar. Next year, we will continue to strive to provide valuable programs and resources to students while educating them on the benefits of membership post-graduation. It's been a very successful year for the Membership Committee and next year should be even better - please let us know what we can do to enhance your experience as a CVMA member! Please welcome the newest group of CVMA members. These veterinarians and veterinary students joined our association from 5/22-9/17/13: Veterinarians Dr. Michael Boling Dr. Adam Prink Dr. Arathi Vinayak Dr. Steven Neihaus Dr. Javed Iqbal Welcome New Members! Dr. Rebecca Lundeen Dr. Jared Cohen Dr. Kathryn Ardis Dr. Paige Ellwood Dr. Ryszard Gruska Dr. Tracy Garza Dr. Laura Mowry Dr. Sarah Beechler Dr. Bridget Vlakancic Dr. Janet Donlin Dr. Jacey Johnson Dr. Richard Brown Dr. Doreen Turner Dr. Jeffrey Wieser Dr. Kathryn Hailer Dr. Martin Hernandez Student Ms. Kalynn Koza ( 15) We are now 1049 members strong! We anticipate many years assisting and advocating for the veterinary community. (Continued from page 3) P A G E 5 the human-animal bond. The return on perhaps, even prepare you this public education investment is invaluable for the future, both at local and maker at state or federal level. to represent the profession as future law national levels. If you are searching for opportunities to meet with the public and answer questions about their pets, you may consider spending time with the Chicago Fire MLS team s fan base. This year, the CVMA became the principal provider of veterinary care for Chicago Fire Dog Days of Soccer games in addition to its representation with the Chicago White Sox Dog Days of Summer and Kane County Cougars Bark in the Park games. Fans love nothing more than to show off their pets and interact with veterinarians at games. Following Hurricane Katrina and the passage of the PETS Act in 2006, veterinarians were not considered a top priority by various government entities for handling responses to disasters and catastrophes. As of 2013, the CVMA is finally a stakeholder at the table working with US DHS, FEMA, and IEMA as a respected sitting member with the Regional Catastrophe Planning Team (RCPT). Whether you choose involvement with the RCPT or the Animal Crimes Team of the Chicago Police Department, your contributions will position you as a recognized leader in your community and allow for numerous points of intersection with the public, media, and local government authorities. If you are concerned about legislation affecting veterinarians and want to increase the presence of the profession in Springfield, the Association has a working relationship with the Illinois Comptroller s Office. In March 2013, the Comptroller underscored the importance of veterinarians having a strong voice by providing their insight and expertise necessary for the creation of good legislation in Springfield and bringing solutions to problems in the State of Illinois. If this is an area of interest, your proactive participation will open doors to influence legislation for the benefit of veterinary medicine, and These aforementioned areas are just a sampling of opportunities where CVMA members are becoming involved in their surrounding communities proudly representing veterinary medicine. Strength is certainly found in numbers. Colleagues patiently await your decision to take the next steps and join them in these exciting endeavors to educate the public about their love of veterinary medicine and to inspire future generations. What ways will you plan to make an indelible impression as a leader in your community? Dimidium facti qui coepit habet! ~He who has begun is half done! Eric Voogd, Public Education & Media Relations Director Professional Hospital Development Sole source from concept to completion Site selection optimization Planning, budgets, financing Design and engineering Construction management Facility operation optimization Chicago s only MBA, PMP, CFM Certified Hospital Developer PH Best practices explained with our books: Choosing
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