Annual Report Building positive pathways into the future on a solid foundation of 30 years service Annual Report

Annual Report Building positive pathways into the future on a solid foundation of 30 years service Annual Report Annual Report Vision All women should experience safe and
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Annual Report Building positive pathways into the future on a solid foundation of 30 years service Annual Report Annual Report Vision All women should experience safe and sustainable life choices. Our Mission Provide support services to women who have experienced family and domestic violence, homelessness and other crises enabling them the opportunity to make safe and sustainable life choices. Core Values We make a difference We act with integrity and honesty We inspire We provide a safe place We respect others Future Focus Zonta House is responsive to changing trends in family and domestic violence and homelessness. We are committed to ongoing research and providing services to meet the changing profile of crisis management, homelessness and mental health factors. CONTENTS Board member biographies...4 Chairperson s Report...9 Crisis and Transitional Services Coordinator s Report...9 Social Worker s Report...11 Crisis & Transitional Client Stats and Brief (Crisis, Transitional, Bateman Group, DV Group)...12 Positive Pathways Report...14 Evaluation/Feedback/Testimonials from all Clients...17 Treasurers Report...19 Auditor Reports...20 Our Supporters...22 Zonta House Refuge Association Inc. Annual Report BOARD MEMBERS Mary Gurgone BA, THC, Grad Dip Bus Admin, MBA Chairperson Mary is the National Director at Fortis Consulting. Mary s professional and voluntary activities have centred on social policy and development in the private, public, professional and industrial arenas. She has extensive experience in education, training, evaluation, policy, language services and volunteering. Mary is a member of the Zonta Club of Perth. Ray Bennett MBA CAHRI Treasurer Ray commenced his own consulting business in He specialises in consulting in the not-for-profit sector in the areas of strategic planning, restructuring and general consulting. He has worked with 50 not-forprofit agencies ranging from disability, aged care and multicultural women s health to Domestic Violence. Leanne Nickels LLB (Hons), MLLR Leanne Nickels is an employment lawyer based in Perth and a Partner at Norton Rose legal firm. She is a member of Australian Resources Institute, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Women on Board, Law Society of WA and the Industrial Society of WA. Leanne advises in workplace relations, mergers and acquisitions, industrial relations strategy, restructuring, rationalisations and outsourcing projects as well as negotiation of contracts Glenda Scott EMBA FAHRI Vice Chairperson Glenda is a management consultant who operates her own business and undertakes a range of projects, both individually and with fellow consultants. She also teaches at Edith Cowan University in the fields of Management, Strategic Management, Leadership and Change Management. Linley Buchanan Board Member Linley is a Director of Impact Communications a strategic communications, event management and public relations consultancy. Linley s professional career commenced in Western Australian state Government before she co-founded Impact Communications with her husband Les in She has extensive experience in developing and implementing integrated communications strategies and media management programs. Linley is a former member of the Zonta Club of Perth. Rod West BA of Social Work Board Member Rod is a qualified Social Worker who joined Centrecare Inc. in 2006 after previously practising at the Department of Child Protection, Department of Health and Department of Corrective Services. He has worked extensively with men, women and children to address issues of family and domestic violence, at risk youth, family separation and homelessness. Rod currently holds the position of Executive Manager with Centrecare and manages a number of the agency s branches in the northern suburbs that include counseling, accommodation and housing support, parenting, youth outreach and family dispute resolution services. Ronette Druskovich Board Member Ronette is a commercial and property lawyer practising at a West Perth law firm. She has worked in multiple locations in New Zealand, the Pacific and Australia. Ronette has several years of volunteering and not-for-profit experience principally based in the property sector. Ronette is a member of the Zonta Club of Perth. Her social contributions have included several years on the WA Advisory Board of the Big Issue. 4 Zonta House Refuge Association Inc. Annual Report BOARD MEMBERS Melissa Perry BA of Social Work Board Member As State Director for Mission Australia WA, Melissa Perry is responsible for federal, state, local and corporate service provision throughout the State including regional, rural and remote locations, involved in homelessness, youth at risk, drug and alcohol services, family and domestic violence, children and family services, education and employment services, adult and youth justice and mental health services and four Early Learning Services. Melissa is currently a member of the WA Community Sector Round Table, the Swan Alliance CEO Committee, Chair of the Indigenous Youth Development Steering Committee, and most recently appointed to the Board of Zonta Women s Refugee and the WANADA Board. Melissa has extensive experience in Community Services having spent the last 20 years working in the sector. Denise Hamilton B.Bus(Accounting); BSc(Viticulture & Oenology); Grad Dip(Project Management) Board Member Denise is a Project Manager with the Department of Lands and has had extensive Project Management experience both in Government and the private sector. Government work has included assessment of grant applications, negotiation on terms of the funding and monitoring the implementation of project funding. Denise has also worked as a Tax Accountant and been involved in the operation of small to medium sized businesses. Mavis Steenson JP, BA Social Work Refuge Coordinator Mavis has worked for Zonta House Women s Refuge for 28 years and in February 2013 was appointed at the Refuge Coordinator. Since Mavis commenced work at Zonta House she has been part of the organisation s growth, expanding from a one house refuge for 10 women to the largest refuge in Perth, accommodating lone women, with 19 houses with the capacity to house 48 women. During her time at Zonta Mavis has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working with women from diverse backgrounds. Above all, she acknowledges, respects and values people from all walks of life and feels honoured and privileged to work alongside women who have the courage to improve their quality of life. Kelda Oppermann (Dip Events, Post Grad Cert. Management in progress) Manager, Positive Pathways to Safety for Women and the Community Kelda has 9 years business management experience working in a corporate and not-for-profit setting. Kelda has worked in mental health and has provided consultancy services to managers and key stakeholders in public, private and not-for-profit sectors on training and development, staff management, organisational development and conflict resolution. Kelda s expertise is in program and staff management, business development and improvement, event management, training development and human resources consulting in the community services sector. Rosemary Donovan (Committee Member) Rosemary is a member of Zonta International, CARAD (Coalition of asylum seekers, refugees and detainees) and Amnesty International. Rosemary currently works for Careers Australia group as Program Leader for Human Services specialising in education and training in Counselling & Community Services. Prior to this, her consultancy work included mediation and program development. She has extensive knowledge and experience coordinating and developing Health education programs especially in mental health. Zonta House Refuge Association Inc. Annual Report Chairperson Report As Zonta House Refuge Association celebrates 30 years of operation this year, we acknowledge over 8,000 women we have supported to date, and we remain focused on the purpose of our work, namely: To provide support services to women who have experienced family and domestic violence, homelessness and other crisis, enabling them the opportunity to make safe and sustainable life choices. This has been a milestone year. We launched our new Positive Pathways into Safety for Women program on 14 March 2014, 30 years after the establishment of Zonta House Women s Refuge. Positive Pathways into Safety for Women It is sobering that the demand for our services have grown relentlessly in 30 years and we are now meeting many of the daughters and grand-daughters of clients entering our doors in the eighties. This has been a catalyst to our move into a more holistic support model for our clients after they leave the refuge. Over the years, we have observed that our clients need more long term preventative support on leaving the refuge to keep them safe in their own homes as they meet the challenges of their new lives. These observations led us to establish the Positive Pathways into Safety for women program this year. The program has taken advantage of both local experience and evidence-based research to make a positive difference. Our 30 year milestone has provided the impetus for a larger awareness-raising campaign about the devastating level and impact of domestic violence. In the last financial year alone there were 15,000 assaults in Western Australia with our 15 to 24 year olds being the most prone to abuse. Added to the deep social and personal impacts, domestic violence consumes a lion share of police time costing an astonishing $13.6 billion across Australia. We have sourced a wide array of technologies (video, you Tube, crowd sourcing) to highlight Zonta House Women s Refuge s role in awareness, support and recovery for victims of domestic violence with our new Positive Pathways program. Enabling Preventative Programs This new approach has led to significant challenges to obtain the necessary resources to reach out beyond the walls of the Refuge. While funding from the Victims of Crime (Department of the Attorney General WA) has enabled us to establish the program for , by May next year, we need to find sources of funds to enable continuation of the good work that has already proven its worth with the women who have accessed our services. In that vein, we have been working tirelessly to access a variety of sources including: partnerships have been formed with private foundations corporate support packages have been devised many funding applications have been submitted Board members, staff, family and friends gathered together to raise funds with the City to Surf. We have continued to find strength in our relationship with Zonta Clubs through the sourcing of outstanding Board members who contribute high level professional skills and through the contributions both financial and leadership. This year, the Starting Over Support Program that is coordinated as part of the Positive Pathways Program was devised with high levels of creativity and energy by Debbie Mason from the Zonta Club of Perth. This program has provided essential furniture and white goods for women and their families as they leave the refuge to begin their lives over again. The Zonta Club of Perth has also conducted a quiz night that raised much needed revenue for our preventative programs. With our preventative programs being provided collaboratively with other services for both our clients and those of other refuges, especially for regional areas, we hope to grow our partnerships with other clubs and organisations that focus on stopping violence against women and children. Further the Refuge has prospered through inkind support provided by Norton Rose, Impact Communications and Grant Thornton through our Board members Leanne Nickels, Linley Buchanan and Finance Committee member Gail Curtis. We are actively seeking to grow such support as a powerful aspect of our ongoing success in supporting our clients. 6 Zonta House Refuge Association Inc. Annual Report Chairperson Report Improving our services We are pleased that the new approach being publicised by the Department of Child Protection and Family Support is focused on outcomes for clients. This aligns well with our work in constantly evaluating and improving our services to our clients to enable them the opportunity to make safe and sustainable life choices. As part of our constant improvement of services we have undertaken a review of our case management process to build improvements in policies, procedures and practices. With that review, we have the opportunity to also ensure that the Positive Pathways program works seamlessly with the crisis and transition housing services that we provide. Support Programs The management of the transition housing program with the houses provided through the Department of Housing has been under scrutiny using a planned property management strategy. We have weathered the demanding cost of necessary property maintenance this year and still maintained a balanced budget through careful monitoring and management processes. The collaborative efforts of the Finance Committee, the Refuge Coordinator and staff have been instrumental in achieving this outcome in a demanding period for property upgrades as well as negotiation with the new approaches by the Department of Housing. Further, with the close management and scrutiny on our finances, we have made the necessary structural changes to include the new Positive Pathways Program, which has led to a sound foundation for ongoing development of the new programs. Our policies and procedures are being continually monitored and improved through the Finance Committee supported by contractors and staff. Our technology continues to be upgraded to meet ongoing requirements in reporting, monitoring and storing of information. The introduction of new reporting systems has been supported with training and ongoing collegial support. Further, the needs of the Board for access to information have been met through cloud technology. Leadership In January, the Board reviewed our performance against our Business Goals of 2013 and established Business Goals for 2014 within the parameters of our Strategic Plan. These provided the framework for Board and Committee discussions and decisions throughout the year. We continued to focus our efforts on deliverable outcomes to achieve sustainability and strengthen our community, our people and our women. The Board welcomed four new members to the Board to reinforce our links with the community sector and property management expertise. This has proven invaluable as Rod West from Centrecare became Chair of the Admin Committee shortly after joining the Board. The Chair of the External Relations Committee, Glenda Scott has led a dynamic group of Board members and external members. The outputs of the Committee have included the development of suitable promotional information for the Positive Pathways into Safety for Women program as well as leading both the launch of the program and the 30th anniversary celebrations. Our Finance Committee has been ably chaired by our Treasurer Ray Bennett, who has led the transition to banking with Bendigo Bank, the improved financial monitoring of our properties and the integration of the Positive Pathways program into our budget and the financial systems. As Ray has advised he plans to leave his role as treasurer, we can only give our heartfelt thanks to him for his hard work in achieving sound financial management for the Refuge. In leading and supporting the Refuge, I have had sound advice and support from the Vice Chair of the Board, Glenda Scott. Our regular meetings with Mavis Steenson, the Refuge Coordinator and Kelda Oppermann, the Manager of the Positive Pathways Program have always fostered action after thoughtful discussion. The Future As I vacate the chair in November this year, I can see that the significant changes that I have had the privilege to lead during the last three years have been demanding but well planned and executed within a Zonta House Refuge Association Inc. Annual Report Chairperson Report dynamic environment. This will form a strong basis for continuing our trajectory into preventative programs, reducing the number of times our clients and their daughters return into crisis accommodation. As we welcome Gail Curtis onto the Board, we know that her financial skills and her fantastic networks will provide invaluable strength and resilience to the refuge. We also look forward to welcoming the Zonta Club of Perth Northern Suburbs representative to the Board Thanks Thanks are due the Board and staff for working hard to achieve our purpose at the refuge. Particular thanks go to Glenda Scott who has been a tower of strength as my Vice Chair and the Chair of the External Relations Committee. Heartfelt thanks also to Ray Bennett who was the first man to sit on the Refuge Board and has proven his worth in that role over the last 3 years. Each Board member has applied particular skills that have benefited the Refuge to better support our clients. Not to mention the staff who are facing the daily challenges of crisis care and providing support in a constantly changing context. Thank you to you all. I vacate the chair knowing that the Refuge is well poised to take the next important steps of its development as we fully integrate the Positive Pathways program into the Zonta House Refuge Association with a new structure. Mary Gurgone Chair, Zonta House Women s Refuge Board I have learnt to be confident and proud of myself. From little things big things grow. Crisis and Transitional Services: Coordinator s Report Di Annear, a member of the Zonta Club of South Perth, recognised the need for crisis accommodation for lone women who were rendered homeless due to domestic violence. With the assistance of a group of dedicated women, she established Zonta House Women s Refuge which was incorporated in I met this amazing woman in 1985 while I was working with her at another women s refuge and felt honoured when she invited me to work at Zonta House. Di ran Zonta for 20 years. I commenced work at the Mt. Pleasant property on 10th March 1986 and have been at Zonta House ever since. In the beginning we accommodated ten women aged 25 years and older at Zonta House. These women were referred from government and nongovernment agencies and more often than not, presented in various states of shock and abuse with only the clothes they stood in. Back then, refuges were regarded with suspicion, apprehension and dread: the thinking then was that anything could happen to you in a refuge, from being locked up never to be seen again and/or brainwashed and turned into a man hater or even worse. Prospective clients envisaged cold dark rooms with gate beds, a tin cup hanging on a hook at the end of the bed, no running water and very little food if any at all. They also believed the staff would be hard, cold, strong, masculine women who ruled with an iron rod, had no understanding or compassion for weak women and punished anyone who wanted to go back to the abuser. To put things into perspective, back then Domestic Violence was a private and not a public matter. It was all about what happened behind closed doors and was wholly and solely family business between husband and wife. It was how the head of the house disciplined his wife and family, and sadly this is still the case in many communities. For these reasons, Family and Domestic Violence, was and is shrouded in shame and secrecy. I remember my first day at Zonta House as if it were yesterday. I opened the door to a beautiful, larger than life, middle aged Geordie woman who introduced herself as Poppy. She was escaping family violence and sobbed as she related her story, in-between apologising for crying and needing to come to a refuge. Poppy stayed with us for many years moving from Zonta House to the Cottage then the Village and f
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