Annual report 2014-2016

TELLURIDE ARTS 2014-2016 REPORTHigh Altitude Robot by Dave PresslertoTelluride Arts provides strategic, coordinated leadership to elevate the arts within the…
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TELLURIDE ARTS 2014-2016 REPORTHigh Altitude Robot by Dave PresslertoTelluride Arts provides strategic, coordinated leadership to elevate the arts within the Telluride Arts District. Our unique mission is to promote a culture of the arts comprised of numerous institutions, events and artists, that weave film, music, theatre, dance, literature, poetry, visual arts, architecture, design, and culinary arts, into the fabric of our community. The 2012 Telluride Cultural Master Plan was created by and for the arts community and provides the road-map for our work. We work in concert with artists, arts partners, the Town of Telluride, the Colorado Creative Industries, and other local, state and national partners to implement high quality programming that advances vetted priorities. 2016 was the final year of the Telluride Arts Work-plan that outlined specific goals over a three year period to address community priorities through marketing, resources for local artists, art space, and strategy. We have met or exceeded our Work-plan goals, andOUR PROGRAMS ARTS DISTRICT BRAND MARKETING AND PROMOTION Telluride Art Walk, Twenty(by)Telluride, Telluride Art + Architecture Weekend, Arts District Merchandise, Arts District Enews, Social, Kiosks RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS Gallery Sales, Small Grants, A+A Awards, Holiday Arts BazaarSPACE FOR THE ARTS The Telluride Transfer Warehouse, the Stronghouse Studios, Gallery 81435, Telluride Arts HQ Gallery + Space STRATEGY + FUNDING Telluride Cultural Master Plan, Telluride Arts District, Wayfinding, Space, Sustainable Facilities AnalysisVISIONMARKETING + PROMOTION Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit. Jawaharlal Nehru“The arts are Telluride’s best kept secret.” “Make the totality of the arts visible.” • 2012 Telluride Cultural Master PlanPROGRAMS• • • • • • • • • • Telluride Art Walk Twenty(by)Telluride Telluride Art+Architecture Weekend Telluride Arts District Brand Telluride Arts District Website Monthly e-news Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Radio Spots + Open Art Radio Print Publications Arts Identity Included in WayfindingRESULTS• • • • • • • Telluride gains reputation as arts community More economic activity during shoulder seasons Increased collaboration and synergy More local artist community Stronger definition of Arts District Shared marketing that leverages individual efforts Easier access to event information for publicTELLURIDE ARTS DISTRICT BRANDThe Telluride Arts District contains a remarkable concentration of arts and cultural activity that engages artists from around the region and across the globe. The Telluride Arts District logo and identity is advanced through a coordinated campaign that brings both cohesion and recognition to the culture of the arts that thrives locally.TELLURIDE ARTS DISTRICT ONLINETELLURIDE ARTS DISTRICT WEBSITE The Telluride Arts District Website was launched in December 2014, and is a hub for all of the arts in Telluride with a comprehensive arts calendar, and directories of all arts events, institutions, venues, galleries, featured artists, resources for artists and more. ENEWS Monthly e-news features local events, a featured artist, and resources. SOCIAL The Telluride Arts District maintains a lively presence on Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramSculpture by Matthew Adams Sculpture by Flair RobinsonOPEN ART RADIOOpen Art Radio is a 1 hour, monthly radio show on KOTO that coincides with Telluride Art Walk. The show highlights Art Walk openings and upcoming coming art events in short interviews with local artists, galleries, and event producers. NUMBER OF ON-AIR INTERVIEWS: 2014: 120 2015: 120 2015: 120Claybrook Penn and Bryan ThamesYonder Mountain String Band at the WarehousePRINTWe promote the Telluride Arts District with high quality print publications that share the same format and design, and promote cohesion within the District. 2014-2016 PRINT PUBLICATIONS: • • • • • THE ARTS DISTRICT GUIDE THE GALLERY GUIDE THE TRANSFER WAREHOUSE GUIDE ARTIST RESOURCES POSTCARDS TELLURIDE ARTS MERCHANDISEART + ARCHITECTURE WEEKENDTelluride Art + Architecture is a home tour, Telluride style. The weekend promotes the depth and breadth of creative talent in the Telluride Arts District, increasing awareness, and connecting patrons with artists. In 2016 the event sold out for the first time. Ten different venues throughout Telluride are on the tour annually, and each feature local chefs, architects, designers, builders, craftspeople, performers and fine artists of all kinds. NET TOTAL: 2014: -$115 2015: $12,920 2016: $22,705 Total paid to artists over three years: $32,153 (not including sales)ART WALK + GALLERY GUIDETelluride Art Walk is a festive celebration for art lovers, the community and friends. It provides an welcoming opportunity to enjoy new exhibits, meet the artists, and visit the galleries for a social evening. NUMBER OF GALLERIES AND EXHIBIT SPACES: • 2014: 19 • 2015: 22 • 2016: 25 NUMBER OF ART WALK PARTICIPANTS: (estimate) • 2014: 2,800 • 2015: 3,000 • 2016: 3,200VISIONRESOURCES FOR LOCAL ARTISTS “Artists exist to show us the world. So do windows.” DJarod Kintz“Build arts community.” • 2012 Telluride Cultural Master PlanPROGRAMS• • • • • • Stronghouse Studios Holiday Arts Bazaar Small Grants for Artists Stronghouse Gallery Gallery 81435 Telluride Arts’ Gallery HQRESULTS• • • • • • Increased excellence for local artist Increased income for artists Increased cultural tourism Artists are part of the fabric of our community Recognition of the Telluride Arts District Strong network of local creative peopleHOLIDAY ARTS BAZAAR HOLIDAY ARTS BAZAAR The Annual Arts Bazaar was moved to the Telluride Elks Lodge in 2015, where it will live indefinitely. The festive community event provides earned income opportunity for 30+ local artists and artisans.$60,000.00 $50,000.00   $40,000.00  Gross income   Gross  Sales  $30,000.00 Paid to  Ar<sts   $20,000.00  Net Income  $10,000.00 $0.00  2014 2015 2016 SMALL GRANTS Small Grants support the innovation, creativity, and professional development of individual artists living in the Telluride region. The program, established in 1999, is funded by the Town of Telluride and administered by Telluride Arts. Over the past three years, small grant funds have supported music composition, film-making, professional development in theatre, dance and fine art, art exhibits, publishing and more. TOTAL AWARDS: • 2014: 7,500 • 2015: 10,000 • 2016: 10,000 PROJECTS FUNDED: • 2014: 8 • 2015: 9 • 2016: 8 Sculpture by Flair Robinson, Small Grant RecipientEXHIBITSGALLERY 81435 10 exhibits annually, 30 from 2014-2016 STRONGHOUSE GALLERY 10 exhibits annually, 30 from 2014-2016 TELLURIDE ARTS HQ Established July 2016, 5 exhibits in 2016 WILKINSON LIBRARY Four spaces are curated, 20 exhibits from 2014-2016 OFF-SITE EXHIBITS Two off-site exhibits at local businesses were curated. TOTAL EXHIBITS • 2014: 27 • 2015: 28 • 2016: 32 Works by Emily Ballou and Matthew Adams at HQ GalleryVISIONSPACE FOR THE ARTS Space is the breath of art. - Frank Lloyd Wright“Build an arts center: Build or refurbish a building.” • 2012 Telluride Cultural Master PlanPROGRAMS• • • • • Telluride Art Space Needs Brief CCI and ArtSpace Round-table Art Space Sustainable Facilities Analysis Telluride Transfer Warehouse Restoration Stronghouse Studios + GalleryRESULTS• • • • • Comprehensive understanding local spaces Synergy and coordination among local orgs Leveraged support and funding Space for the Arts established community benefit Purchase agreement for Transfer WarehouseARTSPACE PLANNINGIn 2012 ArtSpace developed a Sustainable Facilities Analysis for the Transfer Warehouse. They hosted several community conversations including a number of targeted focus groups with town staff, elected officials, user groups, and artists to identify the existing needs for space, and then determine the best and highest possible use for the building based on those results. PROGRAM PLAN: • Museum -quality exhibition space • Flexible spaces that can transform for multiple uses • A small screening room • Cafe and bar spaces • Community event spaces • Off-season artist in residence studios“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” Mark ZuckerbergTELLURIDE TRANSFER WAREHOUSE The Telluride Transfer Warehouse is quintessential Telluride: Historic, intimate, high caliber. A permanent home for arts and ideas at the heart of our community. The Transfer Warehouse will be a light-filled space where people who love Telluride will gather for intimate experiences in world-class architecture. The Warehouse is quintessential Telluride, and a magnet for artists from across the globe. The space will inspire with museumquality art exhibitions and installations, lectures, music, literary events, small film screenings, artist presentations, public gatherings, meetings, artists-in-residence, and more. It will be a true community gathering place where we can connect with ideas, the world, and Telluride’s rich history. MILESTONES: • National Historic Fund Grant: $10,000 • ArtSpace Sustainable Facilities Analysis • Firm Purchase Contract: $250,000 • PUD Entitlements and Transfer of Land Dedication • Architecture Competition + Selection of LTL Architects • State Historic Fund grant: $200,000 • National Endowment for the Arts Grant: $50,000 Photo by Aurelie SlegersSTRONGHOUSE STUDIOSARTIST STUDIOS The Stronghouse provided essential workspace for artists and musicians, and features a darkroom, a music studio, a screen printing lab, and private studios. 25 artists use the studios on a daily basis. STUDIOS FOR STUDENTS Telluride Arts offers free space to a student artist in exchange for volunteer hours. Our current student artist has been a committed studio member and dedicated working artist for three years. MENTORING Telluride Arts and One to One Mentoring work to provide local youth with art mentorships by pairing students with arts professionals. From 2014-2016 15 students were mentored in the studios.Studio of Flair Robinson at the StronghouseVISIONSTRATEGY + FUNDING “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren BuffettPROGRAMSRESULTS“PLAN AHEAD Take first steps in planning long-term projects: deed-restricted housing, funding, arts institutes, arts center, etc.” • 2012 Telluride Cultural Master Plan• • • • • • Umbrella Program Telluride Wayfinding Plan Art Space Planning Partnership Building Town of Telluride Annual Operating Funding Capacity Building• Telluride Arts provides effective leadership • Master Plan goals are reached • Space for the arts is being securedUMBRELLA PROGRAMThe Telluride Arts Umbrella Program has been incubating local arts events and projects for over forty years. The program provides both administrative support and fiscal sponsorship for arts start-ups. 2014-2016 ORGANIZATIONS SERVED: • • • • • • Many Hands Fiber Arts Festival Deep Creek Experimental Telluride Music Fest Artists of Rico Telluride Town Band Oscillation Transia Film FestivalFire Wheel by Anton Viditz-WardWAYFINDINGThe Telluride Arts District led the development of a wayfinding plan. The primary goal is to provide better information in the way of street signs and kiosks, that will make it easier for locals and visitors to navigate town. The improvements include: • Cleaning up the streetscapes • Improving signage for key destinations • Marking the Telluride Arts District and the Telluride Historic District • Improving signage for parking and special events • Creating 3 kiosks with event information Esse Design helped create the plan. The first Kiosk was installed in Elks Park in 2016.PARTNERSHIPSWe work strategically with the community at large and state and national partners to implement strategies to advance the arts at the local level. OUR PRIMARY PARTNERS: TOWN OF TELLURIDE We work closely with the Town to forward common goals that will create community and economic vitality through the arts. LOCAL ARTS SECTOR We engage the local non-profit and for-profit art sector for ongoing planning that informs our work. COLORADO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES As a Colorado Certified Creative District, we stay connected to CCI to advance best practices in community arts development. NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS We align our work with the standards identified by the NEA. Photo by Ingrid LundahlPLANNING Telluride Arts engages the community to set the course for our work. PARTICIPATION: 2012 Cultural Master Plan: 72 2014-2016 Work-plan: 48 2014 ArtSpace Round-table: 13 Art Space Sustainable Facilities Analysis: 64 Telluride Arts District Marketing: 18 Town of Telluride Wayfinding Plan: 131996 Telluride Cultural Master PlanFacilitated Meetings2012 Americans for the Arts Arts and Economic Prosperity Report2012 Telluride Cultural Master Plan Update2014 ArtSpace/CCI Art Space RoundtableFocus Groups2014-2016 Telluride Arts WorkplanFocus GroupsFocus Groups2014 Telluride Arts District Brand + Marketing PlanTask Force2015 Town of Telluride Wayfinding Plan2016 ArtSpace Sustainable Facilities AnalysisFINANCIAL YEAR-END TOTALS TOTAL INCOME: 2014: $275,148 2015: $462,683 2016: $541,128 GRANTS: 2014: $98,300 2015: $158,850 2016: $235,107 CONTRIBUTED INCOME: 2014: $50,972 2015: $67,747 2016: $205,998 EARNED INCOME 2014: $125,853 2015: $180,873 2016: $235, 107 Sculpture by Antonio MarraBOARD AND STAFF The Telluride Arts Board is a group of committed lovers-of-the-arts who bring a variety of expertise and diverse perspectives to the organization.Julya Sembrat, Preservation SpecialistBob Mather, Historic ArchitectWarner Paige, PhilanthropistKate Jones Executive DirectorCasey Nay, Graphic ArtistElaine Fischer, Rest In PeaceBritt Markey Programs DirectorPenelope Gleason, Business OwnerTodd Brown Council MemberMeghann McCormick, Business OwnerMolly Perrault Galleries + Artist Services
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