Anatomy Cardiovascular

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  1 ANATOMY CARDIOVASCULAR Femoral triangle: arrangement of contents   NAVEL : · From lateral hip towards medial navel : N erve (directly behind sheath) A rtery (within sheath) V ein (within sheath) E mpty space (between vein and lymph) L ymphatics (with deep inguinal node) · Nerve/Artery/Vein are all called Femoral. Femoral triangle: arrangement of nerve, artery, vein   VAN : · From medial to lateral: V ein A rtery N erve · Nerve/Artery/Vein are all called Femoral. Aortic arch: major branch order   Know your ABC'S : A ortic arch gives rise to: B rachiocephalic trunk left C ommon C arotid left S ubclavian · Beware though trick question of 'What is first branch of aorta?' Technically, it's the coronary arteries. Lung lobe numbers: right vs. left   Tri cuspid heart valve and tri -lobed lung both on the right side. Bi cuspid and bi -lobed lung both on the left side. Ulnar nerve to ulnar artery and radial nerve to radial artery relations  Think peripheral nerves : The ulnar nerve is ulnar to the ulnar artery. Radial nerve is radial to the radial artery. Superior thyroid artery branches   M ay I   S oftly S queeze C harlie's G irl? : M uscular I nfrahyoid S uperior laryngeal S ternomastoid C ricothyroid G landular Female pelvic organs' blood supply   3  organs, each get 2  blood supplies : Uterus: uterine, vaginal. Rectum: middle rectal, inferior rectal [inferior rectal is the end of pudendal]. Bladder: superior vesical, inferior vesical. Liver: side with ligamentum venosum/ caudate lobe vs. side with quadrate lobe/ ligamentum teres   VC  goes with VC : The V enosum and C audate is on same side as V ena C ava [posterior]. Therefore, quadrate and teres must be on anterior by default.  2 Saphenous veins: path of great vs. small at malleolus   MAG delaine has varicose veins [The saphenous veins are important for varicose veins]: M edial maleolus, A nterior to maleolus, and G reat saphenous go together. Then the opposites of these go together: Small  saphenous is posterior  to the lateral  maleolus. Thoracic cage: relations to the important venous structures  Behind the sternoclavicular  joints: the brachiocephalic veins begin. Behind the 1st costal cartilage  on the right the superior vena cava begins. Behind the 2nd costal cartilage  on the right the azygos vein ends. Behind the 3rd costal cartilage  on the right the superior vena cava ends. External carotid artery branches   S ister L ucy's P owdered F ace O ften A ttracts S illy M edicos : · Before entering the parotid gland: S uperior thyroid L ingual P osterior auricular F acial O ccipital A scending pharyngeal · Ends as: S uperficial temporal and M axillary bifurcating in the in the parotid gland External carotid artery branches   S ome A ngry L ady F igured O ut PMS : S uperior thyroid A scending pharyngeal L ingual F acial O ccipital P osterior auricular M axillary S uperificial temporal Descending abdominal aorta: seven divisions   S ometimes I ntestines G et R  eally S tretched C ausing L eakage : S uprarenals [paired] I nferior mesenteric G onadal [paired] R  enals [paired] S uperior mesenteric C eliac L umbar [paired] Internal jugular vein: tributaries   M edical S chools L et C onfident P eople I n : · From inferior to superior: M iddle thyroid S uperior thyroid L ingual C ommon facial P haryngeal I nferior petrosal sinus Portal-systemic anastomoses: main 2 places that retroperitoneals connect into  3 systemic   R  etro P eritoneals hook up with R  enal and P aravertebral veins. Brachial artery: recurrent and collateral branches   I   A m P retty S exy I nferior ulnar collateral artery goes with A nterior ulnar recurrent artery. P osterior ulnar recurrent artery goes with S uperior ulnar collateral artery. · Alternatively: I   A m P retty S mart . Thoracoacromial artery branches   CA lifornia P olice D epartment : C lavicular A cromial P ectoral D eltoid Axillary artery branches   S end T he L ord to S ay A   P rayer : · From proximal to distal: S uperior thoracic T horacacromial L ateral thoracic S ubscapular A nterior circumflex humeral P osterior circumflex humeral Carotid sheath contents   I See 10 CC 's in the IV : I See (I.C.) = I nternal C arotid artery 10 = CN 10  (Vagus nerve) CC = C ommon C arotid artery IV = I nternal Jugular V ein Internal iliac artery: posterior branch   PILS : P osterior branch I liolumbar L ateral sacral S uperior gluteal External carotid artery branches   StApLE OPIS : S uperior t hyroid A scending p haryngeal L ingual E xternal maxillary (facial) O ccipital P osterior auricular I nternal maxillary S uperficial temporal Axillary artery branches    4 S uzy T hompkins L oves S ex, A lcohol, and P ot : · From proximal to distal: S uperior thoracic T horacacromial L ateral thoracic S ubscapular A nterior circumflex humeral P osterior circumflex humeral Maxillary artery branches   DAM I AM P iss D runk B ut S tupid D runk I   P refer, M ust P hone A lcoholics A nonymous : D eep auricular A nterior tympanic M iddle meningeal I nferior alveolar A ccessory meningeal M asseteric P terygoid D eep temporal B uccal S phenopalatine D escending palatine I nfraorbital P osterior superior alveolar M iddle superior alveolar P haryngeal A nterior superior alveolar A rtery of the pterygoid canal Femoral hernia: epidemiology   FEM oral hernias are more common in FEM ales. External carotid artery branches   S o L ong F or A cting O ld P arenting M eans S tability : S uperior thyroid L ingual F acial A scending pharyngeal O cciptal P osterior auricular M axillary S uperficial temporal Inferior vena cava tributaries   I   L ike T o R  ise S o H igh : I lliacs L umbar T esticular R  enal S uprarenal H epatic vein. · Think of the IVC wanting to rise high up to the heart. Cavernous sinus contents  
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