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Addendum No. 2. Please be advised of the following information and changes regarding the above mentioned procurement.

October 31, 2016 To: All Prospective Proposers Re: GD 16-19R Wright Stop Plaza Campus Renovation 4 South Main St., Dayton, Ohio Addendum No. 2 Please be advised of the following information and changes
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October 31, 2016 To: All Prospective Proposers Re: GD 16-19R Wright Stop Plaza Campus Renovation 4 South Main St., Dayton, Ohio Addendum No. 2 Please be advised of the following information and changes regarding the above mentioned procurement. This addendum includes this (3) sheet and (7) attached documents. Total of (10) pages. A. QUESTIONS The following questions, shown in italics, have been asked by the bidders. The responses follow below each one: 1. The specifications state that 0% DBE participation is the goal for this project. Does a completed Affidavit of Intended Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and DBE Unavailability Certification, that are within the current specifications, need to be a part of the bid documents submitted to document DBE solicitation? Response: The DBE participation is 0%. However as noted in Item 11 in the Pre-Bid meeting minutes included in Addendum No. 1 RTA welcomes DBE participation and encourages contractors to provide DBE participation when possible. 2. The specifications include an Attachment III Request for Substitution cover page, but no actual request for substitution document is included after the cover page in the current set of specifications. Please provide this sheet. We would like to propose utilizing Conproco Matrix stone patch for sandstone repairs. Color of patching material can be field mixed to variations of sandstone color on building. Response: Submit the required information on the Request for Substitution included in this addendum. 3. Sheet A201, note 2 states to Inspect and reseal skylights, wet seal glass units to metal frame. Replace skylights and frames. See detail B on A104. There is no detail B on sheet A104. Please clarify scope of work pertaining to skylights with associated details. Response: Revise Note 2 to read as follows: Inspect and reseal skylights, wet seal glass units to metal frame. 4. In specification section , paragraph 3.10 it describes Horizontal Shelf Angle joints to be repaired and remove course a brick above each shelf angle. The drawings do not note these repairs and areas on the building where the shelfs are located. The repair method in the specifications also is not specific on how this detail should be reconstructed. Please include locations of this type of repair on the building along with detail of correct repair details at this shelf angle with any coatings, flashings, weeps, bed joint sealant, special brick shelf pieces, etc. Response: This items is intended to address shelf angles/lintels above the steel windows on the south and east elevations. Bids are to include 100 linear feet of shelf angle/lintel. Provide a unit cost per linear feet for conditions in excess of the 100 linear feet to be included in the base bid. 5. Note 7 on Sheet A201 & A202 state to Apply masonry sealer stain to all brick faces but not to the mortar joints per drawings indicate those brick areas that are to receive stain. Color to be determined by owner. This note 7 is shown for all levels of the building including non-brick areas. Please confirm areas of stain and will color be standard color or custom? Response: Standard Color will be chosen from specified products manufacturer color charts after contract is awarded. Response: The areas of the building to receive the stain are all brick areas of the American Building. 6. Note 47 on Sheet A201 & A201 include to repair window frames & sash. No details or associated specifications are included in the bidding documents to understand the extent of the repairs at windows. Please clarify repair type with acceptable procedures and materials. Response: The note refer mainly to scrapping and painting of the existing frames, sashes, and wall returns. Other repairs may be required. Contractor shall field verify the existing conditions prior to bidding and include all work necessary to restore the windows and wall returns. 7. Is the manufacture/type of existing terra cotta known or is there an acceptable manufacture for replacement pieces? Response: Boston Valley has manufactured Terra Cotta replacement pieces for this building before and is one manufacturer that would be approved as a supplier. You are not restricted on a manufacturer but must submit their name and their respective ability to match existing as required for approval. 8. Phasing of the project is mentioned in the specifications. Will sidewalks, directly adjacent to the building need to stay open for people to walk thru, while work is taking place above on the façade via overhead protection OR can sidewalks be blocked with scaffolding and manlifts, while keeping acceptable entrances/exits open where work is not taking place on the building. Response: All sidewalks are to be kept open and all entrances are to be accessible during project, via approved safety scaffolding as needed and approved. 9. What is the anticipated notice to proceed for this project? Should we assume that this project NTP will be spring of 2017 when temperatures are consistently over degrees, and material heating/protection is not needed? Response: Item 9) in the Pre-bid minutes notes The project is slated to be delivered no later than 150 calendar days from agreed upon start date. This project does not contain a liquidated damages clause. Notice to Proceed is anticipated mid-january. It is the intent of this contract to allow the contractor to determine the date that construction actually begins. Once that date is agreed upon the project is to be delivered within 150 days. The owner does not have a final date in mind except that the contract shall be completed by December 30, Notice to Proceed is anticipated by mid- January, but may be later than that. The agreed upon start date will be as submitted by the contractor in his/her Project Schedule. See item B. 1. Below for Alternate No. 1 relating to the project schedule. B. PROJECT MANUAL 1) PAGE 6 AND 7 OF THE BID FORM IN THE PROJECT MANUAL Replace pages 6 and 7 of the Bid Form found in the Project Manual with the pages attached. 2) ATTACHMENT III REQUEST FOR SUBSTITUTION Insert Attachment III Request for Substation (attached) C. SPECIFICATIONS: 1) Replace the INDEX SPECIFICATIONS with the revised index attached. 2) Add Section ALTERNATES to the specifications. 3) Add Section PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTIONS to the specifications. This Addendum No. 2 shall become a part of the contract document and scope of work and shall be taken into consideration when preparing your proposal; you are hereby notified accordingly. END OF ADDENDUM NO. 2 WRIGHT STOP PLAZA CAMPUS RENOVATION GD VERTICAL BUILDING ENVELOPE RESTORATION This contract is for the Vertical Building Envelope Restoration and includes only the buildings on the north side of Market St. The buildings on the North side of Market St. include the American, Cooper, Lafee, and Concourse buildings. GENERAL: BASE BID As defined in the Contract Documents Material: Labor: Total Bid: The Architect 's Estimate for Bid Package: $ 1,102, (Total Bid shown here to be written out) ADD ALTERNATE #A-1 Provide a deduct price to complete the project beyond the Base bid delivery schedule of 150 days. The project must be completed by December 30, Material: Labor: TOTAL DEDUCT ALTERNATE: (Total Bid shown here to be written out) UNIT PRICES UNIT PRICES Unit Costs: Cooper Building sandstone patches to be redone (each) Unit Costs: New Cooper Building sandstone patches (each) Unit Costs: American Building brick replacement (each) Unit Costs: American Building Terra Cotta fracture repairs (lineal feet) Unit Costs: Tuckpointing American Building brick (lineal feet) Unit Costs: Tuckpointing American Building Terra Cotta (lineal feet) UNIT PRICES (continued) Unit Costs: Tuckpointing Cooper Building (lineal feet) Unit Costs: Tuckpointing Lafee Building (lineal feet) Unit Costs: Terra Cota fracture repair Lafee Building (lineal feet) Unit Costs: Terra Cota patches Lafee Building (square feet) Unit Costs: Terra Cota reglazing Lafee Building (square feet) Unit Costs: Terra Cota glaze repair Lafee Building (square feet) Unit Costs: EIFS repair (patch) Lafee Building (square feet) Unit Costs: EIFS repair (fracture) Lafee Building (lineal feet) Major Sub-contractors (attach Bidders Qualification Statement for each) Area of Work Sub-contractor Amount of Sub-Contract Masonry $ Terra Cota Repair: $ Decorative Painting $ Window Restoration $ THIS FORM IS CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE GREATER DAYTON REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY GD VERTICAL BUILDING ENVELOPE RESTORATION. SPECIFICATION INDEX DIVISION 01 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS LIST OF DRAWING SHEETS SUMMARY UNIT PRICES ALTERNATES PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND COORDINATION CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS DOCUMENTATION SUBMITTAL PROCEDURE SUBMITTAL CHECKLIST QUALITY REQUIREMENTS REFERENCES TEMPORARY FACILITIES AND CONTROLS PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTIONS EXECUTION CONSTRUCTION WASTE MANAGEMENT AND DISPOSAL CLOSEOUT PROCEDURES OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE DATA PROJECT RECORD DOCUMENTS DIVISION DEMOLITION DIVISION 04 EXISTING CONDITIONS MASONRY STONE, MASONRY & EIFS RESTORATION DIVISION WATER REPELLENTS SHEET METAL REPAIR JOINT SEALERS DIVISION 09 THERMAL MOISTURE PROTECTION FINISHES PAINTING AND COATING GDRTA WRIGHT STOP CAMPUS RENOVATION DESIGN GROUP 3, LLC GD INDEX 1 SECTION ALTERNATES PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. Section includes administrative and procedural requirements for alternates DEFINITIONS A. Alternate: An amount proposed by bidders and stated on the Bid Form for certain work defined in the Bidding Requirements that may be added to or deducted from the base bid amount if Owner decides to accept a corresponding change either in the amount of construction to be completed or in the products, materials, equipment, systems, or installation methods described in the Contract Documents. 1. Alternates described in this Section are part of the Work only if enumerated in the Agreement. 2. The cost or credit for each alternate is the net addition to or deduction from the Contract Sum to incorporate alternate into the Work. No other adjustments are made to the Contract Sum PROCEDURES A. Coordination: Modify or adjust affected adjacent work as necessary to completely integrate work of the alternate into Project. 1. Include as part of each alternate, misc. devices, accessory objects, and similar items incidental to or required for installation whether or not indicated as part of alternate. B. Notification: Immediately following award of the Contract, notify each party involved, in writing, of the status of each alternate. Indicate if alternates have been accepted, rejected, or deferred for later consideration. Include a description of negotiated modifications to alternates. C. Execute accepted alternates under the same conditions as other work of the Contract. PART 2 - PRODUCTS (Not Used) PART 3 EXECUTION A. Add Alternate No. A-1: Provide a deduct price to complete the project beyond the Base bid delivery schedule of 150 days. The project must be completed by December 30, Base Bid: Complete the project within 150 calendar days from the agreed upon start date. 2. Alternate: Provide a deduct price to complete the project beyond the Base Bid delivery schedule of 150 days. The project must be completed by December 30, END OF SECTION GDRTA WRIGHT STOP CAMPUS RENOVATION ALTERNATES DESIGN GROUP 3, LLC GD SECTION PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTIONS PART GENERAL 1.01 RELATED DOCUMENTS: A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and other Division-1 Specification Sections apply to this Section SUMMARY: A. This Section specifies administrative and procedural requirements for handling requests for substitutions made after award of the Contract. B. Standards: Refer to Section Definitions and Standards for applicability of industry standards to products specified. C. Procedural requirements governing the Contractor's selection of products and product options are included under Section Materials and Equipment. 1.03 DEFINITIONS: A. Definitions used in this Article are not intended to change or modify the meaning of other terms used in the Contract Documents. B. Substitutions: Requests for changes in products, materials, equipment, and methods of construction required by Contract Documents proposed by the Contractor after award of the Contract are considered requests for substitutions. The following are not considered substitutions: 1. Substitutions requested by Bidders during the bidding period, and accepted by addendum prior to receipt of bids, are considered as included in the Contract Documents and are not subject to requirements specified in this Section for substitutions. 2. Revisions to Contract Documents requested by the Owner or Architect. 3. Specified options of products and construction methods included in Contract Documents. 4. The Contractor's determination of and compliance with governing regulations and orders issued by governing authorities. C. Substitutions may be offered with the bidders s proposal ( voluntary substitution ) but does not relieve the bidder from providing a bid on the work as specified. The owner or architect may accept or reject any such substitutions based on the information supplied. Substitutions that are not accompanied by a bid on the work as specified will be rejected. GDRTA WRIGHT STOP CAMPUS RENOVATION PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTION DESIGN GROUP 3, LLC GD 1.04 SUBMITTALS: A. Substitution Request Submittal: Requests for substitution will be considered if received within 60 days after commencement of the Work. Requests received more than 60 days after commencement of the Work may be considered or rejected at the discretion of the Architect. 1. Submit 3 copies of each request for substitution for consideration. Submit requests in the form and in accordance with procedures required for Change Order proposals. 2. Identify the product, or the fabrication or installation method to be replaced in each request. Include related Specification Section and Drawing numbers. Provide complete documentation showing compliance with the requirements for substitutions, and the following information, as appropriate: a. Product Data, including Drawings and descriptions of products, fabrication and installation procedures. b. Samples, where applicable or requested. c. A detailed comparison of significant qualities of the proposed substitution with those of the Work specified. Significant qualities may include elements such as size, weight, durability, performance and visual effect. d. Coordination information, including a list of changes or modifications needed to other parts of the Work and to construction performed by the Owner and separate Contractors, that will become necessary to accommodate the proposed substitution. e. A statement indicating the substitution's effect on the Contractor's Construction Schedule compared to the schedule without approval of the substitution. Indicate the effect of the proposed substitution on overall Contract Time. f. Cost information, including a proposal of the net change, if any in the Contract Sum. g. Certification by the Contractor that the substitution proposed is equal-to or better in every significant respect to that required by the Contract Documents, and that it will perform adequately in the application indicated. Include the Contractor's waiver of rights to additional payment or time, that may subsequently become necessary because of the failure of the substitution to perform adequately. B. Architect's Action: Within one week or receipt of the request for substitution, the Architect will request additional information or documentation necessary for evaluation of the request. Within 2 weeks of receipt of the request, or one week of receipt of the additional information or documentation, whichever is later, the Architect will notify the Contractor of acceptance or rejection of the proposed substitution. If a decision on use of a proposed substitution. If a decision on use of a proposed substitute cannot be made or obtained within the time allocated, use the product specified by name. Acceptance will be in the form of a Change Order. GDRTA WRIGHT STOP CAMPUS RENOVATION PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTION DESIGN GROUP 3, LLC GD PART PRODUCTS 2.01 SUBSTITUTIONS: A. Conditions: The Contractor's substitution request will be received and considered by the Architect when one or more of the following conditions are satisfied, as determined by the Architect; otherwise requests will be returned without action except to record noncompliance with these requirements. 1. Extensive revisions to contract Documents are not required. 2. Proposed changes are in keeping with the general intent of Contract Documents. 3. The request is timely, fully documented and properly submitted. 4. The request is directly related to an or equal clause or similar language in the Contract Documents. 5. The specified product or method of construction cannot be provided within the Contract Time. The request will not be considered if the product or method cannot be provided as a result of failure to pursue the Work promptly or coordinate activities properly. 6. The specified product or method of construction cannot receive necessary approval by a governing authority, and the requested substitution can be approved. 7. A substantial advantage is offered the Owner, in terms of cost, time, energy conservation or other considerations of merit, after deducting offsetting responsibilities the Owner may be required to bear. Additional responsibilities for the Owner may include additional compensation to the Architect for redesign and evaluation services, increased cost of other construction by the Owner or separate Contractors, and similar considerations. 8. The specified product or method of construction cannot be provided in a manner that is compatible with other materials, and where the Contractor certifies that the substitution will overcome the incompatibility. 9. The specified product or method of construction cannot be coordinated with other materials, and where the Contractor certifies that the proposed substitution can be coordinated. 10. The specified product or method of construction cannot provide a warranty required by the Contract Documents and where the Contractor certifies that the proposed substitution provide the required warranty. 11. Where a proposed substitution involves more than one prime Contractor, each Contractor shall cooperate with the other Contractors involved to coordinate the Work, provide uniformity and consistency, and to assure compatibility of products. B. The Contractor's submittal and Architect's acceptance of Shop Drawings, Product Data or Samples that relate to construction activities not complying with the Contract Documents does not constitute an acceptable or valid request for substitution, nor does it constitute approval. PART EXECUTION (Not Applicable) END OF SECTION GDRTA WRIGHT STOP CAMPUS RENOVATION PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTION DESIGN GROUP 3, LLC GD
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